Sir Anthony Hopkins Cast as Odin in Thor!?

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thor anthony hopkins as odin Sir Anthony Hopkins Cast as Odin in Thor!?

I guess those rumors of Brian Blessed playing Odin in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Thor movie aren’t coming to fruition. Who needs him when you have a knighted Oscar winner in Sir Anthony Hopkins!

That’s right folks, director Kenneth Branagh as added another huge name and talented actor to his cast of awesomeness.  I am pumped.

This movie was already my most anticipated of Marvel’s upcoming slate of solo films leading up to The Avengers, here’s just on more big reason to be excited.

Unlike the rumors of big names like Robert De Niro and Jude Law joining the cast of Thor, this star is confirmed to be in negotiations for the role. Also joining the cast earlier this month is the talented Stellan Skarsgård in addition to the report of Dominic Cooper possibly playing Fandral. If you’re a fan of the Thor comics, Fandral the Dashing is one of “The Warrior’s Three” and his involvement would likely confirm the trio of Asgardian heroes to be in the film as well.

Odin of course is the ruler of Asgard and father of the lead, Thor, the God of Thunder.

It looks like this ensemble cast is coming together very well and I couldn’t be happier with the selections thus far. Starring as Thor is Chris Hemsworth and joining him alongside Mr. Skarsgård are  Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Jaimie Alexander,  Colm Feore, and… Stan Lee!

What do you think of Anthony Hopkins as Odin?

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more Marvel news as it comes!

Thor opens in theaters May 20, 2011 and I’ll be there.

Source: Variety

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  1. Darn, Comments were turned off. Fixed now.

    Share your thoughts!

  2. I like it! I am definately excited for Thor to drop, I just hope they give this same treatment to Captain America. Speaking of Cap, do you see a cameo by him in Thor, Rob? Also thanks for the great work an updates man.

  3. I really wanna see this movie. I have been getting more and more excited about it. START SHOOTING SOON, so we can see stuff!

  4. “F*CK”!!!!!!

    Love Hopkins in anything but Blessed is friggen Odin


    Not happy

  5. Wow. I was shooting for Blessed. Since Hopkins is Odin, could that mean Blessed could possibly be playing Volstagg of the Warriors Three?

  6. @ DiZZY,

    I would very much like to see Blessed in the film but there’s nothing official on his involvement as of yet.

    It’d certainly be cool to see him in The Warrior’s Three.

  7. This would be awesome. I love all the rumors.

  8. Lot of possibilities here.
    This is going to be a fun film.

  9. Lots of possibilities… a lot of them not good. I’m just worried they’re spending so much money on the big stars and effects, they’ll forget about a story, put it in at the last minute, and hope we don’t notice the weaknesses cos “OMG SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS IS ODIN!!!!!!!1!1111″

  10. Good casting choice, IMO. Hopkins is awesome and adds legitimacy to any film he is in. With all the big name cast members, is there going to be ANY money left for the SFx? LOL.

  11. Hopkins to me doesn’t have the baritone voice I would’ve expected for the “Allfather” Odin. Also he has is a tiny frame… Not too happy about this news :(

  12. The names attached to THOR are elevating it’s status. It’s going beyond a “superhero” flic and becoming something else. One things for sure, I’m quickly becoming more interested in THOR.

    I always respected Thor as a character but he was never really one of my faves. This film, if done right, could cross a bridge between sci-fi/fantasy and the Oscars. There was some outcry about The Dark Knight being up for best picture, and why not? Why shouldn’t the academy recognize action/horror/sci-fi/even comedy in the best picture category?

    Shakespearean actors work well in these films, for the fans and for the business. Patrick stewart and Ian McKellan are two of the best. Brannagh’s got a great team… let’s hope the script works.

  13. @ Rob
    Nothing official as of yet? They should really consider it and take him.

    @The Pitt Man
    You are absolutely correct. The cast alone proves that in many ways. Could not disagree with you at all about the involvement of Shakespearean actors needed in this film. I have faith that they won’t flub up the script for an epic film.

  14. wow this is getting exciting this is movie is setting up to be the biggest superhero movie of all time. man im pumped caint wait for set shots and behind the scenes footage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a quick question for u @ROB-what do u think the budget for THE AVENGERS WILL BE?

  15. Still F*(king pissed about Brian Blessed

    But now the question is will he have the typical weaker Marvel Movie Powers?? I.E. Ironman can barely lift a car, Bullets hurt the Hulk, X-men are completely lame. Or will they go the DC route ala Supes and have him lifting buildings and tossing cars like tennisballs? Hope they give him his comic book powers

  16. They had me at “We are considering making a Thor movie” years ago. :-) All these stellar casting choices is just icing on the cake for me. Hopkins would be a great addition, if it pans out.

  17. I thibnk that this is nothing but good news. As far as the plot and script go I think that the actors it is attracting are a testiment to a minimum amoutn of quality or else they would not be signing on. As far as the budget for sfx, marvel now has the bottomless pockets of disney backing them. I don’t think that a budget is going to be the issue here. The key to this being a huge box office hit (which is needed for the avengers movie to come to fruition) Thor is going to need an amazing first trailer to spark the interest of the general movie going public. If thor gets big box office numbers then that will be the fuel to the fire that this avengers project needs. Also throw in a S. Jackson cameo for good measure, for those not part of the blogosphere, to the connect the dots of the Avengers merger.

  18. i just want to see what costume version of thor they will be using or a photo of chris hemsworth wearing the thor costume

  19. Gott Dang It.

    Seriously, I am completely with Lord Garth on this. Brian Blessed IS Odin, and he’d be a helluva better choice than Hopkins. No disrespect to the man, he’s a living legend for a reason, but I just do NOT see it. He’s way too small and he doesn’t have the voice.

    The only way I’ll accept this is if Blessed’s too busy playing one of the dwarves in The Hobbit.

  20. At first I thought the choice of Branagh was a little left-field but Thor seems to be taking a great direction and the addition of Sir Anthony is another stroke of genius. As to the issue of his voice, there’s that thing they use, what’s it called again? Oh, that’s it, technology. They can amplify and increase his lower registers until speakers explode and buildings topple.

  21. This is AWESOME news. He’ll definitely give the majestic presence that a character like Odin sorely needs.

  22. what about Sean Connery..
    anyone ??

  23. @caroluzz

    What about Sir Sean Connery?

    If you’re pitching him as Odin then by all accounts he is too ill.