‘Aquaman’ Movie Happening… After ‘Wonder Woman’ & ‘The Flash’

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aquaman comic cover art Aquaman Movie Happening... After Wonder Woman & The Flash

For years DC Comics has teased fans about a possible Aquaman movie – but the most that loyal fans were given was a failed television pilot in 2007, a fake movie directed by James Cameron (Avatar) in the HBO series Entourage and a reoccurring character in the highly popular Warner Bros. TV series, Smallville.

Alan Ritchson, the actor who plays Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman in Smallville, recently did an interview with Comic Book Resources where he stated that he thought an Aquaman movie would start swimming soon – but that he hasn’t been approached to play the title role. Here’s an excerpt from that interview which you can find in its entirety HERE.

“But an [Aquaman] movie, on the other hand, I think is very much a reality. In fact, I think there’s one in the works. Some people in LA are starting to get the ball rolling on that. I don’t know what my involvement would ever be in that, but, yeah, I think it would be cool to see that happen. But it’s just so expensive to do. It’s hard to say if it’s really going to happen.”

While IMDb isn’t considered the end-all for accurate and up-to-date information (see the bio joke played on Cody Sousa) there does appear to be an Aquaman movie listed in production for 2013. I spoke with Ritchson’s publicist concerning his quote and while he has heard “rumblings” around town regarding an Aquaman movie, those appear to be nothing more than fleeting mentions in passing conversations.

So if the guy currently playing the King of Atlantis hasn’t heard anything definitive then what is the status of the Aquaman movie?

aquaman death comic cover Aquaman Movie Happening... After Wonder Woman & The Flash

I spoke with a source at Warner Bros. and they are indeed planning an Aquaman film… but it’s certainly not going to be released in 2013. In fact, they are looking at a release date closer to 2015 or 2016 if everything goes according to plan. Warner Bros. will team up with Leo DiCaprio’s production studio Appian Way (Red Riding Hood, Shutter Island) to make the underwater film a reality.

Warner Bros. however, considers Aquaman to be a third tier superhero character and they aren’t in a hurry to invest heavily in him. Since 75% to 80% of an Aquaman film would most likely take place underwater, the movie would need a massive budget of close to an estimated $200 million to make that happen – and Warner Bros. probably doesn’t think they would recoup those costs just yet.

Before Aquaman fans can see the classic orange and green streaking through the ocean’s waves, they will have to wait for another Batman and Superman film, as well as The Flash, Wonder Woman and even Green Lantern 2 to be released first. That’s at least 5 to 7 years worth of films in the WB pipeline before Aquaman can even think about fighting underwater crime.

Warners could be introducing Aquaman to audiences in small doses in a series of cameos in his fellow Justice Leaguers’ films. If general audiences get a chance to know and love Aquaman the way fans do already, then maybe WB wouldn’t have as difficult a time considering investing in a $200 million dollar budget.

aquaman vs namor Aquaman Movie Happening... After Wonder Woman & The Flash

Picture Courtesy of Tommy Tejeda

DC will need to hurry though because as most comic book movie fans already know, DC is trailing behind Marvel where movies are concerned at this point – with the exception of the successfully rebooted Batman franchise. Things can easily change with Green Lantern and Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot debut, however.

Comic book fans know the two biggest comic book heavyweights, DC and Marvel, have been going head-to-head for years. DC struck first in the movie industry with Superman and Batman but the quality of the films began to suffer as they continually went back to those same characters for more movies instead of introducing other characters from their library.

Marvel has already made the effort to introduce other characters such as Iron Man, The Hulk, Fantastic Four and Daredevil to the movie-going public with successful big screen adaptations and even a couple of third tier characters: Elektra, Punisher and Ghost Rider – with mild success. Although these properties were scattered across several major studios (which helped them become a reality), all DC characters are owned by Warner Bros. and hence, all this was done while DC was once again retelling the same story of Batman and Superman – two stories that some say have been told to death.

Now, while Marvel is finishing up movies for more second tier characters like Thor and Captain America, DC is just now working on its first second tier character film: Green Lantern. Sure, they have talked for ages about putting out Green ArrowWonder Woman and Flash movies but progress has moved very slowly on each of those films as they devote precious resources to their flagship characters: Batman and Superman.

dc universe characters Aquaman Movie Happening... After Wonder Woman & The Flash

DC has some other great characters in its superhero coffer, and they need to get going with production on them before Marvel forever drowns them at the box office.

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  1. Aquaman is the most useless “hero” of all time… dude talk to fish, he’s like an underwater Dr. Dolittle.

    Remember that time they cut his hand off and he grew a beard?
    This movie will suck.

    • Or like a steroid-filled SpongeBob. :)

      • Speaking of which, they could go in the other extreme:

        “We now return to The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!”

        • “LEMONS!”



    • People who say Aquaman is useless haven’t aren’t familiar with the more current comic versions. He’s bulletproof, super strong, willing to kill, breathes underwater and swims at ridiculous speeds, and he doesn’t so much “talk” to marine life as he telepathically wills them to do his bidding. Plus, he’s really just a tough, no BS character. I think a movie could definitely work.

      • aquaman is a beast they should definitely make a movie

      • I agree. Have the film set in Atlantis, and go all out making him the underwater badass he is. Then, if he is to make an appearance in the Justice League movie, have Batman give him that suit that allows him to come onto land. And give him the power to telepathically control water on land, as in the water from the pipes and such

    • LOL! You made me laugh. He did suck, then, I grant you that, but, if done right with competent writers and a great director, it can be suck-free!

  2. Aquaman does more than talk to marine life if you read the comics. Him useless? ummm take away Green Lantern’s ring, He’s pretty useless himself. Take away Batman’s Utility belt, might be a problem for him. It would be nice to have a hero on the team who doesn’t require scuba gear if theres trouble in the water.

    • Except that Supes, Wonder Woman, Martian Marshunter and GL never had to use scuba gear… and they can fly (ok, WW “rides” air currents) and survive in outer space.
      So, in a JLA setting Aquaman is rather redundant as long as there isn’t a fish related crime in progress.

      In a non-JLA setting on the other hand, Aquaman is a great character.

      • @ Guest Star

        Besides GL, other heroes especially Superman can only hold their breath for small amount of time where Aquaman can natually while he swims, even at deep depths. In a JLA plot on film, it wouldn’t solely be focused on Aquaman’s abilities. Aquaman could swim under some facility as he did in Smallville.

  3. What will probably happen is that they will get an unknown OR Sam Worthington to play as Aquaman.(well he does kinda have the look).LOL!

  4. Aquaman movie. Has the potential to be very interesting. Speaking of “tiers”, yes I think in the above article someone has gotten their tiers mixed up. More importantly, D.C. Comics has got their tiers mixed up. They could have more tier 1 and tier2 characters if their writing would improve. I don’t read comics anymore but I did read the accasional graphic novel, and gave that up. Lets see, how many stories can we write that revolve around Batmans and Supermans friendhip? How many times can Captain Marvel play second fiddle back up to Superman? How many times is Batman “the smart one, with no super powers, who nevertheless figures everything out and performs head and shoulders above a crowd of super beings? If D.C. would cut this crap and USE their characters, things would get a whole lot more interesting. Any recommended reading? A nd also I think martian manhunter would adapt great on film.

  5. Just a thought if it’s taking this long for DC to bring other heroes
    to the movies like The Flash, Wonder Woman & Aquaman, around 2013 for
    Aquaman, does this mean we won’t be seeing a JLA- Justice League of America movie till 2015/2016? just seems too damm long of a wait to me.

    • @ Gina

      As someone told me, Most likely its because DC/WB wanna see how well Marvel Studio’s solo films & most notably The Avengers pans out before they go that same route.

    • I think it was said twice that Justice League won’t be happening. They seem to agree with Nolan in that DC’s characters work better on their own.

      • @ Little Monster

        Who agreed w/ Nolan? I find thats rubbish. Some hero films would need little more work than others, but i wouldn’t see why the character’s can’t work together. Marvel Studios is off to a good start with their films leading to The Avengers so that says somthing can be done. Especially when you have years of comics to go over with, you need the right director, story/plot, cast etc. I mean is WB/DC gonna plan to reboot these hero franchises forever? Imo, id like to DC do what Marvel is doin now sometime in my life soon. Heck id ask WB to offer Bruce Timm & Co to make all the films since they had great success with their animated shows & dvd movies. Atleast give them a shot at it if they agreed. That’s just me cause they know comics and would know how to keep live-action hero films connected well.

        • I’m just saying that b/c Nolan once said that he finds DC’s characters to work better on their own, then Geoff Johns was the New York Comic-con and basically re-itertated Nolan’s words when asked why a JL wasn’t planned.

        • Yes but, the risk with that, is giving some heroes bigger parts than others, and tus having unhappy fans. In a JL film, I’d be very upset if Aquaman, or even GL, get a little more than mere cameos. Remember the X-Men movies? What happened to Cyclop? And he’s kind of the leader in the comic books (or he was when I used to read it). I remember getting angry on how theyb treated him in the movie… they even killed him in the 3rd one. So, making a JL movie to have a mute statue as Aquaman and GL, no thanks.

    • I agree–that would be way too long a wait. I’ve always been much more of a DC than a Marvel fan, but I have to admit that Marvel has left DC completely in the dust, and DC seems to have no idea, or no concern for, what fans really want to see. I’ve waited forever to see Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Hawkman, Green Arrow, etc., and it took them decades to finally release a GL movie (which was cool). I used to really enjoy Superman and Batman, but they’ve rehashed those characters so many times that I’m not really interested in them anymore. It was exciting to see the official preview of the Avengers movie, especially with the same actors who have already developed the characters (except for the guy who’s playing Banner/Hulk). I predict the Flash and Wonder Woman movies may happen years from now, and, sadly, a full-on JLA movie may never happen at all. They just cannot get their sh_ _ together!

      • I have to agree with you on all this, i’ve been constantly checking online every few weeks on new updates on any new DC movies or even shows, just the Superman reboot & new Batman movies again seems to be the only new DC movie happening, i also still check to see for any new updates on smallville – since Tom Welling is curently not doing anything on screen, he mentioned just few months ago that he would be up to do another smallville- JLA 2 hour TV movie, but he said it was up to DC & the producers, haven’t heard nothing yet? wondering what happened with THE FLASH movie Geoff Johns talked about bringing to the big screen?

  6. Which to me should’t make no differance, with years of comics, and each solo flick under the right hands with the right cast, all can’t be that hard for DC/WB to accomplish a Justice League film i have no doubt people will go see.

  7. Sam Worthington would be another great choice for the role. I agree on that.

    • I was joking!

  8. i do think that credit should be given to the writers/directors on the show for making Aquaman more of a powerful hero than what had been up to now a pretty lame superhero that had been re-written and misrepresented on tv and in the comic books..At least in the last episode they at least got into his backstory and origin a little more..If they ever thought to take a character and spinoff a series-aside from the obvious(green arrow),exploring Aquaman’s relationship with Mera and his role of King of an inherited undersea kingdom and the struggle he has with folks above ground may be quite interesting and dramatic-throw in a secret, rich organization that is in cahoots with Black manta and wants to control the world-you may have your quasi-Avatar action show.
    If written well, like LOST,Walking DEad or Battlestar-you may have a hit.

  9. First of all, Sam Worthington looks more like Namor than Aquaman.

    Second, Aquaman worthless? Does no one here think crimes are committed on the high seas? No ocean disasters at all? As for alien invasions, if the Justice League’s Watchtower fell to invaders, then where else on Earth would be a safer place to regroup than Atlantis?

    Third, the first Aquaman movie would be an origin story, anyway. It wouldn’t be a JL movie; it would be about the King of Atlantis. Don’t tell me no one in Hollywood can come up with a compelling storyline for that.

    Fourth, there are plenty of DC characters who would make great movie heroes. After I type up my “Martian Manhunter” and “Wonder Woman” articles, I’m going to work on certain “Questionverse” characters, such as Huntress, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, etc. Once I have their “movies” mapped out, I think I’ll write up “Aquaman” next.

    • Fifth, Marvel’s ripped off more DC characters than vice versa. Deadpool, whose own movie may or may not be on track for completion, is almost a complete rip-off of DC’s Deathstroke, only more of a smartass. Even their costumes look pretty much the same.

    • I agree with you completely, since DC isn’t going to put out a story the fans deserve I’m just going to do it for myself and other fans who would enjoy it. I’ve been working on the exact same concept you mentioned for years by trying to just do it myself using all the DC characters, concepts, and information based on Smallville’s version of the DC Universe while being a bit more true to the source material from the actual original comics (1940’s) put out by the creators of each character and their stories over the years. Problem I’m having is there are some areas I would want to change because I find some of the older material to be either offensive to me or others, as well as dated or told too many times requiring a fresh persective. So, the question for you or anyone who might read and respond to this is what should I do in that regard?? Small example would be terminology like “Man’s World”, the undertone of the storylines and characters that are SUPPOSED to be protagonist, me constantly wanting to write Aquaman as a land-based character leaving the story of Atlantis more believable or what is actually recorded and known (not removing his privileged heritage), etc. Any help would be appreciated but not entirely expected these posts are a bit old.

      • Interesting to have him out of the water, might be good for an “Aquaman 2″ movie…..go for it……

  10. Thomas Jane would make a great casting to play Aquaman just like he did played The Punisher.

  11. I’ve written an Aquaman script and would love to see it developed into a movie. He was one of my favorite characters.

  12. I hope it turns real; I’ve been waiting for an Aquaman movie since I was a kid. I don’t understand why WB (and many other people and movie companies) consider Aquaman a third tier hero; my only answer is ignorance, and ignorance is daring. He was a founder member of JL, and people just seem to have forgot that. Sure, he doesn’t have a vast field of action like many others, but he has lots of powers and abilities; he’s great. Also, his “life story” is way better than that of many other heroes: he’s heir to a kingdom, and he got his son killed for God sake. Those 2 are enough elements to make a great movie. You want some lame, third tier DC heores? Look for Green Arrow, Black Canary, or even The Flash. I really wish they make this movie happen.

  13. Warner Brothers has been in business for almost a century. They should have 200 mill ready to throw into an Aquaman movie. I know Hollywood spends a lot of money on coke, but c’mon. Aquaman is the coolest superhero ever. He never dresses up as a nerd like Superman. He did not need to see his parents die to be inspired to be a hero like Batman and Spiderman. He was born to kick butt and he loves animals. He needs to grace the silver screen asap. He is more important to the world than the Green Hornet and needs better casting that that movie. I think Leo could pull him off. Heath was my first choice, actually, years ago, before he played The Joker. C’mon, Warner Brothers, do something cool for the world! Maybe Clint Eastwood can be in it, too, there are some older wise characters in Aquaman comics. One of the wise elders of Atlantis would be perfect for Clint, and he is a Warner Brothers guy!

  14. I heard that Wonder Woman is a go for TV next season, i was then wondering why she couldn’t have made an appearrance on smallville all these
    years then? or Batman or Green Lantern? i know Warner brothers & DC had some dumb rule & rights with these characters being on TV , then why is it alright now for Wonder Woman to be on TV? I’m happy for this new show of course, let’s see if it will really happen – that yet needs to be seen.

    • @ Gina12123

      It was longtime ago & forgot where i read it from but i read the producers thought about Wonderwoman appearing in Smallville but couldn’t decide how or what would be the best way for her to appear on the show. So she was dropped. Bruce Wayne was brought up to appear in a episode as someone who would do business with Lex but later backs out after his friendship with Clark gets the best of him. The episode would end hinting Bruce Wayne left traveling the globe to train for his own destiny as Batman. But Bruce Wayne too was dropped because at the time Batman Begins was in development, so instead they went ahead with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow since he’s kinda simliar to Batman. As for Green Lantern, i dont know except for what was shown in the two-parter Absolute Justice. I hope this was to any help.

  15. Yes – thanks it does now, just hope we see Aquaman,Impulse (the Flash)
    & the others one more time before smallville is over.

  16. I think WB should do a Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman full-length movie. But as for Aquaman, Hawkman, Martian Man-hunter, Green Lantern (which is in another universe than the current Batman), and the Flash should have short origin stories in a JLA movie. This will give DC and WB the boost they need over Marvel. Marvel is in the lead of DC (sad to say, but true). DC need to catch up, but also need to ensure that most of its characters are in the same universe. Don’t but Batman in reality and Green Lantern as a carton. Now these two can never be partners in a movie together, it just would make sense.

  17. Heard someone saying Lyn Collins from John Carter should play Wonder Woman. In that vien how about Taylor Kitch to play Batman/Bruce Wayne. What do you think of that.

  18. I beg to differ where as Batman has no real superpowers, and Superman is allergic to Kryptonite….Aquaman is by far the real strongest of the DC Universe and has the ability to live on land or in water…Plus he can send the Marine Life to help anyone while hes taking on the bad guys…..Marvels Submariner is the Oldest of the Characters and was the first one introduce back in the 1930’s… Both have Similar origins and get little respect but by far are the strongest of all the characters….Superman is a whimp and Batman is Powerless….

  19. “forever drowns them” bwahaha… what the eff ever. I couldn’t give two shivs if Marvel managed to release 300 movies prior to DC. Whenever the DC movies start coming out I’m going to be all over them like dogs on a buttered up va jay jay!

  20. Super Heroes i love them all. with their powers, intelligence and skills they can really save the world. Marvel was able to made The Avengers, and i hope that DC will also release and make it in big screen for their Justice League.

  21. Okay I am going to be honest….People do make fun of me because I am a fan girl of Aquaman. I have ranted and everything else. I have been telling people, “MAN WE NEED AN AQUAMAN MOVIE! It would be one of the most interesting things ever!” And they all laugh – . – but I don’t care what they say. Have you noticed that in like every super hero show or movie they end up throwing something into the ocean? Whether it’s a part of a building or a bomb, or a thing of toxic waste…You know who has to clean up that mess? AQUAMAN! Yea that’s who! He helps the sea creatures when most of us don’t even care about sea life…He is the closest thing we have to a merman kicking some a**…Don’t tell me Aquaman ain’t important >:( HE IS MY FAVORITE SUPERHERO! AND I AM PROUD OF IT!!~

    • You are so right, Arielle. Did you know there is a new Aquaman comic book out now? I think Issue 9 is out now…..so you have not missed many back issues…….I love him, too. He is awesome! I am an artist, by the way, so the website link is to my art page…….

  22. The only way that DC would be able to produce a JLA moive sooner rather then later would be to some how tie it into Smallvillie, considering it already has a handful of the superheros of the JL Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Martin Man-Hunter, The Green Arrow, and the Black Cannery.

  23. Maybe they think that but WB shouldnt consider aqua man a 2nd tier super hero. If done right with today’s 3D tech the movie would have. Chance to be extreemely popular

  24. I really think dc should get i their sh*t together. i mean, they teased us for years on a gl movie, then took a s*** with it. WTF?!! the guy can make nearly anything with his ring, and the best we got was half the engine of a fighter plane! uggh, they should just reboot it with kyle rayner, then make the flash movie,reboot batman, do wonderwoman if they must, and then get set for the justice league film. honestly, marvel is doing great, but if dc wants to go toe to toe with them , they shouldnt do the “more movies than you” route, they should fight quantity with QUALITY. i mean, look at tdkr, its epic, and people are already anticipating it to be as good, or better than the avengers. same with man of steel. instead of rushing, just let marvel do its thing, and take it one step at a time. that way, a justice league movie will be even more epic than the avengers.

  25. Aquaman is Awesome and DC should make a AQUAMAN movie now! Aquaman is far more powers than his telepathy to aquatic life and breathing underwater. Aquaman has Super Human strengthen just like superman, He can swim 10,000 ft per minute, also Aquaman has impenetrable skin so bullets or blades will not penetrate his skin. Aquaman does not need to live in water ether to have most of his same powers he can live on land as well. Wait until DC releases the NEW 52 of Aquaman and you will see Aquaman’s fully power on water and land.
    batman has ZERO super powers or abilities, speak of someone who is USELESS, Black Window of the Avengers & S.H.I.E.L.D. would beat batman to death in combat.
    Know your super hero’s before speaking.
    Aquaman is just as powerful as Superman.

    • Aquaman is certainly very, very physically strong and powerful. He would squash a whole team of pro wrestlers at the same time relying only on his brute strength.

      However, he is not as powerful as Superman. In a similar way, a linebacker is a very strong guy. There aren’t many people who are going to challenge one to a fight, however a defensive lineman is stronger still. Same kind of difference.

      That also doesn’t detract at all from his character. For example, Supergirl is considered a bit physically stronger than Wonder Woman however, most agree that in a straight-on fight, Wonder Woman would win based on her superior combat skills.

  26. Yes, Aquaman is very powerful. He deserves a proper movie. I loved the new Batman movie. I cried when I knew he was going to die. Christopher Marlowe once said, “Comparisons are odious.” He was born the same year as Shakespeare and must have been compared to him all the time, right to his face, even. It must have been more odious than we can ever imagine. There is no need to compare Aquaman to Superman or Batman or Spiderman. We all know how cool Aquaman is. R. I. P., Batman. You were cool, too, dude.

  27. My example of batman being useless was in reference to most saying Aquaman is useless, Aquaman has super powers strengthen, speed, breathing underwater but batman does not have any. So with that said if anyone was useless it would batman since he has no super powers if what I was getting at. I would say Aquaman could go toe to toe with Superman, no question superman in total has more super ablities.
    I am not a big batman fan but Dark Knight Rises was a great I am a big Robin fan so finally from him turn up at the end was great for the next batman movie and I liked that Bane was in it.

  28. Aquaman is my favorite character, if they give him his majestic hand he will be BEAST and you need to learn more about his abilities and what he can actually do. Wikipedia will get you started but if you look up some of his trials and tribulations all of you Aquaman dis-likers may give him a chance

  29. @Mike Wrathell do you mean when you thought he was going to die? Lol