Pixar To Produce Marvel’s Ant-Man?

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ant man logo marvel pixar Pixar To Produce Marvels Ant Man?

Pixar Wants Marvel’s Ant-Man? And so it begins…

The last time we touched on the Ant-Man project by Marvel Studios here at Screen Rant was back in July when we reported that Edgar Wright, the man behind Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, would be prioritizing Baby Driver as his next film.

For Marvelites, that news meant that his Ant-Man live-action adaptation would be delayed for a while, likely to 2012 (where it tentatively sits now) or later.

Well, if Disney wants that movie out sooner… there’s always Pixar, right? I’m just kidding of course. Or am i? As it turns out, they’re interested in actually doing that movie…

With Disney moving on in and pocketing the ‘House of Ideas,’ things could be different for the future of Marvel films. There will no doubt be a desire to increase the production from Marvel Studios, to push out more superhero blockbusters from the plethora of unused characters ripe for feature film debuts.

According to reports, it seems that Pixar may want to help make that happen for one character in particular: Ant-Man. They seem to think he’d be perfect for their animated style of movie-making and while that may be true, I don’t want that to happen.

With The Avengers opening at the top of summer 2012, the roster will likely (read: hopefully) include the key roster members from the early days of the Avengers comics – Ant-Man being one of them – A live-action Ant-Man just to be clear.

What many fans have suspected is that Ant-Man could debut as a comedic support character in that team-up film and have his own solo origins movie that year or shortly after since the studio has allocated their resources to pushing out the key character films first: Thor, Iron Man 2, The First Avenger: Captain America.

If Pixar were given the go-ahead for an animated stylistic Ant-Man, it wouldn’t fit with the current universe they have now and it would ruin the continuity and the long-term plan set in motion by Marvel Studios. Even worse is that it would represent and embody the exact fears of those who’ve been worried about the Disney-Marvel deal since it was announced last week.

In my mind, let Pixar do their thing, let Marvel Studios do theirs. Disney should focus on helping them expand to make more instead of transferring them to other subsidiaries.

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  1. I’ve always felt that Pym as Ant Man was a tremendously dull character. The Giant Man angle , I like.
    I just don’t think Ant Man would be very interesting as a live action feature.
    Now , having said that , I must admit that Pixar doing an Ant Man movie would be pretty darn cool.

  2. Let’s be honest here. Ant-Man isn’t an A-list Marvel character, and IMO, isn’t a B-list character either. The fact that they’re even talking about a live-action movie for him is surprising to me. Even with a modest budget of $50 million, I can’t see this movie making any money. The premise isn’t strong enough for a full-length film. As a supporting character in Avengers, yes, he could work. But to devote a full 90-120 minutes to Ant-Man I don’t think would work. I DO think that if Pixar does it, we WILL have a great story and they WOULD treat this character properly. Unless your an Ant-Man fanboy (which it seems you are Rob), Pixar doing Ant-Man can assure us of a good movie. I have no problem with no Ant-Man live-action film OR Pixar making the animated film.

  3. Ant-Man may not be A-list Marvel but it adds another dimension to the whole saga and is an interesting character too. I think it would be really cool if Pixar did it and they probably will surprise many people.

  4. My problem with Pixar doing Ant-Man is one of the things mentioned in the article: wouldn’t fit with the current continuity that’s currently being set up with the Marvel films.

    Also, it would more than likely include other staple Avengers like Wasp, Vision and maybe Scott Lang. Ultron too.
    I’d rather them not split those characters up between animation and live action.

    What I would like to see is maybe Pixar having their own seperate continuity from the live action films, using larger epic storylines like Secret Wars, Civil War, Infinity Gauntlet, ect.

  5. Yeah Secret Wars or Civil War story lines would be sweet.

  6. Rob –

    I have to respectfully disagree with you here on the basis that (many) more people will see a fun Pixar movie “for the whole family” than they will a live action movie. I wish you had used the original Jack Kirby Helmet/uniform design to show the possibilities for an animated ANT MAN movie.

    They’ve already shown they can bring strong emotional content to the animated material (and why shouldn’t they?)with THE INCREDIBLES, plus the fact that Pixar is a powerhouse winner when it comes to the box office leads me to think it is a good match not only creatively but business-wise. Hell – the ants would be CGI anyway so why NOT make a Pixar Ant-Man movie in that Incredibles style?

    I can see it now:(pulling from several Marvel sources)


    HENRY PETER GYRICH – the President’s top Intel advisor and world’s biggest bureaucrat-spy slaps a coded hard drive marked TOP SECRET on GENERAL THUNDERBOLT ROSS’s desk.

    Around them are VIEW SCREENS – news feeds, troop movements, economic data, classified intel from satellites – all basically saying the same thing…


    “General Ross, this is a crisis of epic proportion! We’re talking destruction on a massive scale. The end of the world!”

    “I’ll put my biggest asset on it, Mister Gyrich.. Right away!”

    “We want the big guns on this one, Ross. Failure is not an option!

    Gyrich efficiently spins and exits as if he were never there.

    Spooks…you get all that?

    Who is he speaking to?

    Camera pans down to the desk…ZOOMS closer, closer on to the coded drive…

    to find ANT MAN, our intrepid, silver-helmeted hero lying under the drive near crushed.

    “I’m on it, General…uh, guys..?

    As he speaks, radio-telepathic waves issue forth from his helmet and several horse-sized ANTS come over the top of the mountain of paperwork and over to Ant-man’s rescue…

  7. It was Giant Man in the early issues of Avengers, and im thinking the Avengers will likely follow the Ultimates version of the story. Btw Rob Keyes, why do you use the artwork for the Irredeemable Antman (who is not Hank Pym) and not the original incarnation of the character (who is more relevant to the character you are talking about?

  8. IDK, I think I might see a Pixar Ant-Man with Simon Pegg voicing before I would see a live-action Ant-Man starring Pegg.

  9. I also believe that no matter what, Marvel is going to put out some form of animated tie-in to The Avengers continuity — direct to DVD animated features or what-have-you.

    So a Pixar animated tie-in would be like getting the cream of that crop, and would PROBABLY make Ant-Man more famous than he’s ever been.

    And for a Pixar sequel: GIANT MAN

  10. @Longshanks…

    A Dr. Strange movie would be AWESOME, but I wonder if Sony or Fox has his rights. If I do recall, he was in both Spidey and FF storylines.

  11. What about all the people that will see an “Avengers” movie and wonder why Ant man is even there? Do you tie up say a third of the “Avengers” to integrate Ant Man into the story? Do you do something at the end of “Iron Man 2,” have Fury introduce Iron Man to Ant Man and leave it at that as far as back story?

    Perhaps Pixar could introduce us to gen 3 motion capture technique. F.F.:”The Spirits within” and “Beowulf”(2007) being 1 and 2. So what’s Robert Zemeckis doing these days?

  12. I have to agree with you Rob. I was looking forward to the developing marvel movieverse but now with Disney owning Marvel, I wonder how this will turn out in the end. If Pixar develops a Ant-Man movie would that mean that it would have influence on story of the Avengers movie? I wish I could believe that Disney is understanding that´s would be the best to just let the Marvel people doing their job – the old don´t fix what isn´t broken thing. But I doubt it. I think Disney just wanting the brand names not the creativity behind it.
    And I wonder why so many Pixarfanboys think this studio would ever want to make a movie based on a story as Civil War
    which is with it´s political content completly different from the family movies Pixar has always made. And they have never shown any interest to change that. And they have a reason for it: Animated movies aimed at an older audience were (at least in America) never a big hit.

    So I hope Ant-Man will have nothing to do with the actual Marvel movieverse and Pixar will not be able to meddle with the Avengers (at least for the movies which will be released by Paramount) but I suppose it´s a very dim hope.

  13. Irene

    how much do you know about Pixar? have you seen Up? Up had a more serious tone than 75% of the movies released this summer.

  14. Pixar doesn’t have equal animation. They could be backing the idea with money.

  15. I still think that Disney buying Marvel is one of the worst cinema news in the decade.

  16. Maybe, but for me the Pixar movies feeling, despite being well written, like talking down to the audience and are at times downright preachy. Something I don´t like very much.
    And would it be so bad if Marvel could just ahead with their movies as they had planned it?

  17. Sorry, my answer was to MCat´s post.

  18. The Marvelverse is TOAST! Disney has no idea how to run a multimedia franchise. Without Pixar and Jack Sparrow they would have to shut down movie production within a few years. Remember “Oh, we aren’t doing 2D animation any longer”? We’re gonna “Kiss the Frog” in a couple of weeks.

    Now they are implementing their outrageous anti-CD-policy when it comes to movie scores! Not even “Up!” gets a worthy CD release anymore. Ridiculous!

    Up to now, DC folks were not too well off with those WB-naysayers behind their backs. Now Marvel is far worse off! By the time Avengers sees the day of light, both Marvel and Disney will be broke…

  19. ant man to me is a pretty boring character, so an animated version done by pixar might actually give him some limelight. so i like this idea. i would hate to see a live action version or see him in the avengers movie, it would spoil it for me personally.

    but one member of the avengers they cant leave out in the film is vision!!! hes a must!!

  20. @Andy S

    Marvel Studios has the rights for Dr. Strange. It’s actually a project that Kevin Feige has mention as one of his major intrests to do.

  21. I’d personally prefer to see Pixar continue in original directions, but in a roundabout way, this does fit their M.O. in one way: choosing to do the unexpected. Sure any studio could jump at doing Spider-Man, Captain America and even the Hulk, but to choose to take on a B-list character and fleshing him out? That’s the kind of challenge I could see Pixar being tempted by.

    I speculating, of course.

  22. I really don’t care. I honestly don’t want to see Ant Man in The Avengers film anyway. So it wouldn’t bother me if they left him out I figure the movie would be better for it.

  23. I see a lot of people saying Ant-Man isn’t A-List, but that’s what everyone said about Iron Man, now he’s a Marvel poster boy.

    That’s also what they’re saying about Green Lantern at the moment, and that will be huge when it comes out.

    It comes down to getting a good actor to play an enjoyable-to-watch character. Think about it, if they have trailers that are funny and cool with a recognizable actor who’s funny and cool, who was also featured as part of The Avengers …. box-office success.

    That argument basically says original movies can’t work because no one knows the characters.

    @the old man, they can have a character introduced in a movie and play a role like any normal character in any other movie… He doesn’t necessarily need a separate origins film beforehand to introduce him if he’s just one of many support characters in the movie.

  24. oh, and the pic I chose because of the modernized costume and the quality of the full page. I expect we’ll be seeing something quite a bit different than the original on screen.

  25. I care not if Pixar produce an animated ant-man as I really dont like the character… and I really dont care if he is in the avengers or not, nor am I excited by a solo picture featuring ant-man..

    the only positive point hank pym has is his part in building ultron… I say he is redundant and they could easily replace his part in ultron’s creation by using justin hammer (allowing for a connection with iron man)…that is if they actually use ultron in the avengers

    in summary: Ant-Man=boring and I dont care wat pixar do with him or if he appears in avengers or not

  26. ive always wanted to see Pixar do a movie about a super hero, domestic violence, and anger issues

  27. I think Pixar making any movie not based on something they didn’t create themselves have great potential to ruin the reputation and prestige the studio holds amongst those in the animation and art world.