Anthony Mackie Talks ‘Captain America 2′ Script & Falcon’s Costume

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Ultimate Falcon Captain America Anthony Mackie Talks Captain America 2 Script & Falcons Costume

When Marvel Studios President of Production and producer Kevin Feige unveiled the official title for Captain America 2 at Comic-Con last summer, it became abundantly clear what direction the franchise was heading in. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, takes its name from the Marvel Comics story arc in Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America where the titular hero’s sidekick James “Bucky” Barnes, long thought dead since WWII, makes a surprising return.

“Winter Soldier” was Bucky’s codename assigned by a secret Soviet program who recovered his body and turned him into an assassin. The story of his return to the modern era in the Captain America books also included the likes of Black Widow and Falcon, who we now know will be in the film adaptation as well, with Anthony Mackie joining the franchise as the airborne S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

In September, Mackie explained that he would be doing five months in intense physical training to bulk up for the role, aiming to hit 230 pounds with his 5’10 physique. Fortunately, Mackie is coming off of his most physically demanding role yet, as a body builder in Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain.

Anthony Mackie Bulked Up 570x427 Anthony Mackie Talks Captain America 2 Script & Falcons Costume

As for his costume, he teased at the time that that moviegoers will get to see hours of “Anthony in a tight suit kicking ass.” Skip forward to present and while doing the press rounds for Gangster Squad, the actor wouldn’t reveal details on what his movie costume would look like, only telling MTV that “it’s pretty awesome. I look like a bad mother-what. It’s pretty cool.”

“I have read a script, and it’s really good. It’s fun. The Russo brothers have been really good about keeping me informed of their visions and ideas for what they want the movie to be. It seems like it’s going to work on all accords, so I’m just excited about it.”

Like Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, we can expect Falcon’s outfit to be based on the Ultimate version of the character from the books, favoring practicality over colorful spandex. Falcon’s traditional getup (image below) is a red and white white tight suit, whereas his Ultimate one (click for image) embraces a mercenary style, bolstered with heavy weaponry.

falcon captain america sequel Anthony Mackie Talks Captain America 2 Script & Falcons Costume

As for what happens to Sam Wilson AKA Falcon after Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

“They’re very specific about how they utilize talent from movie to movie. They have a long ranging scope on what they want the Marvel franchise to be. They’re real smart about it. Nothing happens by happenstance with them.”

A third Captain America film is practically a certainty at this point so Falcon would likely return then, potentially even making an appearance in The Avengers 2 beforehand. It’d be neat to see The Avengers have an aerial unit featuring Iron Man, War Machine, Wasp and Falcon.

Is there any room for a Hawkeye appearance in the sequel to The First Avenger? For more information, check out the latest Captain America 2 rumors.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

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Source: MTV

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  1. Love seeing the not so well know heros get some screen time.. can’t wait to see falcon

  2. You know ,I really would have liked 2 have seen the original falcon costume used. I’m not surprised that they’re going with the ultimate look, but I’m old school and it would have been cool 2 have seen the original costume used.

    • Honestly,it would not even matter that much Falcon will be depicted as supporting hero and not as a main hero like AMERICA,HULK,SPIDERMAN OR WOLVERINE.

    • I can’t begin to tell you how stupid I think the Ultimates version of Falcon looks….a guy in every day army attire with some wings? Just looks bad.

      So I’m with you and hope they use the original costume as an inspiration. It doesn’t have to be as bright, flashy and “spandexy” to do the job, just have more in common with the original rather than being an army dude with wings strapped to his arms (which just looks ridiculous imho)

      • IMO the 616 Falcon costume works well in the comic books, but for a movie adaption I think it’ll just look laughable.
        The Ultimate costume has had a few small changes in the comic books, but I’m sure it won’t just be an army uniform with wings in the movie.

        That said, my personal preference would be to take the practical and more real-world Ultimate costume and use a subtle red and white color scheme on the costume – similar to what they did in Cap:TFA (where they took a very realistic, almost believable military uniform and “infused” it with the classic red, white and blue color scheme that Cap wears).

        It’s also worth pointing out that we don’t know what the wings will look like. It’s going to be very interesting to see how they incorporate the tech-based wings that he uses (if at all), and that should also play a fairly important role in what the overall costume looks like.

  3. I’m curious to see how they utilize Falcon in Cap 2, how big a role he has, what his relationship with Steve like, & what his suit looks like & why he’s the only SHIELD agent that gets that suit that can fly(is it prototype or taken from Hydra/AIM) will be interesting …

  4. Very cool, but I’d still rather have the black panther. That’s just me though.

    • You are not alone there Stark.

    • yeah Black Panther needs a solol movie but Marvel is scared to do the movie

      • @mace
        You’re right, but why? He’s a cool character with a great story. Get the right actor, and you’ve got a (another) really good franchise. Then you just blend him into the Avengers team.

        • most likely because there afraid to loose money on a property they feel wont do well in theaters.But i use django unchained as example that a black lead can be a blockbuster

          • So, we’re accusing Marvel of racism now because they haven’t announced a Black Panther movie yet?

            Django isn’t the first movie with a black lead to do well so that comparison makes no sense either.

            I’d say it’s more likely the character just doesn’t fit into the greater scheme of the movies and their storytelling just yet rather than “those nutjobs in the southern US will picket the hell out of our company if we announce Black Panther”.

            • Sorry if came off if I was calling marvel a racist, because I’ve been a fan of black panther since I was a kid but I’m sure there scratching there heads on how to market the movie too all demographics. Also I think BP could fit in perfectly with phase 2 depending how they are able to fit in Henry Pym; it would nice to see Tony stark be outsmarted by BP

              • Not sure why they would have a demographic problem. If New Line can successfully market Blade, BP should be a no-brainer.

                I don’t think there is a single marvel fan out there that wouldn’t want a BP movie to happen….He’s a great character with a unique power set and a great backstory. The Avengers could also use a bit more diversity on the team.

                • @mongoose completely agree with you I just don’t want them to shaft black panther because he’s an unknown factor, plus he would be a great Character to have if they did ultron as a villain

              • Pym’s Phase Three.

          • Oh yeah cuz Will Smith never had a blockbuster film. Lol

            • True but other and snipes there hasn’t been a leading black superhero movie( not counting steel lol)

              • Umm….Hancock…Will Smith..superhero…or did I Miss something

                • Yeah he plays a jerk superhero

  5. I hope that they don’t make a guy dressed up as a bird that fights crime under the persona “Falcon” look silly. Which would be easy.

  6. I love the add in of an aerial unit for the Avengers. They have a lot of supporting characters in Phase 2. I would still like them to show up in Avengers 2, even if it’s just to help out on Thanos. I still hate it that War Machine wasn’t in The Avengers.

    • It would be neat to see them bring up his issue of claustrophobia that was seen in the animated version. War Machine pilot with claustrophobia. Good plot twist.

  7. Like some of the posters above, I would love to have a Black Panther movie. The BET produced cartoon/motion comic(kind of a mix between the two) was terrific and adult oriented. If they could bring something like that to the big screen I think it would receive a positive reaction from fans. Falcon is cool too though, and like someone else said it’s nice to see lesser know characters make their way to the big screen.

    • That or even how the animated movie Ultimate avengers two had a good way to introduce black panther in avengers 2

  8. Question:
    Do you think Avengers will ACTUALLY battle Thanos?
    If so, they will have to power him down A LOT for the AVengers to even stand a chance. I know The Guardians will probably further his story … man it is going to be really interesting to see how all this pans out.

    • who says they have to beat him ‘conventialy’ what would be more interesting is if they pull an ultimate nullifier. Essentialy, third party interferece causes the battle to end prematurely, though not without potential heavy loss, yet leaves the villian to come back another time to face an eve more powerful combined force with his full might.

      also I hope they go with a bit more of a compromise, while I know that the classic costume wouldnt work directly, however I do believe they could make a half decent mix.but directly ultimate isnt as interesting, but we will have to wait and see, however I do think most people will agree, hawkeye’s outfit made him boring, and just another sheild stooge :( and made him kinda boring to us fans, and dint really distinguish him. you have to find a good balance.

      ah well the causalities of movie transition

      • @Mando-Ant-Man, I agree, especially with Hawkeye; if they made him wear a cool looking mask at times during the movie, I think that would have made a BIG difference.

    • Eventually they’ll battle Thanos or else they wouldn’t have put that end credits scene featuring him at the end of The Avengers. He may not be the villian for the second movie, but he’ll appear.

      To this though. I’m not all that happy with Marvel choosing to portray the Winter Soldier storyline yet. It seems too early for this story to be told.

      • That’s why I’ve been saying throughout 2012 that Thanos won’t be the main guy they fight in Avengers 2, he’ll be saved for Avengers 3 instead.

  9. Cool guy. Good actor. I hope they do something cool with him like giving him titanium wings. Also give him the ability to shoot metal feathers projectiles like Warren Worthington used to. Who knows maybe the Black Panther can create the outfit for him….

    • Vibranium projectiles maybe? That might be a bit of a stretch though.

      • Vibranium wings would make it so when he flies he is silent. Hope Black Panther shows up during the end credits to one of the phase two movies. 😀

        • That could be cool. And stop incoming attacks with his wings to power up the projectiles he shoots back! Clearly none of this would happen, but it would be a lot of fun.

        • HeyZeusKreesto/Big Baby Jesus you guys might have something there with the Vibranium wings. I mentioned the Panther because he does creates a costume for the Falcon. Twice. I think one of you guys should send that idea to the House of Ideas!

  10. Looking at the Ultimate Falcon outfit it really looks more clumsy and goofy looking than the actual one! Surely a good designer could rework the original outfit as a good mash up of the two looks. Scale back the colors add bits of a SHIELD/military look, rework the face mask. You have the CA outfit looking pretty close to the comic why not the Falcon? Of course I still think the Hawkeye outfit could of been pushed a bit further. Oh well just my opinion and I would love to be able to do design work on these films sometime.

  11. you guys do realize it said nothign of wheter it siad its off of classic or modern, so we could get lucky and get a mix. we will just have to wait and see 😉 pretty sure something will get revealed in posters for it at least

    • While the actual info about Falcon didn’t mention anything specific, the writer of the article did draw a conclusion:

      “Like Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, we can expect Falcon’s outfit to be based on the Ultimate version of the character from the books, favoring practicality over colorful spandex.”

      That is what we are responding to.

  12. They should really just focus on the Bucky/Cap relationship since they underplayed his death and the importance that has on Cap’s psyche to promote a missed date.

    • He seemed quite devastated to me. Wasn’t he in the demolished bar trying to drown his sorrows?

      • i know. it seems alot of people complain that they downplayed the death in the 1st one and i don’t think they did. he has enhancements, couldnt they also be inhibiting his emotions? just like his body processes the alcohol to fast to get drunk, his mind processes the grief faster. i thought it was fine that they didnt have a 15 minute scene about it.

        • They might not even bring bucky into play til later on in the movie. Atleast as far as steve rogers knows. They might ‘keep us in the dark’ on who the winter soldier really is. That will maybe help to show how it effected cap.

  13. I just hope this does’nt suffer from the Spider-Man 3 syndrome with too many characters and plots. I’m confident though, Falcon will be great. Just wished Hawkeye would of came back for this one.

    • @deadpool87, It’s already been established that the problem with Spiderman 3 wasn’t that it had too many characters. Spiderman 3’s problem was the handling of the characters they did have and Venom should have been left for a cliffhanger for Spiderman 4. Venom and Green Goblin are Spidey’s two MAIN arch-nemesises, so they should be the only two characters that would NEED to share the screen with no other villains.

  14. I like the fact that Marvel is introducing more obscure characters. This makes the Marvel movie universe larger and increases exposure in aspects that are only known to niche groups. Of course, you can’t introduce a ton of characters in one or two films, but serving “b-list” characters in small doses is a start.

    • won’t argue there, because even Ant-Man is considered a b-list character, then again so was iron-man really, as well as thor in a way. Cap was A-list cause of patriotism. However if done well Ant-man(specialy Henry Pym) is A-list material, he has the brains, has maintained multiple alteregos(ant-man, giant-man, goliath, yellow jacket) and in the original comics essentialy MADE his sidekick the wasp(giving her the shrinking tech, and implanting wings and attenaes, that takes brains), and though his original run wasnt the strongest, he does have a certian number of villians of his that are actualy decent(his rouge gallery is small, but has a decent number of decent characters, and I am just refering to his run in tales to astonish, not his many years as an avenger, for that matter he is proably the 3rd longest serving avenger in total time along with wasp, only really behind Cap.

      So just to prove it here are a couple of his villians: Egghead: ok, its his arch-foe, and he is a evil genius with an oddly shaped head, while not the most interesting of his villians, is pretty easy to use however; Porcupine: ok the name isnt great, however thats the name of his battlesuit, with gas mask, and tons of offensively geared quills full of weapondry, this unappreciated DOD scientest went ahead and used his latest invention for crime; Human Top(now known as whirlwind): can spin fast, later he even was able to fly, when he became whirlwind he also got himself battle armor and some nasty buzzsaws, he is also one of few mutants that porably completely belong to Marvel(he appeared first in Ant-Mans adventures in tales to astonish); Now I could mention the scarlet beetle(a radiactive beetle with super intelignece that stole antmans growth serum and tried to take over the world using insects[cept the ants of course they were loyal to antman]) or the gian plant that almost covered new york(one of pyms lab accidents), or the 12ft tall taranula(another lab accident), but there is one final, notable supervillian, that is one of the best, there have been 3 of, and is still around and expanded greatly, and would be cool in a movie:

      The Black Knight: ok yep its another turncoat scientest, he gets exiled to the soviet union, but wants revenge on giant-man/ant-man so he makes himself armor, creates a geneticly modified FLYING horse, and a super lance with tons of gadets. Not only does he put up a good fight, but he looks cool, there have been 2 additional ones, and one is in fact a Hero, who after fighting them(they thought he was the original) joined the avengers. Now that is a B-list character I would love to see. Well that, and baron zemo and the thunderbolts(specialy beetle/Mach5), but that may be a pipe dream, but I have my own theorys 😉 but I leave you with that for now

      • Ant-Man is more like a C-List character. NO ONE outside of comic readers know who he is.

        • that is somewhat true, I myself learned of him from the marvel encyclopedia of characters(though I now have hte essential ant-man :)) however due to his many alteregos, and many people might have casualy encountered one of them in the last 50 years in one of many avengers comics. and goliath did appear in the ultimate avengers movie, and the avengers EMH also is helping him get out there. yes he isnt well known outside the comic communnitty, then again, so was iron man for the most part, doesnt mean he hasnt had potential, and he is a pretty good hero. he may not have much reach outside the community, but within it Henry pym(and his sucessor ant-mans, goliaths and yellow jackets) are all around.

        • I think of Ant-Man.

          I think someone trying to steal my picnic basket.

          And then Yogi going Rabid on them.

          • Then Ant-Man grows to 100Ft(or even just 35Ft) is giant man, then either scares away, steps on, or picks up and drops in a lke Yogi. And while all that happens he has an army of ants carry away your picnic basket

        • I know this is just a matter of opinion, but I would call Antman a b-list character. I think MOST comic readers know who he is. I consider c-list characters to be The Inhumans, Alpha Flight, GOG, Jocasta, Rom Space Knight, The Jack Of Hearts, etc.. Probably some of the younger comic readers have never even heard of those characters. (And they haven’t missed much)

          • I know , the thing that helps is that Henry Pym has had so many alter-egos, has been part of the avengers in all the time-lines we know of. Almost all his alter-egos have been taken up by other characters, and He is still Alive! Its longevity that helps his ranking. Generaly a good part of the purpose of the avengers is to help the lower ranking, or characters that are harder to do on their own(admitedly, a Scientest who along with the superpowers he made, also used science to battle them, is a bit of a tough sale), still is, but it mainly takes c-list characters and if they hang out long enough they can get back to or stay a b-list characters…. now the defenders on the other hand, those were c-listers, I mean who has heard of Valkery, nighthawk, and the shroud?(I think) or who has heard of moonknight? now those are c/d list characters, they arent like horrible heros or anything, they just dont have starpower.

            Also, in case nobody remembers, before the movies, Ironman was a b-list character, and he had his own comic series almost non-stop since the 60s. So if Henry Pym has appeared in over half the issues of avengers(which I believe is actualy quite accurate) you would see he proably has almost the largest number of comics in which he appears as a main character without it being his own, he is quite a B-list, because the trick is, he is well known withing marvelites, though not known outside of them, though actualy the avengers EMH cartoon helped too as he is in a good chunk of those, so I would say that a good chunk of younger kids are starting to hear of him(though, why Why did they make him a pacificist (facepalm), him being a normal scientest was enough to feel horror at what Ultron did, being a pacificist is not needed, he was not one in the original comics for goodness sakes)

  15. An “aerial unit” would be pretty damn cool to see. I hope Hawkeye can still make an appearance though. Or at least explain where he’s been between the Avenger movies.

  16. I’m going to go ahead and make a prediction of the major criticism of Marvel Studios as soon as this movie comes out:

    “War Machine, now Falcon… Which black sidekick is Marvel going to pull out next to feign diversity?”

    Just a prediction, not a criticism itself.

    • Uhh??….Mikey??You do that MARVEL has a black actor portraying a black character by the name of Agent NICK FURY,right??So?What do you mean by black sidekick if the guy who recruited all THE AVENGERS is black??FURY IS NO ONE’S SIDEKICK!!

  17. I was watching this guy on Conan the other night. He’s freaking hilarious. Very likable guy, and I’m definitely a fan. Hopefully he’ll be a good Falcon.

    • i watched that too. i was hoping he would mention a blurb about this but he only did 1 segment, but yeah i cant wait to see how he is in all these films he’s got coming out

      • I watched that too! :)

  18. The ultimate falcon outfit doesn’t look so hot.

  19. I liked Capt America’s WWII uniform in “First Avenger.” For “The Avengers” movie, they changed it to the very bright, goofy looking spandex. If they can pull that off, I see no reason why Falcon has to go with camo. He can stand right next to Cap in his bright red & white “tight” suit. Maybe darken it up a bit if you wanna be gritty…maroon & cream.

    PLEASE, tho…no more black leather suits!!!! I understand the desire to make it a more realistic take than “yellow spandex,” but the black leather look is WAY overdone.

  20. Marvel have limited time and resources, I think they’ve planned Phase 2 perfectly from what I’ve heard so far. It would be too much to do any additional solo movies in addition to the ones that are being developed. It’s likely there will be new heroes adapted in Phase 3, maybe they will do Black Panther or Dr Strange movies?

  21. Unfortunately the Ultimate Falcon costume looks “homemade”. Sort of like a militarized “Icarus” suit . They need to give it a more “high-tech” look mixed with the original 616 look and colors but toned down.

  22. The wings should not be visible until he takes flight. The wings look like they flap around allot and make him look droopy.

  23. Any superhero with wings, (Angel, Hawkman, Falcon) is going to have trouble adapting to the screen. They look real cool in comic book frames, but on screen they’ll have to flap their wings which will look cheesy.

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