Edgar Wright Offers Well-Timed ‘Ant-Man’ Tease

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Ant Man Wasp Movie Tease Edgar Wright Offers Well Timed Ant Man Tease

Marvel is the biggest thing in Hollywood right now with The Avengers breaking the record for biggest film opening ever to kick off the 2012 summer movie season. With similar success seen by Earth’s Mightiest internationally, Marvel now has the creative potential to do anything they please going forward and to take the risks they may have shied away from previously.

So, how long until Marvel goes smaller with the long-in-development Ant-Man movie from Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish? Perhaps sooner than we think.

Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, Edgar Wright took to the stage as part of the panel for Attack The Block and being in that atmosphere, he couldn’t avoid the inevitable Ant-Man inquiries from fans. At the time he said they had handed in a revised script and even had some Ant-Man concept art done. After that, only silence on the Ant-Man front for a long period of time until The Avengers started doing the press circuit.

Marvel President Kevin Feige said he met again with Wright while in London for their Avengers premiere and again reiterated that Ant-Man is closer than it’s ever been to becoming a reality, even hinting that “depending on what Edgar Wright films” for them, Marvel Studios could be pushing three films in one year.

Skip forward to Marvel’s record-breaking weekend and Edgar Wright is teasing Ant-Man over Twitter, posting a pic of something he received in the mail.

Edgar Wright Ant Man Tease 570x427 Edgar Wright Offers Well Timed Ant Man Tease

Is he actually teasing an Ant-Man announcement? Is it just fan-mail? Is it something he actually received in the mail? Maybe it’s something he bought on eBay?

How Marvel Studios is going to arrange their future slate of films has always been a hot topic behind-the-scenes at Screen Rant and on the Screen Rant Underground podcast. At the moment, there are a lot of questions about the franchise’s future, beginning with the studio’s mysterious 2014 release schedule.

In 2013, we have Iron Man 3 kicking off the summer on May 3 and Thor 2 testing out a fall release slot (the first time for Marvel Studios) on November 15th. In 2014, Captain America 2 was recently confirmed for an unusually early April 4th release date (Marvel Studios’ first spring release date), meaning there are still weekends booked for that summer (May 16th and June 27th), weekends that Feige previously hinted we may learn about closer to (or at) this year’s Comic-Con.

We’re rather certain that The Avengers 2 won’t release until 2015 so in our estimation Ant-Man could finally come out sometime in the summer of 2014, with the other film potentially going cosmic to lead into The Avengers 2 (we’re thinking Guardians of the Galaxy or SHIELD).

Marvel Studios Join SHIELD viral Edgar Wright Offers Well Timed Ant Man Tease

Why either would work is because we know the Captain America sequel will tell the story of Steve Rogers acclimatizing to our modern world as he continues to work for the SHIELD organization and Nick Fury after the events in The Avengers. SHIELD will also be the focus of the Ant-Man movie as well where its titular character will play another spy for the organization. From all the talk about Black Widow and Hawkeye getting their own spinoffs, I’ve always believed it’s far more likely that their stories could be fleshed out in a SHIELD movie which may be a more bankable idea with a larger supporting cast of familiar faces.

It could be the summer of SHIELD and a great way to lay the groundwork for Marvel’s future if that turns out to be the case. All three of these movies could also tie together with cross-marketing via character cameos/appearances in each and it is these movies where the Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) character (someone Joss Whedon originally wanted in The Avengers) could make her first appearance as well.

Guardians of the Galaxy however, could continue the story of Thor 2 and lead into The Avengers 2, where a group of aliens team together to protect Earth.

For now it’s all fun speculation but at this point, with the money The Avengers is raking in, it’s all possible.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon.

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Source: Edgar Wright, Collider

Header image edited from art by NorahSS.

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  1. thats sweet

  2. Would be the first Marvel film I’d probably skip.

    • Hard to say until we see trailer.

      • that pic makes me laugh abit, Man + Ant = Man-Ant not Ant-Man 😛 lol

    • I’d skip it too. Certain comic book characters are just lame, and Ant Man is among them. Just because they could do something, doesn’t mean they should, but of course, they’ll have to lose some money before they learn that lesson…

      • There’s some drama to be had from the character, especially if they went down the Ultimate route, but I don’t think the wife beating Pym will be making an appearance on screen.
        I just have zero interest in this character. He belongs on a comic page, not on a cinema screen.

          • They should have introduced Ant man and Wasp like they did with Black Widow or Hawk Eye, of the Original Avengers, he seems to have the weakest appeal. They could have made Ant man and wasp a cameo in the film so that the film will have been more faithful to the Avengers origins.

            • Who says they can’t be introduced in Captain America 2 (which revolves around SHIELD) or a SHIELD movie in 2014 before Ant-Man releases?

          • holy cow, I think that’s the longest link I have EVER seen! (and no, someone please DO NOT try to beat it)

            At the very least though he NEEDS to be in the next Avengers release along with Wasp (and maybe even Black Panther) Is that roster too big for a movie? I don’t know but I will be willing to risk it. 😉

            And yes, we also NEED to have Ultron. After what I learned about The Avengers movie cameo (no, still haven’t seen it yet) I can only hope they don’t use the big guns until Avengers 3. I say use the Ultron story arc for Avengers 2 with a continued tease and then hit us big time in Avengers 3.

            • I am sorry that that link was so big mongoose.

              And Ant-man in the ultimate universe is a wife beater, like DrSamBeckett said, however, they could mix the ultimate universe and the 616 universe version. I heard that the movie version is its own universe, like the 616 and the ultimate universe are their own.

              Even if he didn’t talk to ants, it would be cool to see him big AND small, like the pic of hawkeye shooting him on an arrow, or if he gets big and takes on the Masters of Evil or whatever villian is in the movie (assuming he wont be in the next Avengers, I wont say who the villian will be here because someone reading this may not have seen the movie).

              I would LOVE to see Ant Man (Or his Goliath persona?) punt Abomination or a Skrull army, or whatever villian across NYC…

              Ant Man tosses a super villian to hulk like a pitcher and Hulk hits a home run… Do I need to give more examples of how Ant Man could only HELP in the next Avengers movie?

              • You are preachin’ to the choir brother. I honestly don’t get why people hate the character so much but……

                (and no need to apologize for the link size, it was just an off hand comment. I was expecting a couple different links but was caught off guard by the whole thing being highlighted)

                Oh and yes, no wife beating. This IS Earth-199999 after all.

                • I smiled when I read “I was expecting a couple different links but was caught off guard by the whole thing being highlighted”…

                  I am happy to know so many people think he should be in the movie, hopefully Marvel gets word of this and tosses him into the next Avengers movie. I can think of so many things the movie could do with a character like that 😀

                  Calm down BBJ, calm down… Goosefrabba… Ok, I’m good.

        • Yeah,

          When I read this headline that Ultimate sotry was the one that came to mind but as you said that will more than likely never see the big screen. At least not in the way it was portrayed in the comics. It was pretty brutal…

      • For me the redeeming qualities of Ant-man are the personality issues he has, and his value as a scientist and engineer. I never really cared about his powers that much, I cared more about his problems and the awesome things he brings to the table (Vison, Ultron, etc.)

      • but the idea is to give antman more mainstream credibility so you can put him in an avengers movies in my eyes

    • why?

    • Agreed. I’m not saying the movie will be bad, I just never cared about Ant-Man or Wasp.

  3. I think it’s just fan mail…
    I would love to see Henry Pym on the big screen though (whether it’s in his own, solo movie, o as a supporting character in another marvel studios film).
    Nathan Fillion should portray him IMO.

    With all the recent mentions and interviews featuring Ant-Man, I think we’ll definitely see some REAL developments/announcements in the coming months.

  4. It looks like I agree with you most of you. I wouldn’t mind Ant Man in a Hawkeye type role – big player in an ensemble cast – but I have no interest in seeing a whole film with him.

      • i got to agree with u

    • I would argue Ant-Man becoming 50 feet tall makes him more formidable if you think Captain America is strong.

      Remember, in the film version, he’s a spy for SHIELD so his abilities work very well for that.


        Yeah, I agree. In Thor, Dr Selvig mentions a gamma scientist (Banner) and another scientist who cooperates with SHIELD. It’s revealed by Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Feige that this is Hank Pym, so in the movie universe, Pym could be the go-to SHIELD rep for Iron Man if he can’t Coulson anymore for obvious reasons, and if his relationship with Maria Hill worsens like in the comics. I’m in the very curious camp for Ant Man at the moment. Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish are brilliant, so you know it’ll be good and have references to the rest of the Marvel Universe in it, it just depends on whether or not they’re going to risk it. I say go for it. Why not?

        • The other “college who’s had some dealing with [SHIELD]” (quoted from Dr. Selvig in ‘THOR’) was never “confirmed” to be Pym by Feige or Branagh (or by anyone) – don’t know where you heard that, but it’s only a rumor

    • I think his powers are fine. In fact I can see a lot of potential in it. I’m not even an ant-man fan from the comics, I just can imagine a lot of great sets and visuals in a movie. I have no idea what will make it to the screen. Any of these movies have more potential to be stinkers than good.

      But your augument is basically that if his powers aren’t interesting, the movie can’t be good. You know, there have been a few good movies, even sci-fi action movies where the characters don’t have any extraordinary powers.

    • but how awesome would giant man be?

  5. Which version of Ultron you guys talking about? The current generation one? That could be problematic, because you can’t hv Ultron without introducing Vision, it creator. When you introduces Vision, somehow you should also bring Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlett Witch/Magneto daughter into the fray. Now that will be quite complicated in legal dept, as she is essentially a mutant, but unfortunately also an important figure in the Avengers. Pretty unlikely we will see Vision/Scarlett Witch in future the Avengers flicks, unless if somehow Marvel Studio manage to wrangles back all of its property rights of mutants from Fox studio.

    • you can totally have Ultron (and/or Vision) without Scarlet Witch etc.

      Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Hank Pym (if he ever makes it to the MCU) could use their tech skills to easily create either Vision or Ultron.

    • Feige has said Scarlett Witch/Quicksilver can appear in The Avengers sequels but their backstories involving Magneto couldn’t be mentioned.

      • I think that’s enough reason to not include them ever until X-Men is again owned by Disney Marvel.

    • Uhm, pretty sure Ultron created Vision, not the other way round…

      • I stand corrected, indeed in marvel 616 Ultron is the creator of Vision. While in ultimate universe, Dr. Henry Pym is the creator of Ultron, along of his production lines is Vision. Which bring us again to his superhero traits, if you guys who scoffed at his shrinking & talking with ants ability is lame. Keep that in mind, he can also grows in size & density up to almost 200ft (Giant man). He can be a powerhouse as well as stealthy spy anytime he wants.

    • Avenger is correct.

      It was actually Pym (aka Ant-Man) who created the Ultron robot using his own brain pattern imprint. It gained sentience, rebelled, created what it calls a “synthoid” (later renamed Vision) to defeat Pym and the Avengers, synthoid rebels and helps the Avengers defeat Ultron.

      Scarlet Witch isn’t really a part of the base plot but more of a side story with Vision later that is unnecessary for a movie.

      I’ve posted this before but I would see the Avengers 2 story going something like this…….(borrowing from the Avengers:EMH animated series) Opening scene is of the Avengers rounding up villains and storing them in The Cube (or any of the other strongholds). Pym is introduced and with the help of Stark they create a robot capable of maintaining the prison. There is a breakout and one of the robots, hunting down a villain is confronted with a situation where the villain is about to kill a bunch of civilians. The Ultron robots all have a moral imperative built in to preserve human lives and not to kill BUT to save the civilians, this particular robot manages to exceed it’s programming and make a judgment call, killing the one villain for the greater good. This traumatic incident unfortunately damages it’s thought processes and Ultron is born, bent on killing it’s creator and to now feel the need to save the earth from itself (similar to the “I,Robot” plot) So it’s now a megalomaniac android!

      Ultron then creates the Synthoid to destroy The Avengers using his own brain patterns (which are Pym’s). Synthoid is about to finish the deed but is able to make the same leap in logic that Ultron originally did but this time to NOT kill, thus correcting Ultron’s programming error. The Synthoid then agrees to help defeat Ultron and after the task is complete (/insert big nasty battle) it is renamed Vision and joins the team, ready for Avengers 3.

      The biggest change I made was to use Pym as the brain template for the Synthoid instead of Ultron using Wonder Man’s. Wonder Man is cool and all but to have him means a lot of backstory that would just bog a movie down. So no Wonder Man which also eliminates the Scarlet Witch side story. Some things have to be sacrificed.

      • Awesome idea (pretty much in line with what I want from Avengers 2 as well).

    • ultron created vision, hank pym created ultron,

  6. I always liked Ant-Man. Part of the magic of his stories (when done well) is the magic things that happen with the change of perspective. Common-place environments become surreal when seen at an ant’s scale.

    And does no one else remember how awesome Fantastic Voyage was?

    • ok so someone mentioned Fantastic Voyage and what about the incredable shrinking man/women, misfits of science or the borrowers they had guys who shrunk or had a different way of looking at things with, alright, so so consequences but the point i’m trying to make is it’s been awhile since tho’s movies so i for one can’t wait and if Edgar Wrights behind it all the better coz i loved scott pilgrim and spaced

      • hummmm, doesn’t beating up a Lady” bug play too much into the Ultimates version of Pym?

  7. Feige did specifically say to watch Wright’s twitter in that same interview, so I think even if it is fanmail he’s still specifically hinting at the movie.
    I think they should introduce Pym in Cap 2 as the fourth member of Cap’s SHIELD squad (Cap, Widow, Hawkeye, Pym). Give him as big a role as Widow had in IM2. He would be the comedic relief of the squad since Wright writes comedies.
    Even though we have doubts, I’m positive that we’ll see an Antman movie by 2016 because it’s the only unannounced film they already have a director and developed script for. Hey, they didn’t think Iron Man deserved a movie, so hopefully they’ll end up surprising us.
    Oh, and as for casting, unfortunately we’d probably get Simon Pegg before we get Nathan Fillion since it’s Wright’s character, but never say never, maybe Whedon will have some pull. Hey, Fillion is on an ABC (owned by Disney) show, so he has that going for him.

    • Simon Pegg is awesome, but I can’t see him as Henry Pym.
      It’s not even really the director’s choice though… I think the studio has more input into the casting than anyone else.

      • I like Fillion but think he just a bit too old to play the role. Of course RDJ is 6 years older so what do I know?

        • The thing about Ant-Man is, he isn’t such a physical superhero (like Black Panther or Daredevil for example).
          When he’s Giant-Man, he can basically kick all the ass he wants by just picking someone up and throwing them (no fancy stunts needed)
          When he’s small, Ant-Man retains his normal-size strength and agility, so if he’s ant-size, he can easily knock someone out (again, he doesn’t need to learn martial arts… he just needs to be able to throw a punch in front of a green screen).
          He also often uses ants to attack his enemies (he calls the ants and they start climbing up the enemies – biting them).
          In the comics, Pym is a scientist, so IMO, a slightly older actor would actually be more believable.

          In short: I think Fillion can do it if he wants to. Whether Marvel will actually cast him (or decide to go with a more unknown and younger actor), I wouldn’t be able to predict. I’m just crossing fingers.

  8. I can’t believe what I’m hearing here! This isn’t “lets give antman his own movie”, its “lets give Edgar Wright his own superhero movie”. Yes antman is not as awesome as some other heroes, but that’s why I want this movie made. How is Edgar Wright gonna make him bad-ass? I am very interested because wright is a talented director who, like Whedon, is a fan boy who doesn’t want to dissapoint other fans. Whatever this movie turns out to be, if edgar wright is on it, I’m excited!

  9. You seem to forget Ant-man is also known as “Giant-Man”, So his powers are not lame.

  10. I agree with the consensus that Ant Man is not a good solo character; that’s the only quibble I had with Avengers; they excluded Ant-Man and The Wasp, arguably more interesting characters than Hawkeye or Black Widow.
    But I don’t see how such weird characters would fit into the movie universe.

  11. Honestly, I would rather have a Black Panther solo movie before Ant-Man. I’d say introduced Pym and Wasp in Avengers 2. and ended with a Ultron tease at the end for the inevitable Avengers 3.

    • Might as well introduce Ant-Man and Wasp in a Black Panther movie…
      It’s easy enough: Pym is in Africa studying insects or Vibranium – he comes across T’Challa who’s been forced out of his kingdom (after Man-Ape or maybe Klaw killed his father) and Pym decides to help T’Challa take back the throne.
      Pym and Wasp infiltrate Wakanda (as their respective Ant-Man and Wasp personas) allowing a way to get T’Challa into the city to confront Man-Ape.

      Obviously, that’s just a basic premise… with a few changes here and there, I think it could make for an awesome blockbuster – different from anything we’ve ever seen before.

      • lol, you need to go check out my post in today’s general discussion because I posted exactly that with links to the A:EMH episodes showing the plot seeds.

        • I can’t find it there…
          Doesn’t matter though, I know you’ve had a similar idea (we’ve been throwing these ideas for a BP/Ant-Man movie around for about a year now – or am I confusing you with another ranter?)

          • Ah, you might not see it because it’s awaiting “moderation”. Probably because of all the links I included. Hopefully it will show up SOON.

            And no, that’s us. :)

  12. Wasn’t this movie done already, with Rick Moranis as the lead…”Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”.


    • Take it up with FOX!!! 😉

  14. I would definately love to see Giant man in Avengers 2 and I would go see a Giant man movie just to stay faithful to marvel I thought that was the only way the avengers could have been any better is if they had giant man and wasp instead of hawkeye but he was still pretty bad but only time will tell is anyone interested in a marvel civil war trilogy?

  15. Don’t know why this picture of Wasp seems to me as looking like Jessica Alba…

  16. The Ant-Man character can:

    1) Escape from almost any prison by altering his size.
    2) Vastly increase his wealth by enlarging small, rare gems and the like.
    3) Use an all-in-one weapon/tool with his tech (something he’s done in the books).
    4) Build an underground fortress by communicating with ants that would do all of the work for him.
    5) Quite possibly get the precise schematics of most buildings and complexes (including security wiring) by communicating with “counting” ants.
    6) Transport entire weapons arsenals research labs for long distances… simply by pre-shrinking the gear.

    His name may sound silly but, with the right storyline, this movie could blow people away.

    • “arsenals AND research labs”

    • You do realist Ant-Man is a superHERO, don’t you? Not a superVILLAIN 😉

      • @Avenger

        Yep. Corresponding with what I wrote above:

        1) If a villain doesn’t try to kill a hero, they’ll try to imprison her/him (look at the Black Widow’s first Avengers’ scene, Bucky’s scene in First Avenger, and Stark’s genesis as a hero in Iron Man #1).
        2) Having financial resources helps fight crime (Batman & Iron Man). Of course, enlarging rubies could be borderline villain behavior :-)
        3) Today’s heroes prepare for major villains (just look at the amount of arms Stark had in the Avengers).
        4) Stark Tower. Avengers Mansion. The Watchtower. Only with Pym, he could start developing a global network of underground “safe houses” near the beginning of his movie (as they’d take a lot of time to be excavated). It would go with the espionage theme that Wright previously implied.
        5) This also goes with the espionage theme that Wright mentioned.
        6) Same as #3, above.

        This list is mainly for those who continue to claim that Pym’s power are corny and weak. Granted, I know the character lacks the confidence and poise of a Stark, and the moral constitution of a Thor or Rogers… but his abilities are still pretty significant.

  17. I mentioned this in another thread, but I will bring it up again. Why doesn’t Marvel take characters like Ant-Man and The Wasp and make a short serial to be shown at the beginning of Cap 2 and Thor 2? A 20 minute short film showing the origin of the character and how they are introduced to SHIELD and The Avengers team. Then BOTH could be included in The Avengers 2 without people wondering where the heck those characters came from AND without Marvel spending a boatload of cash on characters that 99% of the general public know nothing about. I just can’t see characters like Ant-Man or The Wasp having a successful full-length solo film.

  18. I don’t want to offend any Ant-Man fans here, but what exactly is the appeal of the character? I never read Ant-Man comics so other than the Avengers cartoon movie, I know just about nothing about him.

    Seriously, look at it from a marketing perspective. A superhero who shrinks down to the size of an ant? Even if they made it Giant Man instead, it’d be quite a tough sell for audiences. I just don’t get why people/movie sites keep hyping up any possible Ant-Man tie-ins to the MCU.

    Someone enlighten me?

    • The same argument can be said about a dude who turns green and big, or a guy wearing tight blue costumes with a round shield.

      It’s all about story telling, casting, marketing and delivering a fun and entertaining movie.

      • Or a an alien posing as a “god” who wields a wimpy hammer (should have been Final Fantasy-esque to impress everyone), or a guy posing as the tin man……

        Rob has it correct and why most comicbook characters have a shot at greatness if treated with the proper respect.

      • Well said. Seems obvious. I guess these people assume every Superman movie is a guaranteed hit.

    • Batman doesn’t even have any superpowers and he’s considered to be (by me and by many other CB fans) the best, most awesome superhero ever created.
      I agree with Rob: it’s all about how you tell the story, how you approach the character, who you get to portray him and how well you promote the final product.

    • @ Nick

      This is the hurdle which Wright must overcome. In prior “shrinking” movies, all the lead characters do is, pretty much, shrink. Pym can do— and has done— far more than that. However, it’s like Robb has stated. the presentation of the character needs to reframe the set of expectations the audience would have for the character.

      There are a number of ways a talented auteur and marketing team can do this… and I suspect that Wright already has at least one main game plan for accomplishing that.


    Yeah, I agree. In Thor, Dr Selvig mentions a gamma scientist (Banner) and another scientist who cooperates with SHIELD. It’s revealed by Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Feige that this is Hank Pym, so in the movie universe, Pym could be the go-to SHIELD rep for Iron Man if he can’t Coulson anymore for obvious reasons, and if his relationship with Maria Hill worsens like in the comics. I’m in the very curious camp for Ant Man at the moment. Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish are brilliant, so you know it’ll be good and have references to the rest of the Marvel Universe in it, it just depends on whether or not they’re going to risk it. I say go for it. Why not?

  20. I liked the BBC documentary series Life in the Undergrowth. I don’t get why people dismiss this so out-of-hand.

    • Agreed.

  21. Edgar Wright is the perfect man for a film like this (I swear I’m not being bias). I am VERY much looking forward to this movie.

  22. seems like something that would look really dopey and fake in a movie with the whole expanding and shrinking stuff :/ the less cgi the better….

  23. Knowing Edgar Wright it’ll no doubt be a comedy and I hate superhero movies that try to be comedies, like the Fantastic Four movies.

  24. I dont know if you guys know this but remember in Thor when Shield came and borrowed (or stole) all of her equipment and Erik mentioned to her and Darcy that he knew a scientist that once got involved with Shield and wasnt heard from again. Some of you may not believe this but it has been confirmed by Kevin Fiege himself that the scientist Erik was referencing was Hank Pym.

    I think im one of the only people who is actually looking forward to this film, the first comic book i ever got was scott lang as Ant-Man so i’m pretty interested. What i am interested in is how they will make a super hero like this interesting, when you look at all of the other marvel movies like Thor or Hulk or Iron Man all of them were really kicking some major a** in all of those movies and it looked cool and it was cool, but this guy is the size of an ant that can communicate with Ants so i am worried as to how they will go about doing this. From an emotional depth of the character i dont think we have anything to worry about i am not sure whether they are using Scott Lang or Hank Pym i heard somewhere that they are using both of them but that was back in like 2009 when i first started hearing about the project so i am not sure if the new script has changed that at all. But both Scott and Pym have great backgrounds with real emotion in them, Hank for example is a widower his wife was a police officer that was killed by the government and so therefore he really isn’t the warmest of people but, when he starts fighting crime as ant-man and when he meets Janet he gets a rush where he doesn’t hate the world any more he feels like his life isnt meaningless anymore and that feels great to him. Scott is a little more conflicted in the way that he stole the ant-man costume and formula and used it to get money for his daughters medical treatment, he is also a failed electrician and he is divorced all of that can factor greatly into his emotional bit in a similar way, he gets a rush when he uses the Ant-Man abilities for good not for his own satisfaction. I think that they can do some real good with this movie i hope they do, and Edgar Wright sounds like he likes this movie and Feige and everybody else seems to like wat he has in mind so lets hope for the best folks, who knows maybe this movie could be better than all the marvel movies.

  25. I want to know who is playing Ant-Man its driving me crazy how there aren’t even any rumors out there for any of the roles yet. Who would you guys cast whether this is a solo film or just a cameo in the Avengers 2 who would it be mine is down below.

    Ant-Man/Hank Pym- I have been trying to think of a lot of an actor who could play Hank and i was really suprised how difficult it was for me. I heard somewhere that Wright is looking for a muscular guy who can deliver funny lines (keep in mind the movie is a serious movie it just has a few humorous devices to it. I eventually ended up with Dane Cook, now before you start saying this is a terrible idea or start cursing your heads off please just let me explain, I think that Cook and Wright could work really, really, really well together and Cook has done a few serious roles but just a lot more comedies, also he has always been in pretty good shape. I also remember hearing that he wanted to be Captain America for the movie but obviously he didnt get that so maybe he could have a chance as a little guy who makes the biggest difference for the Marvel Universe. If you guys have any other ideas please feel free to let me know.

    Janet/Wasp- First of all i have no clue whether the wasp will be in this movie or not so for now lets just call her Janet. I remember reading an interview with Scarlett Johansson about the Black Widow and how she felt about female action heroes and she said that most of them are terrible because theyre always fighting in heels adn bras, and although that clothing is extremely entertaining (lol) she does have a point, if they are going to have Wasp in this movie i think that she needs to be a tough girl, like they made Black Widow in the avengers or Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games she needs to be dominant and have the guts to do what she has to do. So for Janet i would try to get Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) i think that shes very hot and a god actress in Wedding Crashers although she was all about being funny she played a female that knew what she wanted when she wanted it (thats why she got a sweet 16 on her 13th birthday).

    Scott Lang- Not a clue let me know if you have any suggestions please lol.

    Ultron- I think the best villain to use for this movie is Ultron because Pym created him in the comics and his creation begins to destroy the world (it would also work because they could use him for another Avengers movie he could team up with Thanos or something… just an idea). Anyway the best kind of antagonist for any a superhero story is one that challenges the hero not just physically but makes them question why they do the things they do or why they believe in such things, are the things that they fighting for a worthy cause, or just that they aren’t good enough to succeed in the goal to help inspire justice around the world. Like what Batman and Joker are to eachother in the Dark Knight the Joker made Batman question his moral values and not only that but he made the entire audience do that thats why the film was so incredible. Anyway i would definitely cast an actor that a lot of people like but one that would actually play the part well so i would probably pick someone like Albert Finney, Alan Rickman, or maybe even John Malcovich. I’m pretty stumped with this one too again if any of you have any ideas please lies them i’m excited and want to hear a lor more about this movie.

    Ps- I also want them to use the Eric O’Grady costume because that one is by far my favorite out of all of them it looks a lot like Spider-Man’s Iron Man suit its really cool check it out online guys it would be awesome if they used that.

  26. Generally, I find that negative comic-book critics are a good indication of whether I will like a comic-based movie.. the more there are, the more I like ’em.

    Eg. the Batman Nolanverse.. very, very few negative comic-book critics.. I hated ’em.

    Green Lantern.. immense number of negative comic-book critics.. I loved it. In fact, in this last instance, I have found that Green Lantern is a surpassingly great super-hero movie! ^^

    That said, I can tell I will love Ant-Man.