5 Reasons Why ‘Aquaman’ Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

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Aquaman Movie Justice League Discussion 5 Reasons Why Aquaman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

With the success of both Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogy comes renewed evidence that DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ flagship superheros are respectively worthy of supporting big-budget movie franchises – but what about those other heroes like Wonder Woman, The Flash or even Aquaman?

The future of DC’s Movieverse is still uncertain – which is why we have plenty of time to discuss the merits of each and every one of these “second tier” heroes on the DC roster. In this installment, we’ll pitch you on 5 reasons that Aquaman could be THE next big DC/WB movie franchise.

Do you agree with our reasoning? Or is the “King of Fish” too silly for the big screen? READ ON and then decide for yourself…

The Story

Aquaman Justice League Jason Momoa Discussion 5 Reasons Why Aquaman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Part of the formula for success for DC superhero movies has been the adherence to telling character-centric stories set in a “real-world” context. In keeping with that formulaic blueprint, it’s not hard to see why Aquaman could be a winner.

At its core, the identity struggles of a man from two different worlds is relatable enough (see: Man of Steel) – but in a day and age where “the environment” is a hot-button term, and the wrath of the sea (hurricanes, tsunamis) are daily fears, Aquaman’s story can encompass topics and themes that no other superhero really can (mankind’s relationship to Nature, etc.).

Forget the silly CW pilot or that faux James Cameron film on Entourage – a serious-minded Aquaman movie could have something relevant and timely to say, given the chance.

The Characters

Aquaman Movie vs Ocean Master 5 Reasons Why Aquaman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

There’s no good story without good characters, and Aquaman has good characters to spare. The man himself is an obvious metaphor for identity struggles (particularly in a modern world of increasing multi-culturalism), but Aquaman’s mythos is filled with strong female characters (Mera); alien races (Atlanteans, the Trench); an evil half-brother (Ocean Master); and even a black archnemesis (Black Manta). As far as “dramatis personae” go, Aquaman is pretty solid.

Moreover, thanks to modern creators like Geoff Johns, the characters in Aquaman have already been fleshed-out and modernized enough that they could attract a cast of high-caliber actors, with the central role open to any chiseled leading man on the brink of stardom (read our suggestions for actors to play Aquaman).

The Setting

Aquaman Movie Message Discussion 5 Reasons Why Aquaman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Aquaman would no doubt be set on dry land during Arthur Curry’s formative years (living with his human father, Tom Curry), but after a (now-standard) hop through his troubled adolescence (hearing sea creatures, being drawn like an addict to the ocean) we could literally dive into a whole new world for superhero films to explore: the deep sea.

Being a real-life quasi-hydrophobe, the thing that terrifies me about the ocean is that it’s literally an alien terrain whose full depths we have never fully uncovered. That mystery leaves infinite possibilities for imaginative Cinematic storytelling.

The beautiful lost city of Atlantis? Terrifying regions of the deep? Freakish creatures and beasts born of the ocean (see: recent Aquaman storyline “The Trench”)? This movie could have all of the above.

The Technology

Aquaman Movie Setting Discussion 5 Reasons Why Aquaman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

If you haven’t heard, this guy named Jim Cameron is hard at work on some revolutionary technology for Avatar 2, a small sequel film that will try to bring the world visual effects related to the ocean and water that we’ve never seen before. While it’s a whole separate discussion what this new filmmaking tech will mean for the world of Pandora, one clear fringe benefit of Cameron’s tinkering could be revolutionary and kick-ass Aquaman movie experience (in 3D).

Again, the freaky (or fascinating) thing about the ocean is how mysterious it remains, even in modern times. Cameron will get first jump on showing action sequences set in much more realistic underwater settings, but DC/WB could be the first to really capture what it is for a superhero to use his ocean-based powers in combat. Aquaman kicking ass like the ‘Superman of the sea’ that he is? Yes please.


Justice League Movie Aquaman Matt Damon 5 Reasons Why Aquaman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

The difficulty of the DC Movieverse going forward is not so much figuring out how to chronicle the origins of its major characters (the “Nolan approach” seems to be doing that just fine) – the real challenge from here on out will be figuring out how to position those individual character stories around one major milestone: the world debut of Superman.

Whether an Aquaman movie takes place before or after the events of Man of Steel, one good thing about it is that its unique setting (an underwater world) is an almost guaranteed way to side-step the annoying question of ‘Why doesn’t Superman just show up and handle it?’ Superman has a world to watch over – but it ain’t the world of the sea. An Aquaman saga could play out under the ocean without Superman intervention, and nobody would likely be bothered.

Furthermore, the emergence of the Man of Steel and world-altering events of the Kryptonian invasion are all events that could catalyze events in an Aquaman story, by serving as the inspirtation of an Atlantean attack on the surface, or Superman inspiring Aquaman to make a choice about his identity etc… In short: this character would be easy to position within the Justice League movie canon.

Justice League Movie Members New 52 5 Reasons Why Aquaman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Below you’ll find a quick recap of why we believe an Aquaman movie could be the next successful superhero blockbuster for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Do you agree with our reasoning? Let us know in the comments!

  •  The Story – Aquaman is a richly complex character with an epic origin story.
  • The Characters – They’re diverse, three-dimensional, modern and perfect star vehicles.
  • The Setting – Superhero action beneath the seas? Yes Please!
  • The Technology – Given where film tech is headed, the visual splendor of Aquaman could be unmatched by anything else in the genre.
  • Continuity – We need the next chapter in the Justice League saga, and this is a perfect fit.


We’ll Keep you updated on the status of the DC Movieverse as more information is released. For now, catch Man of Steel in theaters.

[All Artwork is the Property of DC Comics]

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  1. Aquaman has a Shakespearean theme to the character that I think would translate really well, like Thor has. Aquaman is actually a really unique character because he is torn between his duties as king of Atlantis, not being fully accepted because of his land father, and then not being fully accepted by the land dwellers whose shores he is committing to protect.

  2. Aquaman will have his work cut out for him with all of the overfishing, trawling, predatory fishing, oil extraction (and all of the pollution it creates as side effects), toxins and all of the other garbage (namely plastic) dumped in to our oceans. Maybe he himself might suffocate on a plastic bag, or end up alone with no fishies to play with.

    • …….wow…nobody mention cyborg?

      • Id hate to sound like a racist guy but he’s black so he’ll probably be in the movie because they have to have an African American as well as a woman.

        • You didn’t that at all.

          • What?

    • You know, I was born, raised and still live on an island in the Pacific ocean. I can assure you that there would still be work for Aquaman as protector of the underwater world. These ecological issues could however lead to Aquaman’s major problem of belongingness to humans.

    • If Aquaman ends up being environmentalist propaganda, like Godzilla was, I am going to be SO pissed

  3. ^ That’s because he sucks and they should use the Martian Manhunter in the movie!

    • he sucks? ok

    • I used to think he sucks too, but Ive started reading the new 52 comics and theyre really good and hes a badass.

      • Agreed. Excellent art and writing and in one Justice League comic he actually held his own against Wonder Woman in a fight in both the New 52 comics and in the Flashpoint Paradox movie based on the comics.

        Some people just think back to lamo cartoons from 30 years ago and think his power is just “talking to fish” and breathing underwater. I like how they worked these misconcepctions into the early issues of the new run he is eating fish at a restaurant and specifically tells someone shocked at this thinking he “talks to fish” that he doesn’t talk to fish, he telepathically pushes them to aid him (“though dolphins are another story”)

        He’s bulletproof, can leap like the Hulk, and took down a Godzilla sized beast and performed some other pretty impressive feats of strength. He’s also the ruler of a nation and has mystical artifacts like his trident.

        The new run portrays him as a man caught between worlds and honestly does a much better job at telling a story of a man struggling to overcome isolation from others than most Superman and Batman stories that usually run with that theme. Supes is largely loved by the public, where Arthur is treated like a joke or mistrusted because of the conflict that arose with Atlantis when his brother was ruling and because of his half human heritage, experiences outright hostility from some Atlanteans who reject him and others that distrust him because they think he is too close to the surface world.

        Its good stuff and hes is actually one of the more interesting JL characters now and his story is fresh whereas Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and Cyborg and Supes are mostly unchanged from pre-flashpoint, though Supes has a bit more of an edge having lost both his parents when he was 17-18 rather than just his pa. Wonder Woman is also more interesting now too with more of a warriors edge and even become the god of war. She’s actually by far the most violent character in the JL now.

  4. The idea of an “AQUAMAN” movie is intresting,,but it will need great
    creativity,a good costume design-and not someone’s weird idea of a costume,
    but a fairly accurate one,with his orange and green colors,with the green gloves-don’t really like the Trident,because that’s more of “Prince Namor’s”
    look,,but with a good script,a great story,and obviously a fine actor,,doing
    a movie about DC’s Man of the Sea should prove challenging! it brings me back to the NBC Television series “MAN FROM ATLANTIS” from 1977,because that
    was the closest anyone’s ever got,doing material like this! but of course,
    AQUAMAN will always be remembered as the star of his 1967 CBS series from
    “THE SUPERMAN-AQUAMAN HOUR OF ADVENTURE” by the people of Filmation Studios
    so if Warners does do an Aquaman movie,i seriously hope that they will be
    extremely creative and original,because lots of movies based on comicbooks
    flop bigtime,inspite of the passions or intentions! i hope this plan is a

    • No trident? …can he ride a giant seahorsie at least?

    • “don’t really like the Trident,because that’s more of “Prince Namor’s”

      do you really think Aquaman and Namor are different characters? It used to be that Namor was what Aquaman would be if he wasn’t a pussy, and now that Aquaman isn’t a pussy anymore they are the same character. Also, the trident is a Poseidon thing, so it really fits with any Sea King character

  5. Aquaman sucks. End of story!

    • I used to be like that too, but Ive started reading the new 52 Aquaman and he’s pretty cool. He can survive gunshots with barely a scratch and hes a badass with the trident. I could actually see this being a movie and being successful.

    • Yes he does for the most part. But from time to time there has been a writer to make him more.

    • Aquaman does not suck he is awesome read his comics

  6. Horrible idea. Aqua man is trash.

    • Aquaman hasn’t been trash in YEARS. Stop listening to modern media, pick up a New 52 Comic and make your own opinion on one of the greatest heros ever. Aquaman is amazing, he truly is. The guy is strong enough to knock out Superman, he’s defeated Green Lantern, has reflexes 5 times that of Batman, he’s bullet proof, he can jump over 5 floor buildings, and he wields his Trident like Thor wields his hammer. Aquaman is not trash, not anymore.

      • Does he still ride a giant seahorse in the comics?

      • While I have enjoyed Aquaman in the Justice League since the New 52, I still haven’t been able to bring myself to actually read an Aquaman solo story. Is he really that good without the League?

  7. I think it’s a fantastic idea. People that give responses like the first two are people with no imagination. I still remember Peter David’s amazing run on Aquaman, where Atlantis (with Aquaman leading it) attacked and defeated and occupied a country that crossed it. He’s not a fish guy. He’s the f-ing king of the MAJORITY OF THE EARTH. There is more water than land here, people. It’s good to be the king!

  8. I casted Sam Worthington to play “The King of Atlantis” and he looks good for the part. He both can star in AQUAMAN & JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. He looks like the original version, either way.

    Sam Worthington as Aquaman/Arthur Curry, Jr (Comments ?)
    Amanda Seyfried as Princess Mera (Comments ?)
    Alexander Ludwig as Aqualad/Garth (Comments ?)
    Jeremy Irons as Ocean Master/Orm Marius (Comments ?)
    Dennis Quaid as Tom Curry (Comments ?)
    Penelope Ann Miller as Atlanna Curry (Comments ?)
    Cuba Gooding, Jr as Carl Durham (Comments ?)
    Orlando Bloom as Jim Lockhart (Comments ?)

    Plot Summary: Arthur Curry was abanded from his parents (Tom & Atlanna) from the Lighthouse as a child. And he was drifted underneath the sea where a school of dolphins rescued him and he learns how to breathe underwater with a telepathic power surrounded in a bubble. He is sent to the ancient city called Atlantis beneath the ocean, and he is adopted by the Atlantean Warriors, and he grew up and became King, and learns how to swim underneath the ocean by reaching for surface, and he learns to communicate with his super-telepathic powers to speak to the Sea Mammals. He is now called “AQUAMAN: The King of Atlantis”, to save the Oceans.

  9. In Man of Steel when the general is making a secure call to another military commander he says the word of the day is “trident”. Just thought that may have been a nod to Aquaman.

  10. NO offense to the DC fans but seriously DC heroes have big flaws, in Aqua man’s case his primary power is not adaptable, he should be able to control water so he can bring the fish to the fight, Iron man’s gimmick is his suit, we watch the movies to see that but he can carry his suit where ever he goes, Aqua man can not do the same.

    The better option is Flash, it’s a shame too cause after Marvel makes Quicksilver look good on the big screen DC will follow, all flash needs is a proper C.G.I team and an explanation in the movie of why he doesn’t die when he runs into something.

    Wonder Woman can work if they give her a real amazon jungle feel with a truth whip not a lasso(who uses lassos nowadays),the bracelets can stay and mid way in the movie she can put on a cheerleader outfit that looks like her original costume and NO INVISIBLE JET.

    • Agreed. It confuses me how she would need a plane when she can already fly.

      • Wonder Woman can fly alone? She never did on TV (animated or TV series). She can jump leaps. I would think her more like Batman in that sense (gymnastic/acrobatic). Leave the flying to Superman.

        • She flew on the animated Justice League and Justice League Unlimited

    • A Flash movie would be over too soon!

  11. aquaman movies will be good idea batman trilogy ,green lanter,superman:man of steel are truly great dcuniverse movies and in the future justice league movies ,the flash,wonder woman,aquman movies will be coming in the future dc univers movies.

  12. Dc need to finally bet marvel to the punch an releasing a big,crafty and well scripted aquman would kill to birds with one stone 1 by pushing bck any future release date for marvels submariner a similar creator but most importantly finally putting marvel on the defense for a start ” no ur enemy” subside ..art of war..seriously it would b a chess for dc to pull it all after all I’m a fan of both..an this last little piece is for the exc at dc..remember..there’s no such thg as a rivalry if there only one side tht winning

  13. I can’t believe there is even a question to if the movie is gonna be made. Like the article said it can literally be about anything because so many parts of the ocean are unknown. As long as this movie has a plot unlike Man of Steel and iron man 3 and good cgi this movie will be amazing.

  14. I would love to see D.C. make and stand alone Aquaman movie. But I have my reservations about it. I don’t foresee an Aquaman 2 or 3 coming out of it. I think you should just go ahead and do a JLA movie first and introduce him that way. Or, if you do make a stand alone movie you need to make it an origin story. How he got his powers and such. Without an origin story first, I don’t foresee it doing well at the box office.

  15. Aquaman could be a good movie. You could do a Conan/Lord Of The Rings/Game of Thrones thing with him and doing characters that are underwater could be a visual that we’ve never seen before and God knows we could use something original in films. But you put it out as “Aquaman” and you might as well go out and dump $200M into the ocean.

    • Cameo a well liked hero in his movie. Maybe Arthur leaves a bar tipping the waitor with a platoon with Bruce being in and the waitor say’s Mr. Wayne I think that guy tipped more then you. :)

  16. After Cameron’s new cameras were a success with Avatar he tested them in the underwater setting for a smaller movie called Sanctum that was filmed almost entirely in underwater caves and underwater. It was absolutely gorgeous and to this day the only movie(other than Avatar) that does 3d justice. It could totally work if done correctly.

  17. well, considering theyère making a movie about ant-man, aqua-man doesn’t seem that far behind.

  18. well, considering they’re making a movie about ant-man, aqua-man doesn’t seem that far behind.

  19. I would love to see an Aquaman movie
    It would be an exotic cinematic experience and the character is so much separate from all the remaining characters that have been explored in the superhero world
    I believe if they give the movie a rich Shakespearean concept to challenge Thor I believe that would be even better
    Hire a prominent actor like Leo Dicaprio as the lead to get good publicity and keep Nolan and Zimmer on the production and its a wrap

  20. Still think aquaman can be an amazing movie character. The internal conflict, the romance between him and mera, the tension between the people of atlantis and his half human origin. It sets up also if they make fun of his powers.. we have yet to have a superhero like him on film.. it could be rather interesting to see what happens.

  21. Aquaman may make it in a new Little Mermaid movie, thats about it

  22. U guys keep sayin aquaman sucks, its cool how he sucks because if we have someone that sucks in d jl movie that what will make d movie more interesting cause they will be competitions. Speaking of martian man hunter I will love to see them do the movie with cyborg. They should fix both of them together in a movie instead of shooting them seperately.

    • Jason Mamoa is the actor who has been picked for the part and he was Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones so the Aquaman in the upcoming movies and he should bring a nice edge and intensity to the role. He’s certainly more physically impressive than the other actors that have been cast.

      As for Martian Manhunter, I hope they adopt some of the changes made to the character. He’s certainly still a hero but he is good and creepy. Cyborg’s new incarnation is pretty cool too. If you haven’t read it, check Forever Evil out. His story gets pretty messed up and the greater focus on his connection to our increasingly digital world and his affinity for technology is cool and fresh.

      Hell, they even mananged to make Shazam interesting and cool looking in the new run.

  23. I think aquaman should be reinterpreted as a treasure hunter, or a rogue sailor, son of the great explorer and marine biologist Tom Curry, wanted for alleged acts of eco-terrorism against oil companies and against various government agencies and their armies of mercenaries and pirates. In the midst of a search in a submerged ruins discovers his true identity, the king of Atlantis, and therefore will be haunted by his evil half brother and Thief throne, Ocean master….¿Did you like it?

  24. Think a really awesome scene would be a group of maybe African pirates kidnapping women and children and Aquaman shows up putting a stop.

    Or King Shark tearing people up on a beach.

    King Shark could play as a side villain while the main is Black Manta.

  25. I really dislike the complete idea of this character it doesn’t take much to see that his entire basis is formed around exactly what mankind does to the sea today, enslaving and taking and using anything in the sea that humans see fit, Aquaman is no different.

    His entire design is weak, pointless, wasted and an absolute MOCKERY, along with the simple understandable STUPID point that he has far too much power.

    But I ask you this, WHY is it that the super hero of the sea whom fights for the sea and all sea creatures is……..a *F*ing HUMAN!?!?! That is so weak and thoughtless, pointless no sense…

    What the *F* have Humans got to do with the ocean, it makes SENSE that the super hero of the ocean, whom defends the ocean and its inhabitants be SOMETHING OF THE *F*ing OCEAN!!! A.K.A Davy Jones style… ?

    This Aquaman is just such a waste, laugh, stupid, pointless, ATLANTA WTF really jeez must of been hard to think of that……

    A mockery of what mankind does today = Aquaman.