Pixar To Produce Marvel’s Ant-Man?

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ant man pixar logo Pixar To Produce Marvels Ant Man?

Here are some basics about what we know of the Ant-Man film so far:

  • Ant-Man will have his solo appearance after The Avengers.
  • Ant-Man is one of the main five characters who has a film in development.
  • It will be strictly a solo film of the character and will not include any other Avenger.
  • It will be a comedy, but not in the same style as Edgar Wright’s previous comedies (i.e. It will not be a spoof).

Note the part where Ant-Man’s film will not include any other Avenger. The can be read as not featuring any of the actors from the other films, meaning it is set to act as a completely separate movie from the others. Reading into those words from Mr. Wright could mean that his script, targeted as a stand-alone film, could in fact be ripe for a Disney’s Pixar version of the movie.

Since Ant-Man won’t happen until after The Avengers and since it’s separate, that does allow for the possibility. If this were to happen, would that mean Wright would no longer direct since it’s animated and they’d just use his script? I wonder on the details what Pixar’s idea for this is if they’ve seriously thought about this. Or was it just a throwaway line for Disney officials about the potential future of Disney-Marvel?

This would also represent a new direction for Pixar which traditionally creates original family-oriented films.

Let’s just go with the safe assumption that we’ll get our live-action adaptation of Ant-Man as expected. For those who don’t know about the secondary character, Ant-Man (or Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym) was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and over the years, several folks in the Marvel Universe have used that alias, some of which were a part of The Avengers team at one point or another.

Ant-Man’s powers include the ability to shift in size and maintain his normal strength when shrunk. He’s can also telepathically communicate with insects. It’ll be like Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, but with more dialogue.

As for casting, no official offers or signings have been made but there’s been the obvious speculation and talk of Simon Pegg’s involvement. He’s mentioned in past interviews that he might be involved with the movie because of his connection with Edgar Wright. What that means, we’re not sure. Could you see him as the titular character?

Who would you like to see play Ant-Man and what do you think of Pixar working on Marvel movies?

The Avengers opens May 4 2012 and there’s no set release date for Ant-Man as of yet.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly (via Bleeding Cool), Mania, Pixar logo edited from artwork by Jon Eastwood

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  1. @ MCat, Ulik,

    I’ll try to fit in an update this week on the subject.

    @ Tony B,

    Marvel Studios only has two films under their belt: The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, and both were awesome.

    Do you mean, Fox, Sony or other studios who own Marvel film licenses on other characters?

  2. I guess I’m referring to the Marvel products done by Fox, Universal, and New Regency. And I thought Paramount was responsible for Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.

    My point is that movies based on Marvel comics have been hit and miss. Pixar has a better track record and Disney has incredible financial means. Why wouldn’t a fan want to see Marvel gain access to these resources?

  3. Paramount distributed in partnership with Marvel Studios and Disney is honoring that contract at least until the end of the next 5 films already in-development.

    IM and Hulk were the first feature films developed by Marvel as a separate independent studio which was amazing because they could make the movies exactly how they should be.

    What fans are worried about now, is because Marvel is no longer fully in charge, things may be changed. I think that’s where a lot of the angst comes from.

    What Disney should do is lower comic cover prices and get them into mainstream regular retailers/department stores/book stores.

  4. @Rob Keys,That would be cool can’t wait for more news on that and other Marvel movies. Rob if you got some connects at Marvel or something please try to get them to use my ideas, I think that Ant-Man needs an upgrade. Real ants could be ok at the beginning of Pyms research and experiments but later he should create powerful nano-machine ants like I said earlier that are able to mass reproduce with Pym’s command but desentergrate or die after a certain amount of time or at Pym’s command. The Hank Pym cameo in “Thor” is essential and Leonardo DiCaprio as Hank Pym,they got the backing to pay Leo whatever he wants now and he’ll own the hell out of that role.

  5. Rob Keyes says: “What Disney should do is lower comic cover prices and get them into mainstream regular retailers/department stores/book stores.”

    But wasn’t one of the old sticking points of marketing in those arenas family values? Comics with adult themes don’t go over so well at the small town grocery store. Even if you mute the violent and sexual issues that still leaves things that parents want more control over the presentation to their 7 to 12 year olds.

  6. @ the old man,

    If you can sell magazines by the cashier with women in underwear, why can’t you sell an X-Men comic?

    As for large retailers like Walmart, they sell books and mags for adult/teenage audiences, a comic is no more extreme? Not every series has to be distributed there, I’m thinking the mainstream stuff like Spider-Man, Avengers, etc.

  7. Well I have to admit that while family values is an issue, It’s not the only one. Probably the distribution issues are even bigger. If Disney were to use existing resources or create what it needs instead of the current contracts, like with Diamond, it could happen. Of course they need a market plan. Independent distribution may still figure into the equation, remaindering, minimum purchases, delivery, all issues in the past that factored into sales and made a market for independents.

    I realize that other forces are at work too. Costs
    vs quality. People get tired on both ends of the
    chain, consumers, sellers, writers, designers.
    Something sags and you have a Downturn. People
    are especially sensitive about inventories these
    days. Even things that sell well, can’t be had!
    Now you think with all the scanners, computer
    inventory communication and automation systems,
    that would be unlikely. Shoot it’s worse today
    than 25 years ago. Consumers aren’t the only
    fickle decision makers in the chain.

  8. I know that Disney said that they will honor all properties previously owned by other studios such as Fox and Sony but I hope to God that Disney and Marvel can find a way to get the rights back for their characters. Fox messed up X-Men 1 & 3, Daredevil,Elektra,Fantastic Four 1 & 2, XMO Wolverine, and other characters and stories from other companies such as “The Legend of Chun LI” and “Dragon Ball”. Fox has only one movie that they got right which was X-Men 2. Fox could have easily hired the makers of “Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon” and someone like John Woo to make the Chun Li movie and they could have easily hired the makers of “Kung Fu Hustle” and “Shoalin Soccer” to make “Dragon Ball”. Fox needs to realize that some studios are better at making certain types of films than others and that Fox needs to stop being so greedy by wanting to do it all themselves. Hopefully Marvel can now go to war along with BIG Brother Disney and get the rights back showing how Fox is inconsistent with making quality films especially in the genre of comic books,graphic novels or video games and have no true respect for the source material by constantly “trying to fix what aint broken. Marvel needs to take full advantage of being with Disney and have them help them get their sh@t back.

  9. I’ve heard that in Iron Man 2, Tony becomes deathly ill with an infection in his chest cavity which opens the cameo for Donald Blake who does surgery on Tony and saves his life. I also heard that Jason Statham will be Hawkeye and make a short cameo ala “Nick Fury”(IM 1) and will be like the “Ultimates” version of Hawkeye dressed in black and a little purple. Supposedly he has dual citizenship. Born in the U.S. but raised in Britain. He’s supposed to be a high-tech, tactical/marial arts, stealth/Cyber-Thief. I hope this is all true, I heard it from my cousin who is a bike messenger in New York who delivers from and for Marvel sometimes.

  10. pixar can produce marvel’s prince namor the sub mariner and that will look beleivable to movie audiences.

  11. im all for pixar producing antman submariner & silversurfer.