5 Actors Who Could Play Aquaman in ‘Justice League’

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Aquaman Movie King of Atlantis 5 Actors Who Could Play Aquaman in Justice League

He may be the butt of every superhero joke among the masses, but Aquaman has been given new life thanks to DC Comics’ company-wide ‘New 52′ relaunch. No longer the ‘Super Friend’ in spandex who talks to fish, the new and improved Arthur Curry is a tough-as-nails king in the making.

Skills to rival Superman or Wonder Woman have won him a prominent role in not only his own title, but the Justice League series as well, meaning it’s more possible than ever that a big screen team-up will include Aquaman. If that’s the case, who could be trusted to do the King of the seas justice in live-action?

Here are our picks for 5 Actors Who Could Play Aquaman in Justice League.


Liam McIntyre

Liam McIntyre in Spartacus Damned 5 Actors Who Could Play Aquaman in Justice League

The reserved but good-natured star of Spartacus: Vengeance is one of our dark horses in the Flash race, but the casting of Liam McIntyre as Arthur Curry would make the intentions of Warner Bros. clear: this Aquaman’s weapons and armor aren’t for show, and is certainly not the one made famous alongside his ‘Super Friends.’ It’s a take on the character that would surprise many, but not those familiar with the New 52 version.

Now that Geoff Johns has re-imagined the aquatic hero as one of the most brutal warriors in the world, the opportunity to make Aquaman a fighter (not just a friend to fish) in Justice League is wide open. His first meeting with the rest of the League in the comics sent a clear message that he was a ruthless warrior, and casting McIntyre would do the same.

We have no doubt that McIntyre would be up to the challenge – he’s proven his abilities as a leader and combatant on a weekly basis – especially if the studio plans only to use him in a supporting role to heroes like Superman and Batman.


Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgard in The East 5 Actors Who Could Play Aquaman in Justice League

You don’t have to look far to see that Alexander Skarsgård is at the top of many Comic-Con attendee’s list of superheroes-in-waiting. With a fan-favorite role as True Blood‘s ‘Eric Northman,’ the Swedish actor has the kind of appeal to female genre fans that any studio would kill for –  and the type of appeal that would go a long way in making an Aquaman movie worthwhile.

Lest we forget, Skarsgård has also proven his abilities as a physical performer, brooding killer, and not-quite-human member of society. Those are all skills and experience that would come in handy with Arthur Curry’s life split between the surface-dwelling humans and the underwater kingdom (and love interest) that he can’t escape.

He may not be the member of the True Blood cast most vocally campaigning for a role with DC, but a breakout role sending Skarsgård to leading-man status is coming soon. Why not give him a trident and get while the getting’s good?


Sam Worthington

sam worthington clash of the titans 3 5 Actors Who Could Play Aquaman in Justice League

He is one of the few actors currently making a living out of wielding a sword and spear (and drawing audiences every time he does), so casting proven headliner Sam Worthington would be a wise move to attract action fans to the trident-wielding Aquaman’s standalone adventures.

While genre fans and the Comic-Con crowd may not see Worthington as an accomplished thespian or unquestionable ‘leading man’ just yet, there’s no denying the one thing he is: bankable. Wrath of the Titans (2012) proved that when Worthington is on hand for a blockbuster, a big box office is a sure thing. That’s the kind of mass appeal that die-hard comic fans may not be hoping for, but Warner Bros. needs to count on if they’re going all-in on their DC universe heroes.

Worthington’s casting might make a deep, introspective look at the weight of a crown or life as a child of two races less likely, but would guarantee some crowd-pleasing action.


Garrett Hedlund

tron legacy sequel garrett hedlund 5 Actors Who Could Play Aquaman in Justice League

As one of the brightest young actors that has yet to hit both financial and critical acclaim headlining a film, Garrett Hedlund seems poised to explode if given the right opportunity. Some might argue that Tron: Legacy was exactly that, or that Tron 3 might be the success Disney hopes for; that may be the case, but it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t bring a youthful appeal to the Aquaman’s angst.

DC and Warner Bros. would have competition, since it’s no secret Disney and Marvel both have their eyes set on Hedlund for the future (previously a finalist for Captain America ), and now that Star Wars: Episode VII is a reality – potentially requiring either a young Han Solo or Han and Leia’s son Jacen – his stock can only be rising.

Hedlund may be a long shot, but his performances in films like Friday Night Lights (2004) and Four Brothers (2005) convince us he’d do the part justice.


Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural Bloodlines header 5 Actors Who Could Play Aquaman in Justice League

Although plenty of CW fans will demand to see Justin Hartley (Smallville) get a chance at playing Aquaman since his TV pilot, Mercy Reef, was canned, Warner Bros. has an even stronger young star in its employ. We speak of course of Jensen Ackles, one half of the dynamic duo of Supernatural.

Taking a show to its ninth season is impossible without talent and a large fan base to match, so if the studio ever plans to use existing network audiences to help a hero reach mainstream success, Aquaman needs it most. And few command viewer loyalty like Ackles.

Confidence, onscreen charisma and likability are all things that Ackles’ ‘Dean Winchester’ has exuded for almost a decade on TV, with a bit of an edge that would help make Arthur Curry more than a walking joke. Men and women pay the same price for movie tickets, and Ackles has found fans with both; a much-needed boost to any Aquaman film would starting with a proven – and underrated – star.


Aquaman Justice League Jason Momoa Discussion 5 Actors Who Could Play Aquaman in Justice League

That concludes our list of actors that we feel could play the solemn, deadly, and proud Arthur Curry on the big screen. As is clear from our range of choices, the actors chosen to bring Aquaman to life in a possible Justice League movie depends largely on the version of the character Warner Bros. and DC wish to take. Ridiculed heartthrob, or future king?

What are your hopes for a live-action take on Aquaman? Do you think the comics have done a solid job of making him dangerous and deadly once again, or are you hoping to see a different approach taken?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. I’m irritated that Green Arrow gets more done with him then Aquaman who I think needs to be shown more in the spotlight for a actor I would go with the guy who play’s spartucus in the HBO series.

  2. I’m irritated that Green Arrow gets more done with him then Aquaman who I think needs to be shown more in the spotlight.

  3. For a actor the guy who plays spartucus in the HBO series.

  4. I really see number two as playing the Flash.

  5. Adrian Grenier has already played Aquaman for any entourage fans out there. He can’t get a chance?

  6. The best choice, like amazing choice, would be Nikolaj Coster-Waldau(Jamie Lannister-Game of Thrones).

    • I think that’s a great choice.

      Honestly, Aquaman can be cool, but he’s a tough sell. I think one of the techniques is to make him an exotic heartthrob for the ladies (not that women only enjoy movies with really handsome actors, but it helps). He’s royalty, and Marvel kind of did it with Thor – make a badass for the guys, and an exotic prince type (yeah, I know Aquaman is the King of Atlantis) for the ladies.

      The actor’s got to be blonde, and speaking a non-American accent sells the fact that Aquaman is from another world (an American perspective, but that’s the primary audience).

  7. I may get laughed at for this, but I thought Ryan Kwanten would be an excellent Aquaman.

  8. Does no one else want Alex Pettyfer? He’s young, buff, and looks like he could be a young prince/king. He’s no stranger to action movies, either.

  9. I hope it will be Sam Worthington

  10. Sam will be the best Aquaman

  11. Honestly, I think a nice bridge between Marvel and DCU would be The Sub-Mariner vs. Aquaman. Not a lot of people remember the Sub-Mariner, but Daredevil took him on in one of the first comic issues, and, subsequently, got his arse handed to him (but to give DD credit, it wasn’t from lack of trying). Submariner is not all that evil, but more of an anti-hero type of personality. More selfish and looking towards his own goals than those of the people of Earth. Sub-Mariner is practically indestructible, and has the ability of super strength, is able to live in and out of the water, and can fly to boot! Aquaman has the power to control the ocean and all creatures of the sea (almost like a human Poseidon, if you will). A Battle Royale between these two as a tie-in between the two popular comic companies as a sort of “acknowledgement” that they both operate in the same timeframe and universe would be cool, and would help bridge for future movies where Marvel and DCU co-exist and team up against evil.

    • What?

      DC and Marvel won’t ever be doing crossovers. And never the Sub-Mariner versus Aquaman. That flop could possibly “sink” their companies (couldn’t resist the pun). Let’s have characters with the exact same powers fight for no reason.

  12. Since Ben affleck is now batman I would like to see an older actor take on aquaman such ass daniel craig just because he has that mysterious dark edgy acting talent and so many people hate aquaman so if you put a well known actor it’ll create a badass aquaman

    • I completely love that idea big time Daniel Craig would be awesome

  13. Some of those actors look like teens! Aquaman should be at least thirty-something. Justin Hartley (Arthur from “Smallville” and now on “Revenge”) still too young?

  14. I can picture a few different people for Aquaman. I like the Garrett Hedlund choice and the Jensen Ackles choice. To me tho I think Liam Hemsworth would be an awesome Aquaman. His brother can give him some input on playing a superhero. He has action movie experience he has a good following from girls. I could see him being a successful Aquaman.


  16. I think Travis Fimmel from History’s first scripted series ‘Vikings’ would do an amazing job with the Aquaman character. He’s going to be playing a King in season 3, so he already has experience with the King-like character.

  17. I think Mike Vogel could be a possible Candidate for the role as aquaman.

  18. I think Garrett Hedlund would be the best to be Aquaman. For starters: He’s ACTUALLY blond. He’s not ripped, but not terribly skinny, which is perfect for Aquaman.