If ever there was a neck and neck finish on The Apprentice, it was this season (Season 4) between Randal, the uber-educated, calm and kind business owner and Rebecca, the cool as a cucumber, broken ankle trooper and business journalist. " />If ever there was a neck and neck finish on The Apprentice, it was this season (Season 4) between Randal, the uber-educated, calm and kind business owner and Rebecca, the cool as a cucumber, broken ankle trooper and business journalist. " />

Apprentice 4 Finale: Randal Delivers a Shocker!

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apprentice 4 finalists Apprentice 4 Finale: Randal Delivers a Shocker!If ever there was a neck and neck finish on The Apprentice, it was this season (Season 4) between Randal, the uber-educated, calm and kind business owner and Rebecca, the cool as a cucumber, broken ankle trooper and business journalist.

When it came down to the final moments, I honestly didn’t know who Trump was going to select, and I almost thought it was going to be Rebecca, when he suddenly made his decision and selected Randal. I’d been pulling for Randal and have thought that he would win for weeks now, so I was pleased with the decision. I was impressed with the fact that someone could actually go through the process with their integrity intact and with no one holding a grudge against them and still win. This, as opposed to the animosity always generated against the finalists by the end of any season of Survivor.

It’s obvious that Trump values exceptional people in his organization so I was kind of prepared for the possibility that he might actually hire both finalists to manage different projects. So when Trump actually floated the idea of hiring both of the two finalists to manage different projects I wasn’t surprised. The shocker was when he decided to ask Randal whether he thought Rebecca worthy of managing the project that Randal had not selected.

I believe that Trump took for granted that considering the mutual respect between the candidates that Randal would say “Hey, great idea!”. However Randal stunned everyone (including Trump, I’ll wager) when he said instead:

“This isn’t The Aprentii, it’s The Apprentice.”

Considering his personality and history to date, I was completely and utterly floored…

The only possible explanation I could think of off the top of my head is that saying “yes” would have invalidated every thing he said about her not being the one for the job. That, and the fact that it would have detracted from his own victory… but I’m trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

Quite an ending to Season 4 of The Apprentice!

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  1. I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, also. I guess if you’re just hired at one of the toughest organizations around, you just had to badmouth the other top competitor to get the job, you’re 30 seconds into it, and the boss asks your opinion of that other competitor…maybe you think it’s still a test. Why else would Trump ask his opinion? It has to be a test! If you mess up and say “hire her too” he’ll say “okay, Randal, you’re fired, Rebecca, you’re hired!”.

    Maybe that’s what went through his mind in those few seconds.

    If not, then he’s a jerk. If he knew he was safe and it wasn’t a test and he just wanted to screw her over, then he’s a jerk.

    No doubt he was a top performer. But if I were Trump I would have found a place for Rebecca, and I would have announced it then and there on live t.v. to help boost ratings and make a big splash for the morning news. I wouldn’t have asked permission from the new guy.

    Other bloggers keep saying Trump’s getting too old and he messed up. Maybe they’re right. I dunno. The whole thing seemed really weird to me, left a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. I had alot of respect for Randal coming into tonight, but his decision left a really bad taste in my mouth too. His popularity points went way down tonight! It’s pretty sad. The show was anticlimatic after that happened – you could see it in the crowd as Randal’s walking around and we can see him mouthing “that’s right”. Oh boy! It’s too bad Trump didn’t just hire her on. Why did he feel the need to ask Randal – would there have been some sort of legal ramifications? It’s not like she would have an Apprentice title.

    Anyhow – boo on Randal. It’s pretty sad how it went down.

  3. I can’t begin to imagine what emotions he must be feeling at that moment, but I’m still giving him the benefit of the doubt, and I have a feeling he may be explaining himself in the inevitable post-win interviews.

    I also think that Trump is going to hire Rebecca anyway. 8)


  4. I really liked Randal until last night. I also thought he won, based on his abilities, educational background and performance. My disappointment with him started when he personally attacked Rebecca in the boardroom and then onstage. I think she showed a lot of grace to take the criticism without returning fire. In fact, she did the opposite. She chose to confirm her respect for Randal in front of Trump, even after being attacked. That says a lot about character and loyalty — two attributes Randal obviously missed with all that education.

    Anyway, his shutting the door on her getting hired said more to me about his character than all the other shows put together. He had won and Trump made that clear, so there was no harm for him in letting Trump hire Rebecca. Trump didn’t ask Randal if he felt Rebecca should be “The Apprentice” as well; he asked if he felt there was room in the Trump organization for Rebecca. Randal should have said yes, because it was the gracious thing to do — but ego got in the way and he didn’t want to share his good fortune with anyone else. It made me cringe.

    It was a very sad moment indeed to peer into the man’s true character. All that veneer just peeled off and what we got to see was about as ugly as it gets.

  5. If you check my update post on this matter you’ll see that he did post an apology on his site. I truly believe he just got caught up in the moment and made a BIG mistake. Unfortunately he made that mistake in front of millions of people. :shock:

    I believe part of what could have been conceived as a weakness on his part was the fact that he didn’t come across as “tough” enough to work in NYC, so he could have been trying to show that he did indeed have a tough side.

    I just think he chose the wrong situation in which to display that quality.


  6. I’m not buying the wanting to look tough enough for the Trump organization excuse. He had it locked up. He was proclaimed the winner. There was absolutely nothing he needed to prove at that moment. Maybe his regret came after he realized how poorly it reflected on his character. I’m sure enough people have made their displeasure known to him for him to get it. And it was heartbreaking to see Rebecca’s face at that moment. It was a Judas’ kiss, a stab in the back from Brutus. You can be certain Trump took notice. It’s called “loyalty”, baby. Look it up, Randal.

  7. I’ll grant you that, especially after how much Trump did in fact emphasize the point about loyalty.


  8. Randall earned the title and I do not think that he shd have conceded to having two Apprentices. I would quit watching the show if there is no point….hey, they both win!??????????? Hello…….

  9. He would still have the title of “The Apprentice”, she just would have gotten a job as well.


  10. Randall should not have to apologize about anything. Why is it that an African American wins all of a sudden he has to apologize for his victory. I am so tired of hearing this beeding heart crap! If people are upset it should be with Trump who placed Randall in the situation in the 1st place. If Trump wanted Rebecca and Randall the HE and only HE should have made the call. But enough of Randall did this and Randall did that. Would Bill have beens so gracious, we will never know but Randall was placed in an unfair position. It just gives those who didn’t want to see a black man win in the first place a pseduo-valid excuse. Randall made the only reasonable decison. Hold your head high Randall!!

  11. What in the name of all that is Holy does the color of Randal’s skin have to do with ANY of this? Please don’t even go there because it has NOTHING to do with his win! I give Randal GIANT props for what he has accomplished in his life and I believe he is a great role model for what can be achieved regardless of the color of one’s skin.

    It seemed to me that it was not an issue for him, so now I see all over the net people stepping up to make it an issue for him in his stead.

    I agree that Trump shouldn’t have put him on the spot, but I think he had been planning on hiring them both for a quite a while, and given Randal’s “nice guy” history to date, Trump no doubt thought it would be a no-brainer that Randal would say “yes”.


  12. Hey Vic, I certainly hope my apologies are accepted because I certainly feel that they are warranted. I most admittedly appreciate your insight into film and television and have enjoyed this site since my first hit about 18 months ago. My post regarding Mr. Pinkett was overzealous and certainly not in proper context for this site.

    I, like Michelle Lei, have had to witness the most absolutely vile comments and posts regarding this particular season’s winner and have challenged them at every oppurtunity I have had. This, of course, does not apply to this site, which is amongst my favorites. I will stick to the facts from now on and leave the rheoteric behind when I log on.
    With my apologies out of the way,…can you please tell me how Rebecca can even be considered fit for hire considering that her efforts, while aesthetically pleasing….PRODUCED $O RAISED???

  13. Trent,

    Thanks so much for your comments, and although we have disagreed in the past, I appreciate having thoughtful comments posted here. :D

    As to Rebecca, I have to agree that she totally missed the mark by listening only to the sponsor that made the most noise (Yahoo!). Considering their position on soliciting funds (the executives were totally obnoxious in that regard, also losing sight of the objective), Rebecca probably should have pressed them for some sort of large contribution to the cause as a counterpoint to their “no soliciting” position.

    One thing that I would like to know, and I’m surprised did not come up during the finale, would be how much money (if any) was sent in by the attendees of the event via the envelopes provided.

    In any case, even though she did miss the mark, her handling of the event and the way she stayed calm and cool despite Joe Piscopo dropping out at the eleventh hour and Trump throwing the schedule off really impressed me. I am truly stunned at the composure and poise she displays under pressure for a 23 year old, and I think she would make a fine high level executive at his organization. If not now, perhaps in a couple of years.


  14. Dude you guys are obviously infatuated about this girl because had I’ve been Randall I would had say hell no. There is a difference between an MIT grad, who went on to pursue other degrees and a university of Chicago degree. I wouldn’t consider her my equal because of the way she handles pressure. Going to MIT and doing well signifies just that. I know many people that are as cool as her, but does that mean they are qualified for the job…Also sorry to say, if he really wanted my true and honest opinion I could have named 2 other people that I thought where a closer runner up than she was. In my eye, I was surprised she made it to the top two.

    This really isn’t about racism, sorry for anybody who tries to make it about racism. The fact is though a lot of people are making a joke out of Randal, when there is nothing to make a joke about. Had I said what I just said, and maybe been white would they have this much controversy over it. No, I don’t think so, and do blame trump for this. It definitely was an unfair position that he was in.

    I still defend Randall, because he has proven himself as superior. But if trump wants her, he can have her, but to me she only seems like an average college student. Compared to an MIT/Harvard grad with 5 professional degrees, and his on multimillion dollar company. She has done great things in her life also, but her show record hasn’t been exactly great. I’m sure I can handle pressure just as well as her, if not better. And before you knock me you have to understand that I’m an advocate of high education also, both my parents went to college. I’m in high school, living in south Carolina. Have all-ready been accepted in schools such as Uni-south Carolina. And receiving mail, daily from colleges of caliber of duke, Villanova, Davison, Carnegie Mellon, brown, and Us California. But I want to go to Georgian Institute of Technology.

    But as a show watcher, I would say Randall was the clear cut winner vs. her. No doubt. Had I been Randall, I doubt if I could even associate her. That would portray upper-middle class when I know I’m better than that’ll I’m being sarcastic on that one, but I don’t see what’s the big deal…Kwame and bill to me seemed much more closer than this one, but he wasn’t offered a second choice.

    wtf, sarcastically, I don’t see what there is to debate still. I’m beginning to cry foul though, I never seen people so mad about the apprentice winner, lets just strip him of his accomplishments based sourly off of evil remarks. Lets slay the black-man. Hey now, I didn’t know I lived in such a moral conscious world.

    To those of you who say there was no clear cut winner, I cry foul. In all of apprentice history there hasn’t been a more clear cut/precise winner.

    I am puzzled as to why trump would hire her for a high profile job. Dude university of Chicago, and some great accomplishments, but understand that I could read you the credentials for all of those guys, save a few and find better.

    financial journalist vs. Multimillion dollar businessmen
    MIT of tech vs. university of Chicago
    Black vs. White
    Male vs. hot female
    Education/experiences vs. personality and youth

    Now you tell me who would you choose if you had to choose one. Now if you could choose two people out of that show, you tell me you would Rebecca. I lost…I really am…

    I now draw the conclusion, the two most hated endings have been with two black dudes. One with the black populace mad, the other with the white populace mad. In my mind I don’t think this is helping integration.

    Hey did you guys her the remarks that Donny deutchs said during the post-winner finial. That Randall had an advantage because, he was black(it would draw more attention)??? Could that have been the case. My opinion in this case would be no. Sorry im still to impressed with his degrees, btw i can kinda guestimate what his degrees would have been in and to finish 5 degrees by the age of 32 or less, im still schocked by that. Im thinking undergrad(4years),MBA(2years),Master maybe(2years),(PHD) 2 years. Something along those lines but to finish 5 degrees in to years i tipp my hat off.

    Do you think donny deutchs’ commits where racist. Media always trying to make something out of nothing. Maybe he should think before he speak. If i would have heard that i would have been offended just because i believe in fair play…Goodness, i might have quit if i thought i didn’t win fairly

  15. Vic
    ni hou,

    man get out of hear, still i dont see…You would hire her now over randell??? You said you would fire him, hire her now. Do you Know education, what i can do. How hard MIT is. In california, in the asian quarter. They have schools with kids with all 4.0, and the make perfect score on sat. And they all want to get into schools like Cal tech and Mass Tech.
    http://www.collegeconfidential.com/ research MIT.if you dont believe me man. Hard to get into bro.,. ^’^;;..
    Based off his remarks he said now you wouldn’t hire him, instead hire her.

    Im the top poster, i just read your commits

  16. Dude, I challenge you to find anywhere on this website where I stated that Randal should be fired and Rebecca be hired over Randal. I stated weeks ago that Randal looked like a good bet to win and that he was my favorite. What I said was that I thought that Rebecca earned the right to ALSO be hired for the OTHER job. It’s apparent that Trump thought so as well, so apparently I’m in pretty good company.

    Randal certainly deserved to win based on past performance and the fact that he made it to the end without raising anyone’s ire. I applaud him for winning.

    Best regards,


  17. GetOOuttahear,

    I did not hear Donny Deutch’s comments, but if he said what you quoted, I think he was out of line. I think that Randal clearly deserved to win based on his performance over the entire 12 week period. I agree with you that this should not be devolved into a racist argument, which I think is ridiculous (Randal DID win after all, didn’t he?).

    If there is anything that Trump does NOT strike me as, it’s being racist. Seems to me that all the man cares about is job performance. Period. He doesn’t care if you’re black, white, green, purple or gay.

    As I’ve stated elsewhere, I give HUGE props to Randal for his accomplishments and he deserves the success he’s had in life through his hard work and dedication.


  18. Good talking to you vic…^_^

  19. Trump was being a bad boy the other night though, but seriously i dont think he is racist either. His wife is exotic.

  20. Trent, for what it’s worth, I didn’t have one single thought about Randall’s skin color until you brought it up.

  21. Hey GetOOuttahear,
    You know what brings a person on top of his/her career? It’s mostly because of one’s EQ. As I quote this from http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/Dunn157.html: “Your EQ has more to do with your success and happiness in life than your IQ and it can be learned.”
    For me, it doesn’t matter how many degrees Randal had over Rebecca just to prove that he is competent to be the Apprentice. It is the character of the person that matters most. I am more impressed with Rebecca! (Considering her age vs. a 32 year old multiple degree holder) – She has already proven so much!