Schwarzenegger Eying ‘Terminator 5′, Comic Book Movie & More

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Fans of 1980s/90s action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger have been eagerly awaiting to hear what his next role will be, now that he’s officially returned to acting and retired from politics. There have been rumblings about Terminator 5 for a few weeks now, and Schwarzenegger’s all-too-brief cameo last year in The Expendables set him up for a potentially larger role in the sequel.

Now the former Mr. Olympia (and California governor) has revealed that Terminator isn’t the only ’80s sci-fi/action franchise of his that he’s been approached to revisit – and that a starring role in a comic book movie is on the agenda now as well.

TheArnoldFans were naturally in attendance at the 2011 Arnold Classic this past weekend, where the 63-year-old Schwarzenegger mentioned that he’s received somewhere around fifteen different scripts from studios – including “obvious ones from ‘The Terminator’ to remakes of ‘Predator’ and ‘The Running Man’ and all of those things.”

Schwarzenegger went on to mention that he’s also considering “a lot of original stuff too [and] a comic book character [movie] right now.” He offered no hints as to what those projects might be, but promised that he would make an official announcement about his return to the comic book genre over the next four weeks or so.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin Schwarzenegger Eying Terminator 5, Comic Book Movie & More

Schwarzenegger's last comic book movie role.

Obviously, the Batman & Robin jokes write themselves whenever Schwarzenegger starts talking about comic book movies. However, superhero flicks are as much the rage now as mindless action pics were back in Arnold’s heyday, and it’s not shocking to hear that he’s interested in joining that game. There’s plenty in the way of graphic novel material that doesn’t involve super-powered heroes in eye-catching costumes – so don’t count on seeing Arnold play a masked vigilante just yet.

This is also the first concrete word about remakes of either Predator or The Running Man actually being “in development” and not merely rumored. Some fans might cheer the idea of Schwarzenegger revisiting these titles, but I’m betting most people would consider the idea blasphemy or just plain uninteresting – and the same goes for another Terminator movie. On the other hand, money talks in Hollywood, and if studio heads think they can convince Schwarzenegger to sign up for another battle involving hunter aliens or a Battle Royale-style showdown, they’ll go for it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator or The Running Man remake Schwarzenegger Eying Terminator 5, Comic Book Movie & More

Will Schwarzenegger revisit 'Predator' and 'The Running Man'?

Chances are good that Schwarzenegger will pass on any prospective remakes/reboots of his previous films, and will instead move forward with other projects like The Expendables 2 and his comic book flick. He also seems fairly non-committed to the idea of another Terminator movie (“seems” is the key word there), which, if you recall, was not the case with Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Perhaps Arnold will just move on to trying some original material and not attempt to profit off the good will built towards his older starring vehicles.

That said – do you want to see Schwarzenegger revisit Terminator, Predator, or The Running Man franchise? And what comic book character would the actor be a good fit to play onscreen?

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  1. I really wish he would just retire and disappear into obscurity. ” Schwarzenegger” and “Actor” shouldn’t even be in the same sentence.

    • Than you don’t have to watch it, let me ask you something. How old are you, because I come from a time when he was and in many respects IS they greatest action star of all time. It sure as heck wasn’t because of his acting ability, it was because of his charisma, it was because he was bigger,(no damn that) IS bigger than life. The man entertained millions and millions. He made Sunday afternoons bearable by being able to throw on an Arnold movie. That man deserves more respect than your dismisiveness that you are handing him. I know, I know, you have a right to your opinion, but at the same time time, you have the right to shut the heck up. Lol my point is, why come onto a blog about Arnold and say crap about him?

  2. I’m betting that Arnold’s infact Black Mask in Batman 3. People are used to see Arnold wearing suits now, so he’d be able to pull of a high profile businessman like Roman Sionis(Blackmask) easily. He’s a badass villain, we all know that, as long as he has a great director, which he would in this case. So I think he could do Black Mask justice too. A great way to revive his career and to proove that Nolan is a legendary director, since Nolan would make an actor(Arnold) go from terrible( Dr. Freeze) to awesome within the same franchise just by taking directions from Nolan instead of Schumacher. It’s the final win over the old franchise!

  3. I liked your Terminator idea Blue Collar Critic. When McG mentioned Arnold being a scientist turned Terminator years ago I was excited. Your idea develops that even further and is actually much better than Terminator 4. Haha.

    • Thanks Dr Thriller.

      BTW – I recently read that there may be a Directors relase of T4, perhaps enough of a change that we could get an idea of what Mac G was going for before Bale stepped in and took over?

      I still like watching the T4 movie as is. Its not my fav of the series but at least it did the thing that T3 shoudl have done and actually showed the Machine future. I rmeber being ticked off when T3 came out and was nothing but a rehash of T2 wit the diff being the new Double-D MOdel vereses the older T series if you know what I mean.

      • @ BlueCollarCritic

        There is a Director’s cut of T4. There are some changes that made the film alittle better imo, but not much probly for most fans including myself. Still it was better than the theatical cut. Best thing that shoudln’t be been cut out was more dialogue in John’s last radio address to people & that he mentioned how society locked away Sarah Connor for her warnings.

        Like my friends & everyone i know, i liked T4 little more than T3 despite (No Arnold). I liked the T-X as a model. Sure it didn’t seem more advanced than the T-100O but i remember that T-1000 was only a protoype as T-X was designed to terminate other Terminators probly because of the events of T2. What i mean is Both T-800 & T-1000 wouldn’t know how to terminate each other, and while T-1000 messes with the T-800 the more time John has to get far away as we seen in the mall confrontation. Things i liked about the T-X was it’s built-in weapons & abilities to shape-shift like T-1000 did & control other machines. And it was woman so i have to give them credit for trying to makin different from T2.

        • I forgot to mention at the ending of T3 when the nukes went off and saw the T-800′s head in the ashes, i was hoping to see another film that picks up from there post-judgement day.

  4. Do something brave like push and star in a production of “The Godmakers.”
    Physically he’d make a great Lewis Orne…

  5. don’t forget his long time interest in sgt. rock

  6. It would be great to see him in T5 and a sequal to Predators also. Running man though? I dont see it for some reason.

  7. Im not sure why he’d be interested in a Running Man sequel or remake. Imo it would be better to see a sequel to Commando instead with him & Alyssa Milano back. It would be great to see him in a Predators follow-up. But as for Terminator 5, as much as id like to see Arnold back as the Terminator, i feel he might not be good for the role even if he did bulked up. Unless he played a human than id see him in a different role, not a mad scientist but a captive from Skynet who’s escaped from a facility. If not be in the film at all, id like for him to atleast be involved within the makin of T5. Imo id like to see how the big rolling machines get built, see the laser weapons be developed, see to where the battles get bad enough to where tje resistance fight mostly at night. Among other stuff & save the time-traveling T-800 & Kyle Reese idea maybe for T6.

  8. I want Arnold Swartzenegger in the Terminater 5 movie.

  9. I want Arnold Swatzeneger to be in the Predator remake movie and the Terminater 5 movie.

  10. Predator remake? And when was the last time there was news of T5? I forget.

  11. information for terminator 5 movie,predator 6 movie,& triler and posters send me

  12. Arnie can play any roll but he needs to slim down and get back in shape or he will only walk through the part and the movie will be a waste of money for everyone