Bizarre Green Lantern Rumor (That We Hope Is Wrong)

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 14th, 2013 at 5:27 pm,

[UPDATE: Thankfully, this Green Lantern rumor has been debunked.]

Just when the Green Lantern movie was starting to sound cool – epic script and Martin Campbell as director, comes a rumor that is NOT good news. It seems that for some bizarre reason, Warner Bros. wants to go “young” on the Green Lantern movie. The word from Latino Review is that one actor being considered to wear the emerald and black tights is:

Anton Yelchin.

Hoo boy.

Nothing against the guy (should I say, “kid?”) but what the heck is WB thinking? Green Lantern, especially as he exists in the current screenplay can NOT be someone as young as Yelchin. Hal Jordan (GL’s alter ego) is supposed to be a seasoned test pilot, not a kid who isn’t even old enough to have graduated college.

This seems to play into the (currently dead) Justice League movie “teen casting” concept that was also ridiculous. If you remember, the studio was looking to populate that movie with a bunch of fresh, young faces instead of actors in their early to mid 30s, which would have made much more sense. At the time the majority of actors they had in mind were between 19 and 22 years old.

And now they’re considering 19 year old Anton Yelchin for the role of Green Lantern?

Again, at this point this is rumor, but the word is the studio had also been looking at Emile Hirsch (Speed Racer) for the role, but he declined.

So what do you think? Who do YOU think Warner Bros. should be looking at for the role of Green Lantern?

Source: Latino Review

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  1. @ Fartie :)

    Fillion looks the part, he can act and that has nothing to do with a “hard-on” for him to do GL..It was just a suggestion..and what other comic book film adaptations has he been mentioned for in the online community..Could you post some links? Can you name the adaptations? PLease enlighten me since I am so in the dark here as to what your ranting about..

  2. I personally haven’t seen what Fartie is talking about since I don’t really frequent any other blog site, especially not comic book ones, but I’m pretty sure he’s not making it up. There is a pretty big and fanatical cult following for anything Firefly, they call themselves “Browncoats” and they will pretty much recommend any of the cast members for any part that is coming up for any comic book type movie… So I don’t really doubt what he said, lol. I’ve heard him being mentioned for other roles too, but not for GL or anything, but like I said, I don’t really go to these other comic book rant sites.

  3. message boards on other websites (Superherohype is the biggest perp but ive seen it on AICN, are clamoring for Fillion to be cast as Captain America, The Green Hornet, Green Lantern and i think even The Flash

    again, i think Jake Gyllenhall would be a perfect fit for Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, and cuz i mentioned him above, i think Aaron Eckhart would be great as Barry Allen/The Flash

  4. Are there no MEN actors in Hollywood?!

    I’m sick of these little ‘boy’ actors like, Toby McGuire, Elijah Woods, Zac Teflon, Colin Farrell,

    Lantern needs to be played by someone at least as big as my right leg!


    (my apologies to the vertically challenged on this post)

  5. Wait, are you saying shorter guys are not men? I thought you were talking about age up until your disclaimer at the end there, lol.

  6. @ Ken

    “I personally haven’t seen what Fartie is talking about since I don’t really frequent any other blog site, especially not comic book ones, but I’m pretty sure he’s not making it up.”

    Then how do you know if you don’t frequent other sites or blogs?Hmmmm You haven’t seen it or read about it so what are you using to back up Fartie’s claim by stating you are pretty sure?

    Just wondering… :)

  7. Um, I’m familiar with the cult following of Firefly and I’ve seen how everytime they are making a comic book movie and still casting the “browncoats” will always recommend some cast member from Firefly for everything. But I have not read around in the other sites about Green Lantern and Nathan. I’ve seen fans mention cast members from Firefly for many other roles, but like I said, not any comic book sites, but, which I look at here and there. This is the only blog site I “frequent.”

    Oh no wait, nevermind about all of that, I’m just making all of this stuff up, I just like to make up stories so I can mix into the conversation, you’ve caught me greenknight, good show.

  8. Not to mention, I wonder if you realize there are other mediums for people to express their opinions right? There is youtube, internet forums, etc. etc.

    Oh, no wait, there I go making things up again, geez, I can’t help myself…

  9. When casting the Green Lantern movie, the last thing that WB should do is look for actors who have already played Super Heroes or have been in super-hero movies before. There’s already that recognition as another character and it can have serious side effects on the suspension of disbelief.
    Case in point- Superman Returns. I kept wondering why Lois Lane was dating Cyclops…and why a Marvel Character was in a DC film. :)

    I’m hoping for a slightly more mature actor to play Hal. Don’t forget, at the beginning of the comic-even before he gets the ring, he’s an experienced Air Force pilot. Age should be just as important as looks and talent when casting this movie. I’d say (with certain exceptions) no one younger than 35 should play Hal.

    And to reiterate my sentiment from another thread, Sinestro needs to be played by Hugo Weaving. If this happens, I will die a happy man.

  10. Looking at this guys picture one DC Character comes to mind….
    The Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy.

    (If you don’t get the refernce, you should really look into it….)

  11. WHat is this youtube you speak of? What other ways to express your opinions? You seem so matter of fact about everything that I thought you might have some info I was unaware still didn’t back up your claim with anything substantiative..more like a blah-blah-blah answer to my post but thanks anyway if that’s the best you can some up with Ken..


  12. @ Kevin in Seattle

    Hugo Weaving would be a great choice for Sinestro!! Good call!!

  13. LOL, whatever you say greenknight, I’ll go tell all of the firefly fans they are made up and browncoats don’t exist. They’ll be very sad that they don’t exist, I’m sure they really wished they were real people… I’ll go throw away the fan-made DVD “Done The Impossible: The Fans’ Tale of Firefly & Serenity” since obviously it’s a fake and doesn’t really exist. I hate having fake imaginary things around my house, bugs me to no end! :-D

  14. And it sucks that forums don’t really exist either. I like passing time in those too. Now that they are imaginary, what am I to do?? And dammit, I’ve uploaded a lot of videos onto youtube… now they are gone into the world of make-believe. *sigh* And personal websites, those are fake also, chatrooms = fake, conventions = fake. Must be a massive government coverup…

  15. Yadda-Yadda-Yadda..Obviously you fail to recognize sarcasm but that’s okay.I’ll let you know the next time I’m being sarcastic ** enter sarcasm** You’re still dancing around the subject of concrete reliable evidence to support your claim (all you,ve mentioned is that the crux of your arguement?)but hey if you want to bury your head in the sand and make it all about me not believing in the existence of fan forums and youtube because you can’t reliably support your claims then carry on dude..knock yourself out..This debate is over but hey I know you gotta have the last word so by all means..have at it Ken.. :)

  16. Yes, “last” word as if I can close the comments section down after I say something so nobody can respond after me. You’ve got me again. :-D

    *closes comments*


  17. So I’ve been thinking about something. I’m sure you all remeber when Heath Ledger was first announced as the Joker. The general response was “WTF?”. It was a reaction I shared and I thought it was a bad choice.
    In retrospect, we got one of the most memorable characters in motion picture history (super hero or otherwise) and Heath got an Oscar for best supporting actor.
    Maybe lightning will strike twice with GL???

  18. That’s different though, Ledger wasn’t a “bad” fit physically or anything, most people just haven’t seen him play that type of role before. And he seemed like a pretty boy, but it’s not like he’s not even physically possible to play the part. This is a case where it wouldn’t even make any sense for this guy to play this character. It’s like having Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a short teenage boy that gets picked on in school. He’s too old, he’s too big… This is just the opposite, this guy is too small and young to play this character.

  19. @Ken J

    This Guy? Heck yeah.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think that if they go with theis Yelchin kid, you can write the movie off as an Epic Fail-period.
    What I was trying to get at is that it doesn’t necessarrily need to be an instant “OMG, why didn’t I think of that” choice for casting. As long as they don’t go for the young, hip, cute thing with Hal and the rest, it should be at the very least passable.

  20. I agree Kevin, look at Daniel Craig for Bond. Although he kind of sucked in QoS, many people thought that ANY Bond film with him in it would suck, but as we saw in Casino Royale, with a good director he is capable of pulling off a great bond.

    And there were many other times where a casting choice sounded like a stupid idea but all of the nay-sayers were silenced when they saw the film. Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man comes to mind…

  21. @Ken J-

    I actually thought Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark was typecasting. I kept expecting this headline:
    “Famous, Rich Alcoholic to play Famous Rich Alcoholic.”

  22. Well, I don’t know whether that was their intention or not (they claim it wasn’t), but however the decision was made, it was a good one.

  23. Robert Downey was acyually pretty quick to point out the similarities between himself and Tony Stark. I can’t remember ths show, but in one interview, he said something to the effect that when the director described Tony Stark, his response was “I know about me, but what’s the character like?”

  24. Well yes, I know, I think everyone recognizes the similarities, my point is whether or not that was the reason they thought of him for the character. They claimed they thought of him and only realized the similarities afterward. I’m sure RDJ noticed the similarities right off the bat…

  25. My guess would be that it was an “unconscious decision”. Somebody in the casting department probably had Tony Stark’s defects in the back of their minds when RDJ came up.
    Whatever the case, it worked.
    I can only hope that all of Hals traits (good and bad) are a factor when weighing the decision on who gets the role. My biggest fear is the old “Well, he kinda looks like the drawing” approach to casting films based on comics (case-in-point “Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” starring David Hasslehoff).

  26. he could be wally west i could see it he would be a good choice for rhat role