‘Aquaman’ Movie Happening… After ‘Wonder Woman’ & ‘The Flash’

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aquaman comic cover art Aquaman Movie Happening... After Wonder Woman & The Flash

For years DC Comics has teased fans about a possible Aquaman movie – but the most that loyal fans were given was a failed television pilot in 2007, a fake movie directed by James Cameron (Avatar) in the HBO series Entourage and a reoccurring character in the highly popular Warner Bros. TV series, Smallville.

Alan Ritchson, the actor who plays Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman in Smallville, recently did an interview with Comic Book Resources where he stated that he thought an Aquaman movie would start swimming soon – but that he hasn’t been approached to play the title role. Here’s an excerpt from that interview which you can find in its entirety HERE.

“But an [Aquaman] movie, on the other hand, I think is very much a reality. In fact, I think there’s one in the works. Some people in LA are starting to get the ball rolling on that. I don’t know what my involvement would ever be in that, but, yeah, I think it would be cool to see that happen. But it’s just so expensive to do. It’s hard to say if it’s really going to happen.”

While IMDb isn’t considered the end-all for accurate and up-to-date information (see the bio joke played on Cody Sousa) there does appear to be an Aquaman movie listed in production for 2013. I spoke with Ritchson’s publicist concerning his quote and while he has heard “rumblings” around town regarding an Aquaman movie, those appear to be nothing more than fleeting mentions in passing conversations.

So if the guy currently playing the King of Atlantis hasn’t heard anything definitive then what is the status of the Aquaman movie?

aquaman death comic cover Aquaman Movie Happening... After Wonder Woman & The Flash

I spoke with a source at Warner Bros. and they are indeed planning an Aquaman film… but it’s certainly not going to be released in 2013. In fact, they are looking at a release date closer to 2015 or 2016 if everything goes according to plan. Warner Bros. will team up with Leo DiCaprio’s production studio Appian Way (Red Riding Hood, Shutter Island) to make the underwater film a reality.

Warner Bros. however, considers Aquaman to be a third tier superhero character and they aren’t in a hurry to invest heavily in him. Since 75% to 80% of an Aquaman film would most likely take place underwater, the movie would need a massive budget of close to an estimated $200 million to make that happen – and Warner Bros. probably doesn’t think they would recoup those costs just yet.

Before Aquaman fans can see the classic orange and green streaking through the ocean’s waves, they will have to wait for another Batman and Superman film, as well as The Flash, Wonder Woman and even Green Lantern 2 to be released first. That’s at least 5 to 7 years worth of films in the WB pipeline before Aquaman can even think about fighting underwater crime.

Warners could be introducing Aquaman to audiences in small doses in a series of cameos in his fellow Justice Leaguers’ films. If general audiences get a chance to know and love Aquaman the way fans do already, then maybe WB wouldn’t have as difficult a time considering investing in a $200 million dollar budget.

aquaman vs namor Aquaman Movie Happening... After Wonder Woman & The Flash

Picture Courtesy of Tommy Tejeda

DC will need to hurry though because as most comic book movie fans already know, DC is trailing behind Marvel where movies are concerned at this point – with the exception of the successfully rebooted Batman franchise. Things can easily change with Green Lantern and Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot debut, however.

Comic book fans know the two biggest comic book heavyweights, DC and Marvel, have been going head-to-head for years. DC struck first in the movie industry with Superman and Batman but the quality of the films began to suffer as they continually went back to those same characters for more movies instead of introducing other characters from their library.

Marvel has already made the effort to introduce other characters such as Iron Man, The Hulk, Fantastic Four and Daredevil to the movie-going public with successful big screen adaptations and even a couple of third tier characters: Elektra, Punisher and Ghost Rider – with mild success. Although these properties were scattered across several major studios (which helped them become a reality), all DC characters are owned by Warner Bros. and hence, all this was done while DC was once again retelling the same story of Batman and Superman – two stories that some say have been told to death.

Now, while Marvel is finishing up movies for more second tier characters like Thor and Captain America, DC is just now working on its first second tier character film: Green Lantern. Sure, they have talked for ages about putting out Green ArrowWonder Woman and Flash movies but progress has moved very slowly on each of those films as they devote precious resources to their flagship characters: Batman and Superman.

dc universe characters Aquaman Movie Happening... After Wonder Woman & The Flash

DC has some other great characters in its superhero coffer, and they need to get going with production on them before Marvel forever drowns them at the box office.

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  1. I sure would like to see a Wonder Woman or even a Flash film.
    But I think its going to be awhile.

  2. It looks like all of this depends on the success of Green Lantern. If Green Lantern succeeds, then we’ll be seeing the Flash, Wonder Woman, GL 2, Aquaman and others on the big screen within the next decade. If it fails as some are prematurely expecting it to, then prepare for nothing but more Superman and Batman. In fact, with the whole Superman legal fiasco, we may end up with just Batman.

    • Well The Dark Knight Rises will be the last Batman from Nolan. So maybe we have to wait for another decade for the reboot.

      So everything seems depends on Green Lantern :)

      • I doubt it will be that long before they reboot Batman, look at Spiderman, 3 years. And if they need Batman for a JLA movie, he will be back in 5 years. But ultimately why reboot it at all? Use the same continuity just with a different actor…

        • They could put in Dick Grayson for movie 4. Make Bruce Wayne much older like a mentor so they have a good excuse to change the actor.

          • That could work. I just dont see the point in destroying an already established continuity just for the sake of it. Keep Michael Caine as Alfred too, he’s ace.

        • I think the quality of Spiderman 3 is the reason why they reboot it so fast. And maybe that’s what exactly would happen if The Dark Knight Rises happen to be a bad finale. I hope not :p

          IMO JLA wouldn’t work well with Nolan’s Batman. Because his gadget is just too realistic. Not enough to fight any JLA’s super villain.

          • And thats why I don’t like Nolan’s Batman.

  3. I would love to see a Martian Manhunter movie.

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS HAS TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!! ^^^^

    • I’ve only enountered Aquaman in the old JLA series, and you gotta admit he’s on par with Snapper in usefullness in that company.
      At least Snapper doesn’t die if you forget to squirt water on him once every hour 😀

  4. looks like the spam bots finally got to SR.

    get ’em vic

    • Just found them. Quite surprised those got through. FYI, there are thousands of spam comment attempts per day here.


      • never noticed, probably because they either aren’t as obvious as this one or because i don’t go through every article release.

        now that i know what kind of crap you have to deal with, i’ll try to tone down on the profanities 😀

  5. Paul Walker can make an awesome Aquaman I choose him to play “The King of Atlantis” on the big screen.

    • agreed. he needs a new gig soon!

    • Not a bad choice, Danny.

    • I like this choice

  6. For everyone who came here to bash Aquaman, I’ll put it this way:

    If ANT-MAN is getting his own movie, then Aquaman sure as hell deserves one.

    • ditto.but at this rate i think Aquaman might get done before Ant-man..Its goingto be a bad film year though if both of those flicks come out the same summer!!

    • I second that…

  7. I would really love to see a Aquaman movie.
    but I wont focus on that, just in case bad news pops up about it.
    Hopefully we get to see all of those movies mentioned above in the next 5-7 years.

  8. Yes but will it star Vincent Chase?

    • haha i say.. Nathan Fillion for aquaman! LOL

      • Yeah people say Nathan Fillion for everything!

        Will James Cameron direct?

        • What about Kevin Dillion?!?!
          just kidding
          seriously though I bet someone is gonna say Chris Pine, eventually

          • I’m still waiting for someone to mention Sam Worthington, his name usually comes up for, well, anything…

            • Justin Hartley, if not, then Sam Worthington. 😛

  9. Wait Capt. America and Thor second tier? I disagree and would like to see some official info. that lists either as such.

    Also last I heard the Wonder Woman movie was going to be turned into a TV series.

    and Vic…..could you please delete the spammer “hgcvcgf”? I have seen him post his ad in more than one thread.

    • I would say they are second tier, with Marvel, your first tier characters are X-Men/Wolverine, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Hulk, possibly Iron Man now, whereas second tier would include Captain America, Thor, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, Daredevil.

      Same with DC, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are top tier, probably along with Green Lantern these days, but Green Arrow, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Flash are all second tier.

      • Fantastic Four is absolutely a second tier heroes

        • I disagree.

          • Disagree all you want, but the leader of the Avengers is not a second tier character. It maybe in your alternate universe. Deadpool???? not even on the radar of being second tier.

            • You’re right…Deadpool is third-tier :)

          • I also disagree.

    • mongoose,

      Done. We get thousands of spam attempts every day. Unfortunately I *do* need to sleep at some point. 8)


  10. I would like to see Adrian Grenier offered the role with a spot in the cast for Mandy Moore.

    The Entourage parallels with a possible James Cameron directing gig would be priceless.

    • The clip they show of Vince as Aquaman, jumping off the pier into a tidal wave looked really cool!

      • I really thought that was cool as well as intriguing.

  11. I love DC characters but Aquaman is not as popular to people as Batman, Superman, wonder Woman, or Flash.

    Sorry I don’t even think Green Lantern is that big of a superhero to most people. I don’t know if Green Lantern or Aquaman will have as much pull as Superman and Batman in the DC comics.

    The reason why X-men and Spider-Man did so well is because they had their own shows for over 20 years and they were popular. People knew who they were from either growing up and having kids. That’s why the movie did so well. Same with Batman and superman.

    Green Lantern and Aquaman seem like it won’t have much sucess as stated.

    • Green Lantern may have been a second tier character, but since Geoff Johns started writing the book, its probably one of the most popular, I’d like to see what the sales figures for each title are to compare though.

  12. i really think they should go with the old Super Friends formula for writing this thing. I remember thinking it was odd, even as a child, that the Superfriends had to keep coming up with bizarre reasons to go near the water just to make Aquaman even SLIGHTLY useful. 😀

    • Yeah, that is what I used to think as well. To me the Wonder Twins and the monkey were way more useful to the Super Friends than Aquaman was.

      • @Santa LOL! I concur Sir.

  13. Wow theyre going to make films about each superhero now. WTF. Cant they come up with their own ideas (hollywood)? Then theres gonna be remakes and all that. Sorry if youre an aquaman fan im just saying that now all movies are gonna be about superheroes :(

    • I’ve been saying that for some time, I wouldnt mind if there was a comic book movie every 2-3 years, make it a special event, but every 6 months? Or just look at next summer, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, all out within a few weeks of each other.

      Overload much.

      And there is no such thing as an original idea in Hollywood, in fact if you have one, you politely asked to leave.

      • Well im sick of it,they should make like 2 a year but all these is rediculous.

  14. DC really really has no where to go. I agree with the retelling of batman and supes over and over. Other than the Big Five of DC – Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder Woman, I don’t know who else they can do really.

    • The thing is, that Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman are great characters. They are timeless, time will only tell if the same is true of Marvel characters.
      As for who else they can do, well, let me think…

      Green Arrow.
      Legion Of Superheroes.
      Teen Titans.

      Need I go on?

      • Does anybody remember the “STEEL” movie…….(crickets chirping)……..

    • Did you see RED, Whiteout, The losers, V for vendetta, these are all Dc properties, There are tons of non superhero comics that have excellent stories and characters

    • Besides the ones Dr. Beckett lists, there are, of course, the following:

      Jack Kirby’s Fourth World
      The Phantom Stranger
      ANY of the MANY Elseworlds tales
      Vigilante (old OR new)
      The Sandman (and/or The Dreaming and/or The Endless)
      Kingdom Come
      Hellblazer (rated R, adult animation, obviously)

      These don’t even put a dent in the number of possibilities.

      DC has PLENTY of options for both animated AND live-action films…

      • I would love to see the old Vigilante on the screen. The first issue was incredible.

  15. The best interpretation I’ve seen of Aquaman was in the animated series Batman:The Brave and The Bold, but somehow I don’t see Warner Bros going in that direction for a film.

  16. I they do it right, I think an Aquaman movie could be kinda cool. I mean he worked on Smallville. He was actually quite bad ass!

  17. Aquaman!! WTF when is this madness going to stop. Why don’t we have crackhead man, The alcoholic wife beater man, or paedophile man and be done with it.

    • Is something wrong with you…do you have issues? What do any of those have to do with Aquaman???

  18. The story line with aquaman in brightest day is the first time I’ve cared about him in years. If they can make people not see him as useless then this has potential. The problem with aquaman is that people don’t care cause he’s underwater so what use would he be on land. I love aquaman and would love to see him get his chance to shine.

    Btw DC needs to get going on giving us some dick grayson action because recently he’s become a very interesting character. He’s always been great but I think that the DC writers are going to make him more fascinating to analyze then bruce wayne. He’s gotham’s protector now.

    And captain america is definitely NOT a second tier character so that needs to stop LOL

  19. I thought a WonderWoman film wasn’t gonna happen, did DC/WB have a change of heart? Yes, i was hoping Aquaman would be included to gettin his own solo film along with GL & Flash. I hope the guy from Smallville will be in the title role. Im also hoping for Green Arrow, Hawkman etc. films to happen.

  20. The funniest thing that could happen would be Marvel releasing a Namor movie and stealing the thunder from DC’s Aquaman movie.

    • …not likely, but Aquaman is different enough that both could be released :)

    • @Luke, Once Marvel finds out that Aquaman is being worked on, Marvel will come out with Namor first. As a matter of fact,the Namor movie already had a script ten years ago when Universal owned the rights to him and I guarantee you that they’re already talking about the possibilities especially since Captain America is coming out and Namor was a part of The Invaders(although more than likely he won’t be in the movie).I know he HAS to have been in discussion during filming of Captain America TFA.

  21. I am a simple caveman screenranter, me likey aquaman movie, actually… me likey all superhero movies.

    seriously, bring it on. Underwater superhero action… I am however, a Namor fan first. But like it says above, they are very different characters, except for the whole “chosen one of the undersea kingdom” thing.

    And in the film interpretation he should be as interesting on land. that’s where the conflict and comedy are born, I’m reminded of darryl Hannah in Splash. Man, she really bit into that lobster!

  22. I really like to see a Aquaman movie really happen, can’t beleieve
    we have to wait that long for it to happen but, hope they have Aquaman
    & Mera appear on Smallville again even if it is a short cameo with the
    rest of the super friends, still would be cool.

  23. I agree Gina. Bruce Timm & Co. Made Aquaman such harda$$ from his guest appearance on Superman:TAS thru JLU animated series. And i seen enough material from comics that convinced me a Aquaman film is possible without being cheesy or whatver the naysayers claim. I loved what he was like on Superman: TAS especially at the end when one of Luthor’s men tried to kill him and he catches the harpoon & then warriors of Atlantis started firing at the ship and Aquaman giving Superman a warning about the surface dwellers to respect the oceans or they’ll be back to finish what they started,lol.

  24. hmm aquaman movie would be kool

  25. I will have to check those superman animated movies out, just
    saw a new one at store with shazam & superman vs. black adam,
    that looks good also have seen the apocalypse DVD with
    batman & superman.

    • @ Gina

      The episodes of Aquaman would be found on Superman: TAS Vol. 3 dvd set aswell as both Justice League seasons 1 & 2 two part episodes & couple of more on the first volume set of Justice League Unlimited.

  26. could be really good, as well as wonder woman if done in the amazon most of the film battleing crazy looking creatures, and then in the city the next half.and flash could be good too. i have to say i would rather see a namor film tho because he is just a bad @$$.

  27. Yeah they kind of blew it years ago making Aquaman a “nice guy” while at Marvel they made Namor the arrogant, pompous, super-strong, super intelligent ruler of Atlantis..when they retooled Aquaman in the 90’s it just seemed to be a big plagerized version of Namor…

    • He’s pretty arrogant on Smallville actually, I think they got the character just right there.

    • lol, thats all MOST of the DC and Marvel characters are. They shamelessly stole from each other. You can probably find a Marvel version of most big DC heroes and vise versa

  28. It should be Vinnie Chase!

    • Haha I was thinking the same thing… Huge entourage fan. Entourage Number one grossing movie beating out spiderman!!! That would be pretty sweat if they used vince aka Adrian.