Armie Hammer Skeptical about DC’s ‘Justice League’ Movie

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Disney Armie Hammer The Lone Ranger No Mask Armie Hammer Skeptical about DCs Justice League Movie

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel – despite the divisive reaction from fans and critics – has proven itself a success, leading many to wonder exactly how Warner Bros. would proceed with its upcoming superhero films. Would the studio stick to its long-rumored 2015 release date for Justice League, possibly even rushing a Man of Steel sequel into production as well?

After all, the Justice League film already almost happened back in 2007 with Mad Max director George Miller at the helm. The scrapped project was set to star D.J. Cotrona (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) as Superman and Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger) as Batman. However, now that we’re living in a post-Avengers world, Hammer has his doubts about whether or not Justice League could work after all.

In an interview on Australian talk show The Feed, Hammer explained how poor timing killed his chance at Justice League film. Here’s what he had to say:

“[Australia, where the film was going to shoot] had an election and changed [its] Prime Minister who changed the tax rebate incentive program. Then we had a writer’s strike in the US so we couldn’t change anything in the script and everybody wanted to change things. So it was a perfect storm. It would have been the perfect combination, of the realistic grittiness of the ‘Dark Knight’ series mixed with the amazing detail and sort of tactile nature of the ‘Star Trek’ series.”

Hammer’s shout-outs to The Dark Knight and Star Trek series as examples of the kind of tone the film was shooting for isn’t surprising, especially considering that Man of Steel similarly tried to duplicate the more somber, emotionally impactful style that Christopher Nolan implemented in his Batman films.

Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel Dark Knight Comparisons Armie Hammer Skeptical about DCs Justice League Movie

The actor went on to tackle the lingering question of whether or not he would still be open to accepting the role of Batman, now that The Dark Knight Rises seems to have closed the book on Christian Bale’s take on Bruce Wayne.

I don’t know, man. That was before Marvel had crushed it with everything. It doesn’t seem like it would have been executed as well as Marvel’s done theirs. What they did is they created a following for each of the individual characters and then put them together in a movie, so you had  all the people who were Thor fans, all the people who were Hulk fans, all the people who were Iron Man fans, all came together to watch this one mega movie. That was a great idea.”

The argument of whether or not DC and Warner Bros. should pursue solo films before finally launching into their Justice League film has been a hot one, even among us here at Screen Rant. It’s widely expected hoped that Warner Bros. will make some announcement regarding their upcoming superhero slate at Comic-Con later this month.

However, what is becoming increasingly clear is the studio’s desire to hew closely to the formula that Nolan and screenwriter David S. Goyer established first with Batman and now with Superman. Likely, Warner Bros.’ move to take greater control of their superhero properties is aimed at capitalizing on a long-term plan similar to Marvel’s. Sticking with the aesthetic of their most recent DC films (rather than taking any inspiration from failed efforts like Green Lantern) just makes logical business sense and helps to differentiate DC’s style from Marvel’s more light-hearted approach.

lone ranger trailer depp hammer Armie Hammer Skeptical about DCs Justice League Movie

As for Hammer’s potential involvement, The Lone Ranger‘s less-than-stellar initial performance at the box office (along with poor reviews) may have placed a damper on the actor’s mega-star prospects. As it stands, his chances of being asked to assume the cape and cowl on the streets of Gotham in Justice League (or any future Batman reboot) may be slimmer than ever before.

Do you think Hammer would still make a good Batman, Screen Rant readers? How do you think DC should go about setting its Justice League strategy apart from Marvel’s gold-paved road to The Avengers? Let us know in the comments section below.


As always, stay tuned to Screen Rant for any further updates on the inevitable Justice League film.

Source: The Feed [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. I hope WB cleans house and realizes that their current staple of behind the scenes personnel in their live action features have no clue how to make a modern day comic book film. Yes, that includes the Previsualization leads and VFX Supervisors they keep employing over and over again. They’re awful. Superman Returns, Green Lantern, Rises, MoS do not have the substance to go the distance. All forgettable films.

    WB/DC needs to create a DC Studio like Marvel Compromised of real geeks and not posers who think they are rock stars and just want their names above the title.

    • While I liked MoS I completely agree that WB needs to give DC its own studio just like Marvel. Too much bureaucracy will weigh these films down. They need to hand the managing of these properties over to someone like Bruce Timm.

    • @ Bruce Lee


    • Bruce Lee…


      MOS and TDKR were fantastic, and I quite enjoyed the visuals and acting of GL. I thought about each hours after leaving the theater. “The Avengers”, on the other hand, was utterly forgettable to me. As for the beginning of this summer movie season, IM3, besides being a crappy waste of time, was also NOT the visual stunner that so many seem to think it was.

      WB DOES need to get moving, but they do NOT need to clean house…except MAYBE at the highest levels of the business side of the studio.

      • @ Archaeon

        + infinity

        LOL @ “-2,000,000″ post of the day!
        [and i agree with everything you said]

  2. I can’t believe how people interpret badly with Hammer’s word JUST BY READING text quoting his words. From what I can digest, I didn’t think he was bashing the DC movies… AT ALL. He’s just answering question and speaking what he feels and all. Everyone should really refrain from making farfetch assumption just by a simple quoted text of interview. That type of attitude is really really annoying, cause everyone starting to feel like they know all just because they think so.

    Plus, just because his latest movie flopped, doesn’t mean he’s a bad actor. Movies are not something of a one-man-show, there are various people involved in it, so why blame the failure to just one actor? o_O
    From what I’ve seen and read almost everywhere, his performance was great in it… not blaming to a particular scapegoat, but I felt it was the script and direction that made him unlikeable. And to be honest, if people dislike his character just because of it, that means he’s doing a fine work. Let’s face it, some movies are successful, some are not… just like life, it has its ups and downs. It’s a common sense in the movie industry, so don’t ridiculously blame it to lead actors (although there ARE some of them who are just eyecandies and can not really act).

    The problem with DC movies (as I’ve said before), is WB and their bewildered sense of direction regarding what they want to do with their DC properties. I’m certain that if WB can be brave enough to take risk and be serious enough to handle this comic-book movies, not even actors like Armie Hammer would speak out like this (as in ‘disappointing’ to DC fans)

  3. I think it will be a great idea for Armie to play Batman. That’s a great idea

    • Not…..Kimmmosabbee.

  4. Before Marvel crushed everything….Yes sir indeed we did.

    • @ Steve Rogers

      Yep, Marvel crushed it, set the precedent, and is now leading the way in CBM’s, no doubt. But, if DC could mimic their style and pattern, DC could become relivent again. As it stands right now, even with as many awesome properties as DC has, they really are just not on he radar when it comes to superheroes or CBM fans, and that is sad, as I would like to see more of their characters developed.

      As DC fan, and a CBM in general, I got a mediocre MoS movie this summer, and that is supposed to hold me over until who knows when, because there is no plan in place at WB.

      Meanwhile as a Marvel fan, I’m getting two great movies a year, a muti-year plan I can look forward to, and overall CBM quality.

      Is it any wonder that Marvel is crushing it, and DC is irrelivent at this time.

      • @Stark

        Are you as doubtful as I am that Warner Bros. is going to announce anything other than a Man of Steel sequel at Comic-Con? If that?

        • @ Adrian

          Is WB/DC even going to be at Comic-Con? To promote what? They don’t even know what they’re doing next.

      • Sounds about right where the bear-flop lies in the buckwheat, “Stark”. Pretty much agree with you. I liked Green Lantern, despite a few flaws. I think I will like Man Of Steel, which I will see when the DVD comes out, as I will buy it then (already have GL). I have not cared for the Batman or Superman offerings (other than MOS, which looks decent) so far. DC/Warner fiddles like Nero while Marvel burns up Rome. Fiddle-Dee-Dee; that fiddles with me!

  5. It should only be a superman/batman team up.

    Superman and Batman are far and away the best of all super heroes and the more heroes you have in the universe the more dicky and unrealistic it becomes.

    I thought Cavill kicked butt as Superman and Bale is worth big dollars as Batman.

    Just those two heroes portrayed by those actors together would result in a stronger story and be a bigger draw card than the Avengers.

    • ‘dic-ky’ ? ha3

    • Chris, Bale has said NUMEROUS times that he isn’t going to play Batman again.

    • except Bale isn’t coming back as Batman and shouldn’t. But yes, they’re called the World’s Finest for a reason and MoS 2 should be a team up movie.

  6. I don’t have a problem with what Armie said. I still think that he can do a good job as Batman.

    I’d be surprised if JL is released in two years. I think that 2016 is more likely.

  7. WB should do MOS2 before a JL. Include guest heroes in it though to pave the way for JL after that. Just sayin.

  8. yes they should do mos 2 to expand on how he learned to be the real superman he has the morals from his parents now he needs to show he he mastered his skills. but they dont have to do 1 movie at a time they can get another directors to do the other characters they should look to the animated division to help with the other heroes scripts because dc animation always kills it with their animated films

    • That’s why I keep bringing up Bruce Timm. He’s usually involved with the animated movies and he did all the 90′s cartoons and the Justice Leage and JL Unlimited cartoons. He should head the DC studio (assuming WB wises up and gives them their own production company) and sort of be the Joss Whedon for DC.

      • Then you are absolutely right Oneiros!!!

      • While I really enjoy Bruce Timm’s work, I would only keep him is a consultant. He’s got some great ideas but i’m not perfectly sold that his work would function on the big screen. Judging by the comments, I’m definitely in the minority aha.

        • No, I see what you’re saying and I wouldn’t want to see a cartoon turned live action but I do like the way the characters function together in his material. There’s real chemistry, or rather, with a better writer, there would be excellent chemistry. So yes, creative consultant with authority. I’d rather have him do it that Nolan oversee every character. While I like his work I really would rather someone else take the lead.

          • True, the first time Batman and Superman were on the same screen, he made it very fluent and tasteful. Agreed with Nolan, he’s great but I’d much rather have him as sort of a consultant over Goyer’s work only, since they make a great duo.

          • Yes. While Nolan created my favorite version of Batman’s world, and I prefer his moody darkness to the light weight fun of Marvel, I don’t want him to function as the “Joss Whedon” of DC. He’s probably a better fit for another unique film like Inception, and it would be a shame to waste him on darkening DC when he has enough vision to make his own contributions. On the other hand, as Oneiros knows, I fear for the results if DC follows the Marvel model. They are very different flavors, and the popcorn munching blockbuster thing suits Iron Man and Captain America better than the Dark Knight.

            (Also, despite the article asking whether Hammer will walk the streets of Gotham in a JL movie, the more likely scenario/problem is that Bruce is removed from his element entirely. Even if they bring a superhero/alien god war TO Gotham, the questionable result is the same for the character: his world is compromised/ruined in the name of making a team-up movie that had better be worth the cost to character integrity and plausibility…)

          • And that’s what separates the animated from the live action movies. I 110% back Tim as a to help wherever needed

    • If Marvel can do several movies at once, so can DC/Warner…if they can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. if not, then they should sell out their studios and interests to Marvel/Disney, so we can get even more flicks each year.

  9. Haven’t heard of Armie Hammer, but looked him up and he’s an up and coming, so that about explains it. Just like Henry Cavill, no one knew him until he did Man of Steel, maybe the same will happen for Armie Hammer. I wouldn’t mind him as Batman, he seems like a good choice that would look great next to Cavill’s Superman.

    By looking at his comments it doesn’t look like he’s favoring anyone, he’s simply looking at it in a general perspective. Nothing has been shown by DC of a shared universe so what would he have to praise from them. Apart from Man of Steel of course, but that still remains a solo film. He was also excited for the previous Justice League treatment so that clearly shows he’s interested but needs another Justice League treatment of some sort to go on before he actually joins in. That shows he’s picking his work cautiously and not because of the big names.

    • I knew Henry Cavill from his somewhat lengthy stint in The Tudors. All four years of it.

      • Rephrase: Not many people knew him. aha

      • Me too. He was a hateful character, but especially by the end I found him compelling and impressive. I dug Cavill’s part in the series quite a bit, too. I love how he was being sent back to round up more farmers and have them killed even though he was a relatively decent and noble guy. It weighed heavily on him, but his wife didn’t get it. She said to him “would you put your children to death if he told you to?”. To this he responded realistically and morosely “I would have to.”. His view of the king was more realistic than hers. I reccomend that series!

  10. Well before we move on to monday, dj cotrona as superman and armie hammer
    as batman would have killed the dc cinematic universe for sure. I prefer marvel but i do want dc movies to succeed so i can see brainaic,bizarro, or doomsday as
    future villians.

    • I totally agree with you about the “almost happened” casting of Supes and Bats.I think Hammer is great on screen,but isn’t Bruce Wayne or Batman.I think Marvel should’ve cast him as Captain America.

      And I agree with you about the villains for future Superman movies.Keep Lex on the side,and make Supes fight a more worthy opponent.I would love to see Brandon Routh as Bizarro.I think that would be so cool.

    • Brainiac, Bizarro, and Doomsday would all be good to see. Maybe also Darkseid, Professor Zoom (the reverse-Flash), Sinestro as an evil villain, and Time Commander.

      • Darkseid should be saved for jl movie or legion of Doom naw Darkseid

  11. He should be skeptical about his career after the train wreck that was the Lone Ranger.

  12. Acording to the DC comics encyoplida Superman is 6’3″. Batman is 6’2″ and Wonder Woman is 6′. Strangest thing is Starfire is 6’4″ and Dick Grayson/Nightwing is 5’8″.

  13. I think Armie as Batman would be pretty cool, but I’ve already started to hope he’d play Ant Man.

  14. I think he would make a good batmsn. Imagine for Man of steel 2 lex luthor finds pieces of zod armour and builds his own armour which he uses to fight superman then he creates krytonite to fuel the suit. You could introduce bruce wayne as one of luthorcorp partners before he dons the batsuit.

    • Man of steel 2 will need more villains than lex luthor At least 1 more and PLEASE dont have him obsessed with getting land like the donner films and superman returns. I would think he would want more power and wealth and to become untouchable. not a land scheme

      • Ottisberg…?

        • Ahahhhahaa! Yes, Ottis. Wasn’t that Ned Beatty, the guy who got violated in Deliverance? Somehow I missed that horrifying movie, but I still think its him. I recall hearing that he was worried about possibly being known as that guy from that movie, but after taking the role and visiting the south he saw his face on Tshirts, commemorating the scene! It probably said “squeal like a pig!”. Poor guy.

          I agree Luthor needs a bigger dream, but that train set disaster in Superman Returns was funny, and the green crystal landmass was a beautiful idea and set. Seeing Superman get beaten so hard was shocking for the film franchise, but I bet Nolan got even darker…

      • +1

        I’m really hoping they don’t do that, and I’m assuming Goyer knows not to do that either. It’s been done, there’s more to Lex’s power than to buy land and businesses.

    • Lex using pieces of Gen Zod suit sounds to build his own suit sounds just crazy enough to work. This could allow them to explain how lex knows so much about krypton. Also with all of sups strength it would be nice to see an intellectual challenge.

      • Totally agree! I much prefer a mental challenge as the crux rather than beings that are more super than he, or whatever.

        • he can have that as long as he has a physical challenge also cuz i want to see action thats why i said another villain besides luthor . Luthor made alot of his villains anyway like bizarro and metallo they can use them

          • I agree. Not sure whether to super power Lex or just add another villain, but we definitely ought to have some meaningful action sequences. As nice as it is to see Superman cut a glacier with his heat vision and stop a volcano, we should also see superhuman action sequences.

  15. The next MoF shpuld be a batman/superman based on Batman/Superman: Apocalypse and DCAU’s World’s Finest Movie. With batman meeting superman when kara arrives making hell on earth and lex taking advantage on superman’s distraction and hiring the joker. Idk its just a thought

    • I wish they could do superman batman public enemys where Luthor is President but they cant cuz its to many other heroes and villains in it that havent been established yet but i would love to see it on the big screen 1 day.

  16. Hammer is too tall and too nice for Batman.

  17. nolan rocks. MOS was bad.

    • Yes, Nolan DOES rock. MOS was excellent.

  18. Hammer is no Batman sorry to say, needs to be an older ish man, me thinks maybe Luke Evans? Also hell no to any Batman reboot, its good as is, only needs to be reintroduced in Justice League.

    I think one of the greatest things Marvel did was it developed each character’s personality, starting as children, into a teenager then into adulthood all the while discovering their abilities and how they fit into the world as a human and a superhero. Iron man, Thor and Captain America to a much lesser extent and now Superman are all good examples of character building. Of course there are other factors here that have to be explored to produce a great film. Who writes the script, who is going to direct and who is going to be film’s central protagonist or protagonists. I don’t think anyone could argue that Tom Cruise would have been a better Iron Man now that we’ve seen what Downy Jnr has done with the character; he is one major reason that those films are awesome. What I’m trying to say is matching a character to an actor or actress is a major part in developing a great film.

    In my very limited opinion the greatest challenge DC faces (as do all stories featuring super human abilities for that matter) while also recovering from the Green Lantern debacle, is the numbing effect that too much ‘super’ has in any one film. A perfect example of this is X-men The Last Stand, when in the final battle at Alcatraz Island, a few good characters are mixed in with fifty nobodies. Another good example would have to be Jumper, how can a film about people who can teleport anywhere in the world be that lame. It’s beyond me. Maybe take some pointers from Nic Cage and Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

    So basically all you have to do is get a kick ass script, match it to the right actors and actresses, find the best possible director, special effects company, post production crew etc etc and your good to go DC. How hard can that be?

  19. All this talk about Batman, anyone for Armie as Lex?