6 Movie Sequels Arnold Schwarzenegger Should NOT Make

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schwarzenegger kindergarten cop 2 6 Movie Sequels Arnold Schwarzenegger Should NOT Make

Kindergarten Cop 2: The Next Grade

Synopsis: Detective John Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger) stopped being an undercover agent when he took a desk job at his precinct and married Rachel Crisp (Penelope Ann Miller). He vowed to never again set foot in the classroom, but when his former partner Detective Phoebe O’Hara (Pamela Reed) goes missing, Kimble finds himself once again thrust into the sordid world of substitute teachers, lunch room ladies, playground monitors and school nurses, as he goes back undercover to find her. Can he locate his old friend before she’s sent to permanent detention?


schwarzenegger 2ingle All The Way 6 Movie Sequels Arnold Schwarzenegger Should NOT Make

2ingle All the Way

Synopsis: Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) learned a valuable lesson fifteen years ago – that gifts aren’t as important as spending time with family during the holidays. Too bad that lesson didn’t get passed on to his son Jamie (Jake Lloyd). Jamie is all grown up now, with a son of his own, and just like his father before him, he forgets the true meaning of the holidays. Jamie spends Christmas Eve searching high and low for the hottest new toy of the season – Captain Junderpants – while his family enjoys the day’s festivities without him. Now a grandfather, Howard joins his son in the city-wide toy hunt, but they soon run into a familiar foe – the disgruntled and retired mail worker, Myron Larabee (Sinbad) and his son Stefan (Chris Brown).

More Arnold sequels we don’t want to see made…

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  1. You know. I gotta say.. That Jingle All The Way 2 premise actually frighteningly sounds like it could work lol. Of course, I guess Phil Hartman won’t be reprising his role as the creepy neighbor though (sorry, a little (sic)ish humor). With all seriousness Phil Hartman was the best part of Jingle All The Way!

    • Thats exactly what I thought, too! I actually would go see the sequel if it were to be made.

  2. I don’t like sequels to his classics

    This is my list which these classics shouldn’t have sequels:
    The Running Man
    Red Heat
    Hercules (Come on that isn’t going to work)
    Conan (It is being remake but no cameo from Arine)
    Jingle All The Way
    Kindergarten Cop

    These are the sequels he should maybe do:
    True Lies 2
    The Expendables 2 (He should have a larger role, him teaming up with Stallone kicking bad guys’s ass with machine guns)
    And Terminator 5 (This may work if they use the same special effects used to make Jeff Bridges young again in Tron Legacy and he can play the terminator as the main hero).

    • True Lies 2 would be pointless imo. There’s really nowhere you can go with the story.

    • I agree with you there on the whole CGI arnold for the film… They did it on TRON LEGACY they can do it on terminator 5.

    • Well damn someone with a good thought. The idea of using the Tron special effects, fantastic!

  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to do more dramas rather than just doing huge action blockbusters because he pigeonholed himself as an actor who just did action movies. He is an underrated actor. So, I hope that he does more dramas, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

    The planned True Lies television series could actually be interesting if done right. It would be good if each season of the series or True Lies 2 is based on current affairs and the Omega Sector battles a real world threat such as Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Iranian extremists, North Korean extremists, Somali pirates, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces, etc.

    They should include an ensemble cast, reveal the inner workings of the Omega Sector, explore themes from the film such as family, trust and betrayal and they can incorporate some of the memorable elements from the movie with dancing the Argentinean tango to Por una Cabeza, chasing villains by horse through a city, traveling to different countries for missions, etc.

    • Isn’t that what Chuck does now?

  4. Sweet lord, why is this in 3D? I laughed so hard when i read that!!!

    • Thank God I wasn’t drinking a soda when I read that…

  5. This article is awesome.

    but hey, Kindergarten cop 2? That could work, Arnie finds the filmmakers of “waiting for superman” and has them honored for exposing a liberal democratic education expose’ and they have a republican gun party at the hilton, then signs their kids up for private school! all while avoiding ferrets! lol

    “It’s NOT A TUMOR!!!! It’s really NOT!!!

  6. You gotta love the “Sweet Lord why is this in 3D” comment on Herc 2

  7. That twins 2 thing has already been done in real life. Little People, Big World has the dwarf son and his twin is 6ft 6in. they should make a cameo in Twins 2.

  8. Arnold should stick to the action roles and leave the comedies behind. Twins 2? Really?

  9. I’d really like to see LAST ACTION HERO 2!
    I loved the first one.
    Really original too.

  10. Maybe Arine should do more dramas to prove he still got acting skills for roles of his age but still I think his comeback isn’t going to work? this isn’t 80′s or 90′s in those days, Arine was a big star like Sylvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van Damme but those days are gone, now we have more dramas than action, more fantasy than thiller and more heartobs than action hero stars.

    For example like The Expendable prove Stallone, Rourke, Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis and of course Arine still have what it takes but still Arine and Willis didn ‘t fire machine guns or fight but just met Stallone to talk about a mission that scene was the greatest movie scene of all time.

    Our three action heroes are in a movie for first time but they are too old and should of done that kind of movie 80′s or 90′s when they were young then again that scene was awesome.

    Now that we have Rob Patterison and Justin Bieber, there maybe less people wanting Arine to return now that the action genre has lost it’s biggest weapons- audience or stars.

    Van Damme, Steven Seagel and Dolph Lundgren have been doing straight to DVD movies since they realises that their career in theatres was over when they got older but it’s good to have these guys showing their fans that they still got it.

    If Stallone, Van Damme, Lundgren, Steven Seagel, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger were young again and The 80′s action standard was still going though the 21st century then they kick Rob Pattersion, Justin Bieber, Taylor Lunter and the Twilight franchine’s ass.

    I wish that The Expendables 2 will have Stallone returing, Van Damme, Lundgren, Steven Seagel, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzeneggger joining the cast to show those Twilight punks that they maybe old but they still kick their asses in the box office with a bit of action in the fight instead of spike teethe.

    • The next plot for the expendables 2 would be the entire team of the expendables back in action. along with arnold,willis,van damme,seagal and a reanimated bruce lee.. Going against the entire team of beiber,cyrus,pattinson,shakira,ricky martin and their leader lady gaga…

      Gee who do you think would win?? Bring on the 80′s anytime dude!!!

    • Just for asking, you do know that it is very likely that Stallone will return as it is his movie after all? He actually has written many movies, starting with Rocky. Also if you check out IMDB, it already has a pretty big cast list for The Expendables 2.

  11. “Sweet lord, why is this in 3D!?”- That had me in stitches for a good 5 minutes!

    • That was my favorite part of this article, too. LOL.

  12. From the pictures in the banner, I thought there was going to be something about “Raw Deal 2: Even Rawer Deal” or “Commando 2: Fighting for Love”.

    Fun article nonetheless.

  13. The 3D poster is hilarious. Arnold should go for the expendable 2 imo

  14. i would TOTALLY go see Kindergarten Cop 2, and 2ingle all the way!!!

  15. How about Arnold teaming up with Bruce Willis in Red 2?? That would be awesome.


  17. I didn’t think this was funny to be honest – but I love this site none the less

    • @Mal – no worries bud. Thanks for reading and glad you enjoy the site.

  18. yeah, after seeing the new shiny and predictable Conan trailer, I say CONAN THE KING for arnold.

    from the end of conan the destroyer, “He became king by his own hand, but that is another story.”

    let’s see THAT story.

  19. The only sequels id be interested seeing Arnold in are

    1. The Expendables 2 (larger role)
    2. Terminator 5 (aslong it’s not a semi-reboot)
    3. Predator sequel
    4. True Lies 2 (Maybe, if script is really good)

    But rest of the ones listed such as Twins 2, Running Man 2, Commando, etc. No.

  20. Arnie cannot make Expendables 2 because it would be a stupid movie as the first

    • Well Jim speaking of stupid, have you attempted to proof read your own sentences ever? Saying “it would be a stupid movie as the first”, just sounds… well actually it sounds as though English is not your first language, and it might not be your second language either. Just something to think about!

  21. jimjoe, you fail

  22. FYI-Before mocking his movies, you should have done research in advance. For instance, Junior is a female, therefore Justin wouldn’t be the appropriate actress to play her. In addition, the drug does clear the FDA at the end of the movie, thereby making the plot for Junior 2 unrealistic. Please research, then mock!

    • @Jimmy – um…yeah ok. You are aware of what the word “mock” means right?

  23. twins will have a good sequel i hope so will true lies 2 and terminator 5 as well. i hopearnold can make a squel to commando. they always talked about a sequel to commando before it was made into die hard.

  24. i would love to see arnold and bruce willis work together again in an action film with or without stallone. maybe a sequel to eraser and the last boy scout. i would really love to see arnold up against richard gere, john travolta,kevin spacey, kevin costner and tommy lee jones.

  25. Damn, Schwarzenegger is 65 years old. What about Terminator 5?

  26. i know these are a joke in over three years old but in kinder garden cop he quits the police fore to so he can be a teacher so that sequel would not work