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apollo 18 movie Creepy Apollo 18 Poster

Due to budgetary constraints, scheduling issues and other various setbacks, the final few Apollo missions of the 1960s and 70s were cancelled. Apollo 18, 19 and 20 were all planning to take astronauts to the surface of the Moon again but it just wasn’t meant to be. In early 1970, they pulled the plug on the Apollo 20 mission and later that year NASA also put an end to the Apollo 18  & 19 missions.

But what if Apollo 17 wasn’t actually the last Apollo Lunar mission? What if Apollo 18 actually did happen covertly and conducted its scheduled landing in February of 1972 and found alien life? This is the story behind the upcoming film written by Brian Miller, simply titled Apollo 18.

The Weinstein Company picked up the rights to Miller’s Apollo 18 screenplay and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) is attached to produce. Trevor Cawood, a visual effects artist who worked on such films as The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, was attached to direct the “found footage” documentary-style, sci-fi thriller, but the latest news has Spanish director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego stepping in to helm the project.

IGN has the exclusive on the first Apollo 18 poster which depicts a footprint of an astronaut beside the foot print of… something else.

apollo 18 poster Creepy Apollo 18 Poster

The plot of Apollo 18 is not dissimilar from Cloverfield and revolves around archived Russian footage discovered from the 1970s which reveals that President Nixon didn’t actually cancel Apollo 18 and that it did happen, offering a new reason as to why the Apollo missions ended after that. Here’s a snippet from the press release which offers more detail about the plot:

A quintessential Cold War story, Apollo 18 casts light on the covert and undocumented lunar mission that officially “never happened.” Bekmambetov, hired by Russia to shoot a documentary about the Russian space station, recently came across footage in its space archives that bolsters the idea that an Apollo 18 mission did, in fact, take place, and reveals startling evidence of extraterrestrial life forms. This actual footage will be part of Apollo 18, a paranormal thriller that will interpolate fact and fiction.

As long as the footage doesn’t involve a seizure-inducing style of film like Cloverfield than I am absolutely on board with Apollo 18 and its story. Apollo 18 is in early production but hasn’t begun shooting yet for its early 2011 release, giving it a very short window for completion.

You can also check out more about the film by going to the Official Apollo 18 website, or follow the film on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Apollo 18 is scheduled to release March 4, 2011.

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Source: IGN

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  1. Yeah, I saw this on BloodyDisgusting. It looks and sounds decent. They had a clip of SOMETHING on there. But I can’t quite find it horrifically terrifying. In fact, the teaser poster is more chilling to me. But overall… I’m interested. It’s nice to to know Cloverfield didn’t kill the “always-holding-the-camera-despite-horrible-and-highly-secret-things-always-happening”…genre. Hm. So, yeah. Blair Witch scared me when I was younger, just from the thought of being in that situation. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, eh?

  2. This is intriguing…

  3. not sure about the movie but that is a great poster and tag-line. I love found footage/handheld movies but i would rather an old school, suspense, monster, thriller. Pretty much Moon but with a monster.

  4. One thing: the supposed Apollo 18 launch would have been adequately covered in the news, and what, the public just forgot about it? I know, I should completely suspend disbelief for a campy movie like this.

    • You’re right, James, there are all kinds of problems with concealing space missions that – ironically – the moon landing hoax merchants either aren’t aware of or prefer to deny. NASA could conceivably have said it was launching parts needed for Skylab, but several countries including the Soviet Union tracked the previous Apollo missions on radar, intercepted their radio communications and television downlinks from the lunar surface. Apollo 18 would have to be sold to the public as an “unmanned soft landing of scientific equipment” or something like that. That’s about as secret as they could keep it. Still highly unlikely though!

    • Not if it was a covert mission? We’ll have to wait to see the story for that or if it’s campy.

      There was no internet, cell phones or ppl with portable cameras back then so it’s easy to put something into space without anyone know.

      Again, let’s wait.

      • I have to disagree with you there, Rob. The Saturn V was the only rocket capable of taking a manned flight to the Moon, and Cape Canaveral was the only facility capable of assembling, prepping and launching it, so there’s no chance of a mission going up from anywhere more secluded. The Apollo missions very quickly became a case of “been there, done that” in the public eye, but people still turned out in droves to watch every launch. A Saturn V being transported from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launchpad on one of those massive crawlers the size of a football field isn’t exactly inconspicuous, so even if a flight or a launch date for that flight hadn’t been officially announced, I’d say people would have been camping out there to watch it out of sheer curiosity. In fact trying to keep it under wraps would probably have had the opposite effect. Add to that the fact that the whole process would have been covered by surveillance satellites galore, then there’s no way on earth (literally) NASA could have kept something like that quiet.

        There were no portable cameras back then? Tell that to Abraham Zapruder – portable home movie cameras have been around since the 1930s, and Super 8 cartridge cameras were launched in the mid-’60s!

        • Everyone person and their mother has a cellphone with video camera capability nowadays. It wasn’t like that at all back then. It’s not a difficult suspension of disbelief.

          Man, how do you watch Sci-fi/fantasy stuff?

          • LOL – I know, I know – sorry! The more a genre movie or TV show tries to base itself in some kind of reality the more I end up picking it to bits in direct proportion. It’s nothing personal! :-D I think with this particular one I just get so hacked off with the sheer clumsiness of the conspiracy theories out there that I’m after something completely “airtight”.

            • I typically don’t like sci-fi (except for a few notable exceptions) because of how much it can deviate from reality and plausibility. This is a good example of a bad idea gone terribly wrong. This might have made a good campy sci-fi flick in the 50′s, but today this is just… well, stupid.

              One more bit of fact for you: amateur astronomers were and are constantly tracking everything from stars to old satellites like Vanguard 1 (the oldest man-made object still in orbit). During the Apollo 13 mission, amateur astronomers watched the service module explode through their telescopes. If there’s something in the sky, amateur astronomers are the first to know about it, and with something as big as a Saturn V launch, something that could have been seen miles away, it’s not something easy to cover up.

              The basis of this movie is impossible and implausible.

        • Not true. Vandenberg Airforce base in CA had and has the capability…..look through the records and you’ll see it was active in the late 60s and 70s….launching rockets

          • The largest of which was less than a third the size of the Saturn V. Vandenberg never had a Vehicle Assembly Building capable of handling a rocket that large, and still doesn’t today either.

    • I agree, launches back then, well, even now, were a large public spectacle. They drew huge crowds, like a concert or sport event would today. And not to mention, I live a few hundred miles south of the JFK center and I can see the trails from rocket/shuttle launches from where I live if I look north. I really doubt they’ll be able to get away with this mission without anyone knowing…

      • i concur. I am a 2 hour drive south of Canaveral, hell I grew up in Orlando during the ’80s. if it launched, its spotted!

  5. What could have possibly caused that footprint on the right side?

    • Aliens got in the studio…

      • LOL!

  6. Good poster. Like Capricorn One, this’ll have the conspiracy theorists referring back to it for years to come. Rob, Apollo 17 launched in December 1972 – 18 would have to have been in ’73.

  7. It sounds like a fun idea, but its just going to perpetuate
    those”they faked the moon landing” conspiracy theories all over again .
    The Mythbusters busted that wide open.

  8. I will go see this, and iron sky. What if the aliens are working with the Nazis of iron sky and decepticons of transformers? Food for thought lol but seriously it looks good

    • Where else would those pesky Nazis have got their saucers from?! :-)

      • lol

      • @ TBD: Ikea?

        • Unidentified Flatpacked Object! Might be too many bolts left over though…

  9. Slightly different angle here but is “lost footage/documentary” movie making gonna be the new darling of Hollywood? Since Blair Witch it’s been slowly gathering speed with Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity 1 & 2, District 9, The Fourth Kind et al. It may even overtake the current vampire craze.

    • good i hope so I’ve had about enough “Vampire Movies” for at least 2 decades

      • Blair Witch sucked ass, Cloverfield was good, will probably laugh when I see Paranormal Activity like my friends, Disrict 9 was hit and miss, The Fourth Kind was ok….over all the the “lost footage” movies have been…eratic. Dont forget Rec/Quartine which both where good. And I will go for anything to take away this Vampire craze, every time I see a vampire I want Blade to come up and kill it…

        • Don’t forget, Super 8 is coming out next year too.

    • well, seeing as the faux-documentary films ground people into “reality”( which everyone is sucking up these days) coupled with the fact that they are super cheap to make and lots of people go see them due to the interest of the “reality” factor, yes, these films are catching on quite rapidly.
      Personally, I’m a sucker for the fake documentary-type films. Always have been, but I feel like they are getting more half-baked and super mindless. I guess they are probably going to become more of a ca$h cow for studios than actually intriguing “revolutionary” thrillers. For this, I am sad.

    • I hope not. I HATE found footage films, and it shows a complete lack of creativity and laziness on the director’s (film crew’s?) part.

      However, the TV show Stargate Universe is kind of found footage, and I’m OK with that style.

      I hate when I can’t clearly see what’s going on; it’s not scary – it’s nauseating.

  10. Nasa could have easily launched Apollo 18 behind the medias back. Governments like Russia and china wouldn’t have said a word.

    It would be even easier today since the military owns the media.

    Sounds like a cool film idea but I’d rather stear away from the documetary angle.

  11. is that the footprint from jurassic park LOL… i guess the dinosaurs are headed to moon for their meeting with the astronauts reboot….

  12. Oh, so this reasoning would be the Apollo missions were cancelled due to some extra-terrestrial beings interfering and paranormal activities, not because they were getting too cost heavy, and pretty much useless at the time… okay. sweet.

  13. The astronauts got chased by an unseen “witch” on the moon, but the moon lander was haunted by an evil presence that opened and closed the hatch and made the female astronaut act like a total loon, while the astronauts slowly turned into zombies… and the whole thing caught on tape and from the astronauts’ hand-held movie cameras…

    AAAAND of course, since no one went BACK to the moon, who “found” this “found footage”?

    • Elvis. He was on Apollo 19. Nixon knew he was the right man for the job.

      • Lol

        This can be added to the story if needed:
        but the effects of the dark side of the moon has changed him, when he went back home to grace land he began to eat more and died on the toilet. His house was later occupied by his grandaughter and husband, who where haunted by the unseen “witch” of the moon. This would be know as Paranormal Activity: Hollywood has ran out of ideas.

        • Elvis has left the Vehicle Assembly Building – thangyouverymuch…

          • Elvis was secretly an alien being from Saturn. Rock and Roll was an experiment.

            • Saturn: the gas giant with plenty of rings – very appropriate! If rock ‘n’ roll was an experiment, what was the conclusion? 8-)

  14. I think this sounds like it’s going to be a fun movie. I just hope it’s not the same type of camera work as Cloverfield. That ruined that whole film for me.

  15. da hell..

  16. If there are aliens on the Moon, wouldn’t NASA want to investigate further? After all, that’s why we send probes out to space in search of alien lifeforms. Hell, if I am NASA, I’ll send dozens of unmanned spacecrafts just take some pretty pictures of ‘these aliens’ who happen to be in our neighbourhood. Just another fake ‘real footage’.

  17. If the “aliens” are so advanced as to have arrived on the moon prior to us, why is it that the alien is running around the moon in it’s bare feet and we have to wear special environmental suits?

    • They’re so Chuck Norris-hard they go “au naturel” in a vacuum, and THAT’S why we haven’t been back since! Or alternatively, who’s to say that’s not their own particular boot-print? ;-)

  18. wait till a decent trailer comes out and then judge. this seems like an amazing idea, you dont have to ruin it by breaking it down and ruining the fun of the whole thing. all i want is this to not be like cloverfields camera and were good. And if you look up anything on the moon that has to do with ufos and all that stuff, there are many blurred images on the back side of the moon to show structures of some sort. now personally i dont think anything of them, but its just an interesting idea, and i think thats were the director got his inspiration from.

    • I totally agree that it’s a fun idea, Dustin, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing what they do with this, but there has to be a certain amount of grounding in reality or you might as well say they went up there in a helicopter. It’s the LACK of imagination of the hoaxers that really gets up my nose: the “fluttering flag” thing, the “inconsistent shadows”, “no stars”, “no radiation sickness”, you name it. You can find numerous clips on YouTube of John Young and Jack Schmitt (from Apollos 16 and 17 respectively) falling flat on their faces and bouncing/pushing themselves straight back up again in low gravity, and simpletons posting comments like “FAAAAAKE!!! He’s on wires! Doesn’t even look real!”. It honestly doesn’t take much to convince muppets like this that Stanley Kubrick made it all up in his garden shed – I’d just like to see a little thought put into it!

  19. Raptors on the moon?

  20. Hold on a sec. Isn’t this the same name of a They Might Be Giants Album?

  21. so wait, i am still confused, the “official” release from the director or description i am finding on the movie says that the movie is a mix of found footage of the official/unofficial mission and an actual movie mix-em-up, the majority of which everyone seems to take as a play up on the movie makers part to bring in sales, the only trailers i can find show a clay half-body thing that was shoved into a lunar module and shipped off to earth in the module with the astronauts, but the movie posters show a frigging bare raptor footprint on the moon and eludes to something we found that made us never want to go back… so the movie at this point could be just about anything the makers want it to be (Jurassic park on the moon, the end of ET where his ship actually crashes in the moon, the filming of the hoax moon landing with a twist where they find dinosaurs in a secret government basement) and the only thing that’s certain at this point is…what again?

  22. what is the age rating of apollo 18???(:

  23. this mission did occur. findings have been documented, however even if the reality of our galaxy is revealed people of earth will always be sceptical if evidence is brought forward.

    so i say good on government agencies to keep reality from humans. they are just to full of themselves and their uneventful lives.

    james cameron needs to bring forth another sci-fi movie.