Anthony Mackie Up To Play Falcon in ‘Captain America 2′

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anthony mackie falcon captain america 2 Anthony Mackie Up To Play Falcon in Captain America 2

Marvel is fresh off a successful appearance at Comic-Con 2012, where the studio premiered several mouth-watering items for its geek fanbase. That included: Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man test footage, an Iron Man 3 sizzle reel, confirmation on a Guardians of the Galaxy movie arriving in 2014, and new titles for its sequels, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Fans has been speculating that Captain America 2 would feature a Winter Soldier storyline for quite some time, going back to when it was announced that Sebastian Stan had signed a multi-picture deal with Marvel to portray Steve Rogers’ brother-in-arms Bucky Barnes (who became the aforementioned brain-washed, cybernetic super assassin, in “Captain America” vol. 5, #1, released in 2005).

Heat Vision has learned that Anthony Mackie is in negotiations to appear in The Winter Soldier as Sam T. Wilson (a.k.a. Falcon). The character was introduced in “Captain America” #117 in 1969, and is the first full-blown African-American superhero featured in mainstream comics (preceding Luke Cage by nearly three years).

Wilson was introduced as an unnamed social worker in Harlem (during the 1960s), who was recruited by the Red Skull under false pretense. The latter then used the Cosmic Cube to give Wilson psychic powers, which allowed him to communicate telepathically with birds (and thus, control them). Wilson eventually discovered the truth about who the villain and his allies were, and escaped. Shortly thereafter, he encountered Steve Rogers, who convinced Wilson to take on a superhero persona: Falcon, a crime-fighter whose strength is enhanced by his suit (which also allows him to fly).

falcon captain america sequel Anthony Mackie Up To Play Falcon in Captain America 2

Falcon would go on to have several adventures with Captain America in the 1970s, when Steve Englehart retconned the character’s backstory so that he’d spent some time living as a gangster called Snap, following the murder of his parents (Wilson’s memories were revealed to have been altered by Red Skull, via the Cosmic Cube). The superhero was also briefly an Avenger during the late ’70s and late ’90s, and appeared in a handful of Captain America comic storylines in the early 2000s (he’s now a recurring player in the regular CA series, which began with #600 in 2009).

Details are being kept under wraps, with regards to what elements from Falcon’s comic history will be retained for the Captain America sequel. The screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely is said to take place primarily in the present-day, as Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) carries out missions for S.H.I.E.L.D. Moreover, recent rumors have suggested the film will be heavily oriented around the organization and its employees (including, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner)). Hence, it’s entirely possible that Sam Wilson will already be a S.H.I.E.L.D. employee, at the beginning of Captain America 2.

There’s also been unsubstantiated talk about how directors Anthony and Joe Russo (Community) are going to structure The Winter Soldier as a grounded, globe-trotting espionage thriller. Such a maneuver could set the stage for Cap and his fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. employees (Black Widow, Hawkeye, and perhaps Falcon) to encounter the eponymous villain, working for a foreign enemy – and thus, force Steve Rogers to reconcile his past in a most unexpected (and painful) way, with the knowledge that his onetime friend has become a bitter foe.

anthony mackie as sergeant Anthony Mackie Up To Play Falcon in Captain America 2

Anthony Mackie in 'The Hurt Locker'

Mackie, for his part, has seen his star rise rapidly these past three years, following his turns in The Hurt Locker, Notorious, Adjustment Bureau, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (among other films). He doesn’t look to lose momentum anytime soon either, with roles in this fall’s Gangster Squad and Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain on the horizon, in addition to Captain America 2.

The actor will (hopefully) get a healthy amount of screen time while playing Falcon in Captain America 2 – and future installments – seeing how it does take him out of the running as a contender to portray Black Panther in Marvel’s shared movie universe.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in U.S. theaters on April 4th, 2014.

Source: THR

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  1. Maybe something like the flight suits used in Transformers DotM. SHIELD modified, of course

  2. Yea I’m all for that

  3. Listeners of the Screen Rant podcast know I’m all over this. I’ve had him as one of my top picks for Black Panther.

    • Honestly I’d rather see him as black panther as well but seeing as he a incredible actor and very talented he will do this character justice. Im excited for him in any role to he honest.

    • Sorry friend.. there is only one person fit to play the role of the black panther and that’s Peter Mensah!

      • Mensah is 52 years old. Maybe BP’s father, but thats it.

        • I can only assume people have no clue about the actual character when they made suggestions like this.

          The Black Panther is a YOUNG Prince from Wakanda. Young being the operative word there so in his 20′s.

      • i went Aldis Hodge to play me

    • Rob u know Aldis Hodge is a perfecting casting to play Black Panther :P

      but i got to admit im abit upset that Anthony Mackie with his talent playing The Falcon instead of been in the running for Black Panther solo movie.

      • Same. He’s my only remaining acceptable option…

  4. I would like him as Black Panther but I think he’d make a better Falcon. By the way I thought Black Panther was the first full blown african american superhero.

    • Black Panther was the first black/African superhero in mainstream comics, but not the first African-American.

      • Yes, and Luke Cage was the first to have his own title if I remember correctly. I hope they do something cool with Falcon’s powers. Maybe something similar to his Cartoon version in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

    • I think ur right. Black Panther was introduced in 1966.

      Looking good though, I loved Captain America, and I’m a fan of the Russo Bros. I don’t know how I feel about their history and this project, but I’m staying optimistic.

  5. I just hope they dont overload the film with all of these other heroes. Then it should be called Captain America and his amazing friends.

    • Only if it shows up as a Marvel Mash Up and re-dubbed lol

    • A long as MODOK is in it. I’m happy.

  6. I agree. Not that I don’t like Falcon but Marvel needs to restrict how many other heroes are going to star in a Captain America film. I have a feeling all the upcoming solo Avenger movies are going to contain way too many sub-characters that will ultimately wind up taking away from the featured hero.

  7. perfect for Falcon.. not for BP. They need a “Snipes” kinda dude to play PB or it’ll just look like wire, quick edit fu.
    A blend of the 616 and Ultimate versions would be great.

  8. Wesley Snipes would have been an awesome Black Panther back in the day.

    • True That!!! :)

    • @ My twocents and deadpool
      Disagreed! Wesley Snipes is a horrible choice for Black Panther. Wesley is good at playing a tough, streetwise, smack talking American badass. That is not the character of Black Panther.

  9. Is it awesome? Kinda, he’s a very talented actor. Is Falcon a “cool” character? Not really in my mind but hope they do him justice. Anyways, Marvel is lucky to have Mackie in any role they give him/he accepts.

    • While I’ve never been a fan of Falcon, if it is going to happen then they have to do something more than just a guy that communicates with birds and flies. I liked what they did on A:EMH and gave him Archangel’s ability to use feathers as projectiles and shield himself with his wings. That could make the character cool enough to be believable.

  10. This is cool! Can’t wait!

  11. Now having said that,let’s get going with the black panther movie marvel.

    • Agree with Rome, Yo Marvel what is up with BLACK PANTHER, No mention at all at the SDCC?! Weak!

  12. Sounds awesome can’t wait to see Falcon.

  13. Also would love to see a Namor film, and a Inhumans film.What is going on with the black panther?

  14. They should hire Chiwetel Ejiofor for Black Panther.

    • How many times so we have to say this…..he’s is too old.

      • Whatever you do, don’t slam your face into a wall when you read comments like that… I’ve tried it and it hurts… a lot :(

        • are you high?? HE’S ONLY 35!!!!!! prime age to play panther and really, he should be the only contender.

          Chiwetel Ejiofor FTW!!!

          • You are not taking a few things into account:

            1) The age he WILL be when they start shooting.
            2) His longevity in the role
            3) The actual description of the character.

            Considering the current movie line up, even if they announced a Black panther movie today, they wouldn’t start working on it for another 2 years (at least) That puts him at 37 which brings us to point #2. How long can he play the role at that age? He might at best have 10 years in him.

            The biggest point however is that T’Challa is always described as a YOUNG Prince of Wakanda. Not someone in their “prime” or middle age. He also needs to have a father who is STILL the Black Panther at the start of the movie so that person needs to be young enough to still perform physically. So someone in their 40-50′s would be the right age for the father which means T’Challa would be in his 20′s.

        • hes not that old his only 35

          • He LOOKS a lot older though…
            They need to go with a young actor – someone that can pass for early to mid twenties IMO.

          • bro bp is in his 20s ok that it that all

  15. It doesn’t take him out of the running for Black Panther. Chris Evans played Captain America LONG after he played Johnny Storm.

    • @slasherjunkie
      FF4 wasn’t produced by Marvel Studios. Every thing produced by Marvel Studios is placed in a shared universe aka anything not produced by Marvel Studios won’t have any impact on Marvel’s MCU.

    • Considering the Fantastic Four is dead and being rebooted by another studio than Marvel Films, Chris Evans’ Johnny Storm doesn’t exist.

      With this, it would be the same continuity, same movie universe and within the same long story. In short, it’s a NO GO. Sorry guy

  16. great news …looking forward !

  17. Falcon was an okay character, but it makes one wonder why they are dancing around the Black Panther character so much.They will have to do some changes on that costume and suit too, someone loved those Black Bolt arm wings back in the day apparently.

  18. Sorry Guys but my top choice to play the Black Panther would have to be one of these African male actors:

    1.)Djimon Hounsou
    2.)Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
    3.) Peter Mensah

    Thats it! I would perfer Adewale or even Djimon would be a better fit what do you guys think

    • Hounsou is 48. Akinnuoye-Agbaje is 44. Mensah is 52.

      Maybe to cast as T’Chaka, but we need at least 20s-30s for T’Challa

    • Yeah… those guys would be prefect for Black Panther (the original Black Panther, T’Chaka and father of the current Black Panther, T’Challa).

      My picks: Djimon Hounsou for T’Chaka and Aldis Hodge for T’Challa!!!

      • hounsou may be 48 but he doesn’t LOOK old enough to play t’chaka. and he did play the voice of t’challa in the panther cartoon a couple years ago.

        i can’t think of a good t’chaka, someone older and grey and dignified. but there is no one better to play t’challa than Chiwetel Ejiofor

        • so what he did the voice. thats just voice acting

        • If they do an origin story of the Black Panther, then Djimon Hounsou is the perfect age to play T’Chaka.
          T’Challa is in his early/mid twenties when his father died, and most African tribes marry and have children at a very young age (so having T’Chaka be in his mid/late 40s would be perfect).

          And as mace said, voice acting is just voice acting. You wouldn’t cast Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne in a live action Batman movie would you?

    • I love your choices…but Peter Mensah…he has the body for the part…not so sure about the face…he’s 52 isn’t he? He could play The black Panther’s father if anything. But i would go with Djimon Hounsou.

  19. I think the writer meant issue #600 and not #6000.

    • Yep, my bad, I just included one zero too many.

      It’s been fixed.

  20. With him out on playing BP, I’m still on the train for Aldis Hodge being T’Challa. The Ultimate route of Sam Wilson is awesome and since the Marvel film universe is a blend of 616 and Ultimate, I wouldn’t be suprised if he’s based on that.

  21. Very happy for Anthony Mackie! Makes me even more excited for Cap 2!!

    The time has come for Black Panther. I believe all audiences will embrace a black super-hero as the title character and a good film will translate to box-office success.

    • Agreed SE! I wasn’t really excited about Cap 2 at first but now I would say I am a bit more interested.

      I believe that BP would work with diverse demographics the same way Blade 1 did and Hancock otherwise we really haven’t evolved much as a species since the civil rights movement of the 60′s.

  22. That’s pretty cool.
    I just hope it’ll be more in line with Ultimate Falcon than Marvel-U Falcon.
    I’ve never been a fan of the 616 costume or how they just made Falcon out to be a fully fledged Cap-sidekick.
    Ultimate Falcon is a bit more of a bad@$$ IMO.
    And I think Mackie is a good choice as well. At one point he expressed interest in playing Black Panther, but I’m officially on the Aldis Hodge bandwagon now so if Mackie does turn out to be Falcon, this is great news.

    • The Ultimate Universe: Where everyone and their mother is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent!!

      No, no, thank you!

  23. EXCELSIOR! Looks like Marvel nailed it with this one. First got a glimpse of this guy in 8-Mile and loved him in Reel-Steel. Excellent acting chops!

  24. Very cool. Marvel just keeps firing on all cylinders. I love that they are fleshing out Caps world with characters from the comics and not making up new guys.

  25. Just like many others have commented, I was hoping Mackie would be the Black Panther. Dude’s a great actor and he deserves a bigger role; nonetheless, glad he’s at least in the movie.

  26. am i the only one who thinks anthony mackie is a great actor but waaaay to freakin skinny to be a superhero??? i mean c’mon, that guy’s a twig! imagine him in skin tight spandex, ridiculous! lol

  27. since i hate pretty much everything about the ultimate universe and don’t read it anymore, i had to look up “ultimate falcon”. LAAAAAAAAAME i sure freaking hope they don’t do that suit. why does everything have to be grounded in reality?? thats why hawkeye was the weakest part of the avengers movie. but thankfully MCU has been drawing primarily from 616 and NOT ultimates like that stupid new spiderman movie.

  28. Falcons origin story is strange, IMO.

    I know nothing about this charakter, but it sounds strange, that Red Skull, a Nazi, would recruit an African-American for his efforts.

    I mean such a “uber-nazi” like Red Skull would only enslave him for some dity work, but would never give him powers, right?
    Or is there something about the Red Skull I don’t know. Could it be, that he hasn’t the same beliefs as the typical Nazi, with their sick racial hatred.

    • To add a bit of realism…..Not all Germans bought into Hitlers vision of the perfect Aryan race and hence the idea that all other races were inferior. The Red Skull could have been one of those and considered Hitler’s vision narrow minded and limited.

      There is also the idea of using an “inferior” race to perform experiments on.

      So while it is a bit out of the ordinary, it’s definitely not out of the realm of feasibility.

      • Of course not all Germans bought into Hitlers vision, thankfully, but nearly all NAZIS.
        Nazi is not an equivalent for a German, I hope you know that.

        The reason, that some Germans became Nazis, is that these bought into Hitlers vision (of one’s own accord or they were brainwashed as kids).

        But there were also some, who became Nazis only to get some power and possibilities and used that to reach their personal goals. So, maybe Red Skull was one of them.

  29. Cool, and double cool. Cant wait to see The Falcon on screen.