Justin Lin Confirms ‘Terminator 5′ Talk With Schwarzenegger

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Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is back (sorry, couldn’t resist) to acting, rumors about Terminator 5 happening are as popular as ever. The (former) action star previously confirmed that the Terminator franchise is one of several that he’s been approached to revisit, but did not elaborate on how substantial said talks about the series are.

Now Fast and the Furious franchise helmer Justin Lin has spoken out on the subject, revealing that he and Schwarzenegger have held multiple discussions about Terminator 5. Whether anything will come of it, however, isn’t something Lin is so sure about.

Here’s what Lin told Omelete about a fifth Terminator flick:

“I feel I have a take that I would love to see, and I’ve talked with Arnold and we’ve talked and we’ll see. Again, I would love to do it, but it has to be the right circumstances. It has to be the right people. And there’s other projects too. But I’m in a position now that I can choose more than I could a year ago, two years ago. So that is something that is potentially in my future, but when I get home I will sit down and look at my options and choose what I want to do.”

Lin’s Fast Five hits theaters in two weeks’ time and is expected to (pardon the pun) tear it up at the box office. So while Lin will likely be courted to helm the next installment in that franchise, he’ll also be in a better position to convince studio heads that he’s the man to resurrect the Terminator series… once again. But that, of course, raises the real million dollar question: Should there even be a Terminator 5?

terminator 5 arnold schwarzenegger Justin Lin Confirms Terminator 5 Talk With Schwarzenegger

Like (just about) everyone else, I wasn’t exactly blown away with director McG’s Terminator: Salvation; the film just didn’t leave me interested in seeing the sci-fi franchise continue. But if there’s one thing Hollywood seems to be in love with nowadays, it’s rebooting “dead” franchises, be it The Crow, Lethal Weapon, the Alex Cross and Jack Ryan series – heck, even a cash-cow like the Spider-Man film series is getting the reboot treatment.

Salvation did excel in the department of visual effects and stylish action, and a filmmaker like Lin could easily go above and beyond in that area with Terminator 5. It could be interesting (“could” is the key word there) to see the Terminator series continue on and further explore the world of post-Judgement Day Earth, but that would require future installments to return to the more thoughtful and humane tone of James Cameron’s Terminator movies – and I’m not sure I see someone like Lin being up to that challenge.

Schwarzenegger is clearly serious about making a comeback as an actor, and he doesn’t sound all that hesitant about milking his previous hits in order to jump-start his career again. He’s already got new material like The Governator (as surreal as it looks) moving forward, so maybe another entry in the Terminator franchise will be put on the backburner while Schwarzenegger pursues more original projects. I wouldn’t count on it, but it’s still possible…for now.

Are you interested in seeing Schwarzenegger appear in Terminator 5?

Source: Omelete (via Collider)

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  1. the first terminator movie was very good unfortunately the graphics of the time made it kind of lame. the second movie was good but the kid they chose to play john connor was so annoying that I wanted to kill him just as much as the terminator did if not more. the t 3 movie was so ridiculously stupid but it was almost comical to watch. terminator salvation was a great movie with amazing graphics. the story was very well thought out and it connected well with each other terminator movies. it definitely setup a positive direction for the movies and I would like to see it concluded showing the downfall of skynet and john connor sending the terminators back to the past. salvation was the first time the terminator war ever felt real to me it best adaptation and depiction of the war. I also like how the story did not revolve around john connor the entire time but also expanded it plot to the inner workings of skynet

    • @ Jay19

      I pretty much agree with everything in your post. Id want to see how escalates after T4 to the point where Skyney sends back the T-800 & see John & kyle more in battle together. See the battles happen at night more, & laser weapons being developed & used by both sides. Maybe see those roller machines be built as seen in T1 & T2 flashbacks etc. Aslong theres no time-travel back to 1984 till the very end, thats all i care about.

  2. Make the movie, make it all tie back into the first one and call it quits, Lin happy, Arnold happy, we (sort of, i’d be) happy. I don’t like half told stories (like T3, or the series as it stands now).

    • @ TJ

      I agree, i want to see more of how it got to that point of events we saw of the beginning of The Terminator. And Arnold playin a human that the T-800 was based off would be great.

  3. yes I would I love schwarzenegger

  4. Ven D should be the terminator!!!! :D and have Joseph Gordan Levitt as John Coner (he looks like that kid from T2)

  5. Meh, Vin might work out depending what his role is like within the script. Id like to Sam Worthington come back somehow since i liked him T4. But JGL as John Connor? Id rather have Bale reprise his role aslong he doesn’t use his Batman voice anymore.

  6. Alright, Terminator 3 was a comic-ridden and tragic excuse for a Terminator film which ripped off T2 so badly in many respects that you find yourself wishing you were watching T2 again. The only thing T3 got right (and should have done from the beginning) is start the nuclear war. The only reason T3 was a box office success is because there hadn’t been a Terminator in 12 years, so of course everyone’s going to see it or the reason a new generation thought it was good is because it’s new (and most hadn’t seen T1, T2 or both).

    T4 gave hope, but WB hired the director with two Charlie’s Angels movies under his belt to direct a TERMINATOR film! Not wise to hire fan boys because they can not figure out what made the first movies good 9 times out of 10. In T1, you learn that the future is pain and suffering. Reese has to endure pain by “disconnecting it.” He is basically a human machine so he can fight the real machines, not a kid with a mute side-kick who tells people to stay alive in their hearts to live. The future war is a Rated R sci-fi horror movie, not a PG-13 action flick. Both Mostow in T3 and McG in T4 couldn’t master basic trivial facts about the Terminator universe (as shown by T3 calling Arnold a T-800, T-850 and a T-101 when Arnold was a “T-800 series, Model 101″). These aren’t men who respect the criteria, they are men who just wanna make a Terminator movie, whether they understand anything (including how to consistently count) about the characters’ stories or not.

    Summary: T5 should repair the crap we have been seen. T5 should be a science fiction horror movie. Rated R. It should take place at night mainly at night and in the subways, basements and sewers of Los Angeles. It should show the horrifying battles of the future, humanity suffering and near extinction. Then have John Connor hard-hitting the camps and “turning it around” by “smashing those metal MFers into junk.” Then, maybe in T6, show the mission to get T-800s for T2, T3 (if you want to acknowledge its existence) and showing the efforts to keep Kyle safe and get him and the T-800s into Skynet. Serious quality is needed to make this. This can be saved if anyone there had a clue how to save it and all anyone ever needed were the original two movies to see the direction, not to copy.

    • @ John Doe

      I have to agree that T3 could of been better but imo i didn’t think it was terrible. I read on this site that one of my friends told me about about Cameron’s opinion of the film. Cameron mention of-course he would of made the film differently but liked what happend during the 2nd half of the film when the SKYNET became selg-aware & machines started to take over-especially the ending of the film when the missles went off. I remember reading how Cameron enjoyed T4 more than he thought he would, again he thought more work needed to be done with that film. And Arnold & his family gave it thumbs up.T4 was just the beginning of a nerw trilogy which people seem to forget so of-course Connor wouldn’t be leader of the resistance right away despite what he says at the end of T3. You’re talkin about Kyle Reese at two different ages from two films from the way you mentioned his lines. Imo, MCG did a better job than Jonathan Mostow at trivial facts. In T4, the HK’s looked more closer to what the did in the first two films, he gave T-600 Terminators, etc. the film didn’t seem as light as T3 was for a pg-13 rated film imo. I tell ya if T5 is another time-traveling semi-reboot sequel, imo it bound to be a crapfest So hopufully Justin Lin who whoever directs is gonna be wise & continue the franchise from Termiantor Salvation & make T5 & T6 R-rated & possibly take notes from those flashback scenes from the first two films. Otherwise leave the franchise as it is now instead of makin it worse- for alot of other people anyways.