Warner Bros. Developing 2 ‘Aquaman’ Movie Scripts for Best Version Possible

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Aquaman Movie Scripts Story Warner Bros. Developing 2 ‘Aquaman Movie Scripts for Best Version Possible

It has yet to be confirmed that the hero will even make an appearance in Batman V Superman, but a new report claims that Warner Bros. is wasting no time in moving forward with a standalone Aquaman movie. To maximize the studio’s chances of bringing a successful version of the aquatic hero to the big screen sooner rather than later, Warner Bros. has hired both Will Beall (Gangster SquadCastle) and Kurt Johnstad (300, 300: Rise of an Empire) to being work on scripts for the film, with the best version being selected for development.

The news comes courtesy of THR, and while the rumors of Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian) have yet to be confirmed by either the actor himself or the studio, the same sources claims that the scripts being developed are mentioned to have Momoa in the lead role.

The decision to hire two writers to work on separate visions for an Aquaman film (not an uncommon practice) was no doubt made to hedge their bets, now that the studio has issued an official release schedule, confirming that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will kick off an entire shared movie universe.

The news comes hot on the heels of director Zack Snyder calling a Detroit radio station to defend the oft-teased superhero, providing a large hint that he could be set to play a significant role in DC’s future films. And while the two writers may not boast lengthy resumes, there is at least some reason to think that Snyder’s hopes for a “badass Aquaman” are indeed what WB is after.

Aquaman Movie King of Atlantis Warner Bros. Developing 2 ‘Aquaman Movie Scripts for Best Version Possible

For several reasons, Will Beall may be viewed with skepticism when it comes to any movie or character tied to Justice League. After his work on Gangster Squad left much to be desired, and his story for a Justice League film was ambitious to say the least, it had seemed that his writing talents had been pushed aside upon the arrival of Snyder and David S. Goyer. However, with a script deal in place with WB already, it’s not strange to see them putting his talents to work on a film that, given the hero’s public perception, could use some ambition.

What is perhaps even more interesting is the signing of Kurt Johnstad, most well-known for his work on both 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire, developing the screenplays for both alongside Snyder himself. We’ve expressed our belief that out of all the DC heroes set for adaptation, Aquaman has the potential for 300-level action, with the King of Atlantis at its center. With this news, it seems WB agrees.

It’s also worth noting that both of Johnstad and Snyder’s collaborations were adapted from comic books, Frank Miller’s “300” and “Xerxes.” It stands to reason that WB have asked Johnstad to put his experience in adapting graphic novel to film for Aquaman as well. DC writer Geoff Johns already provided a strong reboot of his own, so it would be a wise move to start.

Aquaman Movie vs Ocean Master Warner Bros. Developing 2 ‘Aquaman Movie Scripts for Best Version Possible

Fans can use Johnstad’s past work, or even Beall’s rumored preference for large-scale superhero stories to speculate that an Atlantean army could provide much of the action for a solo Aquaman movie. It’s far too early to say what direction the studio could choose to head, but by selecting a writer who has already had his mind on the League’s heroes, and another Snyder collaborator with a taste for classical warfare, they’re covering their bases.

We’ll keep you updated on all news related to the still-unannounced Aquaman movie, but what do you make of the news? Does the pedigree of 300 buoy your hopes, or do you still have concerns about the potential for a standalone movie starring the aquatic king? Sound off in the comments.

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Source: THR

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  1. Why do marvel losers come on comment boards for DC & talk crap? Well my theory is they hear footsteps coming of the most anticipated film since The Dark Knight… BvS Dawn of Justice. By the way, why do people complain about the destruction of Metropolis but don’t say a word about the same destruction in avengers? If anything Zod & his crew were MUCH more of an immediate threat than whatever the hell those aliens were called in avengers. Another point is why didn’t the avengers save people instead of fighting???? Which is another stupid complaint I hear. The ending of avengers was easily the weakest part of the film which in my opinion makes the film BAD! Any film with a very weak ending isn’t a good film. It’s as if whedon didn’t know how to end avengers so he went with a generic ending. With avengers coming out next year you would think marvel would own Comic-Con but no. Other than revealing josh brolin as thanos ( whom is a TERRIBLE actor ) marvel was a snooze-fest. Dawn of Justice is a year & a half away & DC brought the house down with what they had to offer. Those footsteps are getting louder marvel geeks!

      • There r trolls on both sides of the aisle so to speak. And no offense DC/Warner Bros has only started to give us a shared universe now because of marvel. And marvel will continue to make these movies as part of the shared universe since those r the only movies they have to focus on. Thats why, no matter wat some peoples opinions are, marvel has delivered hit after hit critically and box office wise (incredible hulk didn’t make alot of money during its run in theaters, but it made more than its budget). And that falls in line with most people’s opinion also. I only disagree with Iron man 3 since i thought it sucked, but even most general audiences liked it (somehow). It’s just the way it is. So it’s not like those footsteps getting louder means that marvel is guna get stomped on. It just means that’s we’ll have more comic based films to love.

        • “And no offense DC/Warner Bros has only started to give us a shared universe now because of marvel.”

          What?! How can you say that?! So, if Marvel hadn’t done what they did, then WB/DC would have been clueless, not knowing what to do with their DC properties?!
          WB/DC would have known what to do, as do FOX with the X-MEN. Besides, I seem to remember a JL movie was in production way before IM1 came out, to be directed by George Miller.
          Come on, people who run big companies like WB or Disney aren’t idiots, they have a game plan, they always do.

    • I think the reason behind people not attacking Avengers for the mass destruction is that the MCU is not trying to be real. Yes, Marvel movies have a fairly grounded tech background but it’s still the same BS science that MoS used, the only difference being that Marvel is comfortable with not being ’21th century real’. That’s why people welcome such IPs as GOTG. But calling someone a Marvel loser just because they talk like sh*t will only make you a DC loser who talk like sh*t. And you’re not a loser because you say what you think will defend the movie universe you love but because you exclude logic while doing so. ‘Marvel loser’, ‘DC brought down the house’ followed by ‘footsteps are getting louder’ is contradictory because you yourself clearly think WB is footsteps behind. And to think BvS and Justice League will outdo Avengers 2 and CA3 and what not box office-wise is just silly. And let’s not talk quality because both studios have a lot to learn. I’d like to add that while your style is somewhat blunt, I agree that Avengers is very bad cinema. The same goes to IM2, CA and Incredible Hulk. IM is very good, IM3 is enjoyable, nice cinematography, no real content (definitely not trash, though). I like Thor 2, it has a nice Travel channel vibe to it which for me makes the movie plain in a really nice way. Thor… I don’t know… OK. CA2 great, and I have yet to see GOTG. I have mixed feelings about MoS. Shaky cam was cool and intimate, too much CGI, BS script and motivations, beautiful action scenes, meh acting but made Superman likable and vulnerable which is great. Over and out.

    • Get Adrien Grenier to play Aquaman.

    • Yeah DC sucks at making movies that aren’t batman or superman and even those two got some real turkeys among them like everything post super-man 2 and the joel schumacher batman movies and when they tried to make another hero film it’s total garbage like Green Lantern, Jonah Hex and Steel.

      Honestly man of steel was horrible superman wasn’t a hero he was a dick with powers that killed more people and caused more collateral damage than Godzilla did in his movie this year and that’s really sad considering Godzilla is a 400 foot tall monster who ended up killing less people and saving more lives than then the Savior of mankind

    • You have a problem…it’s called an ID-10-T issue.

  2. WOW.. Ive just seen this and happy days! anyone thats seen my previous posts will see ive been screaming for Aquaman for ages now, and its finally happening! Aquaman is just badass, I think Aquamans storys and artwork is easily some of the best in the new 52, anyone who thinks hes lame have never read the comics, I can wait for this!!!

  3. 2 scripts? Damn, what will they have for WW? Hope they’ll choose the best.
    Let them wright!

  4. Idris Elba to play Black Manta

    Or if they decided to go with an American actor,

    Common to play Black Manta

    • Secretly hoping he’d be John Stewart instead.

  5. Head line…..

    “Warner Bros. Developing 2 ‘Aquaman’ Movie Scripts for Best Version Possible”

    The best & only response to that head line is…LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

    Aquaman is a joke. PERIOD.


    • Chad…

      You realize that with each trollish posting on these various DC threads, you make yourself look dumber and dumber.

      At this point, it’s just sad.

      • Archaeon, what a little child.

        • Why, Bob?

          …because I called out someone who as big a buffoon as you?

          Awww…you’ll deal with it somehow. 😉

    • It’s actually one of their wiser descisions! They struggle to maintain their unique properties so writing 2 scripts is a good idea.

  6. vinny chase !

  7. I’m happy that they’re (apparently) moving forward so aggressively on “Aquaman”. He’s a powerful and (if done right…perhaps, like Geoff Johns’s New52 version) an intriguingly complex character who deserves to take his place in the DCCU.

    Here’s hoping…

    • Him and WW could be the equivalent of Thor, just better than his movies I hope lol

  8. i have to agree with tony and if dc do this right they will definitely leave marvel behind.

    • or catch up.

      • They’ve already caught up with just ‘Man of Steel’ which was better that the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. 😉 Admit it pal.

  9. The marvel vs dc war is stupid. Both companies make good films but crappy comics. To kiddy compared to the aesome stuff image or even dark horse puts out. And if image started making films you fan boys,would have a heartattack knowing fegies and snyders days,are numbered. A youngbloods movie would kill the avengers and jl.

    • Well…in YOUR opinion, of course.

      Ummm, is “YoungBlood” still with Image? I know Grifter (who WAS an Image mainstay) is now fully ensconced in the DCU, just as an example. I don’t recall which other Image characters (if any) have also made the move…

    • Image has maybe 3 or 4 decent comicbook properties. If DC and Marvel were garbage they wouldn’t be the most relevant companies in comicbook history

  10. I always loved the idea of having one of their more trusted animated writers develop a script for one of their love action movies. The writer of justice league war might be a good choice for a WW movie or maybe even one of the writers from the justice league cartoon. As far as the two writers mentioned in the article, I think they are interesting choices who could possibly be great choices as long they pay attention to detail to the actual dialog of the movie. I thought gaurdians of the Galaxy was a really good movie but my one critique of the movie was the overall dialog wasn’t the greatest so I think it’s important for DC to avoid that same mistake as people seem to be a lil more critical on them than they are on marvel.

  11. Why are all these WB/DC fans so insecure? I mean they just reek of Marvel jealousy. Why?

    They’re so paranoid about Marvel because Marvel has dominated the genre for years. So?

    Pretty sad WB/DC fan, pretty sad.

    • Tim…

      You didn’t type that inane comment with a straight face…right?

    • My theory is that DC fans were so positive that wb was destined to be at the top, they believed that WB were going to make awesome WW movies or a live action JL TV show or some other great stuff. But WB never moved. Then Marvel pops out of nowhere, makes millions from the avengers and takes the throne that they believed that DC/ WB were supposed to take for themselves.
      And that’s when they were filled with hatred and jealousy at all things marvel. But that’s just my interpretation.

      • Not saying all DC fans are like that. I’m just trying to find the place where this stupid war all began.
        I’m sure there are smart ones that know to love both companies.

        • Luis P…

          Then, how do you explain the EXACT same behavior by Marvel fanboys (because remember that it is the fanBOYs because on BOTH sides that are acting and reacting in such a manner…not the actual fans)?

          (By the way, thank you for actually joining conversations…THAT is all I had wanted.) :)

          • Ah, now that can be explained too.
            With marvel fanboys, they are finally at the top. Their dreams of seeing stuff like gotg and Doctor strange are coming true. But they see wb trying to take it. The marvel fanboys believe that since they got the throne to the empire first, no one can have it.
            Not WB, not Sony, not Fox, only “Grand Supreme Emperor Feige” can have it.
            Does this answer your question?

            • Fair enough.

              A very reasonable response.

              Now, if only both sides would calm down and enjoy the breadth of the comic book multiverse on film…


              • Thanks. They just don’t understand that the ”throne” can be shared and there can be peace.

                WB and Marvel can both be Grand Supreme emperor.

                Fox can be the Prince

                Sony can be the duchess
                ( I like Sony the least out of all of them)

  12. Oh brother, I see we have another Green Latern to look forward to. Great.

    Why don’t they just try to get Superman right first before moving on to harder characters?

    • …but they DID get Superman right. He was great in MoS.

      • Now is not the time to start another fight,archaeon.
        As much as I liked mos, I’d prefer not to see you get in an argument with the other haters.

        • I’m not. That was (and will be) my only response to him).

          Don’t worry.

          • Archaeon & Luis P.

            Why don’t you two get a room fo have a little “just us time” instead of spooning here in front of all of us?

            • Jerry…

              Drop dead.

              First, however, learn how to converse with someone, like Luis and I were doing.

              Toodles. :)

              • @ Archaeon

                It is absolutely hilarious how overly sensitive you are. You are so easy to draw out & manipulate, so easy to offend & so easy to anger. It’s great. It’s like you can’t resist retorting every negitive comment. It just cracks me up every time you get mad or upset. Thanks for that. You are very entertaining, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to say next. :)
                Remember, those that anger you control you, & you give that control up more easily & more quickly than anybody I have ever seen on this site. What a simpleton.

                You give me a chuckly everyday Archaeon, so I just wanted to say thanks. :)

                • Ken…

                  Nah, I just have a low tolerance for stup!d!ty…it’s one of the reasons I rarely talk with YOU.

                  Speaking of simpletons, you should raise the bar for what entertains you, because that little revelation of yours showed you to be the simpleton. Find a hobby. Good luck with that…

                  Oh, and for Drew’s amusement (below): Toodles. 😉

                    • Leave.. him.. alone.

              • Toodles?


                Who says ‘Toodles’ any more? Oh wait…….

                • Drew…

                  My closing bothers you somehow?

                  Would you prefer “Ciao” or “Sayonara” or “Aloha” or “Shalom”?

                  Toodles. 😀

            • Hmm.. you seem to be very rude,selfish and enjoy bothering people when its none of your business.

              Do you work for TMZ?

  13. 3 or 4 properties lol. Pitt, supreme, savage dragon, prophet, spawn, brigade, walking dead marvel and dc are too kiddie.

    • Watchmen, punisher, deathstroke, preacher, marvel knights, 100 bullets etc. etc. All adult comics published by marvel and DC. If you actually picked up a comic for once in your life you’d know that Marvel and DC comics are not “kids comics”

      • AI was a marvel fan back in the day. Picked up an issue of deathblow (i still wish the y made that one) and never looked back.

  14. I for one seriously love both dc and marvel because they’re both great in different ways but I think movie wise Marvel beats Dc by far by far and not that I don’t think dc/wb is good at making movies I kinda loved MoS behind all the stupid ish and I love DCs dark tone and Marvel has some GREAT movies cuz I loved both Cap movies but hate Thor movies ,Iron Man(the first 1) was good and Avengers was a great Summer BLOCKBUSTER cuz I didn’t walk in expecting much of a story from it I had already gotten that from the individual superhero movies and the Action and Comedy side of it was great(HULK VOICE: Puny god) but DC movies aren’t that big considering MoS only made ±600mill I expected a billion cuz come on its Superman and Marvel has so many of its properties doing Great even the ones they don’t own and basically all marvel movies are hits except for a few black sheep and I’m sure Sony and 21century execs would crawl on glass for some more Marvel properties but I really want DC to do great cuz I’d like to see more from them and no offense but DC fans DCCU is not a sure thing if the other properties except for Superman and Batman can’t carry their weight
    And Marvel Fans Batman v Superman and JL are one the way so watchout
    P.S I didn’t mention Dark knight trilogy cuz I don’t think its really in the DCCU cuz its in its own world and I didn’t mention GoTG cuz I haven’t watched it I think that’s all

    • Manhunter…


    • I agree with you.
      Exactly like you said not a perfect movie.
      As a lifelong superman fan I had huge hopes and anticipations for this movie. When I came out I felt happy to be a superman fan again it was exactly what I had wanted to see.
      For me I felt that Clark letting his father die was a little underwhelming. I preferred Jonathan Kent dying of a heart attack, something that Clark could do nothing about.
      I also thought the level of destruction and action at the end of the movie was a little bit too much. Had they toned it down even just a little I thought it would have made an improvement.

  15. Well done sir!

  16. This makes me so happy :’)
    I still don’t like Momoa as Aquaman, they needed a blonde since that’s kinda a huge part of his backstory…
    But as long as he’s done justice and the rediculous age old joke is put to rest than I can’t complain too much!

    • I agree with you, see Jason Momoa looks like a villain like playing Vandal Savage or Solomon Grundy in the JUSTICE LEAGUE film. Zack Snyder should pull him off the hook.

  17. This is great news i hope kaldur’ahm makes a cameo. As for DC copying marvel,the avengers exist today coz they got the idea from the justice league

  18. A

  19. @juice lee