Anthony Mackie Talks The Falcon & Defends Human Torch Casting

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anthony mackie falcon human torch Anthony Mackie Talks The Falcon & Defends Human Torch Casting

Not everyone is totally thrilled with the casting of Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) as Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch in Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, but Jordan himself doesn’t seem too bothered by the backlash. When ambushed by reporters on his way into a club and asked for his thoughts on the matter, Jordan just smiled and responded, “They’re still going to go see it anyway.” He’s definitely got the attitude down already.

Canonically speaking, the Marvel movies all take place in alternate universes and therefore any changes between the page and the screen are explained in the same way as the differences between, for example, Earth-616 and the Ultimates universe. Comic books have a long history of playing with continuity and retconning characters, so if anything this is in keeping with the traditions of the medium. As the first comic book ever published under Marvel’s name, Fantastic Four debuted three years before the Civil Rights Act was passed and as such the team members were white more or less by default. Now that more fifty years have passed, the idea of a black Human Torch should theoretically be a lot less controversial.

We’ve already covered the reason why the decision to cast Jordan as the Human Torch makes sense from a business standpoint, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie has also spoken out in defense of the casting. (For those unfamiliar, in the Cap sequel Mackie plays Sam Wilson AKA Falcon, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who is equipped with a pair of mechanical wings.)

In an interview with Mackie admits that he was never into comic books as a kid (he preferred baseball), and that while he was “emotional and overjoyed” to be offered a role in the Marvel franchise, he finds the fans’ insistence on movies being identical to the source material a little baffling:

“It’s crazy how much they know, and if you deter from that, it’s like ‘Well, that’s not authentic.’ You know it’s not real. It’s made-up, so we can change it. ‘No, no, that’s not right. No, he’s real.’ Alright.”

Michael B Jordan in Talks for Independence Day 2 Anthony Mackie Talks The Falcon & Defends Human Torch Casting

The distinction between real people and comic book characters is an important one, though you wouldn’t think so by the number of comic book fans who insist that Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm is analogous to a white actor playing Martin Luther King. When asked for his opinion on Jordan’s casting and the subsequent backlash, Mackie first confirmed that Jordan is definitely locked for the role, and then explained that an adaptation of such a fantastical story should be open to creative freedom on the part of the filmmaker.

“Michael B. Jordan is a very good friend of mine. I’ve known him since he was a teenager, and I’m so happy, for more than anybody else for him to be getting the accolades he’s getting, because he deserves it… I think with these type of movies, everything else aside, you need a good actor. Michael B. Jordan is a good actor, black or white. So what you have to realize is, and go back and forth and just say, ‘Superman can’t fly, Batman ain’t real, the Human Torch don’t really set himself on fire and fly around the room, so he can look like whatever they want him to look like.’ You just have to allow yourself to see him that way. And if you can’t do that, that says something about you.”

Fantastic Four co-creator Stan Lee has previously commented on the issue of characters having a different race in the movie versions. When Donald Glover’s fans were lobbying for him to be cast as the next Spider-Man, Lee said in an interview with MTV:

“As far as I’m concerned … anybody should have a chance to audition for the role… I don’t ever want to make it sound like I’m trying in any way to influence the Marvel people as to who to cast in any roles. That isn’t my job. It isn’t in my purview. It’s something I should butt out of and I try to butt out of it — just like I don’t tell them what to do with the movie.”

Most people seem to have made their minds up one way or another on the issue, but we’ll find out next summer whether or not director Josh Trank’s unusual casting decisions – which also include Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Kate Mara as Sue Storm and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm – have paid off. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the first trailers for this new take on the franchise.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters on April 4th, 2014.

Fantastic Four arrives in theaters on June 19, 2015.


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  1. This.

    “…You just have to allow yourself to see him that way. And if you can’t do that, that says something about you.”

    • Yeah something must be wrong with me because I dont have the vison of a tokin black guy who has a close blood relative that is whiter than rice.

      I guess Im just one of the few whiners on the internet who think a movie should make sense or want a film that follows the reason the film is even being made in the first place.

      • Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize you had already read the script explaining how they were related. You people complain so much. When was the last time you read Fantastic Four? You own any Fantastic Four books?

        • Hey! What do you mean “you people”?!

          • What do you mean by “you people”?

            • I think the inference of “you people” means trolls who don’t understand the concepts of A: fiction B: creative license C: racism D: all of the above.

              • Your first mistake is in assuming their is anything approaching creativity involved in this film.

              • creative license isn’t always a good thing. cult leaders and dictators use creative license.

          • I laughed out loud to this. :)

            • Me too. Gotta love Tropic Thunder quotes. Too bad homodrone must have not seen that movie because it went right over his/her head.

              • mea culpa. I’ve seen Tropic Thunder but not since it came out years ago. I’m blaming my Nyquil overdose.

        • This is the most self righteous, poorly constructed article, I’ve ever seen Screenrant post. “Now that more fifty years have passed, the idea of a black Human Torch should theoretically be a lot less controversial.”

          What the hell does that have to do with anything? If anything bringing up the Civil Rights Act hurts your argument! Why? The modern concept of race was a product of the African slave trade! Triangle Trade, the distinct appearance of African’s vs Europeans and Native Americans, and the need to keep healthy relations with the Chinese lead to the decision to use exclusively African slaves. Before this time slavery was a product of defeat in war or indentured servitude. Before this time in history we didn’t have “race”, we had nationalism. Race theory stated that their were three “breeds” of humans; Negriods, Caucazoids, and Mongoloids. Europeans used this theory to justify using “Negroids” as slaves because according to race theory they were the least developed and closest in relation to chimps out of the “breeds” of humanity. Slavery in the Western World has since been abolished, science has disproven “race theory”, and the Civil Rights Act has documented that all citizens are to be given equal treatment and rights.

          So given the fact that “race” was a constructed ideology from the 16th-17th century, any lingering use of the term is the only force that works to secure it’s place in contemporary cultural relevance. Screenrant posted an article a few days ago talking about how studios cast black actors in traditionally white roles to appeal to “minorities”. That’s a fact and you know what, it’s racist. It’s understandable from a business perspective, and from that angle I can concur, but don’t turn around and say it’s not about that.

          You know what though? I love Michael B Jordan, I think he’s a fantastic actor and he’s damn right- People will see it anyway. I know I will, because really it’s not that big a deal to me. What I take offense to is when people who do care question the studio’s decision and someone turns around and implies they’re a racist for doing that.

          • “This is the most self righteous, poorly constructed article, I’ve ever seen Screenrant post.”

            Finally, I’m #1 at something!

            • LMAO!! Yes, you are now a winner!

            • hahaha, I love you Hannah!

          • It’s just funny how there never was that many black people in comics mainly because not alot of black people read (past tense) comics. It just wasn’t cool enough for the mass media before the movies. Race was never something used in marketing as was age or gender. Now that movies are coming out based on comics, everyone has to have a piece of the pie and frankly it’s BS but whatever. I could care less about who plays what but if the character is black, keep him black. If he’s white… keep him white. If I’m not OK with a race change than I’m a bigot. Cool whatever man. Johnny Storm is Caucasian with a biological sister who is also Caucasian. Facts are facts and for someone to argue and get pissed off at what I say and argue something that is not true (note: I did not say real )makes them just as big a bigot as me. Sorry Mackie, hope you don’t suck as Falcon. I’m more interesting in seeing The Winter Soldier and The Leaper anyway. Oh another bigot comment I guess.

            • Not a lot of black people read comics? Did you do a poll or research paper about this? I’ve known more black comic and manga readers than any other race.

              • geez steve! I think you killed the whole debate!

            • Nope, there wasn’t a lot of black people in comics not because black people didn’t read them but because it was insensitive and illegal according to the Americans of the day.

              That’s why Stan Lee had to subtly introduce his own views on the Civil Rights movement by creating the X-Men.

              • Have you ever read any early issue of the X-Men? I’m talking 1-25 early years. Mutation was more an allegory for puberty at that time (hence the strangest teenagers of all). Magneto was pretty two dimensional and Professor X was kind of a jerk (he just referred to Jean Grey as “Girl”).

                You know if you’re going to talk about insensitivity I wouldn’t star with choosing to make superheroes white. I’d start with creating one of the first black superheroes and naming him “Black Panther”…yeah they definitely weren’t getting at a real life violent organization or anything.

                • The character first appeared three months before the Black Panther Party was founded.

                  • If that’s the case I stand corrected.

          • Wait, Hannah is racist, or Anthony Mackie is racist? Or is it Stan Lee you’re mad at?

            You do realize she is reporting on news, right? This isn’t an editorial…

            • Actually, no. Everything outside of the black box is the opinion of the writer. So yeah, not just reporting the news. Baiting for arguments more like it.

              • Thanks for the clarification.

                Here’s how it works. Michael B. Jordan, Anthony Mackie, and Stan Lee have opinions. They state the opinions, and are quoted in an article that explains the opinions.

                This is not an opinion piece, it is not an editorial, it is a news piece.

                I think the article you are imagining would have a headline more along the lines of “Why Human Torch Casting is Totally Chill,” not “Anthony Mackie Talks The Falcon & Defends Human Torch Casting”

                • I’m sorry but the phrase I quoted was not stated by Stan Lee, Michael B Jordan, or Anthony Mackie. It was a comment made by Hannah in setting up the article. Her selection of the Civil Rights Act and choice of the phrase “you would think” implies that the outrage is uncalled for; or furthermore means that times haven’t changed much since the time of the civil rights act- hence people who disagree could be described as “racist”. So yes this was opinion based.

                  A “news-piece” would have worded the same statement in a way like this:

                  “Now that more than fifty years have passed, controversy surrounds the idea of casting black actors for some of these traditionally white characters like Human Torch.”

                  Rather than:

                  “Now that more fifty years have passed, the idea of a black Human Torch should theoretically be a lot less controversial.”

                  See how one states a fact and another carefully encodes a message? I know you do but I figured I’d make it as clear as I could since apparently my other post did not.

                  • You were perfectly clear both times. That’s why I know I disagree with you; however, I don’t care to parse each and every sentence of the article looking for “carefully encoded messages,” so if that’s where we’re taking this, I’ll have to bow out.

                    Although it would be cool to get a Screenrant decoder ring to find what they are REALLY trying to say in all their articles, I don’t have time for that and would rather just enjoy casually reading news and watching the movies when they arrive.

                  • “Her selection of the Civil Rights Act and choice of the phrase “you would think” implies that the outrage is uncalled for”

                    And you just keep proving her right with every comment you make. Congratulations. You win a lifetime’s supply of nothing.

                    • I’m sorry I want progress and I think it’s wrong for Hollywood to go for attention grabs at the expense of race. I guess that makes me a horrible racist, unlike you dazz. you’re just without flaw aren’t you dazz?

                • “The distinction between real people and comic book characters is an important one, though you wouldn’t think so by the number of comic book fans who insist that Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm is analogous to a white actor playing Martin Luther King.”

                  Would you see writing like that in a newspaper? On the evening news? No.
                  That is an opinion, pal. Don’t pee in my ear and tell me it’s raining. Yeah quoting internet trolls in your articles is really reporting.

                  Again, anything outside of the black box is the writers opinion. This time don’t ignore what we are disputing when you respond.

                  • Cool story bro. It’s a blog.

                    Anyway, I already said I was bowing out. Enjoy your haterade.

                    • Wow, a cool story bro and haterade in one swoop. You go girl.

                      Firstly, you didn’t say you were “bowing out” in response to me so that’s a lie. I can read your response, it’s right up there.

                      Secondly, I didn’t say anything about this movie so you can p*ss off with your little haterade comment. I can only imagine what type of twat uses that term.

                  • Thank you. At least someone can tell that her statements were definitely not neutral or unbiased.

                  • Its funny and pathetically sad that people who love to make everything about race and point fingers and label others that disagree with them as racist can never hold onto the truth. this issue doesn’t have anything to do with racism. or the civil rights. its about screwing up what we know and grew up with. again, how many of you civil rights leaders out there would be okay with the BLACK PANTHER and his origin being changed to fit a script titled THE WHITE PANTHER? issues between races don’t always have to be about race and racism is technically color blind. its about hate and stupidity 1st and foremost. my great great great grandfather found that out the hard way when he got off the boat from Ireland, was spit upon by people who called him racist names and handed a uniform to go die in a war to free the slaves. that was the last day he got to hold or see his pregnant wife. his 1st day in America. that was a story about racism. this isn’t. no matter how much you try to make it that way.

          • +1. I think this comment is the best since I’ve been reading Screenrant. Thank you.

          • great post.
            my english isnt good enough to say what you say.

        • Haters tend to be pretend psychics. They’re chock full of predictions and scant logic. I’m glad SR has never taken a stupid, archaic perspective on this. I knew there were a few people out there with the ridiculous “Might as well get a white guy to play Martin Luther King” sentiment, but I wasn’t aware so many people “think” this way that they’d specifically mention this niche group of idiots in an article. lol.

        • I’m sorry. I’ve read the entire Fantastic Four since issue 1 and I’m against Michael B. Jordan playing Human Torch. No I’m not racist either. Yes, if Johnny Storm was Back he’d be perfect. He’s right though, I will see it and honestly he’ll probably nail it, but I can’t see Kate Mara as a good Sue Storm, but I’m probably wrong there too. As for an origin story, let’s see: adoption? mixed parents? or Johnny Storm is Jim Hammond? His powers burnt him? (That’s probably more racist than I meant).

          But let’s be honest: Is this casting worse than Miles Teller as Reed? Hmm….

          The sad thing is still the potential non-white heroes that are being ignored, but Fox doesn’t nave much control of that.

      • Thats the point, you should be able to look beyond the arbitrary constraints place upon whats in the comics, and in this case “blood” and see that even if they are half-brother/sister from adoption or a reconstituted fam from two single post divorced families it provides a simple backstory to explain the new direction. Whether they are not of the same race means absolutely nothing with respects of the brother/sister bond they would conceivably feel for one another. It changes nothing of the intrinsic dynamic between the two and the team as a whole and it changes absolutely nothing to the character’s personality, motivations.. Other than Johnny being black. All it actually does is simply adds some interesting backstory. If you can’t see that, your scope is just too limited. Your allegiance to a creative medium that thrives on constant reinvention is flawed. Doesnt mean you’re racist or prejudiced, it just simply shows that your are small minded.

      • This movie won’t “make sense” because Johnny isn’t white? You DO know that the ENTIRE FF lore doesn’t “make sense”, right?

    • So, by this vein, if in the next To Kill a Mockingbird adaption they cast Tom Robinson as a white man that the story would continue to make sense? Virgil Tibbs in the Heat of the Night? Blanche White in Blanche on the Lam?

      I would feel equally disagreeable with the decision if they had cast Angela Landsbury as Minny Jackson in The Help or Keanu Reeves as Solomon Northup in 12 Years a Slave.

      I don’t get why everyone has this belief that comics are allowed to be mangled story wise but another “real” novel should keep its integrity. As if comics are less than other forms of media. Its irritating.

      • Look at the examples that you’ve listed. You’re listing characters that are defined by their race. All of those characters stories are a product of the color of their skin. It would make no sense whatsoever to make a real life black slave into a white slave in a movie, because then the story wouldn’t make any sense. Johnny Storm is NOT DEFINED BY HIS RACE. The fact that he is white in the comics has absolutely NOTHING to do with his character, his back story, his powers, etc. Tell me ONE thing that is gonna change about Johnny Storm’s character by making him black.

        • Plus, Solomon Northup was a real dude. The movie was based on a novel he wrote and published himself not too long after he regained his freedom.

        • Exactly dragonsoul2. Well said.

          • Thanks, Lazerblaser!

        • Unfortunately, the racists who keep making ridiculous posts regarding this casting decision will continue arguing against common sense until the end of time so I think at this point, we might as well just ignore them because until they push past everyone else to be first in the cinema when the FF movie releases (like we know they will), it’s not worth paying them any attention.

          • The racism tag is thrown around too much in these types of discussion. The color of fictional character will not have a negative physical, emotional or spiritual impact on a normal person. Some of the vehement arguments about this do not come across as racist as much as they are juvenile, uninformed, and coming from a place of delusional entitlement. It sounds a lot like that grown woman going on a tirade about the color of Santa Claus, people just seem insecure about someone taking away their imaginary friends.

        • I agree that Johnny Storm is not defined by his race because him being white or black changes nothing, but at the same time I believe that there are many characters who are both white and black who are also not defined by their race either.
          if a person can say someone like Johnny Storm should be able to be played by Michael B. Jordan then that is their right, but at the same time that person should also be able to accept the idea of someone like Zac Efron playing Falcon or War Machine because those characters are not defined by their race either.

          • If people were to, say, complain about someone like Zac Efron playing Falcon or War Machine, it would because of the fact that there are so few black superheroes in general, that it would be pretty unfair to take one of those few and make him white. That’s just the sad truth. Have you noticed that every time that someone who is against this casting brings up counter arguments they always mention the same characters over and over? Blade, Black Panther, Cyborg, Falcon, War Machine, Spawn. With the exception of a few more LESSER to UNKNOWN characters, that’s pretty much it. So yes. It would be more unfair to make one of those characters white, but only because there are so few compared to the hundreds and hundreds of white superheroes and villains.

            • So then because the number of black superheroes is far less then the number of white superheroes it’s wrong to change their race, but it’s fine to change the white characters race because there are simply more of them. Did I get that correct? Because I’m sitting here trying to get that to make sense to me and I’m sorry, but I just can’t.
              I’m sitting here trying to figure out how one person’s race is expendable and the other one’s isn’t based simply on the number of white superheroes verses the number of black superheroes.

              • “So then because the number of black superheroes is far less then the number of white superheroes it’s wrong to change their race, but it’s fine to change the white characters race because there are simply more of them. Did I get that correct?”

                Only if their race isn’t essential to their character. Take Nick Fury for example, they made him black and no one complained about it, I guess because it was done in the comics first, but I don’t see the difference. They made a change to a white character, whose race wasn’t important, and made him black to appeal to a bigger audience. I don’t want to see a black person play Bruce Wayne, because it makes a lot less sense that during the time period of which Bruce grew up in that there would’ve been a black family with that much wealth and power, unless they were a celebrity or a musician.

                But yes, in terms of the way society views it, it is very much a problem to take a minority character and replace him with a white one. Remember the Prince of Persia film? All the backlash and controversy surrounding that? They took a Persian character and had a white guy play him. Same with Dragon Ball Evolution, and The Last Airbender. I’m not saying that I agree or disagree with this, I’m just saying that its definitely a societal issue.

          • Taychon, you bring up good points. However, you yourself used the words “might” and “likely”. So that means it’s also possible that he “might not have.” Sure, Johnny might have been raised differently, in a different neighborhood, etc. But he wouldn’t necessarily have to be. There are plenty of successful black families that could a raise a child in the exact same way, or neighborhood that a white child like Sue could’ve been raised in. And if they go with the “Johnny was adopted by Sue’s parents” angle, then that would definitely negate your entire argument because they would be raised by the same people, in the same neighborhood, and have access to same things.

            I think the main disagreement I have with you is that you think that just because Johnny would be black, that that would mean that his entire upbringing would be different. I’m sorry but that is an extremely close-minded thought process.

            • Its not about the black thing for me. Its about who Johnny is regardless if you want to call him fictional or not.

              Johnny is who Johnny is the same way T’Challa is who T’Challa is.

              But I am kind of tired of everyone screaming “racist” at the top of there lungs when its clear that people just would like to enjoy there childhood memories the way they were designed not the way they want to revision them. If you want to do that then why not design a series of movies based on the What-If comics?

              I suppose I am an ageist too since I think the entire Michael Douglas/Pym thing is just as stupid.

              To be honest I think I am more irked about that then the Jordan casting…at least they were trying to cast Johnny as the right age.

              And I would like to commend you for at least trying to listen and make a rational argument.

              • “But I am kind of tired of everyone screaming “racist” at the top of there lungs when its clear that people just would like to enjoy there childhood memories the way they were designed not the way they want to revision them. If you want to do that then why not design a series of movies based on the What-If comics?”

                I understand. And honestly I agree with this. When you’re used to something being one way for a long time, you don’t want it to change. That can really applied to many things. Ultimately I too would prefer that Johnny look like the comic book counterpart. At the same time though, I can see why, whether it be for marketing reasons, societal reasons, demography reasons, or simply that the previous two films are hated by most, they would make a change, and I’m okay with trying something new. If this had been the very first film, I’d would be upset too. But they’ve had several chances to get this right, and haven’t. Why not try something different?

                I commend you as well on your rational viewpoints.

          • Tachyon…… Nobody grows up gay man !
            your born straight or gay

            i agree with the rest though

      • When was the last time you read Fantastic Four? Do you own any Fantastic Four books?

      • Shut up! Grown people crying over stuff they can’t control. Johnny Storm is black, deal with it. Don’t go see the movie and live your life. There are bigger things in this world than a FICTIONAL character’s race being changed.

        • Uhh… He’s white dude

          • Michael B Jordan’s white? What?

        • YES! EXACTLY!! These people really need to get over their little petty complaints about the race changing.

        • I just wish some of you could appreciate the irony relating to your complaints about other people’s complaining.

          Ah… the slope must be slippery when you’re up on that high road.

      • Dude, look what you’re comparing right now…deep race related stories like The Help and 12 Years vs The Human Torch…..

    • “…You just have to allow yourself to see him that way. And if you can’t do that, that says something about you.”

      That is very sanctimonious and rude.

      Most would not have an issue were the character not already established in pop culture. This snide innuendo that anyone who does not want an African American playing an established white character is really just racist is cheap and lazy.

      Maybe the film will do well. I would love to see ff done properly but I would not be so smug and say people are going to see it anyway. It may well tank.

      • Except the Marvel Multiverse books and website (official by the way, run by Marvel themselves) lists the movies, cartoons and comics as existing in different universes so technically, we could have a black Johnny Storm in this movie and it wouldn’t affect the Earth-616, Ultimate, Zombie, Ape, Manga or other Marvel universes in any way.

        This whole “I’m a purist” crap honestly sounds to me like you’re saying “I’m elite, only I know what’s right and wrong”.

        You know who else said those things? A little known Austrian named Adolf Hitler with his “Aryan race” fantasy.

        • Careful throwing around accusations like that man. You obviously don’t know this guy an to compare to Hitler is ridiculous. You do know who Hitler was right? Real classy, English.

  2. “They’re still going to go see it anyway.”

    No chance that I’m going to waste my hard earned cash on some movie if it looks like trash and I’m sure others will agree. This movie is looking very disappointing coming out the gate.

    • Interesting, did you complain after wasting your “hard earned cash” on those other two ff4 debacle train wreck horrific movies? Where you guys lose me is when they made two absolutely terrible ff films, were you b*tching and moaning? No. Like mackie said, it says more about you if you can’t accept these cosmetic changes for a movie franchise that has completely failed to this point.

      • @virtuouswing – I wouldn’t necessarily say called the Fantastic Four a completely failed franchise. Critically? Yes. Financially? No. Including promotional material, the first two films budgets totaled around $300 million. To date, including DVD sales, the franchise has made roughly $685 million worldwide – I’d say more than doubling the studio’s monetary investment counts as a success.

        Paul Young

    • Well I for one will be there when it comes out because im a fan of all these actors they put in the lead roles. Black or white causing such chaos how disappointing…

  3. Its called “respecting the comic characters with decades of history”, Anthony, but you obviously doesnt seem to understand that.

    What about signing a white actor to play Black Panther? will he be okay with that?

    Im not even a F4 fan, neither a BP one, but these decisions are a way of not respecting the fanbase and their fave characters. And if thats how a studio tries to bring the fanbase back… good luck with that.

    • Well, Black Panther is the king of an African country.. So changing his race would require substantially changing his backstory, whereas human torch’s backstory isn’t tied to his race. The important thing to me is that they stay true to the characters, so if they can change the race and still do that, I’m all for it. If the race is critical to the character’s background, then they shouldn’t mess with it.

      • Yeah because there are no white Africans.

        • Not true. Charlize Theron is from South Africa. Though I see the point you’re trying to make. Black Panther’s origin is rooted in being a part of an African tribe, which in terms of history, are predominately black. So it would change his story substantially if a white actor were case, unlike Johnny Storms’ story.

        • dude.. you and I BOTH know that there is NO such thing as a White African King. To think otherwise would be extremely foolish and uneducated. That’s like me saying ‘because Black people live in England, there was a Black British King once’.. WTF?!

          • The thing with Black Panther is that he is the first black superhero. So he is defined by his ethnicity. And yes there are white Africans but in this case it’s not even the point.

    • If we “respect(ed) the comic characters with decades of history” in every sense of the word, then none of the characters that we know and love would be what they are now. They’ve all changed over time. It happens ALL the time in the comics, so why can’t it happen in a film? Read Kofi Outlaw’s article on the real reasons for casting choices and hopefully this will make a lot more sense to you.

    • Well, Black Panther is the king of an African country… So changing his race would require substantially changing his backstory, whereas human torch’s backstory isn’t tied to his race. The important thing to me is that they stay true to the characters, so if they can change the race and still do that, I’m all for it. If the race is critical to the character’s background, then they shouldn’t mess with it.

    • Seems they didn’t have any problems finding a black actor to play Falcon. Guess Mackie was just, “lucky” ;)

  4. Totally agree with Anthony Mackie, happy he said it!

  5. I am all for the best actor or actress being cast for any role. I have zero issue with the casting of Johnny Storm, I think what I have a problem with is the casting of Sue Storm; They are brother and sister. That dynamic is huge in the entirety of the series. And while you can explain it away with adoption or previous marriage I think it changes that dynamic. Johnny Storm is a very iconic Superhero but not on the level of Spidey, Wolverine, Supes, or Bats. More along the lines of Nick Fury (Marvel went ahead and reimagined him as Samuel Jackson in the Ultimate Universe) and that worked out fantastically in my opinion. Time will tell, but the casting will have limited impact on how successful this movie is; That will be determined by Fox allowing or not allowing a talented director to do his thing with the source material.

  6. “They’re still going to go see it anyway.”

    No, I’m really not, so cast who ever you feel like casting. The studio was the root of the problem with the first one and it’s going to be the problem with this one, so no, I gave them two chances to get FF right, no more.

    • Exactly, I was thinking the same. They had two chances to get this right. So I’m not watching this one.

  7. As long as they tell why he is a black kid and has a white sister, I’m fine.

  8. Please tell me my Caucasian friends commenting on this topic, when and where would ANY superheroes of ANY ethanic background get a real chance of appearing in ANY MAJOR comic book movie adaptation ON the big screen? Part of the reason for the “mixing up” of casting has already been touched on by the Srceen Rant Team. But in addition, NO African American, Latino, Native American etc, would ever see the light of day if not for “token” support roles We are being given the opportunity to play now. As for the argument of ludicrous castings of White actors playing Historically Black Characters… Geeze… We still have to except Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, Charlston Heston as Moses and GOD knows how many white boys playing Jesus For Christ Sake!!! Lol. Some of you are seriously GOOD OLE BOYS in GEEKS Clothing unwilling to let it go!

    • Spawn says hi.

    • Um… Blade? Hancock? Even Shaquille O’neal got “Steel” made into a movie. Spawn? I think if we had a War Machine movie or Black Panther movie by now, this wouldn’t be an issue. But, I do agree with you. This feels like a “token” role.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m fine with MBJ playing the Human Torch. The rest of the cast is underwhelming and, well, it’s FOX making the movie. Again. Galactus is a storm cloud. The Silver Surfer gets his powers from his board. This is the same studio that has already wiped it’s a– with the source material. FOX will still find a way to ruin this movie and when that controversy comes to light, no will care what race the Human Torch is.

      Accept. Not Except. Almost means the opposite of what you meant in what you wrote.

      • My point was that black super hero movies exist, without relying on the “token” gimmick. Spawn/Al Simmons was a black guy. That’s all. He wasn’t a hero of Africa, an urban/inner city brawler, aspiring rapper or sidekick to a white hero(ala War Machine), he was just Al Simmons. And he was a badass, even if the movie wasn’t very good.

      • “The Silver Surfer gets his powers from his board.” SMH. this was pathetic…

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but historically speaking, Cleopatra WAS white. I know, huge shocker right? I learned that she was Greek, her name itself is Greek too. This is when the Greeks/Romans took over Egypt already, and placed their puppet leaders. so Cleopatra was to Egypt as Pontius Pilate was to Jerusalem. Cleopatra’s brother was named Ptolemy too, and that’s also a Greek name. So as far as the movies go, they’ve gotten her right. No wonder she had close sexual relations with Roman leaders, lol

    • +100000

  9. What if… This is just an alternate timeline? In this movie, Sue’s brother has an injury and can’t go up in the ship. In steps a family friend to fill his shoes. You would still have a “Johnny Storm”, sans powers, and a “Black Human Torch”. Would that satisfy people?

    I’m sick of reading articles about this. It’s done. Move on. FOX will still find another way to screw this up.

  10. If he can win 6 NBA titles with the Bulls, the man can play Johnny Storm.

    • That’s true. Some would argue that Lebron B. James and Kobe B. Bryant could pull off a comparable Johnny Storm, but they have never been, nor ever will be on the same level as Michael B. Jordan.

  11. I’m just going to put this here:

    Casting a black man as the Johnny Storm is neither brave nor ‘forward-thinking’. It’s stupid. Reed Richards? Fine. Ben Grimm? Fine. Johnny Storm? not when his biological, full-blooded sister is white. Even in the Ultimate universe. Make em both black or both white but don’t try to be PC or ‘blind-to-color’ because all you’re going to do is piss off the fan base and look stupid in foresight and hindsight.

    Seriously bad casting mistake.

    • You know what, I’ve thought about this some more. Ben Grimm should be black. It would actually accent the fact that The Thing is something of a social outcast and prematurely judged by those he meets simply based on how he looks. Ben Grimm has ALWAYS had a self image issue and I think Grimm has actually had to deal with this in the same way that Stan Lee used the Hulk as a Jekyll/Hyde character and the X-Men as a civil rights group.

      And I have zero problem with Reed being oriental. but Sue and Johnny are blood related brother and sister. Even if both were black, I really wouldn’t have an issue with it. But having one white and one black-either one-is just cosmically stupid.

      • Hold on, so your justification for why Ben Grimm should be African American is that he is a social outcast, he is prematurely judged by those he meets and has self image issues. Is this what you think is going on inside each and every African American? Please come to reality, and understand that African Americans are not a lower species as you imply, we are not social outcasts nor suffer from self image issues. Your argument went from racist to out right bigoted.

        Also you usually don’t refer to a person of Asian origin as “oriental.”

        • Wow, there are a lot of butt-hurt folks on here putting words in my mouth and calling me racist.

          I said that a black Ben Grimm would accent his alter ego because “…The Thing is something of a social outcast and prematurely judged by those he meets simply based on how he looks.”
          So no one disagreed with the second part of my statement, you all just started plying the race card saying I was calling blacks social outcasts. They are not. But they once were, weren’t they. In fact, you can still find small pockets of that everywhere for All races. It’s a fact. It’s not racist. Grow up. The fact it–and I alluded to this already–this was Lee and Marvel actually making a comment on the black man in pre-60′s America. They were social outcasts and second class citizens if not worse.
          A black man who would be cast as Grimm would see himself transformed but not for the better. Having grown up -even in today’s times where a black man can experience racism or intolerance- The Thing would find himself in an even worse position because now he would be a living manifestation of a monster. He would see fear in the eyes of those who saw him. And how would he see himself? A black man who had to work harder to be a pilot because of his skin (and early life gang banging on Yancy Street) was now in worse shape with little hope of relief.

          And the ‘mixed-race’ family argument is not one Fox has used. Don’t go creating defenses to protect bad casting. Because even if this was a mixed-race situation, that’s still some bad casting. NO ONE would EVER consider Mara and Jordan as full blooded siblings regardless of parentage.

          • @skylordic – Telling people they can meet you in the proverbial alley to solve their differences with you isn’t the smart way to go. Please refrain from doing that again in the future – even IF people are labeling you for your opinions.

            Paul Young – Moderator

      • Because the concept of mixed race families is “cosmically stupid”. smh… Is it still 2014 or did I wake up this morning in 1963?

        • Teehee. Nice one ;) skylordric, you must be the one to target social outcasts, just because blacks are black, and the Thing is a thing, doesn’t give you ANY rights to call them social outcasts. We are in an age of inter-racial families, get a grip. You saying to cast the thing as a black guys was a great idea, until YOU explained why YOU THINK he should be…racist.

  12. Mackie dont know squat. He said he was a baseball kid. Human Torch, shouldve been white. Thing shouldve been black if anything. It’ too much, that Hollywood would rape 1 culture to be PC. But thats America.

    • I know right!!

      I mean first white men LITERALLY raped female black slaves all over the country for a few hundred years, which is the sole cause for the various levels of skin darkness found among African American people in the present-day.

      Now they are casting a FICTIONAL COMIC BOOK CHARACTER that is traditionally white as a black person!!!

      Geesh America!! When will you learn!!??

      • I know right, Wally?! All this oppression on the white race has got to stop! This is cultural genocide!!

  13. Johnny Storm is hokey, perhaps young Wayne Brady could play the role, maybe a young Alfonso Ribeiro or Jameel White, but most blacks are not naturally corny enough to play such a part. Even the name ‘Johnny Storm’ is corny and un-black, the catch phrase ‘Flame On’ is the epitome of a white male on male mating call, no black guy would ever say such a thing, even if he was flaming.

    Zac Efron was born for this role and I’m miffed that Anthony Mackie would believe that there is ‘something wrong with’ people that don’t believe the great Michael Jordan is wrong for this part.

  14. I said before that I don’t like the casting, and I don’t, but I would feel better about it if he actually won the role through auditions and there were actually other people in competition for the role. Everything I read said that he was basically given the role and I honestly don’t see how someone can be the best person for a role if the role is just handed to them.

  15. so frustrating that overbearing race issues are being dragged into comics. Its not a race issue, its a source material issue. your telling me that if a white guy was cast as black panther, Mackie would have the same view?? My A$$ he would!!

    very stupid reasoning on his part.

  16. My only issue with Johnny Storm being black is that Sue Storm is still white. If they’re still considered siblings in the movies, then that just adds even more unnecessary extra backstory/origin stuff we have to wade through to get to the main plot of the movie.

    If Johnny and Sue were both black, I wouldn’t mind a bit. Race matters in the case of Johnny Storm because he has a BLOOD RELATIVE of a different race in the main cast. Until they can give us some more insight as to what’s going on in the movie, this just reeks of shoehorned diversity for the sake of diversity. It looks trite and desperate.

    • “Even more unnecessary extra backstory/origin stuff we have to wade through.”

      Or a single sentence along the lines of, ‘She’s my step-sister/half-sister/adopted sister.’ Minimal wading required.

      • It’s extra plot filler to an already complicated story. We’ve already sat through a bazillion hero origin stories. Extra crap for the sake of simply being extra is unnecessary.

        • This is not a complicated story, teenager is invited on space mission headed by his sisters boyfriend. He is exposed to some fruity cosmic rays and becomes a Human Torch with the catch phrase “Flame ON!”

          Zac Efron was born for this role!

          • Except that’s not how this story is going down, apparently. From what I understand, they’re taking inspiration from the Ultimate comics. So Reed and Ben go up to space, while Sue and Johnny are presumably going to be mutants. (Which makes sense considering this will also be the X-Men universe)

            • Well, if Johnny and Sue are mutants, why are we debating their race? Mystique had a Blue son and an adopted white daughter.

              FOX is just race baiting; therefore, Johnny can’t be a mutant because mutants can look like anything and no one is stupid enough to argue that mutant siblings should be the same color.

              Johnny is a teenage white kid that goes on a space mission with his sister, her boyfriend, and her boyfriends best friend. A white kid on a space mission makes more sense then this black mutant non sense.

        • Stop making up reasons for this to be bad

      • But that single sentence, H, it will take up sooooo much screen time and is so complicated. Imagine trying to explain the concept of a mixed race family to today’s audience? The world is just not ready. The universe is going to explode now!

  17. I think this is pandering. And to the person who commented how difficult it would be to explain a white Black Panther- no it wouldn’t. South Africa has many white people. Doesn’t mean I want to see a white Black Panther, I just think it would be stupid. Just like I think this move to change Johnny Storm’s race is stupid. It is pandering. It’s not necessary. I don’t want to see a white Power Man or Falcon either. Also, given the mass movie going audience has already seen TWO FF movies with the characters introduced, I find this change even more confusing. I like Michael B. Jordan as an actor, but I don’t want to see him in this role. i’m all for introducing new characters with power sets of different ethnic origins, but I’m not for pandering to one group and changing existing characters race. I don’t want to see it on either side. I’m not interested in seeing this movie.

    • Agreed. Especially since we’ve already seen Johnny Storm on screen just a few years ago, as a white guy.

      Well, he did go off and become Captain America, so maybe new Johnny is just filling in?

      • First, FOX makes Sue Storm (Non) white, and nobody cares, so these guys at FOX say, hey lets make Johnny (Non) white. But Alba was hot, so Fanboys let that one slide. But if Whoopi Goldberg was cast as Sue instead of Alba then there would have been outrage. Michael Jordan is just too non white for the part, like Whoopi Goldberg.

    • +1

  18. So… It’s the film makers call on whether or not Johnny should be depicted as his true race or not? And then there is something wrong with me for not liking the fact that Hollywood plays God? There is something wrong with me for not being a mindless sheep? See this is how stupid these two actors are. Yeah everyone might see the movie but the point is to support these movies ala paying to see them. My hope is that it flops big time then lets see what these actors and their opinions mean.

  19. “The distinction between real people and comic book characters is an important one, though you wouldn’t think so by the number of comic book fans who insist that Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm is analogous to a white actor playing Martin Luther King. ”

    Really? Who is arguing this point? Or did you make this up to bring racial issues into something that has nothing to do with race? Typical “journalism” in the 21st century

    I’ll re-watch the first 2 terrible FF movies before I watch this garbage.

    • +1

    • ‘Nothing to do with race’? Excuse me, what article are you reading?

    • No kidding, we’ve had that exact comment dozens of times in the comments section of past articles. It’s one of the most common analogies that gets used, just behind, “Well in that case [insert white actor here] should play Black Panther!”

      • Which also makes zero sense given the fact that Black Panther was designed AROUND his race, as has been pointed out before. I don’t think people realize this but characters of different races other than white are the MINORITY in comic books. Most of the characters being brought to films were white because these books were being made by mostly white guys for what is assumed were mostly white readers. None of these characters were designed around their race.

        Black Panther, on the other hand, was. Around the time the writers started to get the hint that people of other races mattered and actually LIKED these books, they broadened their demographic. But people are willfully ignorant about this and EXTREMELY stubborn when it comes to characters they’ve already made up their mind about.

      • Just so we are clear. If Luke Cage, Cyborg, Photon, Mr. Terrific, Vixen, Steel, Spawn, Blade or John Stewart get recast as white folks on screen, you’d be totally cool with that? B. S. More race-baiting articles from Screenrant coming right up!

        • ^ Yep, we get this one a lot too.

    • Actually what the author wrote is true in regards to that statement. Go through the various comments and you’ll see people comparing his being cast as Johnny Storm to a white guy playing Martin Luther King. I’m fine with people wondering how people would react if some random white guy played the Black Panther or a number of other black characters because they are fictional characters, but there is a distinction between a fictional character and an important historical figure.

  20. In the first 2 FF movies Johnny Storm (Cheis Evans) is white and Sue Storm (Jesscia Alba) is not as white as Chris Evans but the difference was minimal….

    Now we have a completly white Sue Storm and an obvious black Johhny Storm. I didn’t read any comics (as they’re not popular/easy to get over in the Netherlands) so as far as i know they are brother and sister… so for the brother/sister thing make them either both white or both black, either way is fine by me!

    So im going to hold my judgement until i see the movie and hope they make a good explained and fitting story for a interracial brother/sister story :)

    • Hollywood is a mess, the last Sue Storm was not completely white, and now she is, those clowns in Hollywood can’t make up their minds, is she completely white or not?

    • No, it’s not telling the world to go f**k off. The “world” is not crying over this. A fringe group of “fans” are.

  21. If Idris Elba (wonderful actor) may play a Viking mythological god is just that Black Panther or Luke Cage can be played by a white actor or of any other race…

    • Idris Elba had no business playing a Viking God, it made absolutely no sense. Nor should a white guy play a Dark elf, Hollywood is really messed up, Michael Jordan has no business playing Johnny Storm. (Maybe Wayne Brady, but not Michael Jordan)

      • You’re trolling, right? Wayne Brady, a 41 year old comedian is better suited for Johnny Storm than Michael B. Jordan, a 27 year old, rising, almost Oscar-nominated actor?

        • YES

      • OK… Normally I don’t feed the trolls. But you get that “Dark Elves” are A: Not real B: not human C: Not named Dark Elves because of the color of their skin. Do you realize that?

        • Thanks for the edification, I always thought “Dark Elves” were evil pygmies.

          • So why are you implying they should be black?

            • Pygmies tend to be black, I thought Vikings were afraid of small black males.

  22. I see more of an issues with the casting of Ben Grimm and Mr. Fantastic.

    • Amen! Where are all the trolls bitching about Baby Faced Mister Fantasitc and Waif Thin The Thing? Those are the characters you should worry about. Not the actor from the string of critically acclaimed drama and genre projects who is considered one of the best up and coming actors.

  23. Como on, Mackie is Jordan’s friend. he wouldn’t say anything bad about his casting. Besides, he doesn’t read comics so his opinion has no real weight. I’m very disappointed with this film. Should they have done it the right way, it would have been great but now I just want it to fail big time so the rights go back to Marvel. I won’t pay to see it.

    • FOX is not concerned with doing the right thing, all FOX cares about is pandering to the blacks. They know all the blacks are watching the FF casting, and we all know that Sharpton is on MS NBC. Just connect the dots and you’ll discover that Zac Efron should be the next Human Torch.

      • Becton…

        Wow, did you REALLY just say something so asinine?


        • Yes, FOX pandering to blacks is REALLY asinine, if you are American and have ever watched FOX news, but many of the comments on this site are from non-Americans. Some people on this site really believe FOX is pandering.

          • You completely misunderstood my comment…somehow.

            Read the first sentence you typed in that previous comment…Do you not see anything wrong with the way it’s expressed? YOUR COMMENT is asinine, aside from the idea of Fox pandering to anybody.

            As for that idea, itself, FOX News might pander, but it is definitely NOT to blacks. The entertainment branch of the FOX corporation? Well, I suppose arguments might be made on both sides of aisle, but considering the films FOX (FOX Searchlight?) releases, I’m not sure how ANYone could say they pander to blacks, either.

            • Read the comments, some people REALLY believe FOX, the same company that introduced Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly to the world are pandering to blacks, Hell, two months ago Megyn Kelly reaffirmed that Santa was white on FOX.

              Some people are REALLY mad about both: Santa and Johnny Storm being depicted as black, they feel the world they known and love is coming to an end if these fictional characters change.

              Some REALLY beleive that Al Sharpton has a hand in this casting decision, and not Josh Trank.

              They think FOX studios is being, “Politically Correct.”

              Some people are angry that they are being labeled as racist because they feel the studio is more concerned with being diverse then sticking to the source material.

          • Oh, and just in case you decide to “rewrite history”, so to speak, and say that you were merely pointing out in your original statement what OTHERS might say (as you SEEM to be attempting to do in your response to me), I say, once more: READ your INITIAL sentence.

            • No, I stick by all my comments, this role should have gone to Zac Efron; however, the writer / director elected to writer the character with Michael Jordan in mine. FOX studios should have did the right thing (be racist) and cast a white actor instead.

              • typo – write not writer

              • :O

  24. Are they going to ask every Black actor who happens to be in a comic book film about this? It is starting to drift into muck raking and it seems like everyone has formed their opinion and not many people are going to change their minds.

  25. @dragonsoul2

    The Marvel character ‘Blade’ is also not defined by his race, and Matt Damon is more than capable of portraying the part. Shall we see what kind of reaction we get if a white man is cast as Blade, same goes for the Falcon and Luke Cage. And don’t try and tell me that ‘its a completely different scenario’, double standards. Michael B Jordan is a terrific actor, but why cast him as the Human Torch just to prove a point when he could have been cast as Luke Cage or the Black Panther.

    Come to think of it, it was the Blade movies that proved to Marvel that there is a genuine and lucrative market for Marvel movies, and Luke Cage and the Black Panther are solid well known characters in the Marvel stories, so why haven’t Marvel studios started work on movies that are clearly meant to be played by black people, because they would rather be lazy and appear to be politically correct by shoving a black actor into a role clearly imagined to be played by a white actor. There is no shortage of roles for black people in the Marvel films, its time to start treating the source material as it was imagined to be.

    And for the record I would be pissed if a white actor was cast as Blade, so don’t even bother calling me racist, which seems to be the only defence from people who couldn’t care less about the source material. If Marvel studios want more black people in their mythology, then they should get to the drawing board and create some, NOT reimagine the existing ones into black, Puerto Rican and Muslim people. To me that’s more racist than giving a character some real thought, design, and then giving that character an ethnicity and back story.

    Reinventing them is just damn lazy and unimaginative, if I Michael B Jordan I would have turned the part of Human Torch down on principal, and demand to audition for the part of Luke Cage, based on principal alone.

    • You’re right. Blade is not defined by his race, thus I would have no issue with him being played by a white guy. Not sure why you brought that up.

      I think all of you (meaning every person that has a problem with this casting) is missing the REAL point behind this choice. It has nothing to do with Marvel or Fox trying to “prove a point” as you say. It’s about money and demographics, plain and simple. (Read Kofi’s article)

      Fantastic Four is not a hot property right now. People like you, who complain and complain about the changes, but don’t actually do anything to support the source material (like actually buying the comics) are the reason they even feel the need to change stuff in the first place. If the Fantastic Four comics were selling millions and millions of comics every year then I guarantee you that they wouldn’t have changed a SINGLE thing. But since no one cares, for the most part, about them, and they’ve already had to TWO failed attempts (three if you count that first awful film that was shot in a matter of days) at a movie they feel like it’s time to try something new. Something new that will appeal to more people and more demographics, which for some reason fanboys have the hardest time understanding. Fox and Marvel are both COMPANIES. Which means they need money to stay in business. They are gonna do whatever it takes, in their opinions, to make money. Whether they are wrong or right, remains to be seen.

  26. Does no one on the entire internet understand the concept of racism? The entire “you can’t cast a black man in a white role that’s like casting “insert name of white actor” as “insert name of black character/real person whose story is specific to their race” isn’t a real argument. You sound as stupid as people saying the earth was built in 6 days and dinosaurs hung out with Adam and Eve.

    I am not going to get into this anymore because again see: feeding trolls. BUT y’all need to educate yourself about the concepts of racial representation, white washing, colonialism, etc. You obviously don’t have even the slightest clue about anything you are talking about… Also, this movie could literally take each and every liberty with the source it wants, because last time I checked the only time the Fantastic Four are remotely interesting is when they interact with characters outside their own family unit (Spider-Man/The Avengers/X-Men).

    • You are a race baiter, we don’t care about the white washing of history! The FF are proud European Americans, and Johnny Storm is a hokey character. Blacks are not corny enough to play Johnny Storm, he is like Pete Campbell from Mad Men. Would you want a black guy playing Pete Campbell? Whiteness is Campbell’s and Storms’s essence.

    • Let’s not start the “Racist” crap! That’s getting tired and overused. You project YOUR issues and insecurities on others. I find nothing wrong with wanting the characters I’ve come to love be how they’ve been presented for, oh I don’t know, 50 plus years! Like I said I would have no desire to see a white Power Man or White Panther. I like the characters as I know them. And would your “racial bomb throwing” extend to studios that changed THOSE characters to white, or is it just when it’s the reverse is true? Let’s stop the name calling shall we? It doesn’t even come close to define my reality or opinion in this matter.

  27. Pointing out that it is “illogical” for a black person to have a white sibling is a really bull$%&t argument. One could use some pretty basic logic to arrive at two conclusions about how such a phenomenon came to be:

    1.) Adoption or just acceptance into a family
    2.) Having the same mother but different fathers, or vice versa (OMG is that really possible!!!)

    Stop perpetuating this hypocritical demand for LOGIC from a COMIC BOOK MOVIE and just accept that you need to be a little more open-minded. It might soothe that butthurt your feeling :)

    • It was open mindedness that allowed the Fantastic Four to be imagined in the first place, if its creators were even more opened minded, the Human Torch would have been created as a black person with an adopted white sister, don’t hate the fans for respecting the source material. I all for more black people in the Marvel movies, just cast in roles that were imagined for white people, not out of any kind of KKK ideals, JUST, BECAUSE, that’s how they were imagined. Like I previously said, if I was Michael B Jordan, I would have told them to shove their casting as the Human Torch up the their righteous arses, and I would have demanded an audition for Luke Cage.

      Luke Cage isn’t even being made into a full blown movie, but some crappy Netflix TV series that probably won’t run past season one, pisses me of.

  28. @Mark, you said it buddy, FOX should treat the characters as they were imagined. If FOX wants more black characters FOX should make Marvel introduce more black characters to the FF, then sell FOX the rights to that characters.

    By the way, has Luke Cage ever been apart of the FF?

    • Thanks Becton-D

      It not easy pointing your point across regarding this subject without people thinking your a member of the KKK or Combat 18.

      Luke Cage to my knowledge has never been a part of the FF, but Michael B Jordan is definitely a good fit for Luke Cage, and a TV series does not do the character justice.

      • If people are such long-time readers of the Fantastic Four then they would know the answer to this question….