Pixar To Produce Marvel’s Ant-Man?

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ant man logo marvel pixar Pixar To Produce Marvels Ant Man?

Pixar Wants Marvel’s Ant-Man? And so it begins…

The last time we touched on the Ant-Man project by Marvel Studios here at Screen Rant was back in July when we reported that Edgar Wright, the man behind Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, would be prioritizing Baby Driver as his next film.

For Marvelites, that news meant that his Ant-Man live-action adaptation would be delayed for a while, likely to 2012 (where it tentatively sits now) or later.

Well, if Disney wants that movie out sooner… there’s always Pixar, right? I’m just kidding of course. Or am i? As it turns out, they’re interested in actually doing that movie…

With Disney moving on in and pocketing the ‘House of Ideas,’ things could be different for the future of Marvel films. There will no doubt be a desire to increase the production from Marvel Studios, to push out more superhero blockbusters from the plethora of unused characters ripe for feature film debuts.

According to reports, it seems that Pixar may want to help make that happen for one character in particular: Ant-Man. They seem to think he’d be perfect for their animated style of movie-making and while that may be true, I don’t want that to happen.

With The Avengers opening at the top of summer 2012, the roster will likely (read: hopefully) include the key roster members from the early days of the Avengers comics – Ant-Man being one of them – A live-action Ant-Man just to be clear.

What many fans have suspected is that Ant-Man could debut as a comedic support character in that team-up film and have his own solo origins movie that year or shortly after since the studio has allocated their resources to pushing out the key character films first: Thor, Iron Man 2, The First Avenger: Captain America.

If Pixar were given the go-ahead for an animated stylistic Ant-Man, it wouldn’t fit with the current universe they have now and it would ruin the continuity and the long-term plan set in motion by Marvel Studios. Even worse is that it would represent and embody the exact fears of those who’ve been worried about the Disney-Marvel deal since it was announced last week.

In my mind, let Pixar do their thing, let Marvel Studios do theirs. Disney should focus on helping them expand to make more instead of transferring them to other subsidiaries.

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  1. Where’s the rule that says Pixar can’t do work for hire? That makes no sense. They would be bringing their expertise and resources to a throughly Marvel story. It would be a Marvel story, not a Pixar story!

    Hey your right Rob. I just would like for you to do the apologizing when some core Ant Man fans come out of the woodwork. ;)
    If its not an issue why is Pixar even bothering
    to consider it? If Ant man had zero following why was he in any stories? If its not an issue why write about it?

    Why wouldn’t the “Avengers” consist of an all Iron man army ?
    Maybe Major Motoko Kusanagi of “Ghost In The Shell” said it best when explaining it to Togusa, as to why section 9 needed a guy like him: “If we all reacted the same way, we’d be predictable, and there’s always more than one way to view a situation. What’s true for the individual is true for the group. Overspecialize and you breed in weakness. It’s slow death!”

  2. If Pixar were to do this movie, it would have to be PIXAR’s first live action movie. To be on the safe side, Marvel would have to direct and produce while PIXAR executive produced only. All or most of the CGI would be done by PIXAR and possibly ILM. The perfect actor to play as Hank Pym is Leonardo DiCaprio and Simon Pegg as Scott Lang. Now that Disney is involved,they could definitely afford to pay Leonardo DiCaprio to do this but it has to be similar to Iron Man but with intelligent comedy,like how it was handled in Iron Man. LEONARDO DICAPRIO AS ANT-MAN & GIANT_MAN!!!!!!

  3. @ulik

    Pixar is already working on its first live action film: John Carter of Mars.


  4. Oh, if it’s live action and ties in with the rest of the Marvel Studios continuity, then I’m cool with it.

  5. @ Luke and Leia´s Lovechild

    But I doubt that Pixar would care if their movie ties in with the rest of the Marvel Studios continuity. Pixar is Disneys darling. They will do whatever they like with the Marvel Movieverse and the Marvel Studios will have to follow their plans not the other way around.

    It´s really sad. Only one week ago Iger said he “would not fix what isn´t broken” and let Marvel go on as an indepedent studio under the roof of his company and only seven days later we find out that Marvel is already about to be swallowed by the Disney machinery. I had at least expected he would wait a little longer with it.

  6. And before the Pixar fans rip my guts out, I want just say that I would´t mind it too much if Pixar would do animated movies based on the characters as long as it would be strictly seperated from the live action movies made by Marvel studios and follow their own continuity (as the animated direct-to-DVD-movies based on Marvel and DC comics which appeared in the last couple of years have done it).
    But I hate it when Pixar will have influence on the Marvel movieverse. Marvel has done fine without Disney. Let them tell their story how they have planned it!

  7. Darth Sidious:

    “Yesss…I can feel you giving into your anger, Irene.”

    “Strike down this Mickey Mouse plush doll and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!”

    lol. ;)

  8. participating in a project isn’t necessarily the same as taking it over. Any kind of character takeover can be shunted by Marvel, by just handing them the character and let them run it in the ground. The market would quickly let Disney know whether or not its a mistake. After such a fiasco Marvels’ position could be made clear. We know our characters and we now how to sell their stories to the public. I think Disney is smart enough to do that without some such costly scenario. Companies like Fox have already done that for Disney…

    The real nightmare is if Marvel stumbles and can’t recover. Then Disney would demand change. On the other hand Marvel needs to make their position clear. There are certain risks to bringing anything to the screen that doesn’t have a proven track record.

  9. LOL!!! Good one Luke and Leia’s Love Child! I have to agree with Irene. The only characters that Pixar should be interested in that actually would fit quite well under their roof would be none other than “RUNAWAYS” and “POWER PACK”!!! Those are two movies that would absolutely rock as Marvel/Pixar(animated) movies. As far as Ant-Man goes, he’s already a complicated, misunderstood,disliked and mainly unknown character,let Marvel Studios handle him. It’s too much of a risk for a character like that that deserves a lot more care and respect than even Iron Man does because of how people would react to the premise of the Ant-Man character,to be done by Pixar. So many people dislike the character like “Shamose” on this blog. It’s only right that Marvel do it themselves. If Pixar wants to help with the special effects maybe that will work but I’d prefer ILM because of how well they did with Iron Man. So if anybody from Pixar or Marvel with “pull” is reading this blog,please do not allow Pixar to do “Ant-Man” unless it’s a live action movie,Pixar is just executive producing only,that it follows the continuity of the current Marvel Studios movie slate,and that Leonardo DiCaprio plays as Ant-Man. Preferably just leave Ant-Man alone and do the “Runaways” and “Power-Pack” movies

  10. Or maybe: We are the Mickey-Borg you will be asimilated? ;)

    I´m not angry only disapointet because I was really looking forward what a new indepented movie company could do. But I will not longer spoil the party. At least not on THIS topic…Scott Lang was anyway the better Ant-man. lol

    So enjoy your new bigger, better (or whatsever) Marvel. I will wait and see. And spend my money for something else and wait until this stuff is shown on tv. Will happen soon enough.

  11. My post was @ Luke and Leia´s Lovechilds.

  12. So is this gonna be like toy story, or the incredibles? because that would be cute and funny, but wrong.

  13. There was some news about Sony returning the Spider-Man rights to Marvel for animated related stuff. Here’s a copy/paste:

    “Last Thursday (8/27/09), Vic Cook and I were informed that in exchange for some concession vis-a-vis the live action Spider-Man features, Sony returned the television rights (including the animated television rights) for Spider-Man to Marvel.”

    So maybe that’s a first step in the move of larger stories involving alot of the major characters for an animated feature.

    @ Irene
    You’re not spoiling nothing and yeah, Scott Lang was awesome. So is Cassie Lang, for that matter. At some point Pixar can give me some Young Avengers love!

  14. Thank you for the reminder, Vic.

    John Carter will keep Pixar rather tied up for a while and should well worth the wait. Edgar Wright is the perfect director to bring a new angle to Ant Man. I think the fact that it is taking so long may actually be planned as it has been in the works since before Iron Man was released and according to Feige Wright is still the guy to make it happen. And you have Wright all wrong by saying that he does spoofs.

    Edgar Wright creates ‘dramedies.’ Just look at Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, etc and you will see that they are not in the same vein Naked Gun or Scary Movie. They are using existing film styles (zombie films in the case of Shaun of the Dead, action in the case of Hot Fuzz) and making them into comedies while keeping a straight face. Saying he makes spoofs takes a lot away from what Wright does.

    Based on what Feige has said about the Ant Man project, I think it will be more in keeping with the Irredeemable Ant Man (itself a pointed self-aware comedy) rather than Hank Pym.

    Also, Pixar and Disney both have their own movies to work on, I don’t see either working on any Marvel properties for the foreseeable future nor can I see them showing any interest in obstructing what Marvel Entertainment is doing quite well.

  15. Sorry Daily Pop but what Wright does is spoofs.

  16. I wouldnt call them spoofs either…. when i think spoof i think things like “scary movie” “not another teen movie” and those tyes of horrible, humorless pieces of crap

    I too read about sony returning animation rights to spiderman back to marvel. I really hope that doesnt mean the end of the current Spectacular spiderman cartoon, because that is a great series

  17. If you’re watching Shaun of the Dead expecting a zombie spoof you’ll be very very disappointed. A spoof would not have put in so many sincere moments and it would also have gone for cheap laughs and rip-offs of other zombie flicks. Shaun of the Dead did none of these things. I’m not saying it’s a great movie, it’s just not a spoof. It’s not a patch on Spaced, by the way.

    The last I heard Spectacular Spider-Man was not in good shape which is a shame. The cartoon moved from Nicktoons to Disney XD and was recently dropped from XD. If anyone wants it to come back, the producers encouraged them to buy the upcoming DVD box set.

    Is there any real indication that Disney or Pixar are working on ANY Marvel properties? All I’ve seen are statements that contain a lot of possibility and supposition but no real facts:

    “According to reports, it seems that Pixar may want to help make that happen for one character in particular: Ant-Man. They seem to think he’d be perfect for their animated style of movie-making and while that may be true, I don’t want that to happen.”

    They may want make a movie that they may think they are perfect for… and that may be true? That’s as helluva lot of supposition.

    Feige recently stated that Ant Man will not come out until after Avengers and that Wright is still the guy to do it. Disney has gone on record that they have no interest in interfering with any Marvel Entertainment projects in development, which is a lot actually.

    Beyond that, has anything been said?

  18. Yellow Jacket… a guy that needs to put on a new suit to propose to the woman he’s been dating for over 20 years. There may be a movie there too.

    I’m holding my sides that this article is now getting marked as a confirmed source by G4. Unless there’s an official statement on Pixar making this happen, it’s as reliable as the news about Megan Fox starring as the Catwoman.

    It’s certainly interesting to talk about how a B-list or lower superhero can be made into a blockbuster film (like Iron Man and Green Lantern), but I still don’t see that Pixar has the interest or time even to make this happen. In fact, has anyone from Pixar even said that they want to make the Ant Man movie?

    All I can find so far is that the statement made by Entertainment Weekly that Pixar may be eyeballing the Ant Man movie… maybe.

    Slow news day?

  19. Daily P.O.P.,

    This article is a discussion piece about the potential of Disney getting involved with Marvel Project(s) and me giving my opinion on it.

    There’s been no confirmation and no one’s saying there is. This is an editorial on an interesting possibility.

  20. I understand that you are talking about the potential of Pixar working on Marvel properties rather than the actuality, but given their full schedule it doesn’t seem likely that Pixar is going to be working on anything new. It’s not your particular article that I’m citing either, this is being treated as a news story by several sites stating that Ant Man is coming and it’s going to be a Pixar flick. Fans are crying ‘it begins! Disney has ruined the superhero movie genre!’

    I agree with you that Marvel and Disney should keep doing what they do best. Fortunately that’s what they’ve agreed to do (so far, I suppose).

    Thanks for confirming that there has been no official word (I was honestly asking so I’m honestly thanking), I can sleep again.

  21. There is always room for improvement and innovation with a character’s abilties,they can be augmented which Marvel does allot with many of their characters. Ant-Man can be one of those characters if done right,by Marvel only. Ant-Man could also be made to have a lot to do with “nano-Machine” technology, little bio-machines that look like ants or bugs that have variable powerful abilities offensive and deffensive. A CGI Ant-Man would be great done by Pixar(after the live-action one). People are forgetting that Hank Pym is not only Ant-Man but he is also Giant-Man. In the Avengers live action movie,having Giant-Man walking around New York City would kick major @$%#ing ass but also Giant-Man utilizing his abilities to turn micro could also work against the foe that he himself created which is “Ultron”. One of the possible ways of defeating Ultron could be Hank Pym redeeming himself by entering Ultron’s body undetected at first while he travels within Ultron searching a way to shut him down. It would be a real injustice to not have Hank Pym involved in the Avengers. Ant-Man or Giant-Man are not my favorite characters but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see the character get the respect he deserves,to see incredible augmentations made with him and the surprise of how cool he could actually be on film. Wasp too cuz we need some diversity in The Avengers. Black Widow should just be a S.H.I.E.L.D agent as well as Hawkeye(S.H.I.E.L.D agent only in Avengers live action movie).

  22. Marvel CGI animated movies that would be awesome done by Pixar are: “Howard The Duck”, “Power-Pack”,”Runaways”, “Micronaughts”,”Inhumans”, “Rom” and “Marvel Ultimate Alliance”(whole movie).

  23. Pixar consistently had solid and entertaining writing and a good blend of fun and action. Marvel’s record is spotty. If Pixar wants to take on a Marvel character they should be given the opportunity.

    They made The Fantastic Four better than Marvel. You can bet they’ve got a staff full of comic geeks who will keep the product entertaining and true to form.

  24. I just read that Edgar Wright said Pixar is not developing Ant-Man. So I guess we are out of luck for now.

  25. Other potential Pixar/Marvel CGI movies that would rock would be: “Young Avengers”,”Next Avengers”, and “Captain Marvel” @MCat where did you get that news from?

  26. Yeah Pixar did make the Fantastic Four(Incredibles) better but that was “FOX” not Marvel.