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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode sixty-one of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we review Argo and Sinister, give a rundown of the coolest moments from New York Comic-Con 2012, and discuss Fox’s reported frustration with the Chronicle 2 script as well as the strong CW ratings debut for the Arrow TV series.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 61 – Argo and Sinister

In episode 61 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we review Argo and Sinister, give a rundown of the coolest moments from New York Comic-Con 2012, and discuss Fox’s reported frustration with the Chronicle 2 script as well as the strong CW ratings debut for the Arrow TV series.

[0:00] News: Fox is Unhappy with the Chronicle 2 Movie Script, Arrow Debuts to the Best CW Ratings in 3 Years, and a New York Comic-Con 2012 Report..

[44:05] Special Rants and Raves Segment: White Chicks (Ben’s Box Office Battle punishment) and a non-spoilers discussion of Argo (read our full Argo review). We’ll be back next week with our normal Rants and Raves.

[1:04:16] Pre-Review Box Office Battle.

[1:10:01] Review: Sinister (read our full Sinister review).

[1:28:52] Sinister SPOILERS conversation (join in the Sinister spoilers discussion).

[1:48:35] Listener E-mails, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information

[1:50:35] Game Rant News Brief: Borderlands 2 DLC out early, Borderlands 3 talk, Injustice: Gods Among Us reveals Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and the Joker, Mechwarrior Online preview, Halo 4 leaked, online map walkthroughs, first two Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn episodes online, Grand Theft Auto Collection outed, and Grand Theft Auto 5 updates.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week’s Review: Paranormal Activity 4.

Last Week’s Reader Box Office Battle Winner (Taken 2 Opening Weekend): The Avenger!

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  1. I read some reviews that praised the movie, but felt Affleck’s role was stale and/or one dimensional. I don’t agree with this. I felt that with all of the hollywood ego’s and the scared hostages he had to deal with, he was the one character that through the whole movie was always in the same state of mind. It’s as if he was the only one who was keeping his wits about him while everyone else was losing theirs.

    Any thoughts?

    • I can totally see that. I don’t think he was bland – but some of the other characters in the film definitely steal the spotlight.

  2. 1. Paranormal Activity
    2. Argo
    3. Taken 2
    4. Alex Cross
    5. Sinister
    10. Seven psychopaths

  3. 1. Paranormal Activity 4
    2. Alex Cross
    3. Argo
    4. Taken 2
    5. Sinister

    10. Here Comes the Boom

  4. 1.paranormal activity 4
    2.taken 2
    4.hotel Transylvania
    10.pitch perfect

  5. Box office battle

    1. Paranormal Activity 4
    2. Argo
    3. alex cross
    4. Sinister
    5. Taken 2
    10. Looper

  6. Another great podcast. Can’t wait for next weeks Marvel Roundup. Ant Man For November 2015!!!!
    Box Office Battle
    1.Paranormal Activity 4
    2.Alex Cross
    5.Taken 2
    10.Pitch Perfect

  7. I like Anthony’s Chronicle ideas where the Aliens comeback maybe to take back the thing that gives the powers or the power that it gave to the kid but I just don’t know how they can do the same thing over with new characters to make me watch it or how they can use that character that lived in a lead role…

    I enjoyed Arrow surprisingly I think the thing that can separate it and make it better then Smallville is 1) the character is not as Altruistic as say Superman he will do anything even kill if he has too he can go to the Dexter mode if he has too 2) they can flashback to the Island to show his journey to how he got to where he is now Count of Monte Cristo style to make for a bigger over arching story …

    The Coulson thing throws me off, the character is great but it doesn’t make sense unless it does take place before Avengers, which could help them get past the reason why none of the Avengers are in it…

    • Yah, there are a lot of ways the Coulson thing could go. I’m sure Rob has some ideas. We’ll definitely talk about them next episode.

  8. Another good SR podcast!!

    I also like Anthony’s idea for Chronicle 2. The mysterious aliens come back and wreak havoc trying to retrieve the magical object. Or objects.

    As far as Marvel news….. I think you should just go ahead and include it in the news segment as it comes out. Marvel is going off like a firecracker right now and I’m personally OK with Marvel news every week. I understand you are trying to spare the feelings of the DC fanboys, every Marvel revelation is causing their bat-boners to get soft…… but if DC doesn’t have any news or is keeping everything “super” discreet and tucked into their red underwear, in a way that nobody knows what is going on in the DC Movie Universe, then so be it.

    And Ben, I wish you had given a quick and snarky synopsis of the plot of White Girls, making fun of this ridiculous film. It would have been a fun listen….. even if I’m not ever going to rush out and watch the thing, I would enjoy your details of it’s horribleness. Oh wait. You said it wasn’t that bad……..

    • Lol. I liked that. We hear nothing of DC because they’re too busy scrambling the studio to slop together a rushed Justice League movie. I don’t won’t to sound like I’m ragging on DC, I love them but you’re right. I too am comfortable with Marvel news every week what with Ant Man and Quasar coming up.

      • Don’t get me wrong…. as far as the comic book world is concerned I have no preference.

        Marvel and DC are both good.

        But for movies I much prefer Marvel. WB/DC just seems to reboot Superman and Batman over and over. I’m tired of those two. There is a whole world of interesting characters in the DC universe that WB could back for a movie…… but they don’t have the sack to take that chance.

        • You are so right. Both publishers are excellent and both have their pros and cons. But yeah, on the film front there is little to no competiton. Nolans Batman films are amazing but now they’re over. With Green Lantern bombing DC has little hope. I confident Man of Steel will be awesome with Zack Snyder at the helm and hopefully with its success it will lead into more variated films. I would love to see Hawkmanm Aquaman Flash and Wonder Woman.

          • I’m. Hawkman. Sorry I’m a grammar nazi.

    • Yeah but going over every small cast speculation or decision and such does get boring to listen to.
      Plot details and major decisions sure but they shouldnt cover everything.

    • I’m going to take notes for Serbian Film – God help me.

      • Hey Ben not sure if you have seen Serbian yet but here is a fun–well not fun–but a good way to go through film.
        Much like MST3K if you have some friends with you watch the film on mute with subtitles. For the main character, Milosh the Filthy Stud have someone provide an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. For the director, let someone do Sean Connery. For the wife, let someone do a bad female voice. For the brother, a snobby Roger Moore accent.
        It helped me and my friends get through the film and even the worst parts. Newborn ____, it helped getting through even that.

  9. 1 – PA 4
    2 – Alex Cross
    3 – Argo
    4 – Hotel Transylvania
    5 – Taken 2
    10 – Frankenweenie

  10. I vote that Ben’s personal Facebook descriptions of the podcast should replace the “official” ones!

    “‎Anthony and Ben yell at each other for five minutes about nothing but we cut that out. So instead, Kofi recaps New York Comic-Con, Robert still loves X-Men, and Vactor does a lot of editing.”

    • “You leave this in Vactor – you leave the truth in!”

  11. 1. Paranormal activity 4
    2. Alex cross
    3. Taken 2
    4. Argo
    5. Hotel trans
    10. Looper

  12. Hey guys another awesome podcast! Thanks for te shout out bout winning the box office battle. Felt pretty awesome lol

    As far as chronicle goes I liked all your ideas. Bens was really cool and so was Anthony’s. I guess we’ll just have to see if play it out. I like the idea that their was more then one tessaract as Rob called it land on earth. Seeing other sides could be cool but it would still have to be different enough to where it wasn’t a rehash of the first one. I think it’s awesome if fox is trying to create their own hero/villain universe I’m game for it. Hopefully it plays out great.

    Also arrow was awesome I liked it a lot more ten I thought I would. He really got into that character I think. Pretty awesome. Def be tuning in for awhile.

    Can’t wait for the marvel catch up next week. Lots of stuff to cover!

    Box office battle.
    1. Paranormal activity 4
    2. Argo
    3. Taken 2
    4 sinister
    5. Alex cross
    10. Pitch perfect

    • Cheers! No problem – you did significantly better than any of us did that week!

  13. 1.Paranormal Activity 4
    4.Taken 2
    5.Hotel Transylvania

  14. If i did a chronicle sequel, the government would be hunting down the guy of the last film (because he knows more about the alien lifeform) with help by (now wheelchair bound) Andrew, who is also being studied.

    • Hmmm… that would be an interesting idea + the government starts experimenting on one of their troops or something (super villain).

  15. Ben,

    I don’t want to open pandora’s box, but do you and the other Screenranter’s feel like it’s worth having a short discussion about Prometheus now that the Blu-ray has been released. With the commentary by bother Ridley Scott and the writers, not to mention the deleted scenes, I for one would be interested in your comments and if your opinions changed.

    I say this with caution :) I know that there are some pretty strong feelings about the movie. I am discussing Prometheus with others under this weeks ‘Open Discussion’ right now.

    Just a thought. Thanks.

    • *both Ridley Scott and the writers.

    • Food for thought: http://blastr.com/2012/10/prometheus-writer-reveals.php

    • I’d actually be interested in doing that for sure. Remind me about this in a couple weeks – once I’ve had a chance to sit down and watch more of the special features.

      I’ve read through the writer comments – some of which definitely connect to points we made on the podcast. So it would be interesting to revisit it. It’s just a little hard – since Scott didn’t actually want to put together a director’s cut. As a result, it’s kind of hard to know how to approach it.

      • Ok, I’ll remind you.

        I made it through most of the director commentary and what’s interesting is that in certain areas where we all have expressed confusion or uncertainty about what the scene means, he expresses almost the same thing. For instance, he does say that the engineer drank the black goo to sacrifice himself, but he is not specific as to whether the planet the engineer is on is earth or not. It may just be the engineer sacrificing himself on another planet where they are creating life. So it appears that even Scott didn’t want to answer certain things, he wanted some things left to the imagination. And this goes back to what you were saying in the Prometheus podcast, does this stuff need to be answered.

        I think they could easily tie in Prometheus to Alien in the next film. If Shaw and David end up at the home planet of the engineers we might find that Shaw and/or David release the black goo on the planet thereby infecting the population of the engineers with their own creation. The engineers could flee the planet to escape the death and one of the ships crash lands on LV-426 because the alien made it on the ship before they escaped which explains the crashed ship in the beginning of ‘Alien.’ Imagine if Ripley was to explore the origins of the Xenomorph and was able to explore that ship from the first ‘Alien.’ What if she was to find one of those hologram recordings showing what had happened? It would be a neat twist to find that our retaliation against our creators actually created some pretty horrific creatures which Ripley encountered on LV-426.

        And I may be really geeking it up here, but when I was watching the movie I felt that the sealed off room with the head may have actually been symbolic. Why was the head in there? Why that room and nowhere else? Maybe that room houses the black goo that creates the type of alien that utilizes the face/mouth of its host to implant the alien. Every infection that took place was done orally: Holloway drank the black goo and the black good snake entered the biologist’s mouth, and the geologist fell face first into the black goo. Pure speculation I know, but its fun. We don’t get many movies like this.

        • Great post. I loved Prometheus for all of it’s perceived problems. It was the most engaged I’ve been in a movie in some time, and I’ve definitely had more beer fuelled arguments about it than any other film this year!

        • amazing post Luke…this is why Prometheus is my film of the summer!

  16. 1)PA4

  17. #1 Paranormal Activity 4
    #2 Argo
    #3 Taken 2
    #4 Alex Cross
    #5 Hotel Transylvania
    #10 Seven Psychopaths

    Are listener B.O.B. entries being scored by the the actual weekend numbers or by the estimates from when you record the podcast? I know we are a week behind and all, just confirming for sure how it works.

  18. 1 paranormal activity 4
    2 taken 2
    3 argo
    4 sinister
    5 alex cross
    10 hotel transylvania

  19. Weekend Box office:
    1. Paranormal Activity 4
    2. Argo
    3. Taken 2
    4. Alex Cross
    5. Sinister

    10. Looper

  20. I think that making the loser in the “boxoffice battle” see a bad movie is a waste or your guys’ talents. I would suggest instead having the loser see an old movie that is similar to a recent movie and have the loser give or write a “scholarly” analysis about them. For example, I would love to hear one of you guys compare and contrast the movie “Mission to Mars” with “Prometheus”.

    Keep up the fantastic work!