Bruce Campbell to Return as Ash in ‘Army of Darkness 2′

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Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness 2 Bruce Campbell to Return as Ash in Army of Darkness 2

If writer, producer and director Sam Raimi’s future schedule seems to be looking a big sparse at the moment, it might have something to do with the fact that he’s currently working to fulfil the dreams of horror fans by working on the script for a sequel to his 1992 comedic fantasy-horror Army of Darkness, which could well be his next directing project.

Featuring a great blend of slapstick comedy, an army of deadites and some endlessly quotable one-liners, Army of Darkness was the third film starring Bruce Campbell as Ashley “Ash” J. Williams, and was also the last in the Evil Dead franchise up until this year, when Raimi produced a remake of the original movie in the series, The Evil Dead, which was directed by Fede Alvarez.

Speaking at Wondercon earlier this year, Alvarez confirmed that Raimi is working on Army of Darkness 2, and also revealed that current plans include a seventh film that will take place after Army of Darkness 2 and the rebooted Evil Dead 2, reuniting both the original series and the reboot in a crossover. Obviously, all that will be quite a long way down the line, but now reports that Campbell has confirmed his decision to return as Ash in Army of Darkness 2.

Speaking at Wizard World Nashville Comic Con, the actor and producer said:

“The last one was 22 years ago. I just haven’t been racing to do it. Sam Raimi is just a little bit busy making the biggest movies in Hollywood. I use to be busy. Now I’m not. That’s why I’m here.

“Ash would have to stop occasionally from chasing some deadite to catch his breath. Maybe we could do that, I guess. That would be exciting. Fight in a walker. That would be all right. Hit them with my cane. Fake them out, have a fake heart attack, distract a zombie. I like it… [Seriously] All right, sir, the answer is yes.”

At 55, Campbell is still quite a few years away from having to use a walker, but there are probably a few gags that could be wrought from him being slightly older in Army of Darkness 2.

Bruce Campbell in Burn Notice Bruce Campbell to Return as Ash in Army of Darkness 2

It’s still unclear which of the two conclusions to Army of Darkness (the S-Mart ending or the “slept too long” ending) Raimi will choose to continue the series from, or how Ash’s story will intersect with the new timeline from Alvarez’s movie, but there could always be a few more time travel elements thrown in to smooth everything over. Ash has already made an appearance in the reboot, albeit very briefly.

Campbell’s confirmation that he’s ready to reprise his most famous role doesn’t necessarily mean that any papers have been signed yet. Based on this most recent interview and Campbell’s previous musings on the subject, his attitude seems to be that he’s happy to go along for the ride whenever Raimi gets the film into production. After all, if 69-year-old Danny Trejo can still lead an action movie like Machete Kills as a badass hero, then Campbell is definitely fresh enough to do the same.


We’ll keep you updated as development on Army of Darkness 2 continues.


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  1. This has the potential to be awesome. I hope it is. Get to work, I want to see this soon.

    • Great news! For me, this is as welcome as Dumb and Dumber To, Beetlejuice 2, and Legend of Conan! I love these belated sequals starring the original actors. Just hope all of the movies are well written. Really looking forward to them.

    • Not only you,lots of people I know !
      I hope they go wit the “I slept to long” ending !
      That was the original ending Sam envisioned before it was changed by the studio back then !

      Yeah,cant wait !

  2. I wanna see him and Jane Levy together.


  4. Oh hell yes!

  5. I would see army of darkness 2 but not the evil dead in name only sequel. That remake lost what made the original fun to begin with and also focuses on blood over plot, character, and even logic. It was one of the worst films I have ever watched.

    • The Evil Dead remake was BADASS and completely in the spirit of the original. But that’s my two cents

      • I agree. If someone went into the theater thinking it (the Evil Dead 2013)was gonna be just like the first, they didn’t understand that it was a creature of it’s own design set in the actual universe something I think we didn’t realize until it came out. But the plan that Sam R. and the director of the remake (i can’t remember his name at the moment)sounds like it will be awesome no matter what!

        Ok I’m done with my “opinionrant” lol

        • Just because Sam Raimi loves the remake doesn’t mean I have too. And the original never let blood get in the way of character. If the characters in the original have little depth, at least they are like able Nd charming. The characters here are unlikeable and stupid.

          • You never saw Evil Dead 2, did you?

            Raimi even says on the DVD commentary (which I watched religiously, almost as much as I saw the actual movie) that his solution to almost everything in the movie was “We need more blood!”

            But yeah, the Evil Dead movie released this year was just as great as the original trilogy. It had pretty much everything an Evil Dead fan wants, other than the lack of humour.

            If you didn’t like it then, well, I feel sorry for you claiming to be a fan of the movies.

            • Unlike this film however, evil dead 2 also focused on character and plot. This film is jsut focused on gore and blood. During the scenes where there’s no blood and gore, it shows characters being stupid and unlikeable. This film didn’t even follow the rules evil dead established.

              • That’s just like, your opinion man

                • Care to elaborate on yours?

                  • Yeah, the opposite of what you said. But it’s all good

                    • I mean go into detail.

                    • Nah

                    • Well the detail would be, take what you said, then apply the opposite, then that’s my opinion.

                    • I mean why do you feel the opposite? Key word is why.

                    • Well I’m not sure what I need to explain. I feel the characters were as developed as those in either evil dead 1 or 2 (if not more). We’re talking about a horror comedy fantasy universe so as far as I’m concerned their are no rules for them to follow. As far as a focus on outlandish gore goes… What did you expect from this franchise?

                      This film both reinvigorated the existing franchise, while simultaneously making strong R rated horror relevant and fresh for new audiences.

                      A massive win and along with the Conjuring and Mama a return to real horror, finally breaking us free from the shackles of endless found footage nonsense.

                    • Leave out evil dead and you’re right.

                    • I agree with Mark in every way. Chris sorry buddy but in reality the original Evil Dead ( as much as i loved it) lacked plot and acting ability in spades. Everyone one in it, and involved with it will back me up and have in many interviews. The remake was done in the same Throw blood at problems and when in doubt torture actors style Rami used in the original and you can see it on screen.

                    • Maybe my comments are coming off the wrong way. Yes, the original evil dead wasn’t a masterpiece in terms of storytelling. Yes the acting comes off cheesy by today’s standards but that’s what I loved about evil dead (and its sequels for the matter which are filled with humor.) If you’re going to update it for today’s audience, not only does the tone have to improve, the characters and plot do have to be developed properly.

                      Also, the “throw more blood” solution works for the original evil dead sequels because its accompained by humor and plot. Without the advent of humor (Ash), you can’t just rely on blood to cover your mistakes. So really, the original solution is more like throw blood and humor.

                    • Dude, the first Evil Dead wasn’t comedic at all, therefore, making the remake a straight horror was a genius idea. The first was trying hard to be scary but came out flat, but even then was still incredible and sparked one of the best horror series of all time.

                      Character Development? There was better character development in 2013 than in the classic. This is a horror movie, however, so character development doesn’t even matter!

                • @MarkBartlett…Love the “dude” reference

              • How did Evil Dead 2 focus any more on character and plot than the 2013 Evil Dead? Evil Dead 2 actually spends ZERO time on plot device and character development. It throws you right into the story, and assumes you already know what is going on. The 10 minute “rehash” of the first film actually completely disregards character and plot development. It says “OK, here is kind of what happened in the first movie, but not really…but you don’t care, really, right?” Then it’s right on to the blood and gore.

            • excuse me dazz that last sentence is a joke just like you! you obviously know nothing of the evil dead universe, thats for sure get your head on straight. truth is i feel sorry for you how old are you 15. stop and think before you speak boy! i know absolutely know everything about the universe. and ive met the chin several times. own everything to do with the films even coasters. ive seen the trilogy probably more times than all the movie youve seen in your lifetime. the “re imagining” is an absolute joke and so ofensive to US super fans people like you need to stay in your moms basement and the hell up.

          • Like I said it was my “opinionrant” which means my fracking opinion. And yes he enjoyed and produced the remake–you have to understand that it was a different animal that the originals while in the same universe. Trust me it was not torched porn horror that you are pertaining it to, And if anything–they spend most of the 20 minutes establishing the characters just like any horror back in those days as well. Yes it had blood and violence but at the same time it had character and I’m not just talking about the actual characters but the movie as a whole.

            • I agree Steve. The uniqueness of the movies for me is the humor that is the fundamental underpinning of the plot and the horror.

              While the remake may be a decent horror movie by today’s standards, I think if you lose the humor content then it really isn’t “in the same mold” as the original.

              That does nothing to take away from it as a stand alone horror flick, but it doesn’t make it original in anyway like the originals.

              • The humor was added for Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. Evil Dead was never intended to be a comedy horror, and at no point in the movie is there even an attempt to make it such. It was a straight horror film. Some of you are very confused.

                • But still, in a sense.. the remake was funny.

            • What character? You mean the exposition drug subplot that was dropped the minute Mia was possessed? You mean when Mia, possessed damages herself and yet comes back completely fine? If it’s in the same universe, at least follow the rule the original established. When Bruce burned the book, did his friends come back to life? NOO!!! So why this film when Mia was buried alive?

              It’s one of the worst horror remakes I have ever seen.

              • I think you forget when A became a deadite in the second film. His face was disfigured, but when he came back his face was normal. Just shows that the remake DID follow the rules and yet built on to them.

                • Ash was still fighting the possession, unlike Mia, who was fully possessed.

                  • But he was possessed enough to attack the others. And his face WAS deformed, and yet it still changed back.

                    • Remember, there’s a difference between possessed enough, and being fully possessed.

                  • Btw, I hope you know im not fighting with you personally. Honestly, I love these debates and I think you’ve brought up some interesting points.

                    • I know. Unfortunately, some people here can’t understand that.

              • How was the drug sub-plot dropped the minute she was possessed? They spent at least half of the movie assuming that her possession was a manifestation of her withdrawal symptoms.

                Also, if you watched the original and the sequel, you would notice that the remake incorporated a lot of Evil Dead 2, minus the comedy.

            • fellas fellas cant evil dead fans all just get along? lets stop fighting like primative screwheads and just get our boomsticks ready for another chapter in the necronomicon!

          • agreed 2013 evil dead is just not very good, and completely forgettable

          • IDK, that scene where all the blood gushed out of the wall was pretty bloody :D I have to agree that the dark and sadistic humor element was not as present in the remake

    • I think you might be confused, there’s nothing “fun” about the original Evil Dead… unless your referring to the horrendous claymation ending that was laughable bad at best.

      • The original focused on character and plot, unlike the remake.

        • No it didn’t. I love the original evil dead movies but I have 100% no doubt that the characters in the retooled versions have better motivations, dialogue and story arcs than the original movie.. No doubt at all. And I say that as someone sad enough to have seen the original at least 15 times.

          • What story arcs? What dialogue? You mean the ones that come off horrible and cliched? The motivation for coming to the cabin is indeed different but is left unfinished. While I wouldn’t say the original had well developed characters, they all had charm and are likeable, unlike the remake.

            • Chris. You are a troll sir. you keep trying to argue with people about their opinion as if your opinion is fact and they are wrong. it must be sad of the other end of this conversation.

              • It is. Thanks Robert.

              • Now you’re just being childish now. Please learn to grow up and understand the meaning of what boards are for. They are for debating. If you can’t handle it, go to your playpen and cry there and leave the adults for debating.

                • Alright I’m sorry. I’m just a bit butthurt that people dislike evil dead.

                  • this wasn’t me now who’s childish. truth hurts doesn’t it troll.

                • telling someone their opinion is wrong isn’t a debate smart guy. You attacked 3 peoples opinion on here and unleashed yours like a fact argument. You have no idea what debating is because your arguments and explanations have no debating validity, they are your opinions backed up by your opinion, then presented as fact. It’s not my fault you have nothing better to do. Goodbye, any further posts in my name are not by me, but instead by childish trolls with no lives.

                  • Im not saying its wrong. Im asking them to elaborate them. And no it wasn’t me that impersonated your name. Stop mindlessly attacking people and blaming them for your problems.

    • Umm, the reboot was completely in the spirit of the original. You might want to go back and watch it. The first Evil Dead movie wasn’t a comedy/horror film.

      • Exactly. A few people here seem to be confused by the sequels. The comedy/horror element was NOT part of the original film.

        • sure it was

          • No, it wasn’t. Not even remotely. The tone of Evil Dead compared to the tone of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness is completely different. Evil Dead is listed as a straight horror by every categorization. Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness are both listed as comedy/horror. The comedy element was added for ED2, it was never part of the original film. You may see comedy now that you’ve been conditioned to see it after watching the sequels, but prior to Evil Dead 2, there was no question that Evil Dead was a horror film, not a comedy.

  6. I love the entire EVIL DEAD franchise, and i can’t wait to finally see Bruce Campbell back as ASH!!! Also excited for the film with Ash & Mia…

    and… I’m still hoping for Freddy vs Jason vs Ash…

    • freddy & Jason vs ash would be the bomb

    • Bruce said that would only happen if Ash won.

      • that would be the hole point of the movie but I think it would be better if ash thought he won but in the end no one won. kind of like in freddy vs Jason. just leave it open

        • I dunno, Bruce has been pretty adamant that if the movie’s ever gonna happen, Ash has to win, end of story. No ambiguity, no loose threads, just Ash as the clear winner.

          That’s why I think it’ll only ever happen in comic books.

          • I understand but Jason and freddy can’t be killed. I can see ash defeating them In battle. ash vs freddy in dreamland would be classic. ppl can change their minds

            • He could “defeat” them by sending them both back to hell.

              That would allow for future installments of both, since they have already escaped from hell and returned before.

              • I would be cool with that. It would make a bad ass movie that wasn’t apart of either the Friday the 13th noes or evil dead movie universe but was just a fun one shot movie just like freddy vs Jason. I still don’t get why ppl didn’t like that one

      • Now this is the news I’ve been waiting for!! None of you are bigger ash w fanboys than me!! Go Ash Go!!!!!

        :). :D

  7. So down for this.. I just introduce my son too army of darkness last week n he loved it so much we watched it the next day again.. I love the series new n old so another chapter of the book of dead is welcome….n one word describes this new n its… GROOVY

    • +1 very GROOVY! lol

  8. Yes :)

  9. “this is a boom stick”

    • *my

      Sorry but you can’t quote from a movie that gave us a lot of cool quotes and get that wrong. Apologies if I seem like an ass there but we might have new fans, we gotta teach them.

      • what was the hole quote ? its been like 10 years since I saw it even though I got all three on my hard drive

        • “Alright, you primitive screw-heads, listen up. This….is my BOOM stick!”

          Then goes on to describe the weapon (cobalt blue steel, maple stock, etc).

          Haven’t seen the movie myself in maybe 7 or 8 years. Might have to rectify that.

  10. the boom stick or the part were the woman has sex with a tree is the best parts from the evil dead seires for sure

    • I really liked the cabin fever scene from Evil Dead 2, especially the lamp that sounded like Popeye.

      “That was just pillow talk, baby.”

      • classic too

        • “Well hello Mr. Fancy-pants. I’ve got news for you pal, you ain’t leading but two things right now, Jack and sh*t… and Jack left town.”

  11. I’m probably the only person on here who isn’t crazy about Army Of Darkness. Love the first two Evil Dead movies but Army didn’t do much for me. The second one had the perfect blend of horror and comedy… Hope they go back to something more along the lines of that.

  12. I’ll believe it when I see it. They’ve had more scripts that they’ve abandoned than anyone, which is so stupid because they have a cash cow that has been waiting for years to be milked. Hopefully it’s not a dry cow by now.

  13. Awesome, better have the awesome humor of the first 3 movies, not seen the new movuie, no Ash no watching, Bruce is king !

    • There is no comedy in Evil Dead. What movie are you guys watching?

  14. Can’t wait. Will be there for AoD2 and ED2 (reboot) and the inevitable crossover.

  15. lol everyone seems to think evil dead was a horror/comedy movie. that wasnt untill evil dead 2! and army of darkness wass almost all comedy! they need to make the new one full comedy for it to work, the s*** that worked 25 years ago WONT work today! even with all the die hard fans like myself! it just wont work period! and why bother with a horror movie they suck now nobody had the creativity of the nightmare on elm street movies since them. all the home shot horrors suck ass and evil dead the remake was the best remake so far but it pales to the original! fright night remake? please lol

    • Agreed. Way too many people are confused by the sequels. The original Evil Dead was not a comedy/horror. That element was only added for the sequels. It could also be intelligently debated that Evil Dead 2 was not exactly a sequel, but a remake, with the comedy element added. I tend to look at Evil Dead 2 as a remake pretending to be a sequel.

  16. i think the its quite possible that the bridge between the series will be that mia’s family has owned the house for a while, thus the archaeologist and his daughter and wife would have been possibly grandparents or something to mia and david, which would have given enough time for them to have been there as kids even after the events of evil dead 2 and this would also allow for bruce’s relation to mia when the movies finally meet….. whatever happens we all know that the 2013 movie was not a remake but clearly a continuation and it was amazing so i think we have an incredible new chapter and finale to the series to look forward to as well as an exciting new director in Fede Alvarez

  17. I liked both the original and the remake, but the original was a bit too amateur looking for me. In any case, they’re both their own animals, so I don’t think you can judge them on the merits of the other. It’ll be interesting to see how they intersect though.

  18. If you listen to the commentary on the Army of Darkness DVD (I have this old 2 disk DVD set including an entry for a chance to have dinner with Bruce Campbell).

    Anyway, in the end, if I recall right, Bruce said that he preferred the original S-Mart ending

  19. Yes yes yes! I can’t wait. I love the franchise. And i love the reboot. Jane levy is my future wife :) aha jk, but i will definatly be going to see this movie once its been made.

  20. This AMZ Sunshine, Lollipops, And Rainbow’s Everywhere.

  21. No, it’s over.

    The ED remake was butt.

    Like every property getting mangled these days, the fans know better and the non-fans won’t care.

    It’s being made for the people making it, like Indy 4.

    Enjoy the hype flood.

  22. Groovy

  23. the S-Mart ending should be what he was dreaming BEFORE he wakes up in the future…or vice versa. It’s easy to blend the two.

  24. This is seriously old news.

  25. I can’t trust this. You have a typo in the first sentence. Embarrassing. Also:

    Might want to update and learn how to use spell check.

  26. I am so excited to see that Bruce is coming back. The original Evil Dead 2 is my all time favorite movie, it blends dark humor and horror perfectly. Bruce is one of my all time favorite actors, too.
    Hey Bruce, if you’re reading this, you rock! And I wish they would have asked you to play Ghost Rider. You would have made that film legendary!!!!
    I watched the remake, I do have to agree that the drug subplot was… confusing. It was also missing that sadistic humor that I loved so much in the first three.

  27. The comic books have had various twists which could be implemented somehow into Army of Darkness 2, there is no lack of material. Any true fan would welcome a sequel if not just to show today’s generations what a decent horror comedy should be like.

    My name is Bruce still held its own, basically the actor makes the character so chin up.

  28. I’m a huge fan of the originals and an Army of Darkness 2 is just the most awesome movie news for a long time! Not actually seen the remake/boot yet from last year, now its not replacing the originals I’ll go buy it, cannot wait for the crossover too!

    Not seen the Robocop remake either, same reason, but with that one looks like I’m not missing much, totally flopped, bring back the original! ;)

  29. SO will the films tie in somehow with the long running comic books or is that a no go?