Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms Return to Acting

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Back in the 90s, if you said Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to enter politics, you’d be considered a fool, and an unfunny one at that. A decade later he become the Governor of California.

Politics aside, the worst part about about Schwarzenegger’s change in career aspirations was that he was taken out of the film industry for a full seven years and we’ve sincerely missed him during that time. Fortunately for us, and moviegoers around the world, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to make his return to acting!

On his own Twitter account, only an hour ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted the following message:

“Exciting news. My friends at CAA have been asking me for 7 years when they can take offers seriously. Gave them the green light today.”

It’s not surprising but it sure is pleasing to hear from Arnold himself, that he’s ready to jump back in the action and start looking at scripts officially. We had heard previously that this was the case and we eagerly await news on what projects he attaches himself to.

Could one of his first roles be a bigger part in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables 2? Could it be a return to one of his previously established franchises like True Lies 2 should James Cameron find time in his schedule work again with him? Or will we see him in something brand new?

Whatever film Arnold returns with, I hope it’s in the action genre. After such a long absence, his return to a starring role would cause an absolute media frenzy and he could sell such a movie easily on his own.

What movies do you want to see Mr. Schwarzenegger make first?

[Update: Universal is reportedly interested in bringing back the Terminator franchise now that Arnold is looking to return to acting]

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  1. They are making a new total recall, perhaps a cameo in that?

  2. As the villian in the next Expendables, that would be a good start for Arnold. As for his shape he must get back into a hard regime for he is way out of shape. If he doesn’t then EXPENDABLES 2 may end up being known as

    THE EXPENDABLES 2 – THe Expandables

  3. Come on guys this ones a no brainer. The older grizzled king we got a glimpse of in Conan. This would be perfect and the timing couldn’t be better. Aw man how cool would that be. ” Conan the isurpur King”

    • usrper.

  4. Arnold should quit, and not be like an old boxing champion coming back for just one more fight, until he gets knocked out and destroys his legacy.

    His acting career was already beginning to wane just before he entered politics. The third Terminator movie was the worst- and he only did it because no-one was watching his other movies anymore. His physique is gone. He’s a middle-aged man. There’s no way he can play a credible action hero anymore, and he was never a good dramatic actor so character roles are not an option.

    He left acting at the top of his game. He shouldn’t go back, except perhaps for the occasional cameo.

    • I thought that Harrison Ford was awesome in Indy 4 and he’s middle aged. Granted he’s a much better actor than Arnold, but I feel that Arnold can get in good enough shape to be in action movies. I know I’ll be seeing the first one he comes back in.

    • Brandon,

      Even with steroids, you still have to work incredibly hard to get the physique he had back in his heyday.


  5. If Arnold is still breathing, know lotta Natives that would love to take him out, he needs it. Cali Natives do not rip off California. SlaughterHouse.

    • You do know its real simple for cops to monitor the net right? “Would love to take him out”? “He needs it”?

  6. I have been waiting to see him go against Stallone since the 80’s. Expendable’s 2 please.

  7. He should play a Governor in his next movie..a story about himself basically. Damn Jackass

  8. In an interview Arnold says he still gets up at 5am, before he does any work. As said in a few comments above, he could get back in Terminator shape in months, andi ts perfect thathe is known for saying “I’ll be back”. Terminator all the way !! He can do it, he has not let himself go, yea he wlll be back as some type of Terminator.

  9. Heck yeah…..i wanna see a King Conan Movie! hahaha

  10. I’d like to see him do a conan film. They could CGI his head on to a bodybuiders body for it.

  11. Maybe he could be the villain in Die Hard 5?

  12. In a tweet he said he wants to pick parts more in line with his age and that he no longer feels capable of doing heavy duty action scenes.

    • Correction that was in an interview and the exact quote was: “Extreme fighting and shooting isn’t possible for me anymore. In the future I’ll need to pick my roles according to my age.”

      • I’ve also read that one role he is considering is playing an old German soldier in WWII who turns against his commanders and helps some children escape that he was orderd to kill. This is based on a true story. That sounds like something a little heavier on the acting requirements though there will undoubtedly be some action to it.

        In his last few movies (End of Days and True Lies) he was starting to show a little more range in his acting. He may be going to get more serious with it. He’s going to have to work on that accent a little though.

  13. Conan movie with him as the king like it should have been 10yrs ago

  14. if he was in a sequel to terminator salvation he could play a character his own age. he could basially play the father of skynet, the creator of the terminators. he has been in hiding and working with the resistance for some time. he could still look old and rough and they could cg the terminator like they did him in salvation. then we could see what we really need to see – arnold vs. arnold..

    how about that sgt. rock movie he was contemplating years ago.?

    • @ donnie

      Thats a idea in your post. Aslong as they have it T5 and continue on from T4 and not have Mcg return as director with the idea of sending anything or anyone back in time. Id like to see T5 & T6 move forward with the war as it escalates with the machines growing stronger with more of those big rolling machines as seen in Cameron’s films being built by humans perhaps? And see Skynet develope the laser weapons for the machines to use as the resistance later acquires & of-course the time displacement equipment which imo shouldn’t be seen till the end of the 5th film or during the 6th film. If Arnold doesn’t wanna act is some way or form, it would be nice if he took the director’s chair or be producer or somthing to be involved to get the franchise back on its feet.

  15. He complained when he made T3 how hard it was getting into that kind of shape in his fifties so i dont think we can expect him to do the Sly, he’ll probably just do thriller type roles. Frankly he should have gone the Al Gore way.

  16. The Al Gore Way?

  17. Commando 2 or the definitive Predator Sequel

  18. Personally, I’d love to see Arnold in True Lies 2, And Expendebles 2. But, more importantly, how about as Dutch in the sequel to Predators and Terminator 4, bring Arnold into the Christian Bale/Sam Worthington’s Terminator age. Arnold has to keep his promise to us, as in, “I’ll be back!”

    • @ FringeDivision

      I like the idea of Arnold being involved in the Predator & Terminator franchises again. Aswell have a role in Expendables 2. I wouldn’t mind a True Lies 2 but question if Cameron could fit that in between his Avatar sequels cause i doubt Arnold or he would wanna make it after Avatar 3 is completed due to Arnold getting up there with age.

  19. I’d rather see him in the movies than as the governor of California. He wasted the last bit of youth that he had left living in Sacramento trying to fix a broken state. What a waste of time! Think of all the cool Arnold movies that he could have made during those years. Now he’s ready for a comeback but maybe his fans have left him behind. Arnold has aged and gotten out of shape. The Terminator body is gone for good, even steroids won’t get that back. What kind of roles would be good for him at this point? It’s hard to be an action hero when you’re 61. Maybe he could play the wise father of another action hero but that would make him second banana and I don’t think he’s ready for that. The trick is finding the right starring vehicle for him. I have no idea what that could be but I hope they find one because he isn’t over yet.

  20. would like to see Arnold as ‘tin man’ in wizard of oz remake .

    terminate the witch!

  21. I think he should make True Lies 2 or Eraser 2 or Commando 2

  22. I got the best movie of the year !!!! you need to make a movie spotlighting no birth certificate for our current president and nobody makes him show it
    why can’t you be the president because you’re white like all of us if we tried that we go to jail … need to draw more attention to this problem .

    • Did you edit what you wrote? It contradicts itself to an extent…or am I just missing some vital component?

  23. 90

  24. arnold should do a new predator movie as well terminator movie