‘Ant-Man’ Test Footage ‘Revealed’ in Fan-Made Storyboard Slideshow

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People have been buzzing for months now about the ‘test reel’ for Ant-Man that Edgar Wright brought to Comic-Con this year. Marvel executive Louis D’Esposito and producer Victoria Alonso have been suggesting the material will eventually be made available for public viewing. In the meantime, a Deviant Artist who saw the footage this past summer has assembled a storyboard slideshow that offers a good approximation of what was shown.

What’s missing here, obviously is Wright’s keen sense for how to organically mix comedy with stylized action, which we can report as present and accounted for in the actual test footage. However, for anyone wondering about the schematics of what a fight sequence featuring Ant-Man in a live-action movie could be like: this illustrates just that.

Dr. Henry ‘Hank’ Pym – alter ego Ant-Man – could still end up being a member of ‘Phase Two’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (as could another Marvel doctor, according to recent rumors). Marvel Studios has a few months to spare between the completion of filming on the sequel Thor: The Dark World and the beginning of principal photography on Captain America: The Winter Solider next spring, so that break could allow for Wright to begin actually shooting Ant-Man.

Wright and his Ant-Man co-writer Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) appear to have finished up the script, so the former is now focusing on pre-visualization. That process is all the more important here since, as the fan-made test reel illustrates, this is one Marvel superhero movie that calls for a meticulous visual structure – due to the changing size of its title character – in addition to general complicated visual effects requirements (see: those necessary to bring Hulk to life).

Edgar Wright talks Ant Man movie screenplay Ant Man Test Footage Revealed in Fan Made Storyboard Slideshow

Wright took on similar technical challenges before with his comic book adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, resulting in a visually-daring and energetic film. Marvel head Kevin Feige wants to keep pushing the envelope with ‘Phase Two’, so what better way to do that than with a project such as Ant-Man – that is, one which combines an unusual non-A-list superhero with the artistic sensibilities of a cult filmmaker like Wright?

Marvel already has one ‘risky’ project lined up as part of ‘Phase Two’, in the form of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Thus, there is a chance that Ant-Man won’t arrive until after The Avengers 2 opens in Summer 2015. Moreover, Wright has to finish filming The World’s End before setting to work on Ant-Man, making those rumors about the late 2012/early 2013 start date all the less likely to come true. As always, we’ll keep you posted on the situation.

In the meantime, feel free to join our discussion about which actors Marvel may have been (or could be) considering to play Ant-Man.

Meanwhile, Iron Man 3 releases on May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014; Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014; and The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015.


Source: Metacafe and Deviant Artist Samurai Jack (via CBM)

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    • Yeah u did I remember reading your description and what I just watched matched perfectly with what I just saw

      Ant man could be really well done. It la one of the properties I’m sonewhat worried about

  1. I saw this slideshow/video yesterday and it looked great (kudos to the artist), but I want to see the real thing!!
    I hope Marvel/Wright releases the finished test footage soon, but even more importantly, I hope they confirm Hank Pym as the lead character.

    • Yeah no offense to the creator but this is a poor second choice to seeing the real thing, especially when what I want to see primarily are the added FX and the costume.

      Keep that optimism alive Avenger!

  2. I don’t see the risk everyone keeps mentioning… All the Marvel Avengers movies were big box office hits in their own right. Why wouldn’t Ant Man or Guardians be the same?

    Green Lantern was not a prequel to Avengers 2. Guardians of The Galaxy IS. There in lies the difference.

    • You have to remember: Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are not very well-known outside, say, our crowd. Those films will benefit from the Marvel/Avengers connection, for sure, but that alone doesn’t guarantee they’ll do as well as the Thor and Captain America movies – despite costing as much to make, if not more.

      • Here’s what I don’t understand – most movies feature a slew of characters that no one has ever heard of prior to stepping into the theater (or seeing a trailer). These movies, depending on the concept behind them, aren’t usually seen as “risky,” so why does that change when it comes to not so widely known characters in comic book movies?

        • @ Vincent

          Well, non-adaptations, like what you’re talking about, usually either star actors who are proven draws at the box office or have a low-enough budget (re: indie) to not really be ‘risky’, whereas comic book movies like Ant-Man and Guardians are far more expensive and time-consuming to make – not to mention, are less likely to appeal to the non-comic book crowd for reasons similar to why they generally don’t rank among the most popular comic book titles (ex. they’re too ‘out there’ or goofy for some people).

          Now, it’s fair to point out that I’m implying Iron Man was also a risk for Marvel – since he’s a B-list superhero and RDJ wasn’t hot-in-demand when the film was made – and… well, it’s true, Iron Man was a bit of a risk that paid off well. Guardians, however, is arguably far less well-known than Iron Man, while Ant-Man is (as some others have pointed out already) often considered a parody superhero, by those who don’t know any better. That’s why I’d argue that, even with the Avengers success behind them, they’re not really surefire bets.

          Hopefully, that makes sense – ?

          • Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Thank you.

            I agree that Guardians is a huge risk, since it will probably require a large budget. It seems like Ant-Man could be successful, though. I doubt it would even require the same budget as Thor, and could be successful if advertised right.

            Basically, they just need to keep doing what they’ve been doing all along. And this is coming from a member of the “general audience” that comic fans worry about appealing to…I’ve never read a comic book in my life, and I generally dislike actions movies, and they’ve still managed to reel me into the theaters with each release. I’ve probably even gone out to see more comic book movies over the past couple of years than small artsy movies that I usually like. Even though as of right now, the only comic book adaptation on the horizon I plan on seeing in theaters is Man of Steel, I think Marvel could probably reel me in again, too.

          • it could be that marvel doesn’t want to risk making a stinker, and lose momentum. Let’s face it, marvel and it’s characters are the hottest thing going right now in Hollywood. They have more to lose now, more at stake, so I understand their caution. I don’t get green lighting guardians so quickly. Marvel defiantly knows what they’re doing, so I guess we just have to trust them.

        • BECAUSE SOME COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS ARE JUST PLAIN S_T_U_P_I_D…. and personally I think ANT-MAN is pretty lame!!! I for sure think a black panther movie sounds better and would prolly do better for marvel! I really think there are many many more that would be better off to make than ANT-MAN! maybe I’m wrong and I may just love it but im not a big fan of ants so ant man just sounds like a picnic stealing thief and he needs to be stepped on by the HULK!!!

    • green lantern is a dc character, avengers are marvel…

      • Lets also not forget Wright’s movies underperfom in the box office.

    • The risk is that it’s “Ant-Man.” No matter how good looks, no matter how many times they scream “hey, it’s Avengers related!” it’ll still be Ant-Man and the name alone says “joke” to a lot of people. It sounds like a parody of a superhero film.

      • Easy fix, “Giant Man” “goliath” “yellow jacket”

        anyone of them could be used if you didnt want it to be called ant man.

        • Yellow Jacket would deffinatly sound better as a movie title but Yellow Jacket was the d**k side of Hank Pym’s personallity so I would be really hesitant about seeing a movie about that side of him. Stupid woman beater, deomestic violance REALLY isn’t cool.

  3. That looks great! I liked the masked helmet they have versus the tech based circular helmet. I hope they start on it soon or at least get an actor attached to the lead role which will really start the buzz for this film. At the very least, they should release the actual footage soon though…

  4. I hope hope that this movie gets an official go already :)

  5. Edgar Wright is phenomenal can’t wait for the real footage

  6. I had a couple of classic Ant Man comics as a youth. He’s a very early Marvel creation, and predates Spiderman, Thor, X-Men….. almost every main Marvel superhero except maybe the Fantastic Four. He was never a fan favorite. I wasn’t crazy about him either.

    One thing I do remember about Ant Man: He can shrink down to insect size, but his strength stays the same. So if you can imagine a tiny human with very little mass, having the strength of a muscular full grown 6 foot man built into him.

    So in tiny mode he can jump around like crazy, and can lift objects much bigger than himself. This could make some very interesting fight scenes.

    Plus the crazy visuals of a world from the prospective of someone that small…… or even smaller, down to microscopic levels? The way Marvel deals with the physics alone could be interesting.

    • You are preaching to the unwashed masses. I have been repeating the same stuff ever since the first announcement but the haters read the name, equate it with “lame” and can then never move past that mental block they have gotten hung up on.

      (yes there are a few of you who genuinely hate the character even if they are familiar with him but…..)

      • I agree. It’s all up to Marvel to turn it around.

        To be honest, I thought Thor was going to be stupid.

        But it wasn’t stupid.

        It was good. Marvel won me over. Hopefully that will happen for everyone when Ant Man comes out.

        • Thor could have been MUCH, MUCH better. I liked the movie version of THOR. But, It could have been darker in tone, and could have really benifited from being a dark movie with more expiration than jus “being beamed to earth and ‘Frostland’”.

          I pictured THOR being much more emotionally driven, much more darker in tone, and having better action sequences (not saying that the scene where Thor totally wipes out a lot of the Frost Giants) <- that scene was cool.

          I'm extremely excited to see what Edgar Wright does with Ant-Man, even IF he's a lesser-known character, and no so much a fan favorite for the Marvel Comics geeks.

          GotG is going to be insane. 110% stoked about GotG.

  7. The best test footage ever… of all time

  8. those 20 seconds of storyboard animation changed my ENTIRE perception of Ant-Man.

    • from completely stupid to an awesome character

      • ok, now was that sarcasm?

  9. just to let you guys know the marvel picture of ant man is not the real ant man hank pym its some other guy that stole the costume and used it for 20 editions. Hank hasnt been ant-man for decades , he switched to yellowjacket also before that he was giant man for a while , im a big ant man fan but lets be realistic it going to flop in the cinemas!

    • i thought the same thing when announced they were making Thor, and it turned out great. Let’s wait and see what they do. A lot is really going depend on who they cast in the lead. Marvel’s casting has really been on the mark starting with RDJ all the way down the line.

  10. I have not read the article on Fiege;s comments on risk taking in “Phase 2″ but Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are definitely testament to that. I will admit I do not know much of either property, especially Guardians, but I did read the first appearances of the AVengers that include Ant-Man and Wasp. If this project becomes to fuitition anytime soon I think risk taking is definitely a big part of the formula of this film to work. The Avengers tie-in could help but in the end it would rest heavily on the film itself. This test footage definitely makes the character interesting and unorthodox.

    I was the only one for a long time who even knew who Iron Man and most of the Avengers team among my peers,and both films succeeded. Iron Man and the Avengers were risks but that only pushed the filmmakers to work that much harder to make them work. I think this is where the other “Phase 1″ films had trouble,to varying degree- they relied on formula and brand recognition rather than work that much harder on story and characters. Guardians and Ant-Man could very well be successful as long as they avoid formula, take advantage of the potential of these characters, and take neccessary risk with heart and sweat.

  11. Ant Man could be the ultimate spy. A real asset to SHIELD, or even to the Avengers.

    Imagine Ant Man in the first Avengers movie:

    That first scene where Loki steals the Tesseract. Fury could have surreptitiously tossed tiny Ant Man on to Loki’s back, like a living tracer. Then later Ant Man could listen in on Loki and report back to Fury, regarding Loki’s plans, location…. etc.

    Think about Ant Man in the nuclear missile scene. He could have been riding with Iron Man (inside his armor?) and transferred to the missile….. got inside it and disabled the bomb mechanism. Of course this would have messed up the plot as we know it, but you get the idea.

    Lots of interesting possibilities.

    • Many of us are still hoping that Pym will be Ant-Man for the “Ultron Factor”.

      If they end up using Lang it will be a real let down. It doesn’t diminish how great the power set is, only the lameness of the characters origin/background. I would prefer scientist Pym rather than thief/spy Lang.

      • Heck YES!! You are sooo right to me. IMO if Thanos is the major bad guy for Avengers 2 then the Avengers 3 should be all about Ultron (or maybe Kang or even Kang/Ultron war).

        If the Ant-man mivie is gonna be like they say with Hank Pym being the orininal Ant-man in the past and Scott Lang being Ant-man in the present. They can still say that Pym mand Ultron many years ago, tried to destroy it once he saw the evil he had created, but Ultron survived/rebuilt and has been gathering up power/resources all this time.

  12. ok that was pretty sick

  13. Looks pretty cool! Can’t wait to see the real thing!

  14. None of the superheroes are grounded in real world physics obviously, but for some reason it just sort of comes off odd that he’s so small but can knock a guy over. Maybe the way to go is scaling it down some – so when he kicks a guy across the face it merely rips open the victim’s cheek with special shoes (insects produce a helluva sting and can hurt, but they dont knock you down).

    Again, I know please dont enlighten me about the unreal physics of hulk and superman, etc, Im aware of it. For some reason I’m hoping for a different take on some of the super heroes.

  15. Has anybody considered that maybe, just maybe that they could have it that Pym discovers the particles by accident while working on a bigger project, and as a sideproject creates the suit(possibly a modified shield assualt suit) to collect and channel them, then it is stolen shortly after testing(wheter by a shield security guard, or a general thief). He then creates the iconic suit and a insect communication device(THE helmet) to track down and capture the rouge, and in the process meets, saves and turns the wasp into his sidekick, and discovers the crook and then discovers a mastermind called the egghead behind it, then tracks him down. Mind you this is all conjecture, but its not out of the question.
    also, an hero identity change for pym, in this case if he decides to reform the thief is also possible, but then again him just discovering new extents of his powers(like in the case of giant man) isnt out of the question either.
    just saying 2 ant-mans isnt out of the question, also I can understand some comedy being a good thing, but I dont want it to be a full comedy, if you want that choose deadpool or squirell girl instead.
    but Pym does need to be the main character, its a waste other wise, though I do think it could be amusing if they include the irredeamable ant-man, however him as a rouge or villian would be somewhat amusing, but I think I have made enough conjecture

    also a subnote with the whole abuse thing, that is not, and proably wont be related to the movies, the reason for it is that poeple want imperfect heroes, and there is no need for that withing the context of the movie specialy within the time period of the movies which focuses on the major events.

    • except that is NOT the plot to “Marvel Premier #47; To Steal an Ant-Man” which Wright is so keen on recreating. (you know, the guy who is calling the shots for this movie)

      • I know, like I said its just a thought and conjecture, but you are never going to know till its released

        • Guess I’ve lost that optimism you and Avenger both seem to share. Hearing Wright tell us point blank he had always wanted to make a movie based on that comic kind of sucked the last shred of hope outta me. :/

          I want it to not be true but just don’t think they are listening and it’s too late.

  16. Ant mans powers would definetly be more handy in the jungles of wakanda where their are bilions of ants…

  17. hmmm more conjecture, if they do go with pym being antman in the 60′s, what if they make the Wasp his estranged daughter, who he reconnects with during his modern day adventure, then becomes attached to his protege the new antman, scott lang, and asks her dad to help her with a suit and powers. and they could still have pym work with iron man on an ultron project, or it could be one of his old projects revived with new stark tech, and with his mind still sharp, he transfers/or copies his identity onto it. again, more conjecture, but just a thought

    • naw, face it they already said it wasnt going to be directly connected to the avengers movie, and its not the best time to introduce it, though an allusion is not out of the question, that is kinda of rediculous approach(no offense). though I am curious why they havent introduced another international superhero yet, even a minor one who doesnt get a full movie, like captian Britian perhaps, or one or two others that have links to current characters and would be easy cameos

  18. also, in relation to the fact that vision is based off the WW2 human torch, that android DOES exist in the movie timeline, if you look closely in Captian america at the world exposition(sks world fair) there is a display called ‘The Synthetic man’ That spells android for me, so if they did want ot connect the 2 they could, they did lay the foundation just in case

    • I saw that too. Not everyone did, but most of us who have keen eyes for that stuff deffinatly caught on to it. It is a good connection but you’re forgetting that Ultron is the one who actually makes Vision from the original Human Torches design. If Ultron isn’t a part of things then how do you get around him not being there to make Vision but Vision still showing up?

  19. Sooooo.. Black Panther?