Are those 15 minutes up yet?

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It’s funny how the entertainment world works. First, William Hung is singled out on American Idol as one of the worst singers of the past season. Then everybody starts tripping over themselves about his sincerity, his determination and his laid-back, “can-do” attitude. Next thing you know, he’s appearing on just about every talk show you can imagine. I can almost swear I saw footage of him on The Arsenio Hall Show, and that show was cancelled 12 years ago. To say the guy is ubiquitous would be an understatement. Well, lately his TV exposure has dropped to only two or three appearances every day, so it seems his 15 minutes are drawing to a close. Except…

It’s not over yet. People are still reeling about the fact that William was signed to a record deal, despite the fact that many of the people who made it into the American Idol finals weren’t even afforded that luxury. Not only that, but the album has actually sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide. The guy has been lucky, to say the least, but it’s not stopping there. This year, prepare yourself for William’s sophomore effort — a Christmas album. It seems to be an immutable law of nature that every single musical artist must record a Christmas album at some point. I’m still in therapy for the time I accidentally saw one of Mariah Carey’s Christmas videos on MTV.

Oh, but there’s more. William is about to become a movie star. Jackie Chan he ain’t, but William has reportedly been cast in a Chinese movie. Talk about stretching those 15 minutes. It’s tempting to feel really happy for William (and to an extent, that’s okay), but it’s tragic when you consider that people who have spent years perfecting their skills in these areas are being passed over in favor of a guy who admittedly can’t cut the mustard. The message that’s being sent, loud and clear, is that people who go on reality shows wanting to be the next movie star or musical sensation sometimes get their wish. Are the days of working hard and “paying your dues” disappearing? Or is it just that William will end up paying his dues in a different way? Ereka Vetrini, formerly of The Apprentice fame, has reportedly accepted a job as a news reporter for the upcoming The Tony Danza Show, which officially sends a big “thumbed nose” to all the people who were silly enough to actually study the craft of news reporting and try to work their way up through the ranks. Won’t they ever learn?

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  1. Holy cow… Will this guy ever go away? I heard him “sing” ‘We are the Champions’… This guy couldn’t hit a note if it hit him first. He might be fun at karaoke but not as a legitimate artist. I have to admit, the guy does have one characteristic that is fleeting today, modesty (depsite his numerous appearances). I don’t think he is that vain but that is just me.

    Erika Vetrini? Good for her. I hope she can act. Actors playing tv reporters is nothing new. Andrea Thompson’s (real) stint at CNN-HLN was a joke though. A lot of people in the newsfield had to work for a diploma and mulitple unpaid internships (which stretch 4 years of college into 5) to even get considered for a job and then this actress, who must have had a 6-figure income, gets the job. I doubt Mike Galanos or Rudi Bakhtiar are making a 6-figure income.

    Besides, it’s Erika! Could be worse, OMOROSA!

  2. Yikes… good point. I hadn’t thought about it that way. Omarosa has pretty much dropped off the radar, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she shows her face every now and then during the upcoming season of The Apprentice.


  3. That’s the fame game, bud. What talent does is provide longevity. If someone stinks but gets lucky they’ll be a flash in the pan, if they have talent, they’ll hang around a while.

    Sure there are tons of folks out there with talent who can’t get in the door, but that’s the nature of the business… it’s all about that one lucky break.


  4. Why William Hung acting in a movie is yikes and why Erike Vetrini being cast in the Tony Danza Show is good for her?

    Isn’t that discimination, prejudice and racism?

    Why do people have to hate on William?

  5. I certainly don’t have any ill will towards William… I say more power to him. If Pee Wee Herman could have a career, why not William?

    As for Erika, come on on now… don’t you think it’s more likely that she has the potential to be a better actor than William?


  6. My understanding is that Ereka is going to be a news reporter, not an actor, but most people don’t expect The Tony Danza show to last very long.

    The whole point of my article was that William and Ereka have been hired to do things they are not really qualified to do, while better people who didn’t appear on reality TV shows are being passed over, as usual.

    As for the comment about discrimination and racism… I won’t even dignify that with a response.


  7. i hate willi hung…

    [inappropriate comment deleted]