Armie Hammer Skeptical about DC’s ‘Justice League’ Movie

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Disney Armie Hammer The Lone Ranger No Mask Armie Hammer Skeptical about DCs Justice League Movie

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel – despite the divisive reaction from fans and critics – has proven itself a success, leading many to wonder exactly how Warner Bros. would proceed with its upcoming superhero films. Would the studio stick to its long-rumored 2015 release date for Justice League, possibly even rushing a Man of Steel sequel into production as well?

After all, the Justice League film already almost happened back in 2007 with Mad Max director George Miller at the helm. The scrapped project was set to star D.J. Cotrona (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) as Superman and Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger) as Batman. However, now that we’re living in a post-Avengers world, Hammer has his doubts about whether or not Justice League could work after all.

In an interview on Australian talk show The Feed, Hammer explained how poor timing killed his chance at Justice League film. Here’s what he had to say:

“[Australia, where the film was going to shoot] had an election and changed [its] Prime Minister who changed the tax rebate incentive program. Then we had a writer’s strike in the US so we couldn’t change anything in the script and everybody wanted to change things. So it was a perfect storm. It would have been the perfect combination, of the realistic grittiness of the ‘Dark Knight’ series mixed with the amazing detail and sort of tactile nature of the ‘Star Trek’ series.”

Hammer’s shout-outs to The Dark Knight and Star Trek series as examples of the kind of tone the film was shooting for isn’t surprising, especially considering that Man of Steel similarly tried to duplicate the more somber, emotionally impactful style that Christopher Nolan implemented in his Batman films.

Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel Dark Knight Comparisons Armie Hammer Skeptical about DCs Justice League Movie

The actor went on to tackle the lingering question of whether or not he would still be open to accepting the role of Batman, now that The Dark Knight Rises seems to have closed the book on Christian Bale’s take on Bruce Wayne.

I don’t know, man. That was before Marvel had crushed it with everything. It doesn’t seem like it would have been executed as well as Marvel’s done theirs. What they did is they created a following for each of the individual characters and then put them together in a movie, so you had  all the people who were Thor fans, all the people who were Hulk fans, all the people who were Iron Man fans, all came together to watch this one mega movie. That was a great idea.”

The argument of whether or not DC and Warner Bros. should pursue solo films before finally launching into their Justice League film has been a hot one, even among us here at Screen Rant. It’s widely expected hoped that Warner Bros. will make some announcement regarding their upcoming superhero slate at Comic-Con later this month.

However, what is becoming increasingly clear is the studio’s desire to hew closely to the formula that Nolan and screenwriter David S. Goyer established first with Batman and now with Superman. Likely, Warner Bros.’ move to take greater control of their superhero properties is aimed at capitalizing on a long-term plan similar to Marvel’s. Sticking with the aesthetic of their most recent DC films (rather than taking any inspiration from failed efforts like Green Lantern) just makes logical business sense and helps to differentiate DC’s style from Marvel’s more light-hearted approach.

lone ranger trailer depp hammer Armie Hammer Skeptical about DCs Justice League Movie

As for Hammer’s potential involvement, The Lone Ranger‘s less-than-stellar initial performance at the box office (along with poor reviews) may have placed a damper on the actor’s mega-star prospects. As it stands, his chances of being asked to assume the cape and cowl on the streets of Gotham in Justice League (or any future Batman reboot) may be slimmer than ever before.

Do you think Hammer would still make a good Batman, Screen Rant readers? How do you think DC should go about setting its Justice League strategy apart from Marvel’s gold-paved road to The Avengers? Let us know in the comments section below.


As always, stay tuned to Screen Rant for any further updates on the inevitable Justice League film.

Source: The Feed [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. I honestly dont see Armie as Batman.

    Im sure he’s a fine actor and a great guy, but he seems a bit bland for a character as badass as Batman, in my opinion.

  2. Since Armie comes off like a dc movie is beneath him well excuuuuuse me maybe he should go teabag marvel for the antman role since his new movie flopped. Only dc role he should have is booster gold or guy gardner

    • Hammer doesn’t deserve to be The Batman. Not with the way that he is looking down his nose on the franchise. He shouldn’t even be involved with a JL film if that is the way he feels before the film has even entered pre-production. His lack of interest could eventually hurt the project as a whole. That’s like when Josh Brolin said he wasn’t a fan of doing Jonah Hex and was never much of a fan of the comics either. And Jonah Hex sucked. In other words: Armie Hammer doesn’t deserve to be Batman, or any other character in the DCU. He’s clearly more of a fan of Marvel anyway.

      • So a guy who was involved in a reportedly horribly scripted JL movie who says that Marvel’s slow steady approach to building their universe worked better is somehow a Marvel fanboy because he said the DC approach he was signed to star in was messy?


        • @Dazz


          Wow an actor speaks his mind and suddenly he is a fanboy. He has the right to speak his mind so dont bash his head in for it. Ajustice leaugue is a difficult movie to make. The JL characters are so larger then life an some even so powerfull that it would be a difficult sell. I know just put in darkseid…but then the movie after that…..

        • It seems to be the norm when people are asked about these non-existent DC movie projects fans get riled up and start attacking everyone for no real reason. They take what people say and try to make something negative out of it even if there is nothing there, and for some reason want to argue about a hypothetical movie, about imaginary characters like it is something personal.

    • @ B. Siegel
      well said!

  3. At this moment ,The failure of the Lone Ranger will prevent Armie Hammer being any superhero ,especially if we’re talking about a superhero property as big as batman. However, if the Man from U.N.C.L.E film adaption is a hit, More People will starting talking about Armie Hammer being a superhero again

  4. meh.

  5. WOW! His comments seem a little naive and pretty closed minded. Marvel crushed what DC did? Really? Batman Begins made people take the genre serious. And even though the Marvel films have been fun and entertaining, they kind of set the genre back a little until another Dark Knight film or Man Of Steel came out. I prefer DC’s approach in the cinematic universe. I’m not a fanboy, I actually enjoy both brands. Just saying that the Marvel films have been a little overrated. And forget the numbers. I see this as the equivalent to a piece of s*** like Lil’s Wayne outselling Wu Tang. I’m not bashing the source material but the directors and producers of the Marvel cinematic universe. Just my opinion.

    • No, he wasn’t saying that Marvel crushed what DC did. No, the first X-Men and Spider-Man films made people take the genre seriously.

      How exactly has Marvel set the genre back? I could argue that Nolan’s films set Warner Bros.’ plans for a cinematic universe back.

      If you prefer the DC take on two of their characters, that’s fine. It doesn’t change the fact that Marvel is ahead in the game.

      • I agree with you. One could definitely make a strong argument that Nolan has slowed down DC’s progression to doing any crossover movies (Batman Superman or Justice League). Even if people do not like Bale’s Batman or Nolan’s style it is working and working well for that matter. For Nolan to just close the doors on the idea really gets me down. WB should flex their muscle and continue the story with another director like Iron Man did after the second one, and to be honest, Nolan may very well deserve it more than Favreau did. I did not know that Nolan owned the rights to Batman, but it sure does seem like it.

      • Did you just say Dark Knight Rises was like Iron Man 2? Sure, TDKR lacked in some areas, but IM2 sucked in some areas.

  6. I like how fans think they know everything.

  7. I don’t think hammer is talented actor and has just got by on looks. DC should stay clear of him, just my opinion.

    • I feel that way about Bradley Cooper.

      • Well thats just wrong cause if you have seen Silver Linings Playbook and The Place Beyond the Pines your know your wrong.

        • ^you’re

          I agree with you. I think that BC was awesome in SLP

  8. I like how people assume that because The Lone Ranger flopped, it kills his chances of starring in a superhero movie.

    RDJ was still publicly known as a drug addict and criminal when he starred in Iron Man but the public has taken him to heart and love everything the man does now.

    If he got a second chance, why can’t Hammer?

    Besides, it’s not his fault that the script was terrible and the direction made him come across as one dimensional when clearly, the studio was banking on Depp as the selling point anyway.

    • Exactly! Armie Hammer is going to be just fine. Of all the criticism I’ve heard and read about the film, it basically comes down to Depp, Verbinski, and the budget. I’ll never understand why it costs so much for a Western.

    • But RDJ was playing Tony Stark and his off camera life is in the realm of Tony Starks. So the role fit. RDJ is Stark can you picture anyone else playing him plus his likeness is just like Starks.

      • So you’re saying that because RDJ shared some similarities with Tony Stark it’s okay that he was a drug addict because he got the part?

        • Not that he got the part, but that’s why he resonatess so well with the character. It’s a really unique fit and I haven’t seen any kind of perfect character-actor fit (not hero-actor fit – CHARACTER-actor) before. To me only Jackman’s Wolverine seems to embody the character so well, and naturally. Hemsworth’s Thor as well, but that’s good acting, while RDJ’s Stark has similarities both on and well below the surface. Not just anyone can pull off a comeback like that.

  9. I’m just looking forward to Man of Steel 2.

    With how crowded Summer 2015 is, I wonder if WB will wait until 2016 for another Superman movie.

    • three years for MOS sequels its too much, I think. I mean, yeah, its a decent gap to create a great movie, but Warner should move a bit faster with their DC heroes.

      As long as they hire a great creative team for all their movies, it will be fine

      • Waiting three years isn’t a problem. It’d be a problem if DC/WB rushed it and sacrificed quality in the process.

    • I’m really exited about Summer 2015. I’m curious to see how it pans out, what with the Avengers 2, Star Wars, Independence Day, Jurassic Park and now Man of Steel 2. The sequel has some competition but I’m convinced it can hold it’s own and maybe put up a good fight with Avengers and Star Wars.

  10. It seems to me Justice League talk is very premature. There is only one character confirmed ‘Superman’, with any other characters yet to be proven worthy in terms of the quality of movies coming out. If Nolan/Bale are not interested because that would be “greedy” then Justice League is light years away. If DC rush Justice League its sunk. So do Man Of Steel 2, reinvent Batman and do a third character competently then talk Justice League around 2018 to 2020 because so far all we have is Henry Cavill.

  11. Did you guys even read the article? He’s not bashing the Nolan films or even Man of Steel. All he’s remarking on is the version of Justice League that he was attached to in 2007. I swear, people are going to hate on the guy just because they can’t read or differentiate.

    And when he says that Marvel crushed it, he’s not saying that Marvel crushed DC. He’s saying that they crushed the idea … they hit it out of the park … it was a grand slam … and so on and so forth. It means they took on an idea and they were successful. Sheesh.

    • To be clear, I’m referring to the people who are calling the poor guy naive or close-minded or are thinking that he’s taking shots at DC or whatever.

      He was closer than any of us to the situation so I’m pretty sure he knows better. Let the guy speak his mind.

    • Yes, but his second quote was in response to whether or not he would still be interested in playing Batman (Batman!), and he basically implies that it would not be a worthwhile venture, an assumption that I am sure most actors (and fans) would disagree with him on.

      • Well, it’s sort of an impossible question to answer. There’s no script, no defined direction, no announcements, etc. Would you just say yes? It’s not like the guy said no and turned up his nose. He said he didn’t know. Might he have had a bad experience dealing with Warner Bros.? We don’t know.

        • True. I suppose you can even admire him for not pandering to WB. I neglected to consider that blindly taking the part of Batman is not necessarily without its potential risks and consequences. If anyone has any doubt about that, they can just ask George Clooney what he thinks about the subject.

          • +1 to Adrian and Speshlk37

            He’s just acknowledging what has worked, he hasn’t seen anything from DC apart from Man of Steel so there’s nothing he can say either positively or negatively towards DC’s shared universe.

  12. Meow!Purrr!!!Roof!!Caw!Caw!Lol!Lets see who responds to that shall we?

    • Moo.


  13. Armie hammer is a decent actor whose best role was in the social network but this cat could not even carry a lone ranger movie with depp in it and now looks like he is going to have to depend on marvel to help him with his first solo hit.
    him as scott lang or henry pym is believable, but would have made a terrible

  14. Just read about this guy’s pedigree. He was born with several silver spoons in his mouth. He might be able to pull of an alternate universe of bruce wayne in which his parents were never murdered and he grows into a privileged jerk. His real first name is Armand, for goodness sakes! This guy needs to stay away from superheroes.

    • So, we’re just going to judge a guy based on where he comes from and the family he was born into? You make lots of sense there, buddy.

    • 1. learn some grammer and typing skills.
      2. TDKR and MoS were not even close to bombs. Critics and fanboys bashed MoS because it strayed from the source material. MoS has made $263,691,000 as of July 5th. On a side note, a reimagining making a more grounded character is suddenly a bad idea? The newfound groundedness of some superhero movies (TDK trilogy) is what turned me onto more unrealistic yet awesome films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Go ahead and bash a film you don’t like, but don’t call it a bomb simply due to the fact that you didn’t like it or some critics gave it unflattering reviews, because the vast majority loved MoS, look at the comments in the review. I respect the opinions of people who didn’t like the film, as long as they are intelligent and thought-out comments.

  15. “I don’t know man, that was before Marvel crushed it!!! Blah Blah Blah!!!!”

    Oh please. I’m sooooo thankful Justice League did not get made. Further ground needed to be broken, the bar needed to be set, so that a Justice League film could surpass it. I’m so glad it wasn’t made. Marvels films are NOT untouchable, Marvel is not perfect, and just because Marvel did the Avengers FIRST, does Not mean ALL other comic book films should just pack it up and go home. Armie, you are a closed-minded fool. Stay away from DC if you can’t appreciate the potential of its Heros and characters.

    • Please. Warner Bros. doesn’t even appreciate the potential of its heroes and characters. Where does all this faith in Warner Bros. come from?

  16. Man, I don’t know. He looks nothing like the five other actors who’ve donned the cape and cowl. He just looks a little too young and pretty. He don’t have that gritty feel to him. Great actor, tho.

  17. They could follow the Bruce Timm animated series route. We’ve had a Batman trilogy, so do a Superman one and then JLU. If there is any character that really breaks out in the Justice League they way Ruffalo’s Hulk did in Avengers, spin THAT character(s) off into a solo movie.

    Maybe you could make Wonder Woman the POV character for it sort of the way Wolverine was the POV character for X-Men.

  18. Me Thinks Lil Armie Hammer Should Be Worried About His Own Franchise And Not Ones That He Ain’t Involved In.

    He’s too sissy for the Bat anyway. Sorry arm and hammer.

    • Me Thinks You Are Silly If You Think The Lone Ranger is Armie Hammer’s franchise And Not Depp’s Or Verbinski’s.

      • yeah, you’re right. Arm and Hammer’s only playing the MAIN character

  19. Who is Armie Hammer? Never heard of the guy until the Lone Ranger was announced!

  20. A Superman/Batman movie. Worlds Finest would be the best way to go for now

    • Why?

  21. I don’t have a problem with what Armie said. Still, if.a writers creates a good script and DC/WB offers him millions plus a percentage of the ww gross, Armie would definitely play Batman in a JL movie.

  22. Who cares what the Lone Ranger flop thinks

  23. All it takes a a few brains and a pair of b**ls and DC/Warner would be well on their way to putting a JLA movie into the reality column. Too bad they apparently are stuck in perpetual “deer in the headlights” mode, panic, freeze, do nothing concrete, and then just waffle around wondering if they should trot out their tired, time-worn Batman and Superman stuff out. DC/Warner is going to be pretty unpopular by the time they finally get a few things rolling, if they don’t get on the stick pronto. Not true? Then where is Green Lantern #2? Flash? Any mini-team-ups with characters? Or the big flick itself? No, Marvel gets things done, despite some flubs here and there. Dc/Warner couldn’t get “excrement” going with blasting caps and a truckload of Ex-Lax. C’mon, boys, we are waiting for you!!!!!

    • Agreed

  24. Seriously? That’s like the most random choice for Batman ever. Besides, I thought Joseph Gordon Levitt was going to become the new Batman. At least that’s what Nolan was hinting at. Plus they can’t suddenly release a JL movie. They have to build it up a bit, maybe releasing a new Batman movie starring JGL and at least 2 more Superman movies, which seems unlikely considering how everyone hated Man of Steel.

    • It has been stated numerous times that Nolan’s Batman trilogy is a closed and ended story. Any Batman that appears in Justice League will be a new version of the character and it will be Bruce Wayne.

  25. Personally I think it might be too soon to be pushing a JL movie (as much as I would like to see it). I really liked Man of Steel and think there is much more story to tell there. We’ve got the beginnings now lets move forward with his actual days as Superman, working at the Daily Planet, now that he has made a couple of mistakes (apparently in the eyes of many viewers). I left the theater wanting more and want Man of Steel 2 within a reasonable amount of time (next summer is too soon unfortunately). I would like a Justice League movie but want it done right and hope WB doesn’t try to rush it. Rushing a movie seldom gets a quality film. All good things take time. As far as Armie Hammer goes, he doesn’t really impress me but I have seen him in next to nothing. I only even heard his name when the movie Mirror, Mirror came out and that movie wasn’t very good according to what I heard (I never saw it). But reading his comments, well he is entitled to them, but he might want to be more careful what he says down the pike. Marvel movies are fun movies I enjoyed while DC movies have been fun but also thought-provoking and seem to have more depth…both kinds I enjoy and will continue to see. I could never honestly see AH as Batman but many times I feel that way about an actor being chosen and I have been known to change my mind.

  26. Seriously? That’s like the most random choice for Batman ever. Besides, I thought Joseph Gordon Levitt was going to become the new Batman. At least that’s what Nolan was hinting at.
    Plus they can’t suddenly release a JL movie. They have to build it up a bit, maybe releasing a new Batman movie starring JGL and at least 2 more Superman movies, which seems unlikely considering how everyone hated Man of Steel.

  27. Seriously? That’s like the most random choice for Batman ever. Besides, I thought Joseph Gordon Levitt was going to become the new Batman. At least that’s what Nolan was hinting at.
    Plus they can’t suddenly release a JL movie. They have to build it up a bit, maybe releasing a new Batman movie starring JGL and at least 2 more Superman movies, which seems unlikely considering how everyone hated Man of Steel.

    • The facts that many people enjoyed MOS and that it is now officially successful both easily and totally invalidate your statement.

      Try harder.

      • I hated MoS. Now that’s 2 which invalidates your rebuttal.

        • I enjoyed it, so that makes everything even.

          Look, saying that “everyone” hated MOS (which is what the original poster said in this thread) is a bit much; there will always be people who like or dislike a film.

          • Thank you, chetc, for returning us to some level of adult conversation by the way…

        • Kyle…

          You realize you come across like a tantrum-throwing six year-old, right? Now, THAT is pathetic.

        • Kyle, do you understand what “everyone” means?? It doesn’t seem like you do. I hate when someone writes that “everyone liked this/everyone hated that” and the like.

  28. Arnie Hammer comes from money. He is exactly what Bruce Wayne is NOT in terms of character and behavior even though they both come from wealthy families. George Miller’s Justice League would have been a horrible film.

    • It’s called acting, my friend.