Arnold Schwarzenegger Is In The Expendables!

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 14th, 2013 at 5:45 pm,

Another 80s action superstar has joined the star-studded cast of The Expendables! Even if it’s only for one day of shooting, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in this film and he will be playing himself as the Governor.

I was partially joking back in November when I said the following in response to the news of Dolph Lundgren being cast into the film:

All we need is “Ahnuld,” Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris and JVCD in the mix and we have ourselves the 1980s action genre all over again.

Well, two out of four isn’t bad… even though one of those two turned down the offer. Speaking of which, this news helps counteract some of the negative press the movie received when the reason Jean-Claude Van Damme turned down a role in the movie made its way onto the internet.

This news comes from directly from Harry at Ain’t It Cool News who spoke with Sylvester Stallone. The conversation also confirmed a few details:

  • Ben Kingsley is out and he is being replaced by Eric Roberts
  • Mickey Rourke has officially signed on
  • Shooting begins in about a month
  • The script is currently being finalized by Stallone

My excitement for the movie has been slightly restored, what do you think of this news?

Shooting for The Expendables begins in March and the movie is expected to hit theaters in 2010.

Source: AICN

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  1. Cool, I guess.

    I’m glad they didn’t give him a gun… his action days are over. Hopefully, he’ll bring some comedy to the role.

    • Thats right mate, i think he should have stuck to what he does best instead of destroying a whole state…. i mean he’s the freakin terminator.

  2. That’s great! Do like the idea of him in as himself. This is the best solution considering he’s been out for some time.

    Also like Eric Roberts in bad guy roles.

    I’m counting the days to this movie!

  3. Wow, that was some unexpected news indeed. Good unexpected news. He’s not a great actor, but since he starred in my favorite movie of all time, I can’t help but like seeing him on the big screen. Maybe he’ll say “Come with me if you want to live” to another member of the Expendables’ cast… Or, “I’ll be back.”

  4. @J BIZ: Arnie’s all wrinkly and flabby these days… part of his package has always been the physical presence.

    With Eastwood, (I think) it’s always been about the attitude. No physical limitations.

  5. I really think JCVD took the whole thing out of proportion. It seems like Sly was just trying to find some way to convince him to play in the movie, and usually, money works.

    Rambo was decent, and Rocky was great, si I’m not sure why anyone would suddenly think this movie would be worse than the other two.

    Even with Ahnuld as a small cameo roll, the concept behind the movie sounds like a blast.

  6. Yes, Sly’s got the KING in!
    Arnold’s action days are NOT over! When his term ends, I would love to see Arnold come back to the Conan role but as King of Aqualonia. Hell, hopefully another True Lies with a grown up Eliza!
    Arnold still keeps himself in shape, maybe not as in shape as Sly is nowadays, but lets be checked here, Arnold can go back to the old regime. He was not the same bulk in T3 but it was damn close! And, if Harrison can out do a young punk in Indy 4, then the King can too!

    WHAT? Eric Roberts? Best of the Best, Eric Roberts in? Shea!

    Quentin, I’m sorry homey, no soup for you!

  7. He should donate his salary for that 1 day to the state to help close the budget.

  8. Um, he was pretty out of shape before doing T3 as well, then look at him in T3, he’s BIGGER than he was in T2…

    The thing about body builders and people with a lot of muscle like that is, the second you stop training, it all goes away, but they can train to get it back quicker than the rest of us can build it from scratch. He’s flabby now because he’s not training, he’s in politics. I’m sure if he’s going to star in a movie, he’ll buff up like he did for T3, probably not to the same size though since he doesn’t have to play a big menacing robot…

  9. @ Chris

    Screw that, Kalifornia shouldn’t get anything they don’t work to get themselves. Arnold should be Governor and milk them for all the money that position pays, then leave laughing. :-D (Then do True Lies 2 with James Cameron) haha

  10. @Ken J

    I disagree with ya, bud. I was there during the Gray Davis recall and the REASON Arnold got voted in is because he was supposed to undo the financial mess Davis got the state into.

    And now it’s far, far worse than we he took office and that makes me crazy-angry.

    Glad I don’t live there any more.


  11. A cameo’s better than nothing, but I was hoping Sly could convince him to take a larger role. Here’s hoping JVCD changes his mind.

  12. @ Vic

    I don’t doubt it, he’s a celebrity, not a politician, people in CA were idiots to vote him in. But frankly, I don’t care, lol. I don’t live there, so as long as Arnold stays away from FL, I’m happy, haha.

  13. Although Arnold’s my boy, I do agree with Ken…he is a celebrity with political knowledge and should have not even be re-elected for a 2nd term! The first one was acceptable, who knew and Gray Davis’ standings were low. You couldn’t stop the Running Man that time. But the 2nd time, Cali should have known better!
    Good thing his term ends in 2011…bring on King Conan and True Lies 2!

  14. “Stop cheering me up!”

  15. -Helen is…is…having an affair!

    -Welcome to the club!

  16. LOL, not this again. True Lies is such a fun movie to watch. Here’s one from that same scene:

    “What kind of sick b**** takes the ice cube trays out of the freezer?”

    I thought it was hilarious when Gibs was trying to hide a page of the transcript from Harry, and he kept denying and denying having it, but when Arnold punched out the window Gibs looked at the window, and immediately took out the missing page from his pocket, lol, I couldn’t stop laughing at that…

    “Yep, she has her head on his lap alright, yahoo.”

  17. For me one of the best parts was when Harry and the entire team jumped in Helen and Paxton at the trailer and when Helen fell on Paxton, Arnold’s eyes of “WTF is this?” was classic!
    And then the knee to the balls from Helen to Gibs, man, you know what, True Lies just RULES!

  18. I LOVE the idea of Arnold back in the movies!! I can’t agree with the man politically, but he sure makes an entertaining movie!! While Sly is at it, he should cast Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie, too!! She’s make a bad@ss mercenary!! :P

  19. SK47, yah, out of EVERYONE there, the person she knees in the balls just happens to be Gibs, lol. He’s an unlucky guy…

    “You will be…”

    “Natasha??” *all excited*

    “No, Doris.”

  20. @Andy S

    A Female Expendable would be great! I say, bring back Linda Hamilton to shoot some slimey soldiers using an M16 with M230 Grenade Launcher!

    “Do it slowly, do it, doucemont.”

  21. I love True Lies, one of my fav. Arnold films for sure!

    As it turns out, Ain’t It Cool News later reported he may or may not appear in the film depending on his work as the Gov sorting out the financial crisis and what not.

  22. Pssshhh, like he knows what to do to fix the financial crisis, just be in the movie, Kalifornia will be in just as big of a mess if he was there or not…

  23. Can you please make a wax statue of my dad Teneyke Smith.

  24. When will I see his statue up in your museum and he needs to be placed next Arnold’s pumping iron statue