Anthony Mackie Talks The Falcon & Defends Human Torch Casting

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anthony mackie falcon human torch Anthony Mackie Talks The Falcon & Defends Human Torch Casting

Not everyone is totally thrilled with the casting of Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) as Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch in Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, but Jordan himself doesn’t seem too bothered by the backlash. When ambushed by reporters on his way into a club and asked for his thoughts on the matter, Jordan just smiled and responded, “They’re still going to go see it anyway.” He’s definitely got the attitude down already.

Canonically speaking, the Marvel movies all take place in alternate universes and therefore any changes between the page and the screen are explained in the same way as the differences between, for example, Earth-616 and the Ultimates universe. Comic books have a long history of playing with continuity and retconning characters, so if anything this is in keeping with the traditions of the medium. As the first comic book ever published under Marvel’s name, Fantastic Four debuted three years before the Civil Rights Act was passed and as such the team members were white more or less by default. Now that more fifty years have passed, the idea of a black Human Torch should theoretically be a lot less controversial.

We’ve already covered the reason why the decision to cast Jordan as the Human Torch makes sense from a business standpoint, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie has also spoken out in defense of the casting. (For those unfamiliar, in the Cap sequel Mackie plays Sam Wilson AKA Falcon, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who is equipped with a pair of mechanical wings.)

In an interview with Mackie admits that he was never into comic books as a kid (he preferred baseball), and that while he was “emotional and overjoyed” to be offered a role in the Marvel franchise, he finds the fans’ insistence on movies being identical to the source material a little baffling:

“It’s crazy how much they know, and if you deter from that, it’s like ‘Well, that’s not authentic.’ You know it’s not real. It’s made-up, so we can change it. ‘No, no, that’s not right. No, he’s real.’ Alright.”

Michael B Jordan in Talks for Independence Day 2 Anthony Mackie Talks The Falcon & Defends Human Torch Casting

The distinction between real people and comic book characters is an important one, though you wouldn’t think so by the number of comic book fans who insist that Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm is analogous to a white actor playing Martin Luther King. When asked for his opinion on Jordan’s casting and the subsequent backlash, Mackie first confirmed that Jordan is definitely locked for the role, and then explained that an adaptation of such a fantastical story should be open to creative freedom on the part of the filmmaker.

“Michael B. Jordan is a very good friend of mine. I’ve known him since he was a teenager, and I’m so happy, for more than anybody else for him to be getting the accolades he’s getting, because he deserves it… I think with these type of movies, everything else aside, you need a good actor. Michael B. Jordan is a good actor, black or white. So what you have to realize is, and go back and forth and just say, ‘Superman can’t fly, Batman ain’t real, the Human Torch don’t really set himself on fire and fly around the room, so he can look like whatever they want him to look like.’ You just have to allow yourself to see him that way. And if you can’t do that, that says something about you.”

Fantastic Four co-creator Stan Lee has previously commented on the issue of characters having a different race in the movie versions. When Donald Glover’s fans were lobbying for him to be cast as the next Spider-Man, Lee said in an interview with MTV:

“As far as I’m concerned … anybody should have a chance to audition for the role… I don’t ever want to make it sound like I’m trying in any way to influence the Marvel people as to who to cast in any roles. That isn’t my job. It isn’t in my purview. It’s something I should butt out of and I try to butt out of it — just like I don’t tell them what to do with the movie.”

Most people seem to have made their minds up one way or another on the issue, but we’ll find out next summer whether or not director Josh Trank’s unusual casting decisions – which also include Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Kate Mara as Sue Storm and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm – have paid off. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the first trailers for this new take on the franchise.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters on April 4th, 2014.

Fantastic Four arrives in theaters on June 19, 2015.


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  1. Thank you but no! thank you. I won’t see that excuse of a film.

    • Don’t lie…your going to see it anyway…you might not go to the theater but once it comes on DVD you will rent it.

      • No. Already decided not to see it. Why would I change my mind ? Because you think so ? Forget it, bub. Once my mind’s made up (like now), nothing can make me change it. So get over it. Many folks like myself who grew up with these iconic literary characters will never bend over and take it like you are so willing to do. Yes, make mine Marvel … not Hollywood PC.

  2. I sure hope that those female Doctor Doom rumors are true. I mean, why stop at character’s race? Go straight to Valeria von Doom, and get Lupita Nyong’o to play her. If anything, an Oscar caliber actress will lend credibility to the character and the film.

    • Victor Von Doom, Victoria Von Doom. Valeria?

      • I don’t think changing Doom’s gender should happen, but if they do change it Victoria would make more sense.


          • That would be jumping way ahead. My mistake. I was saying if they gender swap Doom himself.

            • Well, seeing as FOX likes to mix things up, that’s what comes to my mind first.

              • A woman doctor….. Pffftt…. Haha (joking) :)

    • Hey, while you’re at it, how ’bout we make Galactus a cloud?

      • & Parallax

  3. Team’s first meeting.

    “Hi I’m Johnny Storm, this is Sue Storm, no relation.”

    • That’s REALLY stupid.

    • “Because bi-racial siblings and adoption don’t exist in the Marvel universe.”

  4. When the last thing you have is changing ethnicity and gender of characters, the truth is that you have absolutely run out of ideas. Just introduce an African-American ‘Fantastic Four Member’ (not family member) that has superpowers. Its that simple.

  5. My problem with Michael b Jordan being the johnny storm isn’t cause he’s black, it’s that sue storm isn’t. They are brother and sister in the comics, not half sister/adopted.

    • As a technical point they could be brother and sister from the same mixed-race parents.

      • They could, but they don’t look anything alike. Nearly a foot of difference in height for starters. Their faces are dissimilar. They just don’t look related. The Storms look related. Who knows maybe it will work.

        • ******What if? 1 hour ago
          They could, but they don’t look anything alike. Nearly a foot of difference in height for starters. Their faces are dissimilar. They just don’t look related. The Storms look related. Who knows maybe it will work.*****

          Jessica Alba and Chris Evans looked nothing alike either. So you better come up with a better excuse.

          • Excuse? haha.

            I did not think they did a good job casting the previous version. I had no say in either casting and having an opinion is my right.

          • I’m a foot taller than my sister, try again. Actually I’m also dark haired and she’s blonde, my eyes are are brown hers are green…. Come to think of it I should call my Mum!

    • just wondering how outraged people would be if T’CHALLA was played by a white actor and his origin was changed to him being found by natives abandoned as a baby and raised by the tribe. quite sure charges of racism would be made left and right. bottom line, turning galactus into a cloud sucked, turning the red skull into an Italian sucked, though I thought the actor who played heimdell in the thor movies did a good job, being as there were no black men in Norway during the time of the Vikings that decision was a stupid one. I believe pandering would describe it best. the decision to make johnny storm a black man is stupid as well. would people have been pissed if sam Wilson the falcon had been cast as a white man? you bet your ass they would. heres an idea. make a black panther movie. making a white character black is not cultural diversity. its pandering by greedy people who are to stupid to know the difference.

  6. maybe a white man should play the part of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, so how that goes down xxx and racism isnt in movies boo yaa it soooooooo is…

    • If you think that Michael B Jordan playing a FICTIONAL COMIC BOOK CHARACTER, is in any way comparable to casting a white actor as REAL-LIFE AFRICAN AMERICAN Civil Rights activists, then all hope for you is truly lost.

      • Why exactly is a real life person more worthy to be depicted by a physically simillar actor than a fictional character? Why is it necessary for a biopic to choose an actor and putting clothing and make up to make him look like the part and the same is not valid for a fictional character?

        • Ummm, ignoring ALL of your other comments for the moment, THIS one must be addressed simply because of its sheer stupidity.

          A real-life person is more worthy of an accurate depiction because…(wait for it) he/she EXISTED in real life!!! By definition, a person in reality has a definitive existence. Stories might mythologize that existence, might outright LIE about that life, but the person actually had a definite physical, physiological, psychological, sociological, historical, emotional substance. A comic book character (yes, even your Supermans, Captain Americas, Hulks, and Wonder Womans) did/do NOT…hence, why they can be constantly rebooted, updated, upgraded, killed off, and resurrected.

          In one comic multiverse, Nick Fury is white, while in another (actually, a particular reality in that same multiverse…actually, TWO particular realities, if you include the MCU…WHICH MARVEL DOES), Fury is black. In the larger portion of yet another multiverse, Superman (though an alien being in the first place) is white, but in a particular reality in that multiverse, Superman is black. Batman, usually a white guy, is black in another reality…one created by Stan Lee (yes, THAT Stan Lee). James Tiberius Kirk gained, through honorable means the captaincy of the USS Enterprise in “our” universe, thus beginning his legendary rise in the ranks of the (usually/seemingly) benevolent Federation of Planets. In the “Mirror Universe”, however, Kirk gained his power in a more unsavory manner. In the cinematic continuation of both the original television and movie series (ST11, or “Star Trek”, to be exact), Kirk became captain in more underhanded (though apparently still necessary) way.

          The above three or four examples don’t even skim the surface, but they DO show one very clear truth: Even if this FF is not OUR (by that, I mean the collective “our” of people who are familiar with current and past designs of the characters, not society as a whole)reality of the Fantastic Four, it can be (by definition of simply existing, WILL be) A reality of the Fantastic Four.


          • And everyone with a brain thanks you for the common sense you brought into this. Just too bad someone of little intelligence will inevitably try to argue with you and claim that you’re somehow wrong.


            • Thank you, Dazz…You and others have pointed out this and similar basic concepts, but still, the stupid keeps a-comin’…

              Double sigh.

          • At some point in these discussions you have to start to wonder what is being said in an attempt to provide a counter-point and what is just silly trolling. Hard to tell…..

            • Slayer…

              You are right, of course, but (as many annoyed people will tell you about me and my responses to probable trolls) I have a hard time restraining myself from calling out stupid people. Some days are better than others… :)

          • I will try to ignore your insults in my answer…

            You said:”A real-life person is more worthy of an accurate depiction because…(wait for it) he/she EXISTED in real life!!! By definition, a person in reality has a definitive existence. Stories might mythologize that existence, might outright LIE about that life, but the person actually had a definite physical, physiological, psychological, sociological, historical, emotional substance.”

            Ok, SO WHAT? You still don´t give any reason why that makes necessary to depict a real person physically accurate in a movie. Yeah, a person in reality has a definitive existence, and? Why does it obligue me to respect his physical aspect in a movie? If it´s absurd to make a movie in which Abraham Lincoln is black it´s also equally absurd to make a movie in which Johnny Storm is black and viceversa, if you think it´s reasonable to make Johnny Storm black should also be reasonable to make Abraham Lincoln black.

            You know why? Because the human torch is equally real. Is not a person, but is a real concept that exists in the world. It´s a concept with its characteristics that deserve to be respected. Your examples of alternate versions don´t prove anything, you can also make alternate depictions of real life persons as you do with fictional characters. For you it´s ok to make an alternate version of Johnny Storm that is black? Fine, but then I hope you don´t mind equally drastic changes in depictions of real life people because it´s EXACTLY the same thing.

            If you guys don´t care about the changes in the source material it´s fine, go watch that version of the FF. I just will wait for a version that is as close as posible to what you can see in comics. Am I allowed to do that or are you also going to insult me for that?

            • People bringing up the depiction of actual people in films, television, etc, are the ones trying to take the situation and make some leap in logic that really is not necessary to try and make a point. It is like someone saying people who are not vegans condone cannibalism. Taking the subject to extremes is just an attempt to make it more then it is, when as you said the people who do not care for the casting can just not spend their money. For some people this sounds like the movies are not living up to their imagination of how things should look, so they might always find themselves disappointed.

            • Yikes!

              Dazz…I KNEW you were right about respondent coming out of the woodwork…I did NOT, however, think the first would be the very person to whom I originally responded.


          • lulz

            i love when stuff like this happens
            all the racists you never knew were racists just suddenly pop up out of hiding

          • Lt. Uhuru on Star Trek was a fictional character that the real D. King felt should stay on show when it was revealed hat she wanted o leave the show because D. King saw the effect she had in giving the positive image she gave to Black folk in society during the 60′s. Obviously Dr. King felt a fictional character can have a profound effect in society..

    • You went right past the article and went straight for the comment section, didn’t you? That asinine comment was called out before you even got here.

  7. It’s not the casting that bothers me, its just that everything that Fox makes looks cheap and ends up being mediocre at best. They have some great actors but as long as they continue to have the same writers and directors the movies are just going to be crap.

  8. Fine, then if Mackie is so magnanimous with something he did not create nor support the last 5 deades or so, recast The Falcon with a white actor. Drop out Mr. Mackie and let a caucasian actor step into the part of Sam Wilson. It doesn’t matter right?

    And on that note, the Reed Richards part is just as badly cast in this atrocious pending version. Reed is supposed to be older. George Clooney as example would be much better suited for the part of Dr. Richards not some post-teenie wanker. The Fantastic Flop ensues. I hope this bombs so hard that Marvel can reclaim it and do it properly alongside The Avengers.

    • You know he can’t hear you, riigghht. You’re talking out loud to your reflection in the screen. & you’re looking extremely pale BTW, you should get that checked because it might your problem…

  9. If I were African American, I’d spend less time defending the Torch casting and more time asking “why the torch?”

    Rather than split the brother/sister team, why not cast them both black? Because then it would be too much black and you’d have a black woman married to a white man?

    Thing? Too safe and since he’ll be CGI, it would be too soft a choice.

    Why not the leader of the group? You wouldn’t have to fudge up (not a racial pun) the dynamic of the Storms being biological siblings. Too scared to have a black man in charge? A genius black man? Can’t have a black man married to a white girl?

    Torch was the only safe choice without looking to soft, too progressive or too black. In other words they copped out. If they really wanted to make a leap in racial casting, they could have made it mean something.

    This casting is because he’s friends with the director and Fox likes safe demographic choices. This isn’t African American progression in casting, its being thrown a bone and a cheap one at that.

    If you’re black and defending this, make sure you’re not being played.

    • I myself don’t feel the need to defend this as a Black person, I just find it interesting how much of a life altering issue this seems to be to some “die-hard fans”. Anyone who thinks this is some kind of race issue or the equivalent to anything close to discrimination must live a charmed life in a bubble somewhere.

      This comes off like a real First World problem being experienced by certain “demographics” who have a enough leisure time and access to things like movies and the Internet to worry about pressing social issue like this. The same Black, Hispanic, Asian and White people who didn’t care about the Fantastic Four movies or comics before are not going to care anymore about them now.

  10. you guys do know Nick Fury was originally white right? the only thing that’s tricky about it, is the sibling connection to Sue.

    • And he still is last time I checked.

      Now the Nick Fury in the Ultimate Universe is black.

      This is what is overly wrong. People are making comments when they don’t really know what they are talking about.

      I don’t mind black, white, green or yellow. As long as it makes sense if it needs to make sense. In all MU Sue and Johnny are related. There is no reason to just make him black unless you are going to alter the history of the characters. Then the question is why…. well we assume he was an actor that met the requirements of the part.

      Can they be related? Sure however now you run into the issue of parents not being the same and possible friction there OR them being closer because of it……JUST LIKE THE BOOKS….

      They are very close in the books. It can still be that way here if done right black or white.

  11. Falcon, don’t be a bird-brain. I am sure he is a good friend, fine. And yes, probably a good actor, no argument there. But he is not canon, he is not the Human Torch we all grew up with loving, and he should not play that part in this film, nor should a step away from canon that big have ever been offered by those making this movie. Nor the changes to the other three heroes. Or Doom. Or…you know, they should not even make this film, the devil to it. Let’s see someone do a reboot right, then we’ll talk. canon, canon, canon…source material, not sensationalism.

  12. Let it go… let it go… This is not MARVEL official release anyway…

  13. I definitely will not be watching this new Fantastic Four and not just because MBJ all four main characters are bad choices. Actors need to realize when roles are bigger than they are, MBJ says we’ll watch it anyway Such arrogance guess what Michael not me. What we have todo as fans and PAYING CUSTOMERS is not support movies like this. We have to say enough is enough with Hollywood chopping up these stories just for fad demographics or else BatFleck , MBJ HumanTorch and Nerd Lex Luthor are just the beginning. Soon we will have Latino Capt America , Native American Ironman , how about an Asian Luke Cage….

  14. I understand his point of view.
    i really do, but the fans feel different.

  15. This shows how the issue of equal representation and racism is still much prevalent in the society…shame on those who think Micheal B. Jordan is not fit for the role

    • No man, not shame at all, as I have said many times, this is not a race issue, this about the actor looking like the character he is portraying.

    • would a white actor be “fit” for the role of T’challa? this isn’t about race but people like you make it that way. im ok with Samuel l Jackson as NICK FURY. WHY? because nick fury is Samuel l Jackson in the source material. think of it this way, would you be ok if they changed T’CHALLA to say,a white south African anti apartheid activist that dons the garb of the panther? I wouldn’t be. shame on you for trying to turn this into a political argument about race.

  16. No we shouldn’t compare Johnny Storm to MLK Jr. That’s crazy. But these fictional characters are important to fans for one reason or another. Drastic changes to cast and story will alienate a core audience, but maybe that’s what they are going for.

    • But what is the drastic change? Are you saying there are no B&W brother and sisters that are blood related? Here is another scenario…

      A black man and a black woman marry and have a little boy. The woman dies.

      Across town at about the same time a white man and a white woman marry and have a little girl. The man dies.

      (could be the same event that they both die in)

      The Black man with his son and white woman with her daughter get married. The kids are raised as brother and sister. They grow up together, they dont care, why should anyone else?

      How does race drastically change the story?

      The brother and sister join a scientist and hot shot pilot to take samples in outer space accidentally coming into contact with Cosmic Rays that change their DNA makeup giving them super powers. They decide to unite using their powers to better mankind only to have them become superheros.

      Later the scientist marries the sister.

      Where does race factor in?

  17. What if Johnny and Sue have no relation. But due to their superpowers they’ve become outcasts and that’s when they find each other and they decide to be brother and sister to protect each other.

    I agree with Mackie’s comments.

    • For a mutant this would be great however (unless it has changed) they get their powers at the same time.

      The thing about FF is they are a close family. Ben and Reed through college and Sue and Johnny growing up together, meeting and making a family.

      There (IMO) is no need to tweak their stories. They can still be brother and sister albeit one of the parents has to ‘swap out’.

    • Or what if Johnny and Sue are actually married? And Sue and Reed use to date in college? A little love triangle action added to the mix? anyone???

  18. there are a lot of cases of twin children of biracial parents(not sure if both parents have to be or not) coming out with different skin tones (one black one white). I’m sure it’s not uncommon, but it happens. I dunno how even more uncommon it would be to have twin kids of different skin color and gender but I’m sure it’s possible. I dunno how that possibility;based on fact and backed up with real life examples, is less palatable than a man made out of stone or a guy that can spontaneously combust and fly.


    These folks aren’t attractive, but this looks exactly like the “abomination” some people say is impossible to have occur.

  20. Just so that we are on the same page….everyone here knows that comic books are fantasy and not reality, correct? ’nuff said

  21. Until MARVEL makes a Fantastic Four movie, DO NOT TALK TO ME.

    Same goes for the X-men franchise, if Days of Future Past fails to fix the muddled continuity of the series (and now thanks to this feeling I’m getting that FOX could give a crap about quality and is focusing more on filling seats, X-men DoFP is now on my word of mouth list. If I hear good things, I’ll give it a go. But I won’t be suckered into another sub-par outing based on my enjoyment of the comics or old TV shows).

    Clearly some people over at FOX share Jordan’s “They’ll see it anyway” attitude, and I’m done with it and anyone who takes that stance.

    What is MARVEL doing right?

    They innovate within the film medium, while still preserving the essence of what made the stories great in their original format.

    Sam Jackson as Nick Fury does not require a retooling established key elements of the character. With Jordan as Storm, there will be film time dedicated to explaining some garbage that has NOTHING to do with the books. As I heard another reader state, the biggest problem isn’t that Johnny Storm will be black, but that Sue Storm won’t be. Also, some characters lend themselves to switching up the established race (Jackson will forever be the face of Nick Fury for me), some do not (Superman and Spawn to name a couple).

    The inability of certain producers to see this or acknowledge it, speaks to a lack of artistic investment in the material and, or, intelligence.

    I refuse to reward ignorance, point blank!

  22. I posted this before, but aren’t we all just basically assuming that the color of his skin had anything to do with him getting this role?

  23. Trust me,bio-pics of ‘real’ people have been changing them for years. Fanny Brice looked nothing like Barbara Streisand. Politicians,criminals,sports figures,inventors,military figures,artists,musicians,et al have,at best,isolated a few readily identifiable traits in their portrayals of folks who existed in reality. Sometimes,the original was ‘prettier’ than what was hauled out of Central casting. Other times,a film chose to feature the essence of a character rather than the physical shell that housed that unique soul. One can choose to act the life of an individual or impersonate him or her. Being ‘accurate’ in how a non-fiction story and its people look gains more significance if mistakes in depicting details in appearance,voices,mannerisms,wardrobe or even locations and set designs change what the story is ABOUT. Does Napoleon Bonaparte need to be short more than Wolverine? Does Ben Grimm require blue eyes more than Frank Sinatra? What of Elliot Ness,Perry White,Sophie Tucker or Janet Van Dyne? Do we know and value their externals so well that a deviation from how we visualize them would distract from their story? We can have a strawberry blonde Jesus Christ,Bonnie Parker as a Professional Beauty,Pete Ross as black and Bucky Barnes as an adult and satisfy audiences IF the story rings true,the characterizations feel honest and there’s no sense that essentials were tossed aside for no good reason. Respect the audience and it will respect your choices.

  24. i will watch this movie eventually … when its free. absolutely NO way i would ever pay to watch a movie that so blatantly disregards the fans that make the characters relevant in the first place.

    • Amen. Nuff said.

  25. “You just have to allow yourself to see him that way. And if you can’t do that that says something about you.”

    Says that I love my comic-book characters and would like to see them look like in a movie as they do in the comic-book..

    Obviously Mackie isn’t biased towards his friend, you didn’t expect Mackie to not support his friend..

    I can’t see Jordan as Storm, doesn’t say anything about me…I mean, imagine if Storm was casted Asian in the X-Men movies? Think people wouldn’t complain?

  26. its both gonna be a movie adaption of something.. doesnt matter as long as the actor can play the role.
    can express the emotions.
    both have a fanbase that feel very passionate about it.
    Some Marvel Characters have worldwide maybe more fans than some Historical figures.

    its not about the importance of the character
    its not about the colour, age, gender or whatever.

    its all about the change of something.

  27. If the Human torch doesn’t reflect any of the alternate universe versions then i’m not interested in seeing this movie.
    They refuse accuracy then i refuse to see it.

    • Since the movies themselves also take place in an alternate universe, this is like complaining that one alternate universe is not “accurate” to a different alternate universe. Actually it’s complaining exactly that.

      • THANK you, Hannah.

        That’s exactly what I said further up, but your comment is MUCH more succinct. The whining and outright fury saddens me…

      • no it really isn’t. its one thing for the people that actually create the source material to make such drastic changes but another thing for scumbag Hollywood execs who care nothing about nor respect any of the source material to make such drastic changes. for all of you people who seem to not have a problem with that, how would you feel about a WHITE PANTHER movie? bottom line if they thought it would profit better then sticking as close to the source material so can bet theyd do it.

  28. You know what would be Racism ?

    When people would say:
    I dont want a Black Super Hero !
    I dont want a Black Panther Movie !
    I Hate Blade cause he’s Black !
    We only want White Super Hero’s like Batman and Spider-Man !!
    No we don’t want a Black Guy be the Good Guy like in Chronicle !!

    Did someone ever said that ? if yes, THAT person is a Racist
    cause they can’t stand a Black guy being important,
    To be the Lead Character

    All they want is White People to be the Hero.

    But people here are Craving for a Black Panther movie, They wish Storm
    was more important and more like in the Comics.
    Most people in here are interested in a Reboot of Blade.
    Everybody would want new Characters to be introduced to the MCU to have more
    And everybody would like those things to happen more or less like in the comics !

    There is NO RACISM involved in that wish.

  29. Not to sound negative, but absolutely NOT, I’m so tired of Hollywood running all willy-nilly with their so-called artistic license and rewriting historical events or literary figures to fit their need or recasting unsuitable racial or gendered performers in well-established character roles. Comic book characters like any literary characters, have been historically written and drawn as particular races or genders, just as historical figures are of the race and ethnic background from where they originated. Why not just write a movie about Martin Luther King Jr and cast him as an Asian woman in KKK robes or make Adolph Hitler an African American Jewish man while we’re at it!

    Why is Superman always portrayed as a tall white muscle bound man, when he could just as easily be seen as a short skinny nerdy Indian man? After all as the story goes, it’s the sun that gives him his strength and not his musculature. It is because of how he has been HISTORICALLY portrayed in comics and how we have grown to see him. While comic book characters are not as hard cast or “sacred” as historical figures, they have been made familiar by how they have been drawn and portrayed. Superheroes are indeed fictional, but are no less important to their fans than historical figures/events are to avid historians. This UN-Fantastic Four film franchise will in all likely-hood be avoided by myself.

    • Just to add one other note, the decision to make Michael B. Jordan was just the final nail in the coffin of this whole new franchise as far as I’m concerned. Josh Trank is as artistically minded as a piece of straw. His entire directorial career consists of a few TV episodes and he’s been given a Superhero story to work. While I like most of the individual cast members he has chosen, in what universe is he coming from? Change my most likely not to DEFINITELY will not bother wasting time viewing these movies.

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