‘Pitch Perfect’ Director Making Live-Action ‘Archie’ Movie

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Archie Betty and Veronica in Archie Comics Pitch Perfect Director Making Live Action Archie Movie

Have you ever wondered what The Walking Dead would be like if Rick, Lori and the rest of the gang were replaced with characters from Archie Comics? No? Well, Glee writer and producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has, and he’s even written a comic book series with that particular premise, titled Afterlife With Archie.

The comic is a sort of Halloween special version of the main series, intended to supplement it rather than replace it. It sounds like an interesting spin on the traditionally family-friendly and wholesome nature of the Archie comics, which are set in the idyllic American town of Riverdale. Aguirre-Sacasa previously penned the four-issue crossover comic spin-off Archie Meets Glee, but we won’t find out whether Afterlife With Archie is a successful implementation of genre-bending until the first issue is published later this year.

According to Deadline, however, Aguirre-Sacasa’s zombie comic series isn’t the only contribution that he’ll be making to the Archie universe in the near future. Warner Bros. has closed a deal to produce a live-action movie based on Archie Comics, and have tapped Aguirre-Sacasa to write the script for it, since he already has an in-depth knowledge of Riverdale and its inhabitants.

The movie is being produced by Roy Lee (How to Train Your Dragon), Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes) and Jon Goldwater (son of John L. Goldwater, one of the original co-founders of Archie Comics). Directing duties have been handed to Jason Moore, who received both critical and commercial success with his feature directorial debut, Pitch Perfect. Goldwater had this to say with regards to the film deal:

“We’re thrilled with the team that Warner Bros, Dan and Roy have put together here. Roberto has become a prolific comics writer for us, and having Jason Moore is the icing on the cake as ‘Pitch Perfect’ is one of my favorite movies.

“Archie has remained extremely competitive enough to be a trend setter in contemporary comic books. We were the first to introduce a gay character into the storyline, and that was an incredible success. We’ve had different comics where Archie was married to Betty in one and Veronica in another. And the ‘Archie Meets Glee’ was also a big success. But the core, the characters and Riverdale, remains part of the fabric of classic Americana.”

Afterlife With Archie cover Pitch Perfect Director Making Live Action Archie Movie

Just to be absolutely clear (this has been misreported on a few other sites), there hasn’t been any suggestion that the Archie movie will actually be based on Afterlife With Archie, as opposed to the regular comic book series. That confusion seems to be stemming from the fact Aguirre-Sacasa is working on the Archie movie script and Afterlife With Archie simultaneously, and also from the fact that most of the Deadline article is spent talking about zombies. That’s not to say that the movie definitely won’t feature any zombies (after all, nothing makes wholesome family movies about classic American values more palatable to a mainstream audience than the addition of the undead), but there’s been no indication so far that they’re going to take the script in that direction.

Would you like to see Archie Comics on the big screen? If so, would you prefer classic Archie Andrews or Archie Andrews: Zombie Hunter.


The Archie movie doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll keep you updated on the project.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Box office bomb right here.

  2. I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of Archie and have no interest in this movie.

    • Funny kids’ comic in the 60s and beyond. Cute and almost wholesome, but nothing cool like superheroes and supervillains.

  3. Archie?that wasn’t even cool when I was a kid 25 years ago.i don’t think kids now a days even know who that is or care

    • Yeah, I’ve had American friends use Archie as part of an insult to people they didn’t like. I’m pretty sure if I told them about this development, their reaction would be “*facepalm*”.

      • ++++++++11111111!!!!!!!

      • Ah, realism at it’s finest!

  4. M. Night Shyamalan will direct and Archie will be Melrose Place with Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves. Oh my….

    • That actually makes it sound pretty cool.

      • Except for the M. Night Shyamalan part.

        • That’s why I added oh my at the end. Was being funny. If they were to put someone other than him on this then yeah it could stand a chance and actually turn out pretty cool.

          • Just threw M. Night under the bus since he likes doing twists.

  5. Hmm.

    I actually lived Archie’s Life.

  6. Another movie for me not to watch. yay! seems like a lot of those lately.

  7. “Warner Bros. has closed a deal to produce a live-action movie based on Archie Comics….”

    This is being made by WB. It is no wonder why people are completely disgusted with WB and openly laugh at them.

    This is all the proof that you need that the people running WB are fundamentally incompetent at every existing level.

    What a joke.

    WB = Fools

    • Right because every movie they ever madewas a joke. WB is a studio that never had a single hit in the last 5 years.

      • Harry Potter and Dark Knight would disprove that theory.

    • @ Bio and Jeff W

      What I’m referring to is the overall thinking process of the company, as a whole.

      Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  8. Is it going to give me a massive head ache and A.D.H.D like Tin tin did?

  9. “Have you ever wondered what The Walking Dead would be like if Rick, Lori and the rest of the gang were replaced with characters from Archie Comics?” Did you really write this? Come on this will suck like warm bodies, like Lincoln vampire hunter!

  10. I’m a 17 year old kid and personally, Have always loved Archie. Since the day I found the old batters box filled with my parent’s old Archie comics I’ve pretty much grown up on them. So I for one do care about this film. I do not however find it to be a good idea. When you have characters represented in such a way (drawn) for so long. It’s a little late to make an live action movie about it. Especially one that throws in zombies just to have zombies. Archie is one of the most Iconic pieces of classic American culture it doesn’t need to be toyed with.

  11. They are going to do a dark, gritty and sexually charged Betty Bop live action film next….

    • “Boop”? Well she bop, indeed.

  12. Some of the guys at my old high school probably spent as much time as the Archie gang in high school (several decades!!).

  13. should have nolan direct it to give it that gritty realistic edge. it will transcend the comic book movie
    leo decap as archie
    JGL as jughead
    christian bale as reggie
    tom hardy as moose
    jason alexander as mr weatherby
    Yvonne Strahovski as betty
    mila kunis as veronica

  14. Right because every movie they ever madewas a joke. WB is a studio that never had a single hit in the last 5 years.

    • If you count co-productions: Dark Knight Rises, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and Hangover to name a few. If you mean ever: What about Casablanca? OK, I’m going back quite a number of years, but I didn’t set the parameters. :-)

  15. I can see an Archies movie being a fun teen comedy, at Pop’s choclit shop and Riverdale high, 50′s teenage hi-jinks…. but zombies? wtf? Just make an Archies move, why add zombies? This makes no sense.

  16. Archie has been around since 1941 and I can’t think of a way they could make me interested in seeing a movie. That being said, as far as profitability goes, I wouldn’t count him down just yet. Afterall, they made Tintin work. So as of right now, who knows.

  17. Dennis the Menace, Richie Rich, Marmaduke, and now Archie. When am I going to get my Andy Capp live action movie?

      • Wow…I did not expect that to already have happened. Where’s my Hägar the Horrible live-action movie? ;)

  18. Justin Bieber can make an awesome Archie

  19. Archie comics is an amazing comic series. I have an over 500 viewer blog about it so obviously you people have been living under a rock. Archie comics is blowing up! It was even on the national news a few months ago! Everybody has read Archie comics at some point in their lives. I for one am extremely looking forward to this movie.