Sam Raimi’s Next Project is ‘Army of Darkness 2′ Not ‘Evil Dead 4′

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Evil Dead 4 Confirmed Director Sam Raimis Next Project is Army of Darkness 2 Not Evil Dead 4

As opening day for Evil Dead draws near – Fede Alvarez’s remake of Sam Raimi’s iconic 1981 video nasty – fans are inching closer and closer to also seeing the latter return to the beloved series he created back in 1981.

Recently, word got out that Raimi and his brother (ostensibly Ivan) were planning to start work on a script for Evil Dead 4 this summer – news that became a little more real courtesy of Robert Tapert, the man who produced not only the original Evil Dead films but many other entries in Raimi’s filmography.

Speaking with Shock Til You Drop this weekend at South By Southwest, Tapert, Raimi’s long-time collaborator cleared up any concerns about the existence of two Evil Dead franchises competing with one another and amended Raimi’s original remark with a statement of his own. It turns out that the Raimi brothers’ intention wasn’t to write a treatment for Evil Dead 4, but rather a direct sequel to the medieval fantasy-influenced Army of Darkness– which for some fans represents the pinnacle of the Evil Dead series.

Here’s the direct quote from Tabert:

“That would be Army of Darkness 2 […] Everybody calls it Evil Dead 4 but Army of Darkness wasn’t called Evil Dead anywhere except by the fans.”

For Evil Dead enthusiasts, the distinction matters. While all three of Raimi’s Deadite-strewn splatterfests tie together on common themes and a continuous narrative, each entry has its own style and character that separates the three films from one another. The Evil Dead strives to unsettle its audience with unfeeling brutality and copious amounts of gore; Evil Dead 2 straddles the line between gore and comedy, and to this day remains one of the best examples of the “splatstick” genre; and Army of Darkness goes all the way over that boundary, playing far more to Raimi’s comedic proclivities than his habits as a horror filmmaker.

Bruce Campbell as Ash in Evil Dead Sam Raimis Next Project is Army of Darkness 2 Not Evil Dead 4

The potential for a second Army of Darkness film raises one very important question: if the movie does happen, will Bruce Campbell come back to serve as hapless protagonist Ashley J. “Ash” Williams once more? More than the films themselves, Ash has risen to the loftiest peaks of genre iconography over the last thirty plus years, so the idea of revisiting that world without him seems unthinkable. Fortunately, STYD also had the opportunity to pick Campbell’s brain at SXSW, too, and he had this to say:

“Sam threatens this every six months […] I’ve heard this a thousand times, because in the back of his mind, he never wants to let go, because he loved making these movies. We all loved making them together. They were a nightmare to make, very difficult, but they lasted the test of time, so he’s not going to let that go, and I’m never going to say ‘no.’ It’ll be me and a walker fighting some other old guy. But that’s what he does and who knows? It may happen.”

If the Raimis really are crafting a screenplay for Army of Darkness 2, and if Campbell does indeed come back (as Raimi says he must), then we may see certain long-held fan speculations about a continuation of that film come to fruition. Theoretically, a sequel could see Ash’s hilarious and bloody misadventures in the future, following up on the alternate ending (which Raimi happens to favor) where he winds up putting himself in a magical coma and snoozing through the apocalypse. At present the movie has no shape, so it’s too early to rule out the possibility that Sam’s new picture will tie into Alvarez’s – but dollars and cents likely will dictate that the two franchises remain separate in tone and sensibility.

With the rising fervor building up over Alvarez’s upcoming reinterpretation of The Evil Dead – the first reviews have already started coming in, and there’s already a sequel in the works – it’s easy to forget that more than two decades have passed since Raimi directed Army of Darkness.

All that said, it seems like the perfect time for Raimi to flex his muscles in the mode where he made his name to begin with. Tell us what you think, Screen Ranters- do you find the idea of another Army of Darkness flick tantalizing?

Evil Dead arrives in theaters April 5th, 2013.

Source: Shock Til You Drop

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  1. I think the remake looks awful in every aspect so I am pretending that film never happened. I love The Evil Dead Trilogy (obviously) but it’s more than that it was a film series that changed me as a young boy, Raimi’s films inspired me to become a film writer/director. Now it’s become a tradition to watch all 3 films on my birthday and the first time I saw my first Evil Dead film which was Army of Darkness. My uncle even gave me a movie maniacs 12in action figure of Ash. I love the comic books especially Army of Darkness vs Re-Animator & Darkman vs Army of Darkness it blew my mind to see Darkman fighting alongside Ash now I’m going to hunt dwn the action figures and comic books. Ironically I bought the Trilogy backwards on dvd first I got Army of Darkness, The Evil Dead 2, and now The Evil Dead 1981, which is the exact order I saw the films in. As for Evil Dead 4/ Army of Darkness 2 I think it should take place after the events of the apocalypse ending. The film must have a great supporting cast & characters, practical effects, lot’s of gore, of course classic Evil Dead humor, and Bruce Campbell. Basically the original image Raimi wanted to create but still taking place after Army of Darkness if this film occurs I will see the film on opening night.

    • cool story Dan

      • Cool reply Daniel. A+ on originality, your so creative and witty. THanks for the usefull feedback.

        • The same can be said about you comment Shane. lol yea good one. Bet you feel clever . your so creative and witty…

          • Ah, likewise good sir. So beneficial, creative and witty! A+++, good contribution, really outstanding man! Wait… crap!

    • As a huge fan of the original trilogy I can tell you the remake/re-imagining was absolutely fantastic. It’s a lot different from the original thus making it refreshing and somewhat original. It’s pretty sad all the hate it’s getting just because it’s not the sequal eveyone wanted. Yet at the same time, if this movie bombs because none of the fans want to support it, what message do you think that sends a movie studio and director? If the movie is successful, don’t you think that would encourage Sam to put a new chapter of the original trilogy out there? As opposed to the remake bombing and putting the thought in the guys head of “maybe there’s not that many people out there that truly care anymore”. It’s success could very well be the spark that has been long needed to get Army of Darkness 2 going.

      • I’m tired of people using this weird method of holding a sequel hostage like this to extort good press.

        It’s like hey, don’t you want more Evil Dead? Better go pretend to like this s**t movie then. Or else you aren’t getting any more horror films ever again!

        Yes, I want a real sequel to Army of Darkness. And no, I am not going to pretend to enjoy this Evil Dead remake in some vain attempt to secure that film. Hell, the success of this movie would probably just make it harder for Raimi to do Army of Darkness his own way. If Evil Dead becomes the new standard for horror, then all the studios will see is an opportunity to clone it over and over. And none of us should be rooting for that.

    • It wasnt a re make. That being said I thought they did a good job on it. the fact that they used very little cgi and mainly make up was sweet. Everyone was mad because Ash wasn’t in it, but at the end of the credits you hear the recording of the old guy reading out of the book of the dead and he said ” sometimes the evil doesnt die it just lays dorment ” and it shows bruce campbell he said ” Groovy” did no one see that? the rumor is that the story is when he went back to mideval times he altered the future or something and thats why the girls in it now. but sam raime is writing army of darkness 2 with bruce as well as 2 more after that.

      • Daniel gets it! why do people want to hate this film. Its an great piece of work. The original is amazing and I am so happy that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi worked on the project with Fede Alvarez. Alvarez was hand picked by Sam Raimi to direct the film. It turned out great and I bought the film as soon as it hit stores and managed to make it to the theater on opening night. which is saying a lot if you have kids.
        I think all in all fans of the original will love the film as I did and a new generation will get into the franchise. Isn’t That’s what’s really important. The new generation of kids will love this and then want to see the original’s. The same thing happened with J.J Abrams Star Trek. A whole new generation of Trekkers.

        • Terrible, typically dumbed-down reflex. Not to divert into Star Trek, but don’t even start with that adaptation-HACK Abrams’ wannabe shades of Star Trek. Now it’s all only unoriginal business over art, every movies’ a number, pump out those sequels/prequels/same thing, they’re rip-offs.
          ANYway…Dead already summed it up well, above.
          To quote:
          “I’m tired of people using this weird method of holding a sequel hostage like this to extort good press.

          It’s like hey, don’t you want more Evil Dead? Better go pretend to like this s**t movie then. Or else you aren’t getting any more horror films ever again!

          Yes, I want a real sequel to Army of Darkness. And no, I am not going to pretend to enjoy this Evil Dead remake in some vain attempt to secure that film. Hell, the success of this movie would probably just make it harder for Raimi to do Army of Darkness his own way. If Evil Dead becomes the new standard for horror, then all the studios will see is an opportunity to clone it over and over. And none of us should be rooting for that.”

          A remake was not wanted nor necessary. A sequel has been at least one of those, strongly & for a long time.

          • a real army of darkness sequel is long overdue. the horror re-make craze has forced me to resort to buying german, japanese, swedish, uk, and other european
            horror films from such dir. as olaf ittenbach, andreas schnaas, and other dir. i cannot mention here. directors like these don’t resort to humor like common horror films do. the evil dead re-make i think is just a tech update with a similar anti-drunk(anti-horse) message as the film return of the living dead:rave to the grave(anti-x-tasy). i don’t own either of them.

            the reason why AOD was plagued by censorship is bridget fonda
            had to help finance AOD because sam raimi ran out of money and therefore had to write her into the script to get her money<whom knew she was a horror film fan?. the ntsc RC3 print is 100% uncensored. this time around i think sam raimi will be wiser with this sequel and will hopefully not utilize the same studio which released the first one. lets see what happens.

  2. Army of Darkness 2 Starring Bruce Campbell…


  3. Definitely would love to see a sequel with Ash. I always tried to imagine “what happened next”. It seems the new “Evil Dead” move is not even in the same realm of wit and humor as the first one, so it would be nice to see Raimi himself put Campbel back in action.

    I think a lot of the remakes these days take away the fantastical part about older movies. They trade humor, creativity, and wit for production value and visual effects. You can have the greatest visual effects in the world, but it won’t make your movie a great movie without the cast and direction to back it up.

  4. It’s about time that they are making Army of Darkness 2, Ash has to go back and save the people he left behind by saying the words right. Klaatu…barata…nikto. Ash said: Clatto Verata N… Necktie… Nickel… It’s an “N” word, it’s definitely an “N” word!

  5. Excellent!!

    I’d love to know which of the two endings he’ll be using. I must say that the one where he’s coming back to the current time and is a real bloated, sure of himself, a**hole kind of guy would have been great. 😀

  6. It’s not an Evil Dead movie without Ash. That’s like Led Zeppelin without John Bonham.

  7. I for one love the new remake. I hate that everyone hate it becus it was not scary. That’s just bull crap. Don’t hate it for that reason only. You don’t know a good art film if you see it. To me it was a lot of fun to watch. It’s got all the retro throwback that old school campy horror movies had. Watch it I promise you, you’ll have a good time.

    • People don’t like it because the script is terrible. Like, completely, unredeemably AWFUL.

  8. I’m getting ready to go see the remake and am excited. I have been a huge Evil Dead series fan and am really glad that not only is there new fresh material, that it’s not an exact remake of the original, but that Raimi, Campbell and Tappert plan to make 2 more! AWESOME!!!! Hail to the King “Campbell”!!!!

  9. Should bring ash back in to it. Iv watched the remake not impressed want to see army of darkness 2

  10. Ok let’s set the story strait here. I’m a long time fan of the original series and am looking forward to seeing a sequel to Army of Darkness. I just watched the 2013 version and all I have to say is WOW. They hit the nail right on the head. What most people don’t get is while Raimi did not direct it, he was a producer along with Tabert and Campbell, Thus ensuring it stayed true to his original story while making room to possibly tie the two franchises together.

    Hate it if you want to, I know my wife does, but the fact remains that this is the new face of Evil Dead. Now we just need to get our beloved Ash to team up with Mia to kick the s*** out of some Deadites. Hail to the king baby! And Long live the Queen!

  11. Run of the mill horror movie, just like any thats been out for the past decade and a half, nothing ground breaking or revolutionary, liked the NO CGI attitude but hated it wasnt horror-comedy. Bruce Cambell has the BEST face expressions of any actor who has ever lived trying to copy such a thing in a brand will never be reproduced or matched. Just bring on Army of Darkness II with its original horror-comedy glory and all will be right as rain!!!!

  12. Let’s give ED3 it’s full title – ‘Bruce Campbell VS Army of Darkness’…. If they’re going to make this one thing needs to remain constant, intact, unchanged – NO STARS! NO CAMEOS! (unless we’re talking Ted Raimi or any of the original ED cast – who could, theoretically, have been wreaking havoc whilst Bruce was trying to remember a line from ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ – what I’m saying is, Bridgette Fonda, yes please!) Please keep the budget under $250m…. keep saying to yourself – ‘It’s only a B-Movie’.

  13. Love Evil Dead trilogy. Didn’t watch the “remake” however, from what I could tell was just like all other modern horror films, vicious, brutal, no character – or characters – and no humour. I find these films disturbing and the people that watch them seriously disturbed. Without that crucial element of humour and orginality that Raimi brings, it’s pure sadism for sadistic individuals.

  14. The remake satisfied Evil Dead fans, myself included. It was one of the only remakes that didnt p*** off original fans. I loved Raimi’s the Evil Dead, and when I seen the reboot, I was equally satisfied. The movie supplied plenty of homage and little winks to the original. Even things nearly unnoticeable. Along with most fans, I was worried that it was going to be a reboot, not a sequel. But it came out perfect. Im eager to see what a Raimi sequel will be, but I will admit, once the series is rebooted (with reboot sequels even in production), original series sequels being released in a parallel timeframe may be a not-so-great idea. But admittedly, I love both series.

  15. I was extremely disappointed by the remake of evil dead but it was so……… Iritateing to watch they didn’t even have the swallow your soul and swallow this nonscences

  16. an army of darkness II would be fantastic!!! to tie in A.O.D. with the re-make of “evil dead” i think would be a very serious mistake!

    i too love the original A.O.D. and own the ntsc RC3 print, which is the true director cut. given we get a army of darkness II i would hope sam raimi gets cart-blanche this time around, unlike how much of a headache the financing for the first cause split-personality issues for the film itself, which i discovered has 5 different versions in print all over the world.

    this time around Mr. Sam Raimi please make sure we A.O.D fans get the Sam Raimi directors cut, not a truncated version with the director cut label attached to it?

  17. I have just one thing to say about this….Groovy.

  18. so long you know the history of this film and why there are two different version of it. even sam raimi admits the apocalypse ending is his favorite. the chinese print is 100% uncensored at 1hr 36 min 16 sec, not 1 hr 35 min 51 sec, with the molly hatchet cover-art released by mgm in china.

  19. All you sobs that bash modern remakes of classic horror films before they’re even released are just a bunch wanna be trendy bandwagon bit**es. Condemning a movie months before it ever hits a theater is what only TRUE horror fans do. What a joke.

  20. listen reallongline, please, monitor your words better. no profanity allowed. i don’t typically like re-makes for obvious reasons. i am from the old-school, organic horror is my favorite kind. like squibs, foam latex prostectic make-up effects, but convincing. same raimi is a classic horror film director and has been in the business since the late 1970’s and introduced us fans to bruce campbell. i await patiently for this long awaited sequel.