Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts Acting Comeback On Hold

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:46 pm,

Only three months after he confirmed his return to acting, Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he’ll be postponing his big screen comeback.

The former Governor of California’s personal life has obviously undergone a bit of an upheaval these last few days and he’s understandably decided to sort through those matters before committing to any of the numerous film projects that he was involved with.

Schwarzenegger recently chose the drama Cry Macho as his first post-gubernatorial effort and production was scheduled to begin as early as this summer. He was also developing a Governator animated series, comic book, and 3D feature film with Stan Lee (quite frankly, we may have a dodged a bullet with that one).

There were a handful of other films Schwarzenegger was attached to as well including Ji-Woon Kim’s The Last Stand, Antoine Fuqua’s The Tomb, and even a sequel to the 1988 comedy Twins – but his fans are probably most interested in what this development means for the future of the Terminator franchise.

Unfortunately, Schwarzenegger has given no indication as to how long he plans to stay out of the spotlight – so at the moment it looks as if this particular incarnation of Terminator 5 might be delayed indefinitely. According to MSNBC, the actor’s reps at CAA issued the following statement:

Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines. This includes Cry Macho, The Terminator franchise and other projects under consideration. We will resume discussions when Governor Schwarzenegger decides.

A new Terminator movie was one of the first projects Schwarzenegger became associated with after leaving office and his involvement was regarded as one of the more enticing aspects for potential financiers. With Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Films acquiring the rights to produce two more Terminator sequels just last week, this is no doubt a very disappointing turn of events for her.

Megan Ellison secures rights to Terminator 5 and Terminator 6 Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts Acting Comeback On Hold

Ellison has yet to lock-in a distributor for the film and the prospect of moving forward without the franchise’s iconic leading man could prove to be a challenge (especially after the lackluster reception that greeted the Schwarzenegger-less Terminator Salvation in 2009).

Fast Five‘s Justin Lin is presumably still attached to direct at this point, but Terminator 5 was just one of several offers he was said to be considering. If he decides to jump ship and commit to Summit’s Highlander reboot or Fast Six instead, that could potentially set the film back even further.

Schwarzenegger certainly isn’t the first actor to find himself embroiled in a scandal and considering the type of transgressions that some of his contemporaries have ultimately been forgiven for, it’s hard to imagine that this is going to irrevocably damage his reputation. Aside from Terminator 5, it seems like most of the films he was circling would still be viable options for him once he’s ready to get back in the game.

It’s hard to believe we won’t see another Terminator movie at some point, but it sounds like there’s a very real possibility that Arnold will, in fact, not be back.

Source: MSNBC.

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  1. awww Poor POOR Arnie!!!

  2. By personal matters does he mean the kids that are popping up left and right ?

    • Affirmative.

  3. But more importantly, what does it mean for Expendables II?

    • That’s what I wanna know!

      • Who cares, he presence wouldn’t make or break it.

        • Who cares? Obviously the many fans who are looking forward to him playing a bigger role including myself.

          Typical response from you since you’re not a fan of neither expendables nor Arnold. So I don’t see the need for you to even comment about something you don’t care for but whatever. People hate for silly reasons.

          • There’s no word if he would reprise his cameo or not, so it’s not relevant.

          • That was unnecesary ORI, I’m an Arnold fan but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over him not being in the Expendables 2.

            • I’m not losing sleep over it either. What doesn’t seem necessary to me is being negative about it when they’re not particularly fond of Arnold or the genre expendables falls under. But like I said whatever. I shrugged it off already.

              • I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, if people only commented sweet little nothings it wouldn’t be very intriguing, or thought provoking.

  4. Well I personally think that this HIATUS is only going to be for a couple months, till the media madness blows over. This is just a PR thing. He’s going to try and “focus” on family and so forth. Meaning he’s going to give himself a self imposed vacation. Get out of the limelight till the next hot ticket story comes along. Then he’ll jump back in the screen. I don’t think this is going to be more than a mere bump on the road to these movies being made.

  5. Come on Arnie wtf. It’s been too long and you’re not getting any younger. I support Arnie and all his decisions. Hang in there dude.

    • Definitely agree … similar to the whole tiger woods thing

  6. I wonder who has more ilegitmate kids, him, or Steve Garvey…..

  7. Arnold… it came out right as his film career was dying before being Governor that he was a big time womanizer. Groping girls on set and sh1t. So this is like a preemptive strike. Kill it now. Spare us all needless suffering.

  8. I love how this article skips over the recent facts that’s he’s one huge corrupt individual.

    If it wasn’t obvious enough during his term as Govenor?

    Anyone/blogsite that supports this guy has some very questionable moral issues.

    • Tene,

      This is a movie/TV news site, not a political one. Conversations can veer off (slightly) towards that in the comments, but we steer clear in our articles.


      • It just seems kinda odd to write up this headline, totally skip over what he’s done to stall his career and then ask people to comment about. I mention this and I’m the bad guy?

        • Tene,

          And where, precisely, in my comment did I indicate you were a “bad guy”?


  9. I wonder how long it takes before he travels back in time to kill his housekeeper to prevent the birth of John Connor. Uh, I mean his son.

  10. What a douche bag, but then again, so is 90% of Hollywood, just make the movies dammit…

  11. Some of the rude comments about Arnold are low Blows. He may be one of my favorite action stars but even im disappointed in him. Bill clinton w/ Monica,omg most alot of people thought it was no big deal nor no-one’s business. Atleast Arnold is takin responsibility for the kid which alot of guy don’t do these days. Atleast he wasn’t like Edward Kennedy who let that woman & baby drown in a car years ago which people would still debate it was murder. It’s too bad, i was hoping he would appear in Expendables 2 & Terminator 5 but gotta settle things down first.

    • @”Bill clinton w/ Monica,omg most alot of people thought it was no big deal nor no-one’s business.”

      It’s not any of our business. That’s why it’s called a PERSONAL life. The problem is that a person’s personal life becomes public when you’re a celebrity. What’s annoying is this is only making headlines b/c he’s a celebrity. If this was you, me, or any non-celebrity, then it wouldn’t be news at all.

      • @ Ghost

        Thank You. I knew that. It’s common knowlege the media would crucify Arnold as much as they can over his family issues.

      • I think the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky debacle qualifies as our business seeing as he lied about it under oath and it clearly affected his presidential duties.

        • New Flash!!! ALL people lie, even when they “promise” they won’t. Bush lied about WMDs, and every other person on this planet has lied. Yes, even you.

      • Tiger Blood Party 2012!

      • Wow, talk about over-reacting. Vic, just as your personal life is none of my business, a president’s, actor’s, or whatever is none of ours. The problem is people can’t mind their own damn business these days. Their lives are soo pathetic they have to get into others.

        • Maybe so, but IT’S NONE OF OUT BUSINESS what’s goes on in their personal life. Mel Gibson’s a racist, Arnold screws around (just like everybody else), but it says nothing about their professional career.

          • I agree with Vic to an extent. But the thing is everybody has skeletons in their closets. Sometimes with these politicians running for office it’s a choice of which is the lesser evil of them all – more’s the pity.

            But nobody is innocent. And people will make mistakes, even if they’ve been free of scandals their whole lives, power still and will corrupt in the office. Politicians are experts in hiding who they really are while they are out there making a pretty speech on the podium.

            I still believe in looking at what a person represents as far as his political beliefs, at his record of work, and contributions to society before deciding if he should have a chance at the office. Personal life is not immediately at the top of my list, unless they have done something truly grotesque – financing a terrorist attack, whatever. Something uncommon.

            Certainly it’s a disappointment when somebody like Arnold reminds us that even the common details of their personal lives should be looked at and judged as well.

            It just means that the next political race will continue to hunt down any transgressions and try their darnedest to obscure their political agendas by smearing the candidates’ personal lives.

            Soon, no sane person will want to even run for office. President Thomas Jefferson would have said “no thanks” in today’s society.

          • That’s different. Of course your daughter’s life is your business, but the affairs Schwarzenegger has isn’t. Nor is the stuff in Bill Clinton’s life or mine. You can argue this as much as you like, but it’s more or less a fact, not an opinion.

            • Like I said, I’m done. Whatever, dude.



              • @Ghost
                Your are a very narrow minded person. It’s people like you that get our crooked politicians elected because your not able to grasp the concept of good moral fiber yourself.

              • Actually, I don’t waste my time voting b/c the system has becaome corrupt. So, I can’t help get them elected.

      • People need to learn how to separate a person’s personal life from his/her professional. So what if Bill Clinton bandged that woman, cool, he got laid in office. But that doesn’t stop from thinking he’s a good President. Mel Gibson is a racist, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking he’s a damn good actor.

        • Something to think about, Ghost: if Bill Clinton hadn’t been so busy chasing skirts, could he have spent that time more productively for the sake of our country?

          People who work together are a powerful force to be reckoned with. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton could have done very many amazing things together. With such a glaring weakness exposed, Clinton’s Presidency was interrupted and he had to deal with a ton of distractions.

          Arnold’s scandal wasn’t revealed until after he got out of office, but if it had been, … well, California would still have been screwed anyway. But you get my point.

          • And as for Mel Gibson, his real problem is alcoholism and it’s something a lot of people have a problem with – alcohol tends to bring out things you normally wouldn’t say out there for everybody to hear. It’s pretty clear he does have a racist bone in his body, but a lot of people do but their redeeming quality may be that they don’t act on it.

            Agreed with you though, it certainly doesn’t stop me from thinking he was/is a great actor and director.

            But acting is a little different from running a country.

            You certainly wouldn’t want a drunk with his hands on the steering wheel of America.

            And a womanizer? A man who has no honor, a man of power who may allow somebody (as has been done many times in our history) to manipulate them, it’s hard to qualify them as being deserving of running a country.

        • Last night during a CBS news blip, these were the top stories at 10pm. Oh and hang up the phone, this is some intense info your gonna need to know!

          “Arnolds sex affair could it stall his career?, also we’ve got the back scenes look at the new CBS lineup and the latest on all the new shows. Only tonight on CBS News.
          If this is what we accept as news, then It really doesn’t matter how many kids Arnold has. The real problem people should be upset over is what were spoon fed as news.

  12. Ha arnold busted a tiger woods lmao

  13. Politically – it is a tremendous shame that he let down the state of California before he even took office. He was able to shrug off the attacks that he was a womanizer to actually win the governorship, and on the heels of that victory, he could have put forth all his energy and focus on the needs of his state and the people he was hired to take care of, and leave the past in the past. Instead, he actually legitimatized his opponents’ argument and decided to party a little and have some fun. There is no excuse for it. He dishonored himself and his family by shrugging off that responsibility for his own personal amusement. By all accounts he’s a good man at heart, he took care of his bastard son, but there is no excuse for having put his family through this, and put thousands of lives at risk for his stupidity. He was able to keep this a secret and avoid a scandal for all his years in office – that by itself is astonishing and no doubt put a lot of pressure on him – but it definitely should be a warning to anybody else who thinks womanizing is a good idea while in office.

    Movie-wise – I doubt it’s the end of his movie career. If anything it might even make him more appealing as he would be a public figure people are more curious about. It’s not THAT unheard of for Hollywood actors and actresses to engage in acts of infidelity. The only potential pitfall that he might run in is whether other people will want to work with him or not.

    • Phil, if Arnold didn’t play the game whilest in Governorshipy, this would have come out years ago and ruined him then.

      Its no coincidence that this has popped up now. Somewhere down the line somebodies going to make a few million off this. Arnold will more then likely write a book, this is Arnolds new reality show.

      Look at me I’m a big stud!, ok let’s deal with the fallout and my ReDemPtion. Yah!

  14. In all fairness when people call Arnold a Womanizer, ever wonder how many girls might of made the first move? And when Arnold first ran for Governor, they waited years to complain about what bad boy he was? They were wanting media attention imo. But this new story is different but media like & people like to tie it to his past of-course. And now im hearing it’s deja vu all over again as other women are coming foreward wanting to take Arnold to court.

  15. Arnold did the right thing to put his career on hold thats for sure despite what films i was looking forward to he planned to be in. One woman on O’Reilly mentioned by makin that decision, he can still make those films later but now isn’t the time which id agree cause it would make the issue worse in his case.

  16. Give the big doofus a break. Everyone in Hollywood diddles the housekeeper, especially when they’re as sexy as she is!

  17. WOW! How did I miss this discussion? I must have been busy last week. I was going to resist the urge to comment here, but I’m an American, and I’m going to say this. What an American President does in the Oval Office of the tax dollar paid for White House IS THE BUSINESS, I REPEAT IS THE ###@@%!!!! BUSINESS, of every American citizen, PERIOD. As for ‘other’ celebrities, their personal life is their business, yes, but what I choose to spend my money on is likewise MY business. And if I question the morals of an individual and choose not to spend my money on his\her product, so be it.

  18. Arnold did not ‘decide’ to put his acting comeback on hold. The consequences of his actions decided for him. I’ve got to get off of this article.