Sam Raimi’s Next Project is ‘Army of Darkness 2′ Not ‘Evil Dead 4′

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Evil Dead 4 Confirmed Director Sam Raimis Next Project is Army of Darkness 2 Not Evil Dead 4

As opening day for Evil Dead draws near - Fede Alvarez’s remake of Sam Raimi’s iconic 1981 video nasty – fans are inching closer and closer to also seeing the latter return to the beloved series he created back in 1981.

Recently, word got out that Raimi and his brother (ostensibly Ivan) were planning to start work on a script for Evil Dead 4 this summer – news that became a little more real courtesy of Robert Tapert, the man who produced not only the original Evil Dead films but many other entries in Raimi’s filmography.

Speaking with Shock Til You Drop this weekend at South By Southwest, Tapert, Raimi’s long-time collaborator cleared up any concerns about the existence of two Evil Dead franchises competing with one another and amended Raimi’s original remark with a statement of his own. It turns out that the Raimi brothers’ intention wasn’t to write a treatment for Evil Dead 4, but rather a direct sequel to the medieval fantasy-influenced Army of Darkness- which for some fans represents the pinnacle of the Evil Dead series.

Here’s the direct quote from Tabert:

“That would be Army of Darkness 2 [...] Everybody calls it Evil Dead 4 but Army of Darkness wasn’t called Evil Dead anywhere except by the fans.”

For Evil Dead enthusiasts, the distinction matters. While all three of Raimi’s Deadite-strewn splatterfests tie together on common themes and a continuous narrative, each entry has its own style and character that separates the three films from one another. The Evil Dead strives to unsettle its audience with unfeeling brutality and copious amounts of gore; Evil Dead 2 straddles the line between gore and comedy, and to this day remains one of the best examples of the “splatstick” genre; and Army of Darkness goes all the way over that boundary, playing far more to Raimi’s comedic proclivities than his habits as a horror filmmaker.

Bruce Campbell as Ash in Evil Dead Sam Raimis Next Project is Army of Darkness 2 Not Evil Dead 4

The potential for a second Army of Darkness film raises one very important question: if the movie does happen, will Bruce Campbell come back to serve as hapless protagonist Ashley J. “Ash” Williams once more? More than the films themselves, Ash has risen to the loftiest peaks of genre iconography over the last thirty plus years, so the idea of revisiting that world without him seems unthinkable. Fortunately, STYD also had the opportunity to pick Campbell’s brain at SXSW, too, and he had this to say:

“Sam threatens this every six months [...] I’ve heard this a thousand times, because in the back of his mind, he never wants to let go, because he loved making these movies. We all loved making them together. They were a nightmare to make, very difficult, but they lasted the test of time, so he’s not going to let that go, and I’m never going to say ‘no.’ It’ll be me and a walker fighting some other old guy. But that’s what he does and who knows? It may happen.”

If the Raimis really are crafting a screenplay for Army of Darkness 2, and if Campbell does indeed come back (as Raimi says he must), then we may see certain long-held fan speculations about a continuation of that film come to fruition. Theoretically, a sequel could see Ash’s hilarious and bloody misadventures in the future, following up on the alternate ending (which Raimi happens to favor) where he winds up putting himself in a magical coma and snoozing through the apocalypse. At present the movie has no shape, so it’s too early to rule out the possibility that Sam’s new picture will tie into Alvarez’s – but dollars and cents likely will dictate that the two franchises remain separate in tone and sensibility.

With the rising fervor building up over Alvarez’s upcoming reinterpretation of The Evil Dead - the first reviews have already started coming in, and there’s already a sequel in the works – it’s easy to forget that more than two decades have passed since Raimi directed Army of Darkness.

All that said, it seems like the perfect time for Raimi to flex his muscles in the mode where he made his name to begin with. Tell us what you think, Screen Ranters- do you find the idea of another Army of Darkness flick tantalizing?


Evil Dead arrives in theaters April 5th, 2013.

Source: Shock Til You Drop

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  1. Tapertis wrong My Army of Darkness dvd box says Evil Dead 3 on it

    • your box is wrong!

      • In the UK, Army of Darkness was released under a bunch of titles, including: Army of Darkness: Evil Dead III, Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness, Army of Darkness: The Medieval Dead, etc. The Evil Dead trilogy boxset refers to it as Evil Dead III too.

  2. Please please please please please please please!!!

  3. Hope so. I loved Army Of Darkness and I hope they do go with the original ending cause it’ll be fun to see how Ash copes in a dystopian future as a cranky old man still fighting Deadites.

    Unless Tapert’s too busy with that alleged Caesar spin-off they talked about when the subject of the final season of Spartacus was discussed last year.

  4. I don’t see why people think Bruce cambell can’t return because of age.
    Just look at Tom Cruise or countless other action stars in their 50s or for a even better comparison Sylvester Stallone who’s in his mid 60s.
    Overall I hope this comes out by late 2014 at the least.

    • besides, he’s the perfect age to be able to play both a mildly physically active role and a mentor role.

      • Apparently neither poster above me has seen the Army of Darkness alternate ending referred to in the article: Ash wakes up in the future as an old man with a long grey beard, having slept too long. If anything, Campbell is still to YOUNG for that role!

        (Also, these movies are great, but Raimi has proven that he’s lost his roots. Drag Me To Hell wasn’t scary or funny, and filled with horrid CGI. Any sequel can only denigrate the series.)

        • But the movie has a 93% score praising the combination of the two. This is where fact kicks opinion’s ass.

  5. Make it with Bruce Campbell, and they will come…

  6. Man, I hope they tie in “Army of Darkness 2″ to “Drag Me to Hell”. Justin Long’s character tracks down Ash to find his girl? Yeah, that would be awesome sauce. I was thinking about this pretty much all the way through my first viewing of “Drag Me to Hell” when it was in theaters.

  7. “This…is my BOOMSTICK!”

  8. Damn, You know a director’s career is over when he has to bring back his old franchise. Do something new for a change, all of the evil dead crap came out 1000 years ago, move on already.

    • Exactly. How dare he return to a much loved series of movies and one that is close to his heart? Same goes for Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Paul WS Anderson and more.

      Don’t Guy Ritchie and the BBC realise that Sherlock Holmes is soooo 1800s?

      • Your sarcasm needs work.

        • @Norrin Radd

          Yeah, cause your come back was SO great.

          (That was sarcasm by the way, in case it was hard for you to notice)

        • @Norrin

          My sarcasm doesn’t need any work, it’s fine as it is. Your attitude however….

        • I’m with Norrin Radd. It’s like all these Spiderman, Superman, Batman, superhero movies. It’s been done and it’s time to move on. We know BBC is over when they keep putting out that Sherlock series…..LOL
          Wow….I couldn’t even keep a straight face writing this, LOL

      • The problem you’ve accidentally hit on is that every single one of those “returns to earlier greatness” movies sucked.

        The moment is gone; let’s just respect the greatness that is the Evil Dead trilogy and leave it alone.

    • haha norin go back to your romance movies because this is needed


  10. Army of Darkness is SO different from the original Evil Dead that I don’t see the problem with continuing that series while the reboot films go on.

    But I agree, they should follow the alternate ending. When you think about it, there were SEVERAL plans for that film that the studio wouldn’t let Raimi do.

    For example, he wanted the title to be Medieval Dead, but he was forced to change it to Army of Darkness (why? who knows). He wanted it to be more gory like Evil Dead 2, but again, the studio wanted the violence to be toned down a lot. And then there’s the ending, which was completely reshot. I guess the studio thought the post-apocalyptic ending was too dark or something.

    In a way, as much as I love Army of Darkness, it isn’t what Raimi’s real vision was, and if they didn’t make him change some of the stuff, I think it could have been even better. I guess the reason why he is so intent on an Evil Dead 4 (or Army of Darkness 2) is that he feels his real vision was never really completed.

    Like I said, I think an Army of Darkness 2 wouldn’t really get confused with the reboot, so I think this could work. But ONLY IF Bruce Campbell comes back as Ash. That would be, groovy ;)

    • As far as the ending, apparently (according to what’s on the DVD commentary I heard), the test audiences didn’t like the ending and wanted Ash back in his own time, hence the alternate ending with him back in his job at S-Mart.

      I count that as the second, unofficial ending for obvious reasons.

      • Huh, didn’t know that. But you can’t always judge test audiences very well. Just saying, I’ve never known any one to prefer the theatrical ending, the alternate one seems to be the favorite of the fans (on average).

        Same thing happened with I am Legend. Test audiences didn’t like the original ending, so they changed it. But now, most people seem to hate the theatrical ending and prefer the alternate!

    • Wait, what? My VHS cover quite clearly says “Army Of Darkness: The Medieval Dead”. Where did you get that cock & bull story about studios not allowing this from?


  11. No Ash, no care…

  12. Yes do another one! These guys do these movies as a labor of love and for the fans they have never been box office hits, yes there’s the video and DVD sales, these are cult films from a now well known directer. They love these films as much as the fans do, so yes do it.
    Fall back on…PFFFFTTTT…as if.

    Please continue from the Original Ending where Ash wakes up in a post apocalyptic future ! I* want that !
    And in the end,when he tries to get back something else stupid happens,maybe involving a Magic Spell,or a time machine ,yeah !
    Just some typical stupid Ash thing :)

    Continue the journey !

  14. Bruce Campbell returns for it and I am THERE Opening Night!

  15. So basically, he’s making evil dead 4. Cool

  16. I don’t understand this title, evil dead 4 and Amry of darkness 2? If we putting army and evil into separate franchises which they are not, it would be evil dead 3. Whether its Amry 2 or evil dead 4 it’s the same. It’s the continuation of ash’s story, to me personally I would hope they continue where they left off in army of darkness it’s where we last saw Bruce Campbell’s character, there’s not much story left in the cabin, with his charcter

  17. Ash will return!!!!

  18. Wait. I thought Oz was the sequel to Army of Darkness.

  19. I could take either ending. If they do the official theatrical one, then just have some whacky event suck him up and take him to the apocalyptic future then there won’t be any confusion. But id like to see an old curmudgeonly ash still working at s Mart when the apocalypse happens

  20. Shop smart…shop S Mart

  21. yes i do, New Evil dead doesnt look interesting to me, it doesnt look funny and that was why i watched and loved the original. So yes i want my funny evil dead sequel dammit

  22. Bruce was quoted saying he’d never say no, so there’s your answer. I personally like the S*Mart ending. The comic books followed that, and they were great!! Plus in the comics Ted’s character is more involved and that’d be awesome!!

  23. CORRECTION: ‘Bruce Campbell vs. Army Of Darkness 2′

    • About time someone got it right..!

  24. hey love these films as much as the fans do, so yes do it.

  25. In Bruce We Trust. or In Cambpell We Trust. All you need for advertising. Title of the movie and artist sketched photo of him like original with one of those sayings lol…

  26. Well, well people im a fan and if you are too you want this even if it isnt as good as the old, i would respect that he would do this for his fans. And whoever doesnt want this to be made go back to watching romance movies.

  27. Maybe the happy ending is a dream ash has while sleeping in the alternate ending!!!!!!! Holly F*ck that would be awesome!!! Also there should be no discussion as to whether Bruce is involved. He’s Bruce f*cking Campbell!!! Hail to the King!!!

  28. the apocalypse ending was the proper ending they must continue from there and ash must suffer

  29. Yes!!! Make a sequel!!! It will be definitley worth it! Have to at least make one more before its to late for campbell.