Hercules in Los Angeles

Synopsis: Forty-one years have passed since Hercules (Arnold Schwarzenegger) went back to be with his father, Zeus, in the heavens. He ventures out once again, but this time he’s looking for love in the strange city known as Los Angeles. Corrupt cops, shady lawyers, and low riders are all new to Hercules, but he is determined to find a woman he can call his “goddess.” However, due to a curse placed upon him by the goddess Juno shortly after arriving, Hercules no longer has the muscle bound physique of his former self. Can he find love in L.A. even though he’s 63?

The Running Man 2: Out of Breath

Synopsis: After bringing down the ICS in 2019, former military pilot Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) spent the next 25 years of his life married to Amber (Maria Alonso). Thinking the ICS was completely dismantled, Richards allows himself to become complacent, flabby and out-of-shape. So he is not prepared when one night a rogue ICS team kidnaps him and holds Amber hostage until he once again plays their game of death – this time, however, Ben won’t be running quite as fast.

Let’s hope none of these films ever get made – but knowing how Hollywood likes to scour the Internet looking for movie ideas, there is a good chance one or all of these projects could be coming soon to a theater near you. We apologize in advance if that happens.

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