Schwarzenegger Eying ‘Terminator 5′, Comic Book Movie & More

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Fans of 1980s/90s action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger have been eagerly awaiting to hear what his next role will be, now that he’s officially returned to acting and retired from politics. There have been rumblings about Terminator 5 for a few weeks now, and Schwarzenegger’s all-too-brief cameo last year in The Expendables set him up for a potentially larger role in the sequel.

Now the former Mr. Olympia (and California governor) has revealed that Terminator isn’t the only ’80s sci-fi/action franchise of his that he’s been approached to revisit – and that a starring role in a comic book movie is on the agenda now as well.

TheArnoldFans were naturally in attendance at the 2011 Arnold Classic this past weekend, where the 63-year-old Schwarzenegger mentioned that he’s received somewhere around fifteen different scripts from studios – including “obvious ones from ‘The Terminator’ to remakes of ‘Predator’ and ‘The Running Man’ and all of those things.”

Schwarzenegger went on to mention that he’s also considering “a lot of original stuff too [and] a comic book character [movie] right now.” He offered no hints as to what those projects might be, but promised that he would make an official announcement about his return to the comic book genre over the next four weeks or so.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin Schwarzenegger Eying Terminator 5, Comic Book Movie & More

Schwarzenegger's last comic book movie role.

Obviously, the Batman & Robin jokes write themselves whenever Schwarzenegger starts talking about comic book movies. However, superhero flicks are as much the rage now as mindless action pics were back in Arnold’s heyday, and it’s not shocking to hear that he’s interested in joining that game. There’s plenty in the way of graphic novel material that doesn’t involve super-powered heroes in eye-catching costumes – so don’t count on seeing Arnold play a masked vigilante just yet.

This is also the first concrete word about remakes of either Predator or The Running Man actually being “in development” and not merely rumored. Some fans might cheer the idea of Schwarzenegger revisiting these titles, but I’m betting most people would consider the idea blasphemy or just plain uninteresting – and the same goes for another Terminator movie. On the other hand, money talks in Hollywood, and if studio heads think they can convince Schwarzenegger to sign up for another battle involving hunter aliens or a Battle Royale-style showdown, they’ll go for it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator or The Running Man remake Schwarzenegger Eying Terminator 5, Comic Book Movie & More

Will Schwarzenegger revisit 'Predator' and 'The Running Man'?

Chances are good that Schwarzenegger will pass on any prospective remakes/reboots of his previous films, and will instead move forward with other projects like The Expendables 2 and his comic book flick. He also seems fairly non-committed to the idea of another Terminator movie (“seems” is the key word there), which, if you recall, was not the case with Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Perhaps Arnold will just move on to trying some original material and not attempt to profit off the good will built towards his older starring vehicles.

That said – do you want to see Schwarzenegger revisit Terminator, Predator, or The Running Man franchise? And what comic book character would the actor be a good fit to play onscreen?

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  1. Thanos? for Marvel’s long term Avengers plan maybe?

    • Ulron? Kang the Conqueror? KING CONAN!!!!

      • Conan… too bad they’ve already rebooted it without him. Remember that last shot at the end of Destroyer “… he became king by his own hand, but that is another story.”

        be nice to see that “other” story.

      • Who’s ulron? Do you mean Ultron? See I can do that to Kahless.

        • Kahless, put the sword down! Kahless, he was kid…KAHLESSSSS!!!! :-D

  2. I would prefer he stayed retired altogether.

    • We usually disagree, but this is one of those rare moments we do agree. I’m one of the biggest Schwarzenegger fans, but his time is over. He can’t act, and he’s too old for an action movie. He’s been busy “pushing too many pencils” (Predator reference if you didn’t catch that), and too out of shape. Hell, he was too old in Terminator 3.

      • I respectfully disagree. Arnold was great in T3 and he has the potential to be in more movies. He got out of shape while in politics but no one can get into shape fast better than Arnold. I hope for a GREAT comeback, Arnie!

      • Wow Ghost, I’m stunned lol. Loss for words really, I’m taking a screen shot of this rare occasion lol.

  3. @ Anthony
    Why would you want Arnold Schwarzenegger to retire?

    I think if they got the right director and right script a new Terminator movie would be good. Arnold would not choose a movie that does not look good to him. I trust his choice.

    • Like Batman & Robin?

      • Ouch! 8-)

      • Lol. Maybe that looked good to him. But, if you look at all the movies he has done, there are way more good than bad. Every actor is allowed one horrible movie.

        • I forgive him for making crap like Batman & Robin, Terminator 3, and Junior b/c of how epic The Terminator and Terminator 2 were.

    • Sin, because, he just doesn’t have it anymore IMO. If I wanted to see him do, redo anything from his past…how about another John Matrix film?? Since that’s unlikely he just needs to go back to Austria and begin training for any beerfests that happen in that country.

  4. I would be fine with him being a resistance fighter in the future. Like a sequel to the last Terminator movie. Say he got captured early in the war and the machines have used his likeness for there t 101 series… but then he escapes. So in other words he is totally human… fighting younger robotic versions of himself. :)

    • i could go for something like that. i hope he does another terminator myself. i also hope he does another predator but not a remake.

  5. Maybe a Duke Nukem movie? Or a metal gear solid type movie where he is an older soldier? Something other than a remake.

  6. He would have made the best Sgt Rock 10 years ago.

    I would still love to see him as King Conan, too bad Dino DeLaurentis is dead.

  7. He would be an amazing Thanos, just as long as he doesn’t say too much, and no one-liners. Great idea Pitt Man.

  8. Arnold turned into such a wimp as Governor
    it is hard to take him seriously as a tough guy.

  9. I would love to see him as Marvel’s Cable.

    • nice.

    • yeah, beat me to it!

    • Arnold as Cable? no……that role should go to Stephen Lang. He is about as perfect a match as you can get.

  10. Im ready to see him play a bad guy now.

  11. No remakes. Running Man was ahead of it’s time though it has some unfortunate 80′s cheeze in it, it forecasted the out of control reality show crazy culture we have become.

    Predator part 3 (because none of the other hip hop, MTV2, douchie ones counted) might be cool

    Personally I would love to see his character from Expend explained to be Commando and have a Sly V. Commando or Sly with Commando Expendibles 2

    • I’d love to see a remke of The Running Man where they actually used more than just the name Ben Richards from the book they very loosely based it on. Not with Schwarzeneggar though.

  12. No matter how bad Terminator: Salvation is I would still see another Terminator movie. The idea behind it all is just so intriguing.

  13. If they dub his voice or add an effect, he could be the perfect Apocalypse in a proper X-Men movie.

  14. I’ll be back, terminator all the way ! He is in better shape than a lot of actors. 20 years younger, don’t count him out because of his age.

  15. Anthony, I am surprised to he a comment like that from you, Arnold retire???? U r the eternal optimist.

    • Why surprised lol.

  16. his only bad film that i can think of was the batman and robin. i would love to see him cameo in the terminator 5, and predators sequel, now those films would be awesome. some original films in the horror, and sci fi genre and maybe some action filoms like expendables 2 would be sweet too.

  17. hell yeah to the apocalypse but he does not need to act like mr freeze in it. maybe some muscle and makeup effects and voice changed to a deep echoey effect.

  18. Id like to see Arnold in Expendables 2, Terminator 5 & another Predator film, but not a Predator reboot or The Running Man reboot cause those imo were among some of his films that shouldn’t be rebooted.

  19. As for a comic book film, if he was younger, imo he’d be perfect for Collusses in a X-Men film. Im not sure about him being Apolcalypse. Him or Michael Clark Duncan maybe. I have to see whoelse he could be in the DC universe. I don’t see him as Cable, Stephen Lang from Avatar would be perfect for that role.

  20. Whats this about re-booting Predator? I Was under the impression that Predators did well and they were going to continue with that story…

  21. Die monster die!!!

  22. I would like Schwarzenegger on his earlier roles as long as they are not reboots but sequels of the films.

    PREDATORS was a great sequel to the film series, and having arnold in the future sequels is good.

    And as for the comic book movie…Deathstroke the terminator anyone?

  23. As much as I dispise Arnold for his political damage, (die monster die!), if I had to put up with him in any of his past films it would be, Predator.
    He could easily come back in that role, being the one of the survivors. Possibly a retired military commander brought back into the field due to his first encounter,,, ?

    • ONLY if it was a true sequel 790, and Shane Black wrote it AND directed it, but i stand firm on saying he should just retire and give us all a break.

  24. Ooaahhhhh,,,

    Beerfests that happen,,, :)

    Lov e yhat

  25. Arnold should team up with Stallone and make a video game adaption movie called “Contra”.. i’d love to watch that.. both of them with unimaginable weapons fighting aliens

  26. I was impressed with the Rodriguiz Predators, Ants.

    I can see Arnold leading a team to the Predator training planet,,, caos insues. ,,,

    • I loved Predators too 790, it was great.

  27. Please, no more Arnold films.

    • Whatever dude.

  28. If Arnold hits the gym hard and I mean hard which i believe he could do if he wanted to I think he’d be a serious candidate for something like a Cable (X-Men franchise) character who is an older comic book hero.

    Better even would be to see him play a villain.

    As for TERMINATOR I am one of the ones who wants to see T5 if for no reason then to make up for the mistakes in T4. I think a great way to do T5 and bring it all back to its great origin would be for us to find out that an older mad scientist (played by Arnie) was behind the Sky net push and now his machines have turned against him and so he is on the run in the future as an old man trying to survive.

    Now that hes on the side of the humans that he once saw as beneath him (basically he’s an elitist which should be easy for him to play; hint;hint), he realizes his mistake because he’s forced to by his own creation which has turned against him. He saw mankind as beneath him and in his arrogance to wipe out man he in turn created the means of his own destruction.

    Wandering the wasteland he eventually meets up with John Conner and together they reset everything. At the end of T5 we see the machines have decided to change the odds and so now that the time in the future has come where they send a T1 back to kill John Connor as a boy they decide instead to send a T1 and an experimental T100 as backup.

    Arnold realizes he must make right what he has done and so he sacrifices himself and stops the T100 from being sent back so that the machines are able to only send back the one Terminator and the humans send back their man just before Arnold destroys the place, blowing up the time machine.

    The end effect is T5ends with us seeing the arrival of the T1, in other words where the original Terminator started off so we have come full circle.

    After the credits are done there is a bonus scene that shows the Terminator heading to meet Sara Connor for the first time at the dance club but she is not there. Cut to her apartment where she is packing and talking to someone (we don’t see who). Cut to the Terminator arriving at her house and breaking the door down only to see Kyle Reese there with a rigged EMP device that he uses to disable the T1. The last words as he rips out the T1′s battery are “This time we are prepared for you”.

    • BlueCollarCritic

      great stuff as usual. I would see it.

      • Thanks

    • Sorry man but we have decided Stephen Lang is the best choice for Cable.

      As for your story idea…….I wouldn’t buy into the concept that there would be a human alive, much less a scientist, that would help kill off the human race. Plus I’m fairly sure its been set that Skynet creates the Terminators, not humans.

  29. CGI T800 n voice for T5 would be aewsome!!!