Comic-Con 2013: Apocalypse Rumors Resurface for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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X men Apocalypse Dracula Comic Con 2013: Apocalypse Rumors Resurface for X Men: Days of Future Past

It’s still not “official,” but Fox is expected to reveal some major news and increase the hype surrounding Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past at their Comic-Con 2013 panel this Saturday, and rumors are indicating that it might have something to do with the immortal mutant Apocalypse.

A quick recap of what we know so far: the bulk of the cast of the first three X-Men films will be featured in DoFP along with the main players of X-Men: First Class in a time travel story based on the beloved 1981 comic book story by Chris Claremont.

Faced with a dystopian future world where mutants are hunted down and exterminated by killer robots called Sentinels – the invention of one Bolivar Trask (to be played by Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage), Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) will send Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back in time to the 1970s in an attempt to prevent this future from happening. Chaos presumably ensues.

Wolverine Sentinel Head Art Comic Con 2013: Apocalypse Rumors Resurface for X Men: Days of Future Past

It seems we have the broad strokes of the plot, but so many details remain a mystery. That’s not stopping one more rumor from resurfacing – a “source” has told MovieWeb that perennial X-Men villain Apocalypse will be involved with Days of Future Past, and will be a powerful presence in subsequent cinematic adventures within this universe. So sayeth this anonymous source:

“He’s definitely a big part of Fox’s whole plan for a big ‘X-Men’ universe with spin-off movies. ‘The Avengers’ really is the template here.”

When asked if, indeed, Apocalypse will show up in Days of Future Past, the source responded:

“I won’t say too much about that. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

And you know what? We argued for this character’s inclusion some time ago. In the comics, Apocalypse is “the first mutant,” originally a slave known as En Sabah Nur. His shape-shifting ability made him immortal and nearly invincible. He eventually integrated alien technology to become the insidious Apocalypse, proving to be a major antagonist for the X-Men for thousands of years. Apocalypse’s ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality could prove a challenge even to Magneto (to be portrayed in two different time periods by Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender), whose role in the first three X-Men films has depended on his commitment to putting mutants before humans.

Apocalypse in X Men Movies Comic Con 2013: Apocalypse Rumors Resurface for X Men: Days of Future Past

Normally, rumors like this should be taken with several tons of salt. However, this time, various signs point to its validity. The nature of Apocalypse appears to dovetail with comments Bryan Singer made in an interview with Bleeding Cool several months ago:

“The movie is about destiny. What is your fate? What were you supposed to do, what should you have done when you were younger? What didn’t you do that would have made for a better future? And what if you could go back and change that?”

This theme – applicable to basically every thinking, feeling human in existence – could certainly use a powerful opposite force like Apocalypse. And while Singer wouldn’t confirm this villain’s presence, his responses were either a carefully-designed series of red herrings or genuine, on-the-spot awkwardness, e.g.  “I can’t tell you” and “This is how it gets started, when somebody starts piecing the little bits together…

It’s probably a safe bet that Apocalypse will have a long-term, epic arc as a villain in multiple X-films, along the same lines as Thanos in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. And while we haven’t seen much at Comic-Con beyond a display of the rather disturbing Sentinel heads, Fox is certain to try and blow everyone’s mind this Saturday with their official panel.


20th Century Fox hosts their panel at Comic-Con 2013 on Saturday, July 20th.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23rd, 2014.

Source:  MovieWeb & Bleeding Cool

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  1. If apocalypse shows up during x-men Dofp or at a mid credit scene, I’ll probably have to have a geek moment and geek out. Hope he speaks so we can hear that terrifying voice like the one he had in the x-men cartoon of the 90′s.

    • Totally. That voice from the cartoon makes quite an impression.

  2. Very cool. A little worried that all these big bad villains that are set up over multiple films for the various franchises are too similar. Only superficially of course, but that might be all that’s needed to turn the casual movie-goer off. Or at least think twice.

    • Exactly. Thanos, Darkseid and Apocalypse are all very similar looking. Still can’t wait to see them brought to life.

      • +1

        You are right

  3. I pray this is true. Seeing my favorite villain on-screen will be like a dream. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Please. This would be awesome

  5. I’m still waiting for the X Men film that should have taken place after X2.
    Tbh, I’ve been gradually losing faith that it would ever happen.

    This “Wolverine” movie might be seen as a good omen, but even then…

  6. Sigh… I just want Cable. Please. The Deadpool movie could be based off of the Cable & Deadpool comics. I wouldn’t complain at all.

  7. should this come to pass, hopefully this will open the door to the akkaba outfit and true vermin like sinister and the good folks at weapon plus/ weapon minus.

  8. This is very welcomed news. All I ask from FOX and company is that they make his voice terrifying, just like it was in the 90′s cartoon.

    • It’s unfortunate than John Colicos, the character actor that did the voice of Apocalypse in the 90′s died back in 2000. It would’ve been cool to hear him reprise the role…

  9. Next thing y’know THIS was the role Vin Diesel was talking about

  10. My theory.

    The X-men will prevent sentinels from being built in the future but in doing so will bring upon the age of apocalypse, a la ‘Wolverine & the X-men’.

    • This actually makes a lot of sense, I think that would be the best way to lead into an Age of Apocalypse movie.

  11. If Apocalypse is finally introduced in the movie universe, the potential of the future movies reachs a whooooooooooooooooooooooooooole different level

    loard, this better be true!

    • correction: “lord”. not “loard” lol

  12. Apocolypse is an awesome bad guy I’d love to see him in a movie, as much as i love magneto let the x-men fight something new for a change.

  13. Whoa whoa whoa
    Are they going to cast Vin Diesel as Apocolypse?

    • No. Diesel met with Marvel not with Fox.

  14. What if apocalypse is one of the mutants hunted down and caputured and when everything is fixed he still has the hatred for what the humans did and this event drove him to become the master villian that’s what I think ……..

    • Are you serious? Why would you take one of, if not the best X-Men villains and completely ruin their origin/motivation? Actually come to think of it you’re probably the CEO at Fox.

    • See now this is the type of thinking I am deathly afraid of. With Fox’s track record they very well might completely ruin one if my absolute favorite Marvel Villains.

      This movie is going to be a train wreck and is going to cause so much canon collateral damage! ><

    • That take on the character sounds like something they might try, but it would totally devalue the character and make him really unnecessary.

  15. It’s so perfect Apocalypse must be there but remember he isn’t coming alone he appears with his partnership ( Mister Sinister ) his son ( Holocaust ) a new member ( Exodus ) I think if Rebecca Romijn is back again as an older Mystique for this X-men Days of Future Past, she shouldn’t join with Brotherhood for awhile but she joins with Apocalypse. I think yea Rebecca Romijn must be back too she is so best than Jennifer.

    I’ve been always searching about most people really wanna see Famke Janssen for involving in X-men Days of Future Past. I think it’s true she can rise as White Phoenix of the Crown,she still keep asking for this X-men I hope Bryan can bring her too. I need to see Emma Frost there. Charlize Theron is so best as Emma Frost for involving in X-men Days of Future Past.

    What about the other characters who familiar too, such as
    Scarlet Witch, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Deadpool,Cyclops,Sabretooth, Sunfire, Avalanche, Juggernaut, Pyro and Angel / Archangel. people wanna see them too. I hope my comment is accepted with you Bryan and you guys who running with him….. :)

    Thank You….

    • Who says he isn’t alone? Considering how Fox twisted and contorted the canon in XMFC you really think they feel any obligation to include Sinister, Holocaust Exodus or anyone else you think might be relevant.

  16. The first case is ” YES ” famke janssen truly should be part of this x men days of future past
    because after she died as Dark Phoenix in x men last stand she return anymore in the wolverine’s cameo she wore a white one sexy costume she is really the phoenix force she always born from the ashes even her all powers are completed more powerful than she was before in x men last stand now she is so immortality she has a teleportation she can heal rapidly her power like the end of the 2012 movie and that’s right famke janssen return anymore with more powerful she is the most familiar, the most important a woman in x men days of future past for all time people and x men’s fans are most loved her so famke janssen return as ( White Phoenix of the Crown ) and apocalypse is the king of villain for an x men BAD GAY agree he should be in the list

  17. whatever you say but i’d rather to say apocalypse is very very great becoming big part in x-men dofp. i also totally agree exodus + mister sinister + holocaust work together. giant sentinel have to attack mutant and killing mankind this is the last story i’d rather to see origin member x-men cast for x-men dofp like ;

    01. famke janssen who played as jean grey / phoenix ( double stunt )
    02. tyler mane who played as sabretooth
    03. rebecca romijn who played as mystique
    04. james marsden who played as cyclops ( rumored )
    05. alan cumming who played as nightcrawler
    06. vinnie jones who played as juggernaut
    07. tahyna tozzy who played as emma frost = charlize theron is better
    08. taylor kitsch who played as gambit
    09. aaron stanford who played as pyro
    10. ryan reynolds who played as deadpool

    please added for brotherhood scarlet witch avalanche and blob
    i’s very good @Lunna you recall all of us about older x-men members cast
    they have to do a massive reunion in this good chance

  18. In an Apocalypse arc (3+ movies) we need to see Mr Sinister, the other Beast (the bad one), X-Man Nate Grey, The Four Horsemen, and the Savage Land. This could turn out to be all that. Maybe we should give Fox a break?

  19. If this is true ohhh my gawd!!!! Then we can expect Sinister, Archangel, and more Gambit. man this has gotten me so excited. only other thing that could get me pumped more would be another X-men film with more Cyclops, Night crawler, Rogue, Beast, Storm, Iceman, Morph, and Colossus and the rest. Man I just love these X-men film, just hope the stories are strong and continuity is fixed and kept from film to film.

  20. If this is true, Omar Sy or Vin Diesel as Apocalypse. I just hope that the actor playing this role does a good job because Apocalypse is one of my favorite villains.

    • If they cast someone to play Apoclypse I think Idris Elba would do well at the role. He can act really well and I know hes been doing may Marvel films lately.

  21. What I want to see more of is hand to fights between Humans and mutants to show how powerful mutants can really be instead of mutant vs mutant, which I still think is needed and cool to see.

  22. Fox, Bryan, Lauren should know that Famke Janssen was sitting by Bryan Singer’s phone she has been waiting very long time even x-men big fans and her fans would want her to be back her evolution after the dark phoenix os white phoenix of the crown she can do alternate future timeline this x-men film should focus on white phoenix of the crown which should play Janssen again this film’s capture really will be so awesome if white phoenix of the crown Vs Apocalypse ! Apocalypse has a powerful goal he want to destroy this earth ! now jean grey as white phoenix of the crown could control her power and herself to stop apocalypse ! emma frost really will have to be with cyclops we didn’t know did cyclops died or he kidnapped by holocaust and mister sinister ???? we don’t know and now this x-men days of future past should explain him also his story falling in love with emma frost !


  24. Sweet, so Apocalypse will be the Thanos of the Xmen universe. And when he’s gone they can work in Onslaught.

  25. I hear they are doing X-force and the guy that directed kick ass 2 is writing it and wants to direct, he also asked who should be in it. I will start off by saying I know this first character I mention in the comics was kind of week but could be a really great character Beak! ok now the ones that have to be in it Archangel, Cyclops, Psylocke, Dead pool, Feral, Domino, Cable, and Forge. Would love to see these be the main characters of the first X-Force film. Kind of weeve Gambit and others in like, Colossus, Rogue, Night crawler, and Wolverine for short Cameos to connect it to the other X-men universe and kinda give them some story from film to film. I for one definitely want to see Archangel, Cyclops, Psylocke, Deadpool, Domino, Feral, Beak, and Cable.