Schwarzenegger Returning for ‘Legend of Conan’; Looks Tough in First ‘Ten’ Image

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The Legend of Conan Arnold Schwarzenegger Schwarzenegger Returning for Legend of Conan; Looks Tough in First Ten Image

About a year from now, we’ll have a pretty good idea of whether or not the long-heralded return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the silver screen was actually a good idea. But for now, fans are riding high on a wave of nostalgia at the thought of one of yesteryear’s greatest action stars making a comeback.

Today brings two news items on the “Ahnuld” front: the actor (and former Governor) will be reclaiming the mantle of Conan the Barbarian, and he also looks plenty badass as a dirty DEA agent in End of Watch writer/director David Ayer’s Ten.

Deadline reported that Universal Pictures is choosing to (once again) reboot the Conan franchise, after the 2011 reboot starring Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa sputtered to a $48 million worldwide box office take on a $90 million budget. The new approach for this particular mulligan? Bring back the star who made the original film a cult-hit. Enter Schwarzenegger.

The new film will be titled The Legend of Conan, and the story for it was crafted by Chris Morgan (Fast and the Furious 3 – 647 Ronin) who might also write the screenplay. Deadline notes that Morgan could potentially be busy with Fast and the Furious 7 during the production of Legend of Conan (which is circling a 2014 release date); should that be the case, Morgan would still be heavily involved in producing the film, alongside Fredrik Malmberg of Paradox Entertainment (which holds the Conan rights).

Regarding what the film would actually BE about, Malmberg offered some insight:

“The original ended with Arnold on the throne as a seasoned warrior, and this is the take of the film we will make… It’s that Nordic Viking mythic guy who has played the role of king, warrior, soldier and mercenary, and who has bedded more women than anyone, nearing the last cycle of his life. He knows he’ll be going to Valhalla, and wants to go out with a good battle.”

From the sound of that premise, The Legend of Conan would fall in step with real time, which makes total logistical sense: at 65, Schwarzenegger would have a hard time fooling anyone if he tried to play a warrior still in his prime; as an aging champion looking for one last bit of glory, however… it suddenly becomes deliciously meta. Malmberg himself acknowledges as much:

This movie picks up Conan where Arnold is now in his life, and we will be able to use the fact that he has aged in this story. I love the property of Conan so much that I wouldn’t touch it unless we came up with something worthy. We think this is a worthy successor to the original film. Think of this as Conan’s Unforgiven.

If you didn’t pick up on the finer points of that last quote: Legend of Conan will supposedly ignore both the 2011 reboot and the 1984 sequel film Conan the Destroyer, and will instead tie itself directly to the events of the original film. If you want to hear more from Malmberg about his plan for the movie – or from Schwarzenegger about returning to the role, then head over to Deadline.

As stated, The Legend of Conan is aiming for a 2014 release date.



Out of Arnold’s upcoming slate of films – the western crime drama Last Stand, the Stallone/Schwarzenegger prison thriller The Tomb or even the rumored Twins sequel, Triplets - the most intriguing to me has to be David Ayer’s Ten. Ayer – known for his hard-boiled LA crime tales like Training DayEnd of Watch and Harsh Times - will be getting a bit more literary as he attempts to transform Agatha Christie’s famous murder mystery novel Ten Little Indians into his particular brand of crime tale.

In this version, a team of dirty DEA agents (including Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Joe Manganiello, Harold Perrineau, Josh Holloway and  Terrence Howard) rob a cartel, believing they’ve gotten away clean. The twist comes as members of the team start getting murdered one by one, leading to much chaos and paranoia.

Check out this pic of Arnold looking badass, which he Tweeted from the set:


Arnold Schwarzenegger in Ten 2013 570x855 Schwarzenegger Returning for Legend of Conan; Looks Tough in First Ten Image

Ten will be in theaters sometime in 2013.

Sources: Deadline & Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  1. Damn movie people. Just make one of the amazing stories that have already been written into a movie! That is why the fan base it so huge because the original stories were amazing. The Scarlet Citadel would be a perfect example:

  2. Valhalla?

  3. Hahaha, you are brilliant!!

  4. I loved the Original Conan. The soundtrack is probably Basil Poledouris’ best work, in my opinion and one of the greatest in film history. The musical score contributed as much to the success of the film, as Arnie himself.

    I also liked Jason Mamoa’s Conan. The effects and action were great. I know I am in the minority on that one, but hey we all have movies we like that were not popular. I think Jason Mamoa did good job. I felt that he portrayed the savage aspect of Conan, much better than Arnie did.

    Both actors did a good job bringing their own flavor to the character. I also think if their roles in history were reversed. Most people would be saying the same things about Arnie, which they are now saying about Mamoa.

    I want to see another Conan film, as much as the next guy, but Arnold is 65 years old and this announcement reeks of vanity. To me, this all seems like, an aging action icon’s attempt to relive his glory days. Arnie’s ego will not allow him to play the role of an aging King. He will attempt, at 65, to do the same things he did, at 25, but ultimately fail. The original film captured lightning in a bottle. It was truly an original, it had never been seen before. It was a violent, sexual, bloody, operatic adventure. Neither of the subsequent Conan films were able recreate the magic of the first, nor will Arnie’s next attempt.

    Conan is synonymous with hard physical action, and I just can’t see Arnie pulling that off any longer. The man is flirting with disaster and he doesn’t realize it. He is setting himself up, to go from one of the greatest action stars ever, to becoming a cautionary tale for all Hollywood action stars. This will be Arnie’s “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, and he will, “Nuke the Fridge” with this one.

    The news of a new Conan project is great, but Arnold’s Conan sized ego will ruin this film. I don’t doubt Arnie’s desire or heart, just his 65-year-old body. I fear it will end up being, the death knell for the Conan franchise.

    For Conan’s sake, I hope I’m wrong.

    • I agree with you Jason Momoa was great as Conan: young, strong and gorgeous. A.S. is too old for this type of role and I for one think he is a terrible actor. Please oh please Hollywood do not bring Arnie back! We in California have had enough of his ruining the state! grrrr

      • I agree that Jason’s Conan was SPOT On as to what Conan is supposed to be like. I agree with all your comments too

        • Obviously you never read ANY of Howard’s work on Conan. Momoa SUCKED as Conan & looked nothing like him!

    • Beautifully spoken. It does sound as a vanity project.

      I´m starting to believe people don´t give a s***t about Conan… they can see and hear only Arnold.

      Well, make another Commando and leave Conan alone, then.

    • Ah, as has been stated over and over again, the movie will be about an elder Conan, and by all accounts, the studio approached Arnold about it, he did not approach them…so “vanity” apparently had little to nothing to do with it, and I suppose you want an actor to decline a role offered to him, just because you apparently have a distaste for the person and would prefer not to see him in it? You can accuse him of being too old, but look at his picture for the movie “Ten”, and attempt to convince yourself that, at 65, he couldn’t kick your a–. You can accuse him of not being able to act, but you would be denying the success of many of his films. If you don’t want to see “Legend of Conan”, nobody is forcing you. It is clear many here think 180 degrees different than you and look forward to seeing the movie, with him starring in it.

      • “It is clear many here think 180 degrees different than you”

        Sure, and that´s a sound reason for one NOT to express his opinion…

        • I’m not suggesting that you and others don’t express your opinions…just get your facts right and attempt to avoid errant exaggerations and inferences.

      • ok…i am ASSUMING all of you are young? Maybe didn’t see (or read!) the original Conan or discovered this great series “late”. Whatever your take here, Arnold is Conan, and frankly aren’t legends allowed to age? i am truly excited that he is reprising his role here-LONG overdue-the remake was shallow and lousey-just beefcake, no substance, fluffy! i feel Howard would agree that Arnold is Conan, will always be Conan and Arnolds’ fans DO agree! i can’t wait for this film! And you naysayers out there, Arnold is an ACTOR and like all of the superstars, he has screen persona, he is larger than life, just like Heston, just like Mitchim, just like Brando. Who cares how old he is-hes’ acting again and i’m really happy about that as a filmgoer. So get a grip and quit thinking all actors have to be of an “age” or “pretty”-we all get old ya know, doesn’t mean we are worthless and should be sent out on an ice floe! As a 60 year old woman who has seen every Arnold film, i say go for it.

        • I grew up on Arnold’s film’s and a big fan of his but comparing him to Heston or Brando is very funny, since he can’t act out of a paper bag.

          He’s in the same league with Sly Stallone or Bruce Willis. Again I grew up watching these guys and I knew none of them couldn’t act so please stop pretending they can.

      • Good for you Jeff.Im with you bro…CONAN 4 EVER

    • How dare you claim to think the new Conan is better then Arnold. Arnold was built and acted as Conan spot on. And even at 65 Arnold can do it, remember when people said he wouldnt succeed at being a movie star just like you are saying he cant do Conan no more, well he proved people wrong just like he will you now, He has been working out again and looks like a tough guy again, slimmer but better then the new Conan. And he will play hes age, you will see him without a top but he will be covered up most of it… Plus plus plus if Paul Verhoeven is doing this, it will be the best Conan. Period.

      • Obviously you have not read the books or comics. Arnold plays a silent Conan where in the books and comics he is far from silent. Jason’s Conan was a better Conan closer to what he was supposed to be. I loved Arnold’s Conan the barbarian because it broke ground with the sexuality, brutality and vallaria being a heroin with strong a skill as any man which in the 80s was just starting to break ground! But honestly looking at Conan the destroyer if we are discussing Conan the barbarian we need to look at the bomb that followed! Arnold sucked in that film when he tried to act as Conan. Does anyone want to watch destroyer and tell me Arnold can act as Conan? It was a train wreck! The guy who played Subatai the Harkanian was the better actor who actually made the movie. Also the wizard who narrated the movie was awesome and perfect, not to mention James earl jones!!! Arnold had. Everyone supporting him and if he wants success he better have a great acting cast! Or it will flop!!!


          • Yes I read EVERYTHING Howard wrote about Conan & Momoa SUCKED as Conan & looked NOTHING like him! As I’ve stated before Pee Wee Herman would have done a better job than that stick boy Momoa!

        • Moonshadow try reading a book rather than a comic I have the full collection of the chronicles of Conan and the comics are child’s play compared to the books and I also have an adventures of Conan no 1 comic so I have a good comparison. I am a big fan of Jason but he should have stayed away from that role he’s lucky it didn’t destroy his career it was devastatingly bad looked like it was made for tv where as Conan is gritty violent n characters are true to the books and to be fair Jason would’ve been a good Conan if the writers n directors weren’t pre pubesant s*** heads who couldn’t re write a knock knock joke

          • Jason was perfect for the role look wise, and his acting is great. It’s just that the script was garbage. As to Arnold “is” Conan, no he is so far from it that it’s not even funny. Arnold plays a big dumb barbarian, and that’s not Conan.

  5. you’re kidding right?

  6. This is the first I heard of this movie, and Arnold coming back to do one more. But storywise I think it’s a great idea to use Arnold as an aging champion. You might even think of a way to use Jason Momoa (Also liked that movie) as a sort of flashback. Hey, they might not look the same but time changes everything. You could think of Arnold’s Conan as an aging king who now rules an empire and has flashbacks of fights/quests which stars Jason’s Conan.

    • I would presume that they would simply enhance Arnold, via CGI, for any flashbacks, much like they made Professor X and Magneto younger in X-Men 3.

      • I would think it would add an awful lot to the budget and I haven’t seen cgi of a human body that was that convincing.

        They could put him in some armor I suppose. His arms still look pretty good. They could have those bare. He’s going to have to reduce that beer gut though and that’s not so easy when you get into your sixties.

        • I agree that he definitely needs to tone up, if not try to bulk up. My guess is that, if this project does indeed come to fruition, he will do just that.

  7. My idea for this film. Old king Conan has run his kingdoms economy into the ground. He’s a barbarian after all not a financial wizard. To make matters worse his queen who is a sorceress has discovered he has fathered a bastard son with a scullery maid. She decides to assassinate him and the son. The two fight off several attacks by assassins and finally the queen attacks them herself. They defeat her but Conan is mortally wounded. He lives only long enough to see his son ascend the throne. The end.

    • Hehe very funny! (and doable)

  8. I don’t think they need to reboot it – Jason’s version was much better.
    I do like Arnold’s film’s but going back to one of his old franchise’s is very child like.
    Ego or not, Arnold’s too old to be Conan.
    Let Jason do a sequel.

    • the new conan was a flop and was panned by all critics.

  9. The music really made the movie or at least the movie would not be such a success without Poledouris’ understanding of what Milius was trying to convey. The new producer NEEDS to understand that and select a composer who has the ability or background to create organic sounds that takes someone back to antediluvian times when gods walked with men, men were heroes and villains ,women were treacherous and magnificent beasts roamed the vast wilds.

    Milius was the greatest choice to tell this tale and Poledouris the greatest to compose it’s sound. Milius NEEDS to be consulted at least so the producers understand the time frame and the world he was trying to bring forth. This is not some wild fantasy land this is pre-history, post Atlantis times. Before Sumer, Egypt, India, and China when the character that gave birth to all of those ancient civilizations was being developed after the recovery from a great world cataclysm. Not cheap CGI-SiFi but an imagined historical account of a man and society from an antediluvian world. That and the music is what made the first movie a legend in it’s own right. Realistic functional costumes and backdrops, little to no CGI, and real violence.This is not Avatar. This is not Legend with Tom Cruise; This is The LEGEND of CONAN with SHWARZENEGGER!!!

  10. Jason did portray a decent Conan- the script (lines) just sucked ;). If there are so many fans, why did the movie had such a poor box office showing? I think aging Arnold will make more $$, but the CGI would eat into the receipt totals…

  11. “Meta”?? *vomits profusely*

  12. i cant wait iv been singing the theam song for months now im 25 years old and none of my friends or my husbend has see any of the old ones

  13. Please The Director Zack Snyder will confirm return in Legend of Conan!!! I know, Producer Chris Morgan is in it. But Mr.Snyder need in it, because he is great screenplay as style close up on screen. He was better movies in 300, Watchmen and Man of Steel 2013. Hope Legend of Conan will be very better movie than others. Please Please Mr.Snyder will confirm in it!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  14. Great challange Arnie in age 65!!! Just go on and make another classic.

  15. The original CONAN and it’s Phenomenal soundtrack will stand the test of time for sure ! The Jason Momoa Conan movie I found to be lacking Depth ! I’m referring to the writing(plot),characterization,music, etc) not necessarily the actors, their acting or some good action scenes attributed to good stunt work and effects, and some lighter moments injected by the second string bad guy ! My fault,I shouldn’t have had any expectations so I might have actually enjoyed it more! We only waited some 30 yrs. for another Good Conan movie and it is what it is !

  16. get john milius and paul verhoeven to work with arnold and the new writers of the legend of conan. get dolph lundgren, jean claude van damme, sylvester stallone,casper van dien, chuck norris, dwayne johnson, vin diesel to be arnold’s sidekicks, friends and confidants in the film. reuse basil poledouris’s old conan theme. get michael ironside, kurtwood smith,etc.

  17. Wow all I have to say is, how many times has Hollywood tried to remake something and succeed with it. Few examples total recall, Dredd, the amazing spider man. The point is movie stars that make a movie what it is and that people love shouldn’t be replaced intell many many years later. People don’t like change. I personally think it would be great for Arnold to do this. It something we need and he needs to prove hes not out of the game yet. I mean would people except a new actor playing the roll of the T-800 I don’t think so. Look when they did predators, all they kept saying they couldn’t fill arnolds shoes and they would do what they could without him. I thought the movie was just sub par. I guess what im trying to say is, if it ain’t broken dont fix it.

  18. It would be a vast disappointment if it comes out anything like Conan the Destroyer. I’ve been waiting for this movie since I saw Conan on the throne *in the theater*! We’ve been teased about it for years. I hope this time it won’t be another let down.

  19. I live. I love. I slay…I am content(2011)….. (1982)Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That’s what’s important! Valor pleases you, Crom… so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!….2 stood against many….Jason & Arnold did two Amazing Conan Films…Even though the Quote above starting with “Crom” Was from the 80′s film it’s like he prayed to crom for both actors…Cause it seems like those TWO are getting hated on…Jason did Amazing And Arnold will Do so again…

  20. Does anyone know If Jason is making More conan Films?

    • I hope NOT!!!!

  21. King conan.. come on arnold get in the gym one last time and bring back the king

  22. King conan .. come on. Arnold get in the gym one last time and bring back the king

  23. the new conan was a low budget movie flopped and was panned by all critics. check out Arnold in the new muscle and fitness than try to say he is old.

  24. am I kidding? the budget for the remake was 90 million and only made 48 million with dvd and blu rays included.

  25. Jason as conan was awesome. He captured the true essence of the character. I LOVED ARNIE as Conan and Jason too. A King Conan with Arnold is welcomed but continue to younger Conan with Mamoa. Can have mamoa as conan i
    n flashback scenes in king conan

  26. This can be good if done right & if they keep the politically correct BS out of it. Arnold had the look of Conan far more than stick boy Jason Momoa did, worse Conan ever & looked NOTHING like him. Pee Wee Herman would have been better!

  27. This is great.
    Let Arnold Schwarzenegger come back as Conan, finally see what happens to him as King, maybe this will end the storyline & for absolutely sure wash that horrible taste of the Jason Momoa guyliner version out of my mouth.

    OMG Conan the Barbarian (2011) was nasty to me.
    Jason Momoa looked like some freaking rockstar wanna be or Danzig/Dethklok reject.

    I’d rather watch Krull 500times then watch 15minutes of Conan the Barbarian (2011).

  28. I guess that I am one of the only few people who actually likes both Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jason Momoa as Conan. I also like the fact that Jason Momoa was inspired by Frank Frazetta’s artwork and used that as a basis for his version of Conan. Personally, I think he did a great job playing as Conan while paying tribute to Frank Frazetta. The only thing that I really disliked about Momoa’s version was the storyline/script.
    I am really hoping that after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘The Legend of Conan’ is released, Jason Momoa will return to play as Conan in a sequel with a storyline (or script) that would be way better than his first Conan movie. It would also help if Momoa got a really good film director who is actually good at making Sword & Sorcery movies or at least knows the works of Robert E. Howard (the author who created Conan).