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Ant Man Movie Update Script Concept ARt Ant Man Update From Edgar Wright

Marvel Studios sadly did not bring a panel presentation this year to Comic-Con, a year where the film industry as a whole came with a smaller presence. This sad reality didn’t mean that The Avengers and other Marvel movies would be missing entirely. Captain America: The Avenger was premiered here on Thursday and Marvel brought a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier-themed setup to the exhibition floor where they handed out posters and holding autograph sessions with some of the talent.

There’s also of course, the talent at the show who, if involved with Marvel Studios in some way, cannot avoid the obligatory related questions. At the Attack The Block presentation for Screen Gems, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish were on panel and were posed a fan question about the status of the Ant-Man film.

Several years have gone by where we’ve repeatedly heard about drafts of scripts and eagerness from those involved for the Ant-Man project to move forward, but Cornish and Wright, who are writing Ant-Man together, have simply been working together on other projects and Marvel is waiting for the right time in their film schedule to release the solo character flick.

Wright revealed the good news that they had actually just handed in the latest Ant-Man script on Monday and that the studio was looking at it.

“We’re very excited about it. We have some concept art and we really enjoy working on it.”

Back in January, Edgar Wright returned to writing Ant-Man and in March we learned that the latest script draft was near completion, but it’s been silent on the littlest Avenger front with Thor and Captain America taking the summer attention.

Looking at the bigger plan for Marvel, the studio canceled the lower budget adaptation of The Runaways so The Avengers sits alone as Marvel Studios’ sole theatrical release of 2012, despite a plan to launch two summer blockbusters each year and eventually expand to more. 2013 however, already has lined up sequels to some of their established character solo films, namely Thor 2 and Iron Man 3, so could Ant-Man still be three years away or is there a chance Disney will have them push out three feature films for 2013, saving Ant-Man for a fall/holiday release?

That leaves 2014 for other potential sequels including one for The Avengers and what we hope is the launching of some other character titles that the Marvel family has been touting for years: Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Heroes for Hire, S.H.I.E.L.D., etc.

With another script draft in, and assuming that the Ant-Man movie gets the official greenlight from Marvel sometime between now and next summer when The Avengers hits theaters, the title role will likely be cast in that time frame. and Marvel can shoot an end-credits button or cameo role for said character in the team-up film.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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  1. could be cool then maybe we could see giantman in the avengers sequels?

  2. Great news more marvel films to look forward to. 8^)

  3. At this point, Edgar Wright can do no wrong in my eyes. I’ll be looking forward to this, as well as his conclusion to the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy.

      • Screw Luke Cage……make Elba Black Panther!

        • Ya but it would be like don cheadle playing the falcon

        • Ugh. Black Panther is the lamest charecter ever.

          • Dude, I think YOU have a drinking problem if that’s your opinion.
            The Black Panther is AWESOME.

        • Chiwetel Ejiofor for T’Challa!!!!

        • @mongoose, Elba is too tall and stocky for Black Panther. It has to be somebody shorter with a leaner and more cut body frame. Chewitel Ejiofor is perfect. He actually looked like Black Panther without his mask in “Serenity”. Not only that Chewitel knows how to exude eloquence, regalness and has a flare about him that is perfect for Black Panther.

          • I think that whether Elba has the right body type for the part is somewhat subjective. I will however agree that Ejiofor would work EXCEPT for the admitted fact that both actors are really too old for the part. The Wakandian Prince is supposed to be young, mid-late 20s, while both of our choices are in their mid 30′s PLUS, by the time this ever gets under way, they will be closer to 40.

            • @mongoose, I agree on the age. As far as body types, keep in ming, Black Panther is one of the most AGILE and acrobatic characters in the Marvel U. SpiderMan, Black Panther, and Night Crawler are probably the most agile. A big, tall, muscle bound guy won’t work. He has to be between 5’9-6” foot tall AND lean, not bulky. About the same body type as Captain America but even leaner than that.

              • Aldis Hodge!!

      • @Blastaar: I also agree COMPLETELY with what you have to say about Ant-Man!
        But I don’t really see Elba as Luke Cage. He already has a role in the MCU and like KB said: I don’t want them to mess up the continuity.

    • They should of just featured Hank and Janet and do their back story in solo movie! Because to me its not the Avengers without them.

  4. Honestly it’s probably a good thing they only have one movie for next year, after all the superhero movies this summer. The Avengers movie will be enough.

  5. Nathan fillian?

  6. Could Marvel fast track an Ant-Man movie for a fall 2012 release? Perhaps with a small hero were talking a small budget? ;)

    For as long as this project has been gestating I’m surprised some rumbling within Marvel hasn’t trickled out. Perhaps Wright will end up getting the Sony treatment, like Raimi and company? Not saying that would be a good thing but for crying out loud get off the pot already…

  7. Perhaps they should call it “Can’t Man.”

      • “The Wisp,” or perhaps “The Washout,” or “The Waux-pas”? What’s a good Waspy synonym for “can’t get a movie made”?

  8. 2012 – Avengers (with Hank and Jan cameros)
    2013 – Iron Man 3, Tho 2
    2014 – Captain America 2, Antman, Something else (Doctor Strange, Black Panther, heroes for hire, etc)
    2015 – Avengers 2, something else

    calling it now

    • I was actually just about to post the same thing as you! :D
      2012: Avengers with Hank and Janet cameos (hopefully)
      2013: Iron Man 3 (hells yeah!) and Thor 2
      2014: Ant-Man and The Black Panther (if there’s room I would also love a Cap sequel)
      2015: The Avengers 2 (including the Black Panther and Ant-Man)

      • Also for 2015: Winter Soldier, Luke Cage or Doctor Strange.

      • yeah I hope that’s the case. AVENGERS 2 with T’Challa and PYM after they had a solo film each.

        also, early on Hawkeye gets the pym particles and becomes Goliath. I wonder if that could be a subplot of avengers 2?

        • I’m not sure that Pym’s “Giant-Man” or Barton’s “Goliath” will work for the type of films Marvel is trying to make.

          I do agree with you that HANK PYM (not Scott Lang) should be the Ant-Man. That whole “Pym in the 1960′s and Lang in the present day” thing is stupid.

          @ Edgar Wright: WE WANT HANK PYM AND JANET VAN DYNE! And if you can’t do it, just tell Marvel to get another writer.

          • He’s been working on it long enough, anybody else would have been fired already. And what he’s handed in is straight garbage. Why is Marvel still messing with this guy?! I truly think Edgar Wright would have been perfect for doing a “Howard The Duck” ramake or “Forbush Man” instead. Wright is awesome at comedy and spoof movies ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ these should have been his movies.

      • Actually, since Thor 2 was rescheduled, maybe they should go:
        2013: Iron Man 3, Ant-Man, Thor 2.
        2014: Captain America 2, Hawkeye (cause I’m a fan, and should introduce Mockingbird), Black Panther.
        2015: Namor the Submariner (as hinted on Iron Man 2) Black Widow and or SHIELD movie, Dr. Strange.
        2016: Avengers 2.
        What are your thoughts?

  9. This is one example of a comic book character that will not work on screen. They should just abandon this.

    • I much agree. I can’t see a solo Ant-Man/Giant-Man movie working. Average movie goers will say “Who the f**k is Ant-Man?” His name isn’t an attention grabber like Captain America or Thor. I’d rather want to see him in the Avengers even if its not even as a super hero just as Pym and Janet as scientists working with SHIELD on something

      • That might have been the case 20 years ago but with information at literally everyone’s fingertips, all people do is either google about the movie or the character itself.

        I agree though he and Wasp should have been in the Avengers cast, even if it was a small role. At least then he would have had an inroad to doing his own movie. Marvel needs to be willing to think out the box a bit and not HAVE to have a separate origin movie for EVERY character.

        • Yeah, and with the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes TV show they did a great job of making the characters (Hank and Janet) look interesting. After watching the first few episodes I actually liked Ant-Man more than Iron Man. It goes to show that if you have the right director and the right script, anything is possible.

          • Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking of. That story fit well together and I see no reason why it can’t work for a movie.

            I personally think Ant-man is highly underrated and the fact that his Pym participles also allow him to turn onto 100′ giant makes him a real kick butt hero.

      • Every time they do a new hero on the screen they pitch it to an audience who doesn’t know anything about them. People thought Hawkeye would ruin the avengers and he didn’t… You can’t judge a hero off a name, if you read some of his comics you’d know that Hank Pym is a bad-ass

  10. Djimon Hounsou (gladiator, the island, push, blood diamond, constatine, never back down) for Black Panther!!

    • That could work…

      If they do a Black Panther movie, I hope they’ll shoot it in South Africa. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Hollywood over here! (I think the last time was with Ryan Reynolds when he was shooting “Safe House” or something.)

    • He would be cool, but hes almost 50. Maybe as T’Challa’s father?

    • @nOthinghead, At one time I was rooting for Djimon Hounsou too. He really can carry greatg emotion in his acting but the problem is that he doesn’t exude the eloquence and regala that Chewitel Ejoifor does. I was against Ejiofor as Black Panther at one time but after watching him and comparing him to Honsou, Chewitel would be the better choice with Honsou at second choice(live action) wise(he’s already done the voice for animation).

  11. dam 2014 is a long wait for ant man

  12. let’s be real… we need a Black Panther movie. The problem is that casting T’Challa is a big deal for the integrity of the character. I think Honsou could knock out T’Challa’s father, but I think, in as much as casting T’Challa is concerned, you need to go with an unknown/little known, a la Hemsworth in Thor. It’s a big role to play, very stoic, very proud… they need someone who can pull that off without comparing his performance to the personality of roles in the past. My vote for T’Challa and the Black Panther (which, btw, should be considered way, way, way, way, way before Ant Man) is an unknown, little known actor who can bring some authenticity and excitement to the role.

    • “let’s be real… we need a Black Panther movie”
      Ha. About as badly as we needed a “Catwoman” movie.

  13. I’d rather see a Moon Knight movie than Black Panther…. I do not understand what’s appealing about him, never have. A Luke Cage and Ironfist film makes sense, involve Stephen Strange somehow (that could lead to a Dr. Strange solo). What a mess with Hank Pym though, would’ve been great to see him in the Avengers, even as a background element. I really wish they’d plan all these things better.

    • Moonknight is Marvel’s answer to Batman.

      • I was under the impression that Iron Man was Marvel’s answer to Batman, and that Grant Morrison has turned Batman (Incorporated) into DC’s answer to Iron Man.

      • Yeah, “Stan The Man” said himself that Tony Stark is kinda like Bruce Wayne. But he also said that Stark was based on Howard Hughes.

        So if you’re implying that DC was ripped of my Marvel, you’re wrong.

      • @Mongoose: I couldn’t agree more. Everything you just said is 100% golden TRUTH.

        Also, an Ant-Man/Black Panther “combo” movie might just work… they managed to pull it off in the Avengers: EMH TV show (episode: “The Man In The Ant Hill”).

  14. @Screenrant: is it possible for you guys to create a poll where we can VOTE on which Marvel character should get his/her own film first.

    I would love to see some statistics on what the other fans and movie goers think and who they would want to see in cinemas the most.

    The obvious choices for the poll (IMO) would be: Black Panther, Luke Cage, Heroes For Hire, Dr Strange and Ant-Man.

    Let me know if it’s at all possible, thanks :)

    • My apologies Rob, you’ll notice I posted the same comment/request on the “Idris Elba for Luke Cage” article as well. Don’t know what happened, but just wanted to give you the heads up.

  15. I hope Wright still messes up and is kicked off the project. I love his work but not for Super Hero stuff. I don’t really see Ant-Man having his own feature film. What would be the plot, villian, shows problems with wasp, etc? It just doesn’t sound that appealing. I do hope they are in the next Avengers movie and get some type of mention in this first Avengers film about how they are out somewhere in Africa doing science stuff and that could hint at Black Panthers own movie.

    Movies I really want Marvel to look into making in the next year:
    Black Panther and Winter Soldier

  16. eh could be interesting but i dont think he could carry a whole film, i would like to see him in an Avengers film tho

  17. I think it’d be great to do a Black Panther movie that had Ant-Man & Wasp as supporting characters.

    As far as Winter Soldier, I think that would be a great plot for the Captain America sequel, that way you could have it as a sub-plot and still propel the Captain A brand forward at the same time.

  18. If given the proper cinematic treatment, Ant-Man is the type of character that could be another game-changer for Marvel. This is the type of genre project that could be executed for under $50 million and which could bring in more that 3 times that amount.

    It’s a bit frustrating to see this languish for so long… but I suppose that the end product should be worth the wait.

  19. If given the proper cinematic treatment, Ant-Man is the type of character that could be another game-changer for Marvel. This is the type of genre project that could be executed for under $50 million and which could bring in more that 3 times that amount. It’s a bit frustrating to see this languish for so long… but I suppose that the end product should be worth the wait.

  20. “Looking at the bigger plan for Marvel, the studio canceled the lower budget adaptation of The Runaways so The Avengers sits alone as Marvel Studios’ sole theatrical release of 2012, despite a plan to launch two summer blockbusters each year and eventually expand to more.”

    I’d say this is a big mi-step by Marvel Studios. MS currently has good momentum and they should not give that up to competitor DC who will come on strong next year with the one movie that could compete with the AVENGERS for most anticipated comic book genre film. I know some will say there’s no comparison and that THE AVENGERS / DARK KNIGHT RISES is the clear winner but thats the point.

    Even though its getting kind of late to make a release for next summer I would suggest Marvel Studio take this opportunity to do a test run of a 2nd or 3rd tier character in a lower budget; do it the way Rodriguez did PREDATORS last summer whcih was a financial hit and on a low budget of $40 mil.

    Could be a good chance to push that LUKE CAGE Origin Story. I could easily see that being done on a smaller budget kind of like how BLADE (the first one) was done.

  21. Nah, do him and Wasp like Hawkeye and Black Widow. Strong supporting characters.