April 2013 Movie Preview 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: April 2013

April is the calm before the summer storm – before the various superhero films of 2013 hit. However, that doesn’t mean April is without its fair share of intriguing films. In fact, there are a few movies releasing this month that could come away with a hefty chunk of change at the box office.

Ultimately, though, the real battle of April comes down to two big budget veterans: Tom Cruise and Michael Bay. Both are looking to capture audience’s attentions with genre films that are well within their wheelhouse. Which film will win, however, is up in the air. And so, without further ado, here are the 5 films we’re looking forward to in April 2013.

April Movie Preview Evil Dead 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: April 2013

When the remake of Sam Raimi’s seminal classic, Evil Dead, was first announced, many fans cried foul. However, when star Bruce Campbell and Raimi himself signed off on the project (both are producers on the film) there was a hope that Evil Dead could buck the bad remake trend. And then that terrifying red-band trailer arrived, it proved that, if nothing else, this movie wasn’t pulling any punches.

Yes, there’s no Ash (or is there?), but a lot of the other key elements from the original Evil Dead appear to be well preserved. Early buzz for the film coming out of SXSW was mostly positive, proclaiming the film a fun and gory ride. Most importantly, the success of this film could determine whether Raimi and Campbell get to make a proper Evil Dead/Army of Darkness sequel.

Check out the trailer for Evil Dead.

April Movie Preview Jurassic Park 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: April 2013

As much as the 3D re-release trend might be wearing thin, there are still a few movies that, if the 3D conversion is done well, would have audiences roaring back to theaters. Jurassic Park is such a movie. Steven Spielberg’s big-budget blockbuster had us laughing, screaming, and cheering back in 1993, and now it hopes to do so with an added dimension. As an added bonus, the film is getting a limited IMAX run, so moviegoers who want to attempt to replicate the experience of having a T-Rex chase them can do so on 100-foot screens.

While the film itself comes highly recommended, the 3D conversion is a big question mark. That being said, this might be worth seeing in theaters – if only to get a brief refresher before Jurassic Park 4, which just recently secured a new director.

Check out the trailer for Jurassic Park 3D.

April Movie Preview Upstream Color 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: April 2013

Shane Carruth’s first film, Primer, is not an easy film to process. It’s easily recommended, but oftentimes under the guise of “I bet you can’t figure this out.” Carruth’s second film, Upstream Color, does not deal with the intricacies of time travel, but is no less complex. We’d like to give a general synopsis for the movie, but that would likely lead to further confusion.

While the film doesn’t have an official release date, it should hit a few markets on the 5th, and will hopefully expand from there. It’s hard to say that we’re “looking forward” to Upstream Color, but we are ready for the discussions it’s sure to foster. After all, we’re still trying to figure out Primer some 9 years later.

Check out the trailer for Upstream Color.

April Movie Preview Oblivion 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: April 2013

After films like War of the Worlds and Minority Report (both directed by Steven Spielberg) it’s fair to say that Tom Cruise and science fiction go well together. That’s why Oblivion makes our list for April. Pairing the venerable action star with Tron: Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski, Oblivion is the first of two post-apocalyptic sci-fi blockbusters set for release this year (the other being Will Smith’s After Earth).

This film imagines a future where Earth won the “war” against an invading entity, but the planet was ravaged in the process, leaving it seemingly uninhabitable. But as Cruise’s character – a maintenance tech who works the barren wasteland – discovers, that history might not be quite true. Quality of Tron aside, Kosinski has a pretty keen eye for flashy visuals, and we’re excited to hear M83’s score. The film has potential, but there are plenty of question marks.

Check out the trailer for Oblivion.

April Movie Preview Pain and Gain 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: April 2013

For almost a decade, Michael Bay was known as the director of Transformers. But before that, however, he was an action movie director that reveled in his R-rating, and loved to blow things up. And so, Pain and Gain is a return to form for the director – a return to the types of films that got him the Transformers job.

Starring The Rock, Mark Wahlberg, and Anthony Mackie, Pain and Gain tells the true story of three thick-skulled body-builders that moonlight as criminals. Things escalate from there, and before long the trio’s running through the Michael Bay gamut – car chases, shootouts, enormous explosions.

Check out the trailer for Pain and Gain.

Oblivion Poster 5 Movies Were Looking Forward To: April 2013

While April is relatively light compared to last month, there are still plenty of films worth checking out. Additionally, there are a few movies that did not make our list, but might appeal to a smaller selection of audiences.

There’s the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 (April 12th), which stars Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman. Scary Movie 5 (April 12th) also comes out this month, since someone thought these movies were still relevant. And then there’s the romantic comedy The Big Wedding, which is chock-full of high-profile stars but has received little marketing.

But, as was mentioned, it ultimately comes down to Bay vs. Cruise. Who do you think will win the month of April? Which movies are you excited to see this month?

Once again, here are the 5 Movies We’re Looking Forward to in April:

  • April 5th: Evil Dead, Jurassic Park 3D, Upstream Color
  • April 19th: Oblivion
  • April 26th: Pain and Gain