Armie Hammer Spotted on ‘Captain America 2′ Set; Is He Going To Play Ant-Man? [Updated]

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Disney Armie Hammer The Lone Ranger No Mask Armie Hammer Spotted on Captain America 2 Set; Is He Going To Play Ant Man? [Updated]

While Disney and Marvel Studios prepare for the home video release of Iron Man 3 as it nears the end of its theatrical run, and while Captain America 2, Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy overlap production, Marvel’s placed the attention of fans even further into the future. Adding to the five confirmed features releasing between and the end of 2015, there are three unannounced Marvel Studios films with dates in 2016-17.

The three projects were made official over the last two weeks, representing the bulk of Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which kicks off with Ant-Man in November 2015. With Marvel now expected to release details on their new slate of upcoming projects at Comic-Con next month, will we finally learn who will star in Ant-Man?

Looking past rumors about the two new characters, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, joining Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel, one of the most important characters Marvel must cast in the near future is the protagonist spearheading Phase Three. It may be a stretch, but Armie Hammer (The Social Network) earning his spot in the Disney family by starring as the titular character alongside Disney go-to-man Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger, makes us curious as to whether or not Dsiney and Marvel have him eyed to one day joins Earth’s Mightiest. Why would we think that? He recently visited the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier so during Disney’s press junket for The Lone Ranger last week, Amy Nicholson asked him.

Ant Man Movie Costume Helmet 570x320 Armie Hammer Spotted on Captain America 2 Set; Is He Going To Play Ant Man? [Updated]

Ant-Man costume from Edgar Wright’s test footage

Hammer’s awkward, dodgy and at times, funny responses to the topic really got us thinking.

So, you and Edgar Wright visited the Captain America 2 set…

Me and Edgar? Who’s Edgar? The actor?

The director. Edgar Wright.

Edgar Wright?

Is this an act? If this is an act, you’re convincing.

No, it’s not an act. Who’s Edgar Wright?

The supposed director of Ant-Man.

Of what?


Ant-Man? Oh! Wait! You think you know something! No, there’s nothing! What do you know? What’s the rumor?

That you were spotted on the Captain America 2 set with Edgar Wright.

No, there’s nothing.




I promise. I promise-promise. Ant-Man?

You’re saying it like you’ve never heard of him before.

No, I know the character Ant-Man—like, the comic book character.

You can’t tell me that this is the first time you’ve heard the rumor that you’re playing Ant-Man.

First in my life. I swear to god, cross my heart, hope to die. Amy! [Turns to his publicist Amy, who says, ‘”I’ve never heard of that ever ever. Who’s Ant-Man?”] They make him shrink! You’re a news-breaker right there.

Potentially fictitious, apparently.

Well, it works. [Fake enthusiasm] I’m doing Ant-Man, I’m very excited about it. Me and Edgar.


I did go visit the set, though. Not with Edgar.

With who?

Just by myself.

Any reason?

Um… a buddy of mine was working on the movie so I just wanted to go say hi.

Ant Man 2015 Release Date Armie Hammer Spotted on Captain America 2 Set; Is He Going To Play Ant Man? [Updated]

[Update: Armie admitted he was on set visiting a friend but denied that Edgar was there as well. Edgar took to Twitter to say as much, and that he hasn’t even met Mr. Hammer.]

From pretending to not know anything to admitting he was on the set of Captain America 2. Maybe Mr. Hammer was just going to visit a friend, maybe it was something more. With rumors that we’ll meet the Guardians of the Galaxy at Comic-Con, and that the event may see Doctor Strange finally become an official part of Marvel’s big screen future, it would be the place to announce any major castings as well. Ant-Man is still quite a while away but with its 2015 release date, it should begin shooting late next year. Marvel president and film producer Kevin Feige spoke earlier this year about the casting of Ant-Man which may provide a hint on the timeline of casting:

“We’ve talked about various names over the past eight years, but as you can imagine, they keep changing as time goes by. But toward the end of this year, we’ll buckle down and start casting and start refining the script.”

Would Armie Hammer make for a good Ant-Man? Would you like to see him play another character in the MCU? Here are 10 actors we listed a while back for who could play Ant-Man.


Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. I actually looked for the source of this text to confirm it is an original Screenrant and not Latino Review. I’m still not convinved.

    • We interviewed him and he admitted to being on the set. Sounds like it may have been to visit Chris Evans but that’s a strange place to meet for a studio he already works for 😉

  2. All I know is, someone better play Hank Pym (“Goliath”) pretty soon, before I grow into a big giant and destroy the world (er, no, that would be Hulk)!

    • Lol funny line Manx funny line

  3. I still know next to absolutely nothing about Ant-Man besides that he shrinks. Idk what to even look for in his alter-ego character!

    • Genius scientist, smartest human in the marvel universe besides maybe Mr.Fantastic which some would say he’s tied with. Smarter then stark, banner etc. Doesnt really want to be a hero cause he doesnt believe in violence. Could go on.

    • Ant-man has super strength, when he shrinks he still got that same strength, when he gets bigger he gets stronger, and hes very brilliant…..

      • He also has a massive inferiority complex, and despite his pacifistic nature, he is prone to violent outbursts, earning him a reputation as a wife beater.

  4. Im kinda bummed that the update makes it sound like hammer isn’t going to play ant-man I don’t think it’s so much that I wanted Hammer to play him I just want them to freakin cast it already because I like antman a lot like I’ve said before I think hammer would be good for it so id be glad if they casted him in the role but I’m upset with marvel because there are hardly any rumors for who is in talks for it can they at least like come up with a list of actors they’re thinking about its,almost making me cry. :(.

  5. He’d be an interesting choice. Who would you rather have him play, Ant-Man or Batman. I think he could play a convincing Batman. Just check him out wearing the mask for the Lone Ranger.

    • thats exactly who i want him to play… so thats why i really dont want him as antman

  6. I think of Ultimate Hank Pym, I think of Armie Hammer.

    Hell, he’s good as a 616 pym too!

  7. As known if Nathan Fillion lost a few pounds he would be perfect. I also like Simon Baker and Patrick Wilson for the role. If they are going young though then Hammer is not a bad choice. Kunis or Winstead as Wasp if there going young.

  8. If I were to have him play any superhero (Marvel or DC), I would love to see hammer play Booster Gold.

  9. I think he could be a good Pym. Just have to dye his hair blonde. You NEED to have blond-haired Pym 😉 I don’t really know the actor himself, but from the picture, it sure looks like he would fit. But how tall is he again?? 6’4?? Do you imagine him next to Stark? To Banner? They’ll look like shrimps 😉

    I really don’t think Nathan Fillion is good for the role (really really really don’t). I don’t get why people keep bringing him up. Probably because they liked Firefly and want to see him in something else that is scifi… He doesn’t look the part at all, never saw him playing the type of character that Pym is, and is probably too old for the part anyway. On the other hand, I like the suggestion of Simon Baker. I know he’s about the same age as Fillion, but there’s a sort of boyish charm about him that could work. Also, his character on The Mentalist reminds me somewhat of Pym, especially during the Mighty Avengers run. Patrick Wilson would be a good choice also. But I’m getting kind of sold on this guy Hammer 😉

    Although I do think it’s still early for casting for a phase three movie, if they started casting already or even set their sight on an actor to play the role of Ant-Man, it may mean that the character could appear earlier, say… in Avengers 2. That would be clever, IMO.

    • So I went and took a look at his IMDB page. And now I really wish this rumor were true, because I’m convinced he could be a great Hank Pym. His face structure is similar, the smile, those baby-blue eyes… Dye the guy’s hair blond, and I think it’s as close a match as you can get.

  10. I know this is an old news, but considering the Russos have just confirmed that Winter Soldier will bridge directly to Age of Ultron… doesn’t this rumor of Hammer playing Pym has just become more important than ever, especially when he’s visiting the set with EDGAR WRIGHT. Pym might not appear in Avengers 2, but noone said he won’t appear in Winter Soldier, right?