Armie Hammer Skeptical about DC’s ‘Justice League’ Movie

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Disney Armie Hammer The Lone Ranger No Mask Armie Hammer Skeptical about DCs Justice League Movie

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel – despite the divisive reaction from fans and critics – has proven itself a success, leading many to wonder exactly how Warner Bros. would proceed with its upcoming superhero films. Would the studio stick to its long-rumored 2015 release date for Justice League, possibly even rushing a Man of Steel sequel into production as well?

After all, the Justice League film already almost happened back in 2007 with Mad Max director George Miller at the helm. The scrapped project was set to star D.J. Cotrona (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) as Superman and Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger) as Batman. However, now that we’re living in a post-Avengers world, Hammer has his doubts about whether or not Justice League could work after all.

In an interview on Australian talk show The Feed, Hammer explained how poor timing killed his chance at Justice League film. Here’s what he had to say:

“[Australia, where the film was going to shoot] had an election and changed [its] Prime Minister who changed the tax rebate incentive program. Then we had a writer’s strike in the US so we couldn’t change anything in the script and everybody wanted to change things. So it was a perfect storm. It would have been the perfect combination, of the realistic grittiness of the ‘Dark Knight’ series mixed with the amazing detail and sort of tactile nature of the ‘Star Trek’ series.”

Hammer’s shout-outs to The Dark Knight and Star Trek series as examples of the kind of tone the film was shooting for isn’t surprising, especially considering that Man of Steel similarly tried to duplicate the more somber, emotionally impactful style that Christopher Nolan implemented in his Batman films.

Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel Dark Knight Comparisons Armie Hammer Skeptical about DCs Justice League Movie

The actor went on to tackle the lingering question of whether or not he would still be open to accepting the role of Batman, now that The Dark Knight Rises seems to have closed the book on Christian Bale’s take on Bruce Wayne.

I don’t know, man. That was before Marvel had crushed it with everything. It doesn’t seem like it would have been executed as well as Marvel’s done theirs. What they did is they created a following for each of the individual characters and then put them together in a movie, so you had  all the people who were Thor fans, all the people who were Hulk fans, all the people who were Iron Man fans, all came together to watch this one mega movie. That was a great idea.”

The argument of whether or not DC and Warner Bros. should pursue solo films before finally launching into their Justice League film has been a hot one, even among us here at Screen Rant. It’s widely expected hoped that Warner Bros. will make some announcement regarding their upcoming superhero slate at Comic-Con later this month.

However, what is becoming increasingly clear is the studio’s desire to hew closely to the formula that Nolan and screenwriter David S. Goyer established first with Batman and now with Superman. Likely, Warner Bros.’ move to take greater control of their superhero properties is aimed at capitalizing on a long-term plan similar to Marvel’s. Sticking with the aesthetic of their most recent DC films (rather than taking any inspiration from failed efforts like Green Lantern) just makes logical business sense and helps to differentiate DC’s style from Marvel’s more light-hearted approach.

lone ranger trailer depp hammer Armie Hammer Skeptical about DCs Justice League Movie

As for Hammer’s potential involvement, The Lone Ranger‘s less-than-stellar initial performance at the box office (along with poor reviews) may have placed a damper on the actor’s mega-star prospects. As it stands, his chances of being asked to assume the cape and cowl on the streets of Gotham in Justice League (or any future Batman reboot) may be slimmer than ever before.

Do you think Hammer would still make a good Batman, Screen Rant readers? How do you think DC should go about setting its Justice League strategy apart from Marvel’s gold-paved road to The Avengers? Let us know in the comments section below.


As always, stay tuned to Screen Rant for any further updates on the inevitable Justice League film.

Source: The Feed [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. Karl Urban as Batman!

    • YES!!!!!!!!!

      • *tips martini glass*



  2. Saw lone Ranger, didnt think it was too bad, but I have seen better movies this year, however Arnie was a good actor, you simply do not want to put a good actor who is competent next to a crazy screen stealing actor like johnny Depp(without him, the movie proably would have been very different, and proably for the better)

    But ya, I think Arnie Hammer is a competent actor, and I could definately see him as a marvel superhero, heck I could see him as Henry Pym too(as if doors arent alreay an issue)

    • It’s ARMIE, not Arnie. And how did you even SEE The Lone Ranger if Johnny Depp stole all the screens. 😛

  3. Josep Gonzales should play as Wpnder Woman along with WL as Giggles

  4. He should play in Pickles Playhouse and eat Dogs like the St Bernard Beethoven and his fail movies and WL as 6166L35

  5. Sounds like he’s holding out for hopes to play a Marvel character. And that’s if those Ant Man rumors aren’t true (which I personally doubt they are). He obviously has the looks and charisma to potentially play a superhero but he shouldn’t be sandbagging himself against DC, because there aren’t many Marvel characters left that he fits the billet for.

  6. Nothing against him, in fact, I love his work. Yet, I really don’t see him as Batman.

  7. In regards to building a character following, DC has the advantage over Marvel. The Justice League characters are more well known in the general public than the Marvel characters. If WB wants to make an organic extension to a JLA movie, do a World’s Finest movie that introduces Batman. The scenario is Luthor vs Superman, but Bruce is skeptical of Superman as well. If Batman exists in the new MOS universe, Supes would get the attention of both of these guys. Supes gets the trust of Bruce and then this leads into a JLA movie against a big bad. Theres your Superman trilogy so to speak and it’s different than Marvel.

    After that, give each hero their own solo movies.

    • Sounds good

    • DC really does not have an advantage over Marvel as far as movie profile at this point just based on the fact Marvel actually has released product to the public.

      • Exactly. 6 or 7 years ago, it was different. But the Avengers characters now have quite high profiles thanks to the films. Still, I always remember the way DC iconography has shown up so much in The Big Bang Theory.

      • Well, other than Spiderman, Hulk and Captain America, the other Marvel heroes are a bit obscure. Not everybody knew Thor and quite sadly still don’t. Iron Man just became an A lister a few years ago dew to the Civil War story. Hawkeye has always been a bit of a joke although I’ve actually liked the character but hated his costume. And that’s what was holding that character back. It wasn’t until he came back and became Ronin during Civil War that people even really got behind him and even now he’s not taken that seriously. Black Widow is a cool character in the books but nothing more than eye candy on the big screen. Now, everyone from here to Afghanistan can tell you who Superman. Batman and Wonder Woman are. Even Aquaman who I thought was laughable until the new 52 is better known than most Marvel characters. DC has B characters who are better known than most of Marvel A characters. So yeah, DC does have a bit of an advantage. I think their approach is more of a serious and intelligent one. The question is, will they do it right? The advantage they have won’t mean s*** unless they have the right people and story behind the project. I think that Marvel has been dropping the ball story wise with their films.

        • You forget about the X-Men as a whole & Wolverine as a solo character as far as popularity and name recognition. Many of DC’s long running characters are no more popular at this point than comparable names from Marvel who already have had movies released by the various studios.

          • That’s not the point though. Marvel released solo movies to introduce characters most didn’t know about. DC has characters that are more recognizable to the general public. Iron Man wasn’t popular nor recognizable before it was released. DC already has characters that are more well known. It doesn’t need a run up of solo movies.

    • “The Justice League characters are more well known in the general public than the Marvel characters”

      I’m not sure you grasp the idea of the general public. Batman, Superman. Anyone else and you’re dreaming I think.

      • Yep.

        General public only ever knew Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk prior to the Iron Man movie’s success. Sure, other superhero movies released and had some success before that but the vast majority of people worldwide didn’t remember them.

        That’s why I facepalm whenever I see a comment on this site by people who assume that the entire world knows who The Flash or Wonder Woman or Aquaman are. It’d be like assuming the whole world knows who Drax The Destroyer is purely because you personally are a fan of the character.

        • Right on the money.

        • I don’t recall saying the entire world new the characters? There is enough built in recognition of the characters that DC/WB doesn’t need to take the solo route like Marvel has done.

      • Before the Marvel movies, the general public was more aware of the JLA lineup than the Marvel Avengers. There is a built in recognition of the JLA that doesn’t need the build up like Avengers had. WB/DC doesn’t need quite the build up Marvel has used with success.

  8. Armie Hammer, your name sucks and so does your opinion

    • LOL. That was funny. But did you read the article of the did you skip the part that combined letters and words to form coherent sentences and paragraphs? He’s talking about Justice League(’07) not whatever WB/DC may or may not have in the oven.

  9. Well what else do you expect from this guy? He was in Iron Man 3 which was just as divisive as MoS. He’s just trying to promote Marvel and bash DC because he was in their movies and after IM3 Marvel needs some help promoting their next movies

    • Armie hammer was not in Iron man 3

    • No, he was not. Although I am intrigued to find out who exactly he had mistook for Armie Hammer. I’m guessing it wasn’t Don Cheadle.

      • I love how I confused him for James Badge Dale .-. Don’t ask me how I did that because even I don’t know

        • Interestingly enough, the two play brothers in The Lone Ranger, but, no, I’m not sure how you did that either.

  10. One word! NO!

  11. Armie would make a great ant man..or…IRON FIST!

  12. I can’t see Armie Hammer as Batman. the caped crusader needs a new face someone who really fits the profile if Christian Bale is gonna wimp out. I can see Armie as maybe possibly Aquaman, would fit his profile more.

    • “if Christian Bale is gonna wimp out”

      How exactly is he wimping out? He dedicated many years of his life to the Batman franchise, a Batman that wouldn’t fit in a Justice League universe anyway. He did his thing, so how is he “wimping” out? Elaborate please.

      • The Dark Knight universe COULD fit in the Man of Steel’s universe. it is a myth that it could not.

        But Armie Hammer is the living embodiment of why it is a bad idea to reboot Batman. Warner Brothers’ CAST him already as Batman despite the fact he is too tall (look at the picture above) he would tower over Henry Cavill’s Superman, which would not look good on film; and he does not have any “brooding” look to him that is the hallmark of Batman. he was great in the social network playing a spoiled pampered rich kid…because that is what he looks like. He would make a great Steve Trevor and actually maybe even Superman. But not Batman. If the public does not accept the next Batman…and I think there is a high probability that will happen…then it is going to compromise the Justice League. batman is a key part of that. Why not stay with the most popular Batman that Warner Brothers has ever had.

        • Really? Its called good camerawork. You know they can make elijah wood a hobbit, you can easily cover the 2 inch spread from cavill to hammer

          • It’s actually more like four inches. And that’s without taking the ears on his cowl into consideration.

          • Why not just get an actor where you would not need to do that kind of camera work!

            And I completely agree with Speshlk37. The cowl will exaggerate the height difference.

        • Brooding look? Batman is in a cowl. What you need is the ability to act and a square jaw.

          He’ll do fine as long as he doesn’t imitate Bale’s lame Batman growl.

        • If Nolan says the universe can’t fit, it can’t fit. Who are you to say it’s myth?

      • Yeah, I agree with Patrick. If you saw Man Of Steel, you’d realize that Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy DEFINITELY fits in this JL universe. I thought the way they presented the character was genius. I hope Bale does come back but if he doesn’t, Warner Bros needs to be smart when casting the next guy. He’ll have to be as good or better than Bale because wether you liked him or hated him, he’s pretty much who comes to mind when most people think of Batman.

        • No. Just no.

          The TONE of TDK trilogy fits MOS but that’s it. Nolan’s Batman killed off several villains and had Wayne retire after getting too old to continue as Batman and deciding to retire to France with Selina Kyle.

          There is no way that trilogy would be integrated into future DC movies when that happened and the director/star both said the trilogy was done and that their Batman story was concluded with them done with the character.

          I’m a big fan of the movies and of Nolan as a director and Bale as an actor but I just feel sorry for those who can’t seem to let it go and still hang onto the belief that Bale will return as Batman and that the trilogy will become a part of new DC movies.

          • Right, I agree with what you say. But the guy above just doesn’t think that the tone fit. And I think it’s okay to bring back Bale even if he’s not playing the same Batman he played in the trilogy. Something similar happened with Sean Connery and James Bond. He ended up coming back.

            • james bond is james bond, connery came back and played an older, about to retire bond, because connery was older, but it was his bond he was playing.

  13. I Like Hammer not sure he’s right for Batman but certainly wouldn’t be opposed to him in the role. here’s the problem i’m seeing with DC clearly clinging to the darker tone of dark knight how does one do that with someone like Flash he’s sort of a lighter character wouldn’t it mesh poorly with there theme, and how do you do a JLA film without flash? i’m not sure i haven’t read Flash Comics in a long time maybe i’m wrong.

    • Wally West is the wise cracking version and in the current continuity he doesn’t exist. It’s Barry Allen (again). But I somewhat agree. The Flash would be better handled by a “blue collar” director who actually knows the material as opposed to Nolan’s thematic/introspective approach. This is the only character that I see chaffing under the “superheroes in our world” style.

    • Nothing wrong with moments of levity but flash coukd fit within a MoS world. Heck part of his back story involves him trying to save the death of a loved one by running so fast he travel back in time. In the end, he cant change the past no matter how he tries as it just altere to many things and must thus let go and make peace with it. Thats pretty somber in my opinion. Think of the flash like say spiderman or sort, hell crack jokes etc more or less to mask his doubts about himself, but beyond some wise crack when the chips are down he’d be a welcome addition. That being said one member like that is quite enough, so as much as hal jordan is cool and all, if hes a wise cracking smartass as well then that would get annoying so that being said I’d prefer John Stewart for GL. A marine core Vet, with military experience and tactician is what a JLA would need, not more greenhorns so to speak. Stewart would play better againt Batman and supes and hes a more serious individual AND he has a tendency to use his powers efficiently, directly and to the point and not come up with random whimsical energy contructs and look stupid.

      • Well said,Bellcure. John Stewart would be perfect in a Christopher Nolan produced Justice League movie,IMO.

      • 100%. John Stewart is the GL for the DCCU. He’d fit in between a stoic Batman and a chivalrous Superman. He and Flash got along so well in the DCAU because of their “Odd Couple” relationship. That along with the fact that a young John Stewart was a lot like Wally before he grew up. This is something I see working in a movieverse as well. And I like Katma Tui better than Carol Ferris.

  14. Thats the thing, you can’t do a JLA film without The Flash, it just wouldn’t seem right. Would or could it work, maybe, but I’m sure everyone would want him to be a part of it.

  15. Hater Gone’ Hate

  16. I look at the failure of Green Lantern and Superman Returns,compared with the box office success of The Dark Knight Triology and Man of Steel,and the decision on which way the DC Universe should go forward has pretty much been made,and if that is not clear enough look how well recieved DC’s television shows are,shows like the animated Young Justice or the live action Arrow on the CW,all of these before mentioned tv shows and movies have a darker tone with flashes of subtle humor popping up with in the stories from time to time,IMO thats the wisest way for DC/Warner Bros to take their characters to cinematic success in the future.

    • @ Landon

      Imo of Superman Returns & Green Lantern, it wasn’t the direction. The films simply failed due to poor scripts & poor plots within the films. Not to mention some cast members. Reynolds brought too much humor as Hal Jordan/GL & as a actor Reynolds is a funny guy more suited to be Flash than GL in the first place. Green Lantern was rushed out to shut some fans up.

      people still see Burton’s Batman films great CBM without the realistic tone aswell Reeve’s Superman films. Even Reeve’s Superman costume could of been modernize if WB/DC wanted it to be. But obviously they want the whole DC universe done like as if it were Nolan’s vision because of TDK trilogy success. Snyder’s MOS film is a example of that.

      • Uh, no. It’s called the New 52. Get with the times. Otherwise Superman would still be jumping instead of flying and killing wife beaters just because.

        • New 52 comics aren’t as great.

          • I think the “New 52″ comics are great, and I find the MOS costume to be a wonderful improvement and very effective updating of the Christopher Reeve version. I also enjoyed the Zimmer score just a bit more than the Williams score and found it to be more inspiring and just as powerful.

            MOS was an excellent film showing the rough but certain beginning of the HERO among superheroes.

      • The costume looked like the New 52 version that DC started publishing in 2011.

        • Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume could of been modernized if WB wanted it to be. New 52 version isn’t much to brag about. They could of broken up the blue costume more.

          • The costume was well-designed…the silvery filigree kept monotony from the suit while giving it a noble feel. This suit is vastly superior to the Reeve suit.

            • @ Archaeon

              Not to die-hard fans, the costume could of been better. It’s dull & needed something to break up the blue more. Not to mention costume itself was too dark. Routh’s Superman costume was better colored. Cavill’s imo is more compared to Bizzaro’s costume unless they go Superfriends & make the villain’s like Superman’s with S backwards. That is, if they use Bizzaro. Because how dark Cavill’s Superman costume is now, Bizarro’s would pretty much have to be gray or black.

              As I said before. Reeve’s Costume could of easily been made modern. Problem Singer had was with the S’s on Routh’s intead of a replica of Reeve’s made outta the same material that Routh wore as Superman.

              • Wally…

                I have noticed that you often say “die-hard fans” or true/real/etc. fans of (whatever the given property is). You assume much. I AM a die-hard fan of Superman-as are MANY others who think as I do-and am quite happy with the costume design in MOS, including the coloration and overall, more uniform design.

                PLEASE, stop presuming to speak for ALL of us true fans of Superman, Batman, and DC. You simply do NOT.

                Oh, and as for for Bizarro’s design (if, indeed, they do decide to introduce him any time soon), there are darker or even just more BIZARRE shades of blue that can still be used quite easily and effectively.

          • You don’t say “could of.” You say “could’ve” as in “could have.” “Could of” makes no grammatical sense. And yes, you will be reported to Mein Führer.

    • Honestly, I think making all DC movies ‘darker’ is the last thing Warner Bros should be doing. In my opinion, the reason Marvel’s movies work so well is the freedom they give the directors. Instead of being forced to make it ‘dark’ or copy other films, they simply listen to the director’s vision and let them get on with it, with minimal meddling. In contrast, Green Lantern felt like a bad attempt to copy Marvel’s movies, while Superman Returns tried to emulate the Donner films instead of trying to be its own thing. Heck, even the (generally agreed upon) weakest Marvel movie, Iron Man 2, suffers because if feels too much like an attempt to set up The Avengers, rather than be its own film. Similarly, Man of Steel tries too hard to be like Nolan’s TDK trilogy and comes off as a boring, jumbled mess. The best thing for Warner Bros to do is find a group of skilled directors/writers who are fans of their selected hero and have a clear, interesting direction they want to take the character in and let them get on with it. Heck, Marvel have pretty much admitted that that was the only reason they decided to make Ant-Man. Because Edgar Wright had an idea he really wanted to do and he won the producers over.

      *Note: Although I admit I don’t exactly have an incredibly deep insight into how the MCU works and, for all I know, they’re stricter than Hitler when it comes to their films. (But if so they’re very good at hiding it.)

      • Well, you kind of contradicted yourself by acknowledging that Iron Man 2 suffered from setting up the Avengers rather than being its own movie. Also it is speculated that Jon Favreau, Kenneth Branagh, Patty Jenkins and Edward Norton all left their respective projects with Marvel due to meddling of the studio with demands of making a cohesive, shared universe at the expense of what they had in mind with their vision.
        In regards to Superman Returns, it was actually that film’s director, Bryan Singer, who chose to make it a more direct sequel to the Richard Donner films rather than take it in a new direction.

        • I admit somewhat contradicting myself in that I should’ve said ‘most of Marvel’s movies work because yadayada’. But it doesn’t really contradict the point I was trying to make in that that’s the best way to make superhero movies.

          Also, Jon Favreau decided not to direct Iron Man 3 because he was working on a different project (Magic Kingdom), not because he was on bad terms with Marvel. Kenneth Branagh turned down the chance to direct Thor: The Dark World because he didn’t like the long commitment necessary to make the film. The reason Edward Norton was fired was because (from what I hear) he was effectively trying to direct the film himself, ignoring the actual director, so I kinda support the producers on that one. I admit I have absolutely no idea about Patty Jenkins, since no definite reason was given for her leaving, but you could’ve at least tried to check these up first.

          Also, I’m aware that it was Singer who decided to emulate the Donner films. I’m just saying he should’ve made his own creation instead of trying to copy Donner’s.

          • I am aware that those were reasons given by those directors in regards to their departure from their respective projects which is why I acknowledged it as speculation. Maybe they were just being more courteous to Marvel than Edward Norton decided to be for the sake of avoiding any kind of confrontation.
            And I addressed Superman Returns because your argument claimed that Warner Brother’s previous misstep was not giving enough creative control to their directors when in fact, everything that was wrong with Superman Returns was a result of too much creative control given to Bryan Singer.

            • The point is, he thinks every movie should try to be its own thing and not play off of other movies, past or future, regardless of where the influence comes from.

  17. I would rather see a worlds finest movie instead of a justice league movie why copy what marvel is doing DC/Warner bros needs to stand out not follow behind because they are already playing catch up. Beside who would not want to see superman and batman fight crime together with their contrasting styles and that could set up a justice league movie cause that parts them in the same world and sets up the idea that others are out their. Maybe they do a worlds finest that is the lead into JL like superman and batman fight some crime syndicate that is too big for the both of them and they have to recuit others at the end of worlds finest. Boom

  18. Andrew Lincoln as Batman
    Bradley Cooper as Flash
    Maggie Q as Wonderwoman
    keep Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern
    and of course Henry Cavill as Superman

    thats my dream team

    but i still think they should do the individual movies first, then an avengers film. You already have Superman and Green Lantern (i know it was bad but it’s there, you can’t just ignore it). ALl you need is a Flash and Wonderwoman movie and you are all set for Justice League

    • I actually thought about lincoln for a bit

    • I like hammer as batman
      Cavill as superman
      Bradley cooper as flash
      chris pine as lantern
      And I like lynsdy fonseca as Wonder Woman.

      • I thought you wanted Lyndsy Fonesca to play Mary Jane Watson? I think you just have a thing for Lyndsy Fonesca.

        • Fonseca*

        • Fonsceca for the next catwoman… Yesss.

        • @speshlk37

          I do in fact have a thing for fonseca haha she’s beautiful and very talented. I think she would great for a few roles and I’m kinda suprised she’s not bigger then she is. She’s fantastic in Nikita a main reason why I watch that show. I think she fits Mary Jane she could play Wonder Woman
          And I’m still hoping she plays Lara croft in the tomb raider reboot.

        • +1

      • +1 wb has to get lynsdy fonseca in some kind of a role. She would kick ass as ww

    • Lincoln could do it but all I’ve seen him is Walking Dead and he’s very expressive emotionally and Batman is not. Batman has the famous “Bat-Glare” which usually says everything he needs to say. I’d like to see how well he can do stoic and silent while still being expressive.

    • I love Maggie Q,she is beautiful and a good action actress as well,but she can’t be Wonder Woman,IMO,for one important reason,and no its not because of her race,that does’nt matter to me at all,Im African-American after all,but I think Maggie Q is wrong for the part because she is too short,and physically too small to play an Amazon warrior,even though she could do the stunts and fighting scenes well,her size would put of alot of fans.

      • I like

        Armie hammer or urban for batman
        Cavill for superman
        Patrick wilson as barry allen aka the flash
        Idris elba as john stewart
        And gemma arterton for WW

  19. I really couldn’t see him as Batman. He doesn’t have the gravitas for the role. If he were to loom over me dressed as Batman I feel like I’d chuckle and go on my merry way. Karl Urban definitely has what it takes to be Batman but unfortunately he’s 41. If they wanna do 3 JL movies and also give other characters solo films, he’d be pushing 60 by the time JL 3 came out. I know age doesn’t matter too much with movies because there’s special effects and all that jazz but I really think they’d be better off finding an unknown and molding him into Batman like they kinda did with Cavill. He wasn’t entirely unknown but he certainly wasn’t well known at all. I would not be disappointed if they cast Urban though. I think that’s a strong choice. I think Fassbender could do it as well.

  20. A Justice League movie would be a mistake. For one thing the Avengers movie worked because three main characters (Thor, Ironman, Captain America) all had successful movies and were established characters. They seamlessly transferred over to the Avengers movie without a single misstep!

    If a Justice League movie is done, the only character people will know is Henry Cavill (Superman) and then you are introducing characters that no-one has seen.

    If by chance Christian Bale changed his mind and decided to do a Justice League film you would have at least two characters to transfer.

    THe Justice League idea is just wrong, the timing is poor and the planning for it even poorer.

    • well that’s why you’d have to introduce a new Batman and at least do one other character movie (preferably Wonder Woman) before actually doing the full JL movie. It’s not a mistake to do one but to do one NEXT would be the mistake for sure.

  21. How about introducing Aquaman in the Wonder Woman movie, have him basically be Poseidon.

    • They have quite the rivalry in the comics. They’re peoples are many times shown to be at war with each other. I would still say that Wonder Woman deserves her own movie though. Aquaman intro would be cool but she’s one of the Holy DC Trinity and the quintessential heroine of superheroes. Gotta do that justice.

  22. I think Armie Hammer could have made a great Anakin Skywalker.

  23. After the train wreck that was Man of Steel, I have no confidence in a JL movie. Just let it go WB

    • So…”train wreck” = “brilliance”? Well, that’s new…

    • Half a billion dollars is a lot of money to throw at train wreck. Just saying.

  24. If MoS 2 expands the world in which supes lives in and if it even has some mentions or cameos (hoping) of other heroes that have been motivated by supes to comes out I’d love for an end credits button scene to show someone looking and a wall of computer screens analysing all the heroes powers:speed, ablilities, what hurts them etc.. As we see the calculations overlaid on the many videos playing on the screens of the various heroes in action.. The camsre begins to pull back only for the audience to realise that it’s Batman studying all the known heroes and villains. End scene. Hehe would be a cool way to intro him without having to event have an actor yet or anything. Would be a great bonus for fans and would add to that “connective tissue” that must exist in DC films for them to link everything together. That is of course assuming Batman/Bruce Wayne dont make an actual appearance during he course of MoS 2.. Which to me as much as worlds finest would be cool. A) its too soon for a new bats. B) The focus needs to be on Supes and his growth as Clark and as the full blown hero we know supeman to be. MoS was only an intro, MoS 2 needs to further delve into the repercussions of the invasion etc within the context of the larger world and their reaction to Metas and superman himself has the come to terms with everything thats happened (his choice to kill zod which should be a heavy burden for him and which should make him come to the conclusion that he cant ever kill again, no matter what. Its an important character evolution thats a cornerstone to the supes mythos). Also the fact that the genesis ship, which he basically fried/destroyed contain perhaps his last hope of having other kryptonians alive. Hes kinda got to come to terms with that as well, that hes the last of his kind (as far as he knows).

    That being said.. If lexcorp does the rebuilding of metropolis.. What stop lex from creating Cadmus to study kryptonian tech.. Possibly saving a few of those genesis babies… (Supergirl, superboy, evil supes?? Learning supermans weakess by experienmenting of them? All things I’m sure they are possibly considering). I am meh on Lex.. BUT the fact that he’s finally not going to be an idot real estate type that for some reason everything live action superman has portrayed him as offers so much more potential. He is a rather big player in DC and not just for supes so his intro in MoS is very important. Heros are great but its the villains that make them, its the villains that truly shape the world they fight in, so yes more heros are great but its the supervillains that have to work for everything else to fall together properly.

    • Bruce Willis for Lex Luthor! sign him for a 3 pic deal

      • I trust you didn’t see G.I Joe Retaliation or a Good Day to Die Hard

  25. DC/WB should take their time. NO RUSH. The Justice League 2015 release date is probably just to label it as the beginning of a combined universe. I honestly doubt every hero will be present.

  26. After seeing him(AH) in the J Edgar Hoover movie, I can not picture him as any type of hero. And I liked the movie.

  27. Good to know Armie Hammer has common sense. From what read about the cancled Justice League film back 2007, it seemed like it would be a crappy film that would be rushed. He obviously gets the idea what Marvel is doin is a better path.

  28. HUgh Jackman as wolverine in new avengers movie would be a kick ass movie than any o justice punks

    • Too bad that’s never going to happen thanks to Fox. Even with Jackman, that doesn’t mean the movie would be good.

      You could have Jason Bourne vs. James Bond and it could still be a mess with Matt Damon and Daniel Craig. RDJ, IMO, was the only thing IM3 had going for it. At least with MOS, which I enjoyed a LOT more than any other superhero film recently, the entire thing was enjoyable.

      • Stfu you hipster. No one cares about your opinion. DC dick rider.

        • Okay, sure dude. Because I just hate Marvel with all my guts. Even though I happen to love nearly all of Phase 1 aside from Avengers.

          Go on, be Marvel’s Gollum. It is your precious, how dare I defy it.

          • “Even though I happen to love nearly all of Phase 1 aside from Avengers.”

            That’s like saying you like all of sex except the orgasm part bro.

            • while ACW is allowed to not like the avengers, i did get a good chuckle from your reply!

              • lol that’s what I was going for 😉

        • Wow, Miles…SOMEone needs to figure out how to comment intelligently.


    • I’m saying too! I really want Jackman’s Wolverine and Garfield’s Spider-man up in there. Because

      1. They’re awesome characters
      2. They’re classic Avengers characters
      3. Their styles fit perfectly with The Avengers/MCU

      And Spider-man’s my favorite superhero.

      I don’t really care about dicussing all the pessimistic realities of no studio crossovers. If everyone wanted to make it happen, they could make it happen, and until then, we aren’t even the decision makers; we’re the fantasizers, the fanboys (and girls). We are…The ScreenRanters.