9 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: April 2012

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9 Movies We're Looking Forward To: April 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in TitanicIt's hard to argue that March 2012 belonged to any movie other than The Hunger Games. March had its share of disappointments and successes but The Hunger Games really won the month, both critically and commercially. Breaking box office records, it could be one of the biggest movies of the year. April 2012 looks a little different: There are fewer blockbusters coming out - unless you count a 3D version of Titanic - but more smaller films that could surprise audiences and critics alike.As we did in March, we've compiled a list of the biggest movies we're looking forward to this month. There weren't 10 movies that really stood out to us so we cut it down to "9 Movies We're Looking Forward to." As always, let us know what you're looking forward to seeing in the comments below.

April 4: 'Titanic 3D'

Boat sinking in TitanicSure, we've seen Titanic. Who hasn't? It's the second-highest grossing movie on the planet, so it would be hard to find a dozen or so people who haven't seen the epic James Cameron drama. What we haven't seen, though, is what Cameron - the master of Avatar - has done to enhance his already-enjoyable film with new 3D effects.Could Cameron redefine his classic film and add another layer to the story? It's difficult to make a judgment on it now but I'm sure teens and adults will be lining up to see this movie on the big screen once again. I'd be interested to hear what people who were too young when the original came out think of this story? Does it hold up since it was originally released fifteen years ago?

April 6: 'American Reunion'

American Reunion PosterThere have been numerous sequels to the 1999 comedy, American Pie. There was the first sequel, followed by American Wedding, followed by a slew of direct-to-DVD films. Now, the original cast has reunited for the first time in nearly a decade to make American Reunion.We've come a long way in cinematic raunchiness since Pie left its mark, but Reunion still looks like it has solid potential. The cast was fun to watch a decade ago so perhaps this sequel will offer up the same belly laughs that made the original stand out so many years ago. Decide for yourself by watching the trailer.

April 6: 'Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope'

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope posterI've never experienced the world of Comic-Con, but I've only heard great things about the annual fan-fest. Starting from a small event years ago, it has grown exponentially in recent years - and this documentary could show the rest of us what we've been missing.Directed by Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), this limited release looks like it will showcase many of the fans who attend the event annually. IMDB.com currently lists Stan Lee, Eli Roth and Kevin Smith as three people appearing in the film talking about their experiences at Comic-Con. If you can't make the annual gathering in San Diego, this might be the next best thing....

April 13: 'The Cabin in the Woods'

Chris Hemsworth in The Cabin in the WoodsWith Joss Whedon as a co-writer of this new thriller, expectations are running high for The Cabin in the Woods. Whedon, of course, was the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the highly-acclaimed cult favorite which continues to have a legion of hardcore fans, and of course - the director of the highly-anticipated Avengers movie opening in May. And Woods shows a lot of great potential.With a cast that includes Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Richard Jenkins (The Visitor), this movie looks much better than the typical horror flick that fans are accustomed to. With a great script and a thrilling plot, this could turn out to be a really fun ride at the cineplex.  Check out the trailer here and decide for yourself if this Whedon production will be worth the price of admission.

April 13: 'Lockout'

Guy Pearce in LockoutA prison riot? A president's daughter held captive? A lone man willing to lead a rescue mission? The plot of Lockout sounds pretty bland until you realize that the prison is in space and the rescue mission is being led by Guy Pearce. Add in a few cool special effects and this looks like a pretty decent escapist thriller.Maggie Grace (Lost) appears in this as the captive who needs rescuing. This film might not be a contender for the best of the year lists but it sure looks like it could be fun. Will the movie live up to its campy plot? Check out the trailer and decide for yourself.

April 27: 'The Five-Year Engagement'

Jason Segel and Emily Blunt in the Five-Year EngagementStarring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, The Five-Year Engagement tells the story of a long-delayed wedding. Segel is the husband in waiting and Blunt plays his long-time fiance whose job prospects keep pushing the date back. The question is: will they ever tie the knot?Both Segel and Blunt have done great work in smaller films before, so it's exciting to see them working so closely together in this new offbeat comedy. Nichols Stoller (The Muppets) co-wrote the script with Segel so this film could be much funnier than the typically bland Hollywood comedy.  Check out the trailer yourself here.

April 27: 'The Raven'

John Cusack in The RavenFeaturing John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven looks like it could be a great time at the theater. Cusack may be better known for his comedic roles, but he's made a few strong dramas before including Being John Malkovich, Con Air and Identity - so I'm definitely looking forward to his performance here.  Directed by James McTeigue, who brought us the ultra-violent V for Vendetta, The Raven looks like it's another violent film - but this movie, with an interesting story and a thoughtful lead character, could offer up  more depth and intrigue than Vendetta did. Check out the trailer to see if you're as pumped for this as I am.

April 27: 'Safe'

Jason Statham in SafeJason Statham is an action star and Safe seems to be another - pardon the pun -  safe choice for him. This genre has brought Statham so much success so far that this could be another hit for him. In this thriller, he plays a former cop who is trying to protect a young girl, who has memorized a series of numbers that a group of thugs are trying to find.I haven't been a big fan of Statham in the past but this flick looks like a mild departure from his usual films with its focus on a young innocent girl. Written and directed by Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans), this movie could bring a ton of much-needed action and excitement to the theaters before summer begins. Check out the trailer here

April 27: 'Sound of my Voice'

Sound of My Voice posterOpening in limited theaters on April 27th, Sound of My Voice looks like a geniunely creepy thriller. The plot concerns two journalists, who are trying to infiltrate a secret cult. Both reporters want to learn the truth about a cult leader who claims that she's from the future.Directed by Zal Batmanglij, this film looks oddly intriguing and the trailer astutely fails to give away any of the main plot points.  Like the cult itself, this movie looks like something one needs to see for himself to judge it accordingly.  To take a look at this creepy thriller, check out the trailer here.

9 Movies We're Looking Forward To: April 2012

Jason Biggs and the boys of American ReunionAt first glimpse, only a few April movies are truly exciting and there's no blockbuster on the list that could compare to something as highly-anticipated as The Hunger Games. That being said, there are a few strong choices this month that could turn out to be much better than expected. And then there's one - The Three Stooges - that could turn out to be as bad as the previews make it seem. Either way, here are our picks for our nine most anticipated movies of April 2012.
  • April 4: Titanic 3D
  • April 6: American Reunion, Comic Con-Episode IV: A Fan's Hope,
  • April 13: The Cabin in the Woods , Lockout
  • April 27: The Five-Year Engagement, The Raven, Safe, Sound of my Voice
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  1. Okay what happen to the avengers, and the dark knight rises i think folks are looking forward to see those films.

    • In the US (poor souls), they don’t get The Avengers until after april (unlike Australia…april 25th can’t wait), and TDKR comes on July, please read the title (Movies we are looking forward to in APRIL)

      • so far the best bit about living in australia in seeing the avengers on the 25th of april – over a week before the US. and yes they are poor souls hahahah

        • Yeah, The Avengers is definitely number one for me in April, counting down :) 25 days to go, but also curious about Cabin in the Woods.

    • it says films we look foward to in april avengers and all that dont come out in april

    • Yeah, But it says movies in April.

    • 4413241654

    • you’re funny dude… Avengers US premiere is on May and The Dark Knight Rises i think is on July 19…

  2. i am looking forward to lockout and the raven. both look like fun

    • Those are the 2 I’m most looking forward to in April. Oh, and all of you who will be getting Avengers in April….bite me! :-D

  3. It seems that I’ll be looking forward to seeing the Hunger Games one third and last time after completing the first book. What a poor lineup.

  4. what no battleship?

  5. Top 3 for me is Lockout, Safe, and the Five Year Engagement….Reunion is a close fourth. Cabin in the woods i had a sneaking suspicion is going to be kind of a lost cause. Articles like this make me just wanna scream AHH I LOVE MOVIES. I’m not going to but y’know.

    • yeah Safe & Lockout. yess
      especially with Jason in it. However im assuming your a girl its NO SURPRISE ( NO – OFFENSE ) why you chose Engagement. I-For-1-Will-NEVA-Watch-That!!!!
      -just to add: why does Freak’n HollyWood feel the need to over draw the audience attentions with typical Rom-Com’s all the time. they know very well MEN have no ” INTREST ” in those crappy movies at all. so what do they do? they add some stupid antics ( albeit sometimes they have there moments thou’ )then they add the ” REALITY ” affect to the story line as if every one thinks & feels like that. Ok so the girl loses the guy or vice versa then the Male Lead comes to some BS ephony that tells him ” I need To Be With A Woman, I Want HER ( insert Female Lead Here ) for My Life to be Complete ” ya ya ya yaaaa…etc,etc. uuugghhhhhmmmm Blaaah :( – Like Really cut the Reality some REAL slack here . cause life doesn’t happen that way. thatz why USA has the HIGHEST Divorce Rates with 2x the INFIDELITY …..SMMFH*

  6. Cabin in the Woods and that’s it.

  7. you have got to be kiddin’ me wtf is their right mind would pay to watch a one shot drama in 3D ?

    the movie only works once and that’s the 1st time watching it and only b/c of the soundtrack at the end when the bf dies, nothing else in that movie had any impact. this just shows that cameron wants money and only money, he doesn’t care for anyone besides james cameron ;)

    what next terminator in 3D, avatar 3D re-re-release ?

    • Actually, I might watch Terminator in 3D.

    • It had impact on me. Maybe 1/10 doesn’t care about this movie’s re-release but the rest are surely. Just keep quiet if you don’t have anything good to say or right. You’re inflicting negativity, ok? lol

      • marg

        I’m gonna have to say your 1/10 number is not just wrong but laughably wrong.

        Also I believe you meant write not right. Two very different words.

    • Uh, yah, you say Terminator in 3D as if that’s a bad thing…

    • Im right Up there with you dude. its like all and everything Cameron is involved with is ” JAMES CAMERON ” ….he wants money. when i saw the add for THIS . I was like ok ok is this for real or is this just one of those funny commercials selling budwiser or something . when i checked and found it to be real all i said to myself is CORPORATE BullS**T Again. NOT worth My MONEY or AnyOne Else’s. ohh yeah as for the soundtrack : really ‘ it was the most melodramatic Draw that was set for impressionable little girls ( who don t know any better ), their mom’s & anybody and everybody’s GF to say ohhh I want someone to love me like that. pssshht PLUUUEEEAASE!!!!

      • top grossing film of all time, until another JAMES CAMERON film took over. also, he’s not ALL about money. he tried to help the dip-sh!ts of BP with their oil-spill. they declined his help, then went with what he was proposing anyway…but whatever.
        people like to bash Titanic because of the love story, and i ask why? love and romance have been a common theme in many, many films, books, t.v. shows, so why do people put down anything romance related? Thanks to the Twilight films, anything romantically inclined gets compared to those movies. Just like any action/adventure type movie involving any kind of technology automatically gets compared to Transformers

  8. John, you said “it would be hard to find a dozen or so people who haven’t seen the epic James Cameron drama [Titanic].” Consider me part of that dozen :)

    • Im proud to be a part of that dozen.

      • Just curious Ignur how old are you?

        • 23 this summer sir.

          • For some reason i thought you were 29 haha…Me im 33 to old for the club,way to young for a Earth Wind and Fire reunion tour.But stay bumpin Dj Quik in the speakers lol

            • hahaha i figured i look 15 on some post & 35 on others. Blame it on my playful yet serious demeanor.

              LOL an EWF reunion tour would def be out my age demographic, tho I imagine a plethora of cougarswould benin attendance. And you know youth is my greatest source of strength against them. giggady lol

              • I look 10 years younger then my age so i can pull’em younger and older all races it doesn’t matter but i respect your game.Play on Playa

                • Respect.

      • I WISH I was part of that dozen.

      • I haven’t seen Titanic either – not planning on ever seeing it for that matter ;)
        The only way you’ll ever see me watching Titanic is if… I dunno, someone like Megan Fox ~persuaded~ me to do so
        …Giggity ;)

      • Titanic non-viewers,

        Titanic is a GREAT date movie. Score points with the girlfriend and take her to see this. Seriously!


        • I’m lucky Vic my finace is like me and hates Titanic she doesn’t hate it as much as me but has no interest seeing it again and that’s good enough.

          IMO titanic is only a good date movie if you’re dating a 13 year old girl

          • Yea Vic I wouldnt even talk to a girl into Titanic like activities. We wouldnt vibe lol. To each his own.

          • @Daniel F
            “she doesn’t hate it as much as me”
            Your fiancee hates you? Than why are you getting married?

            • you obviously knew what I meant but go in by all means be a d bag

          • Exactly 11-14 Yr Old Demographic Loves This Campy Cheese CRAP!!!
            so there right on board with it. ( no Pun intended ).

    • Unless you’re a fan of romance and wanna see Billy Zane being one of the biggest a**holes in history on film don’t worry about it.

      • Don’t worry, I have no intention of ever watching it.

        • well, thats your choice, and your loss. it is a great film.

      • i agree. however billy zane is pretty decent actor though. i like his work.
        but i did enjoy MORE of him being an A**Hole in the flim then the Childsh Fairytale between the two star crossed supossedly Lovers…..pssshhtt PATHETIC!!
        never again listen to other’s who recommend a movie to see. i know now.lol

    • I wish I was part of the dozen. That had to be the most overrated film in history. I thought it was just awful.

      • I didn’t think it was that bad; but it was a bit over-rated.

      • i 100% agree
        it was definitively WELL OVERRATED.
        this is just another perfect example of James Cameron’s ” IDEOLOGY ” of I’m The Greatest Film Director EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
        - Note to Cameron. listen Even Kings Get Have Enemies. lol

        • well, since titanic won a ton of oscars, and was the highest grossing film of all time…until he beat himself with avatar, which is currently the highest grossing film of all time. he has pioneered the post 3d conversion…so yeah…he COULD be the greatest director in the world, but haters gonna hate regardless

  9. Hmm nothing good this month might check out safe tho since statham is bad ass

  10. Titanic FTW :)

  11. I will be seeing cabin in the woods, five year engagment. And pirates band of misfits (love me a good claymation)

    • @trey, good call, I thought I was the only one looking forward to Pirates! Band of Misfits :)

      • Director of wallace and gromit and chicken run I’m defenelty going to see it. Something about claymation sucks me in. Also looking forward to the hunter. Probobly a limited release doubt ill get it at my theatre.

  12. Wow, not really looking forward to any of those… Not to say I won’t end up seeing any, but nothing I’ve been marking my calendar for…

  13. -American Reunion
    -Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope (I’ve never been fortunate enough to go the con, so it’d be awesome to see how some of my real life heroes experienced it)
    -Cabin in the Woods

    Oh, and this ‘lil independent production from a certain “Marvel Studios” on April 26th :P

    • And the Hunger Games… Don’t know why I forgot to add that one (it’s being released next week in SA)
      But yeah, mainly THE AVENGERS for April! – Think I’ll be watching that three times…

  14. I’m pretty excited for “The Cabin in the woods”. Got very good reviews so far! I hope it will be good :)

  15. Gang, I have heard nothing but good things about Cabin in the Woods, so I’m definitely going to go see that. Also, I’m fortunate enough to have The Raid: Redemption coming to a single theater 45 minutes from me this month – DEFINITELY going to catch that one.


    • Yeah Cabin in the Woods is looking to be a good one, definitely on board.

  16. I’m pretty psyched for Safe, Lockout, and American Reunion with Cabin in the Woods closing up the rear. I’m not big on horror but with Joss Whedon attached to it how can I pass it up?

    • I’m exactly the same.
      Don’t like horror (and I’ve only recently started watching a few “thrillers”), but there’s no way I can pass on Cabin with Joss at the helm.

      • To me the horror genre is best watched with a couple peopl, and no it’s not because I’m scared…much ;) I would rarely spend money to see a horror movie in theaters, as a matter of fact the last horror movie I saw in theaters was The Hills Have Eyes, but with this being Whedon’s first horror film I am interested to see how it turns out

  17. My movies for April are The Cabin In The Woods, American Reuion and Lockout.

    Why is Titanic getting a 3D re-release?

    I think Terminator 2 had been awesome in a 3D re-release.

    • @nawtnt

      AGREED. I would be first in line to get a ticket if Terminator 2 got a 3D re-release…

      I can see so many scenes that would be perfect for 3D actually. There are several scenes where someone is aiming a weapon almost directly at the camera. The scene where the t1000 is frozen, then melted, then reforms, when they do the 360 around him while he’s forming would look incredible in 3D. That first-person shot of John riding his motorcycle when the T1000 first starts chasing him after the mall would be cool in 3D. Watching that truck jump off the overpass into the “LA River” would look cool as well… The list goes on and on…

  18. Oh, and just sharing my opinion on this. I used to be 100% against 3D conversions, but I just watched Wrath of the Titans in 3D and it was converted, but you can’t really tell. Apparently the technology for converting movies into 3D have made leaps and bounds from before. Now I’m a little more open to the idea. I’ve heard from some people who have seen it in advanced screenings that Titanic 3D was actually very well done.

    • Have you seen The Avengers’ trailer in 3D?
      Because TA is actually being post-converted to 3D, but when I saw the trailer I nearly had a stroke: the footage looked amazing! (wouldn’t even have guessed it was converted).

      I was also completely against the idea of converting a movie to 3D (thought it was just a way to make extra money), but with the last few movies and trailers I’ve seen, post-conversion is starting to look… not so bad.

      • I guess those 3D cameras will be extinct soon… It looks like the technology to convert regular movies into 3D is close to being perfected…

        • I remember an interview with Joss Whedon where he said “If we’re doing Avengers in 3D, then we’ll shoot it in 3D” – he then went on to tell that he did the post-credit scene of Thor with 3D cameras and came back and told Kevin Feige “so… about this conversion process”

        • Ken,

          Every instance of 3D post-converts I’ve seen has been surpassed by a native-shot film. Even the two Journey films, 3 IMAX’s, and ESPN content that I’ve seen looks vastly better (depth-wise) than Clash, the 2 HP’s, Nightmare before Christmas, and SW Ep 1. Nightmare looked like cardboard cutouts flying around the screen. In your opinion, what has convinced you that post-converts are “perfected”?


          • @CJ

            Um, notice nobody is talking about Clash of the Titans… I think we all agree that the previous converts were all pretty bad. In fact, we’re actually talking about how Wrath is a huge improvement in its 3D compared to Clash, so it’s kind of a moot point to point out that Clash of the Titans had bad 3D. We know that, thanks… I never seen the other movies you mentioned since I always avoided watching converted 3D movies since seeing the first few… But after watching Wrath, I have to say it is truly hard to tell that it was converted. There was actually depth to each object, not just every object placed in a slightly different depth like they used to be in previous converts…

  19. the avengers
    the dark Knight rises
    American reunion
    wrath of the titans
    the three stooges
    the amazing spiderman

  20. Thanks Ken J for agreeing with my opnion.

    It would had been awesome to have Terminator 2 in 3D on the big screen and yes, there are some scenes that are awesome and have redefined how the filmakers use special effects.

  21. I’ve watched Titanic only twice – once when it came out in theaters and the second was in 3D. I was fortunate enough to take my girlfriend to the special Valentine’s Day screening of the film. IMHO, Cameron’s 3D conversion of the film far surpasses his native 3D shooting of Avatar – hell, it might be the best use of 3D I’ve ever seen, native or post-conversion.

    Paul Young

  22. It looks like a great set of movies for April. I can vouch for Comic-Con as I saw it at the Toronto Film Festival and it was wonderful. Funny, touching and really interesting. Many of the cast members were at our screening, so that made it even more fascinating. Don’t miss it.

  23. Im going to see American Reunion, Cabin in the Woods, The Raven and The Five Year Engagement.

  24. John,

    How do you call V for Vendetta “ultra violent” when more than 3/4 of the film is story/plot? Maybe a beatdown every 10-15 mins could qualify as that, but Ultraviolet, Resident Evil, and Three Musketeers (yes, Jovovich’s films of the last several years) have beatdowns every 5 mins. I look at V as a smart person’s action film (You’d have to with Weaving’s dialogue). Do you agree there are more ultra-violent films before and after this movie?


    • @CJ

      Well, I wouldn’t say “smart” person’s action film. It seems to target to the typical naive children who have an unrealistic sense of entitlement. The whole anti-capitalism, communism is cool, crowd… At least that’s the impression I got from it when I watched it. Oh, and a reliance on gimmicks. Gimmicky action sequences, gimmicky costumes, gimmicky wannabe witty dialog, etc. etc. etc.

  25. WHOAH. seriously? People who haven’t seen titaniC? on 1997, I was nine, we lived in a small town at the suburb where there’s only like three movie houses which all rarely screen foreign films (all local). There was only one moment in time that they all showed the same film at the same time. TITANIC it is. It was the first three-hour long movie i’ve ever seen with my family. That’s the definition of epic as I learn it then. Three years ago, my roommate said she hasn’t seen it, so I made her watch it. She was like crying for the entire climax.
    I’m one of those people who believe that 90% of the world’s population have seen and titanic.

  26. The Raven has been out in the UK for a while and is not a good film at all. It manages to make violence and murder really dull.