‘Ant-Man’: Corey Stoll Praises Both Original & Revised Scripts

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Corey Stoll Midnight Paris Ant Man: Corey Stoll Praises Both Original & Revised Scripts

Back in May, the Internet let out a collective gasp of shock when Edgar Wright unexpectedly left the director’s chair on Ant-Man vacant, following an inside baseball kerfuffle over script rewrites (though there’s slightly more to it than that). He’s since been replaced by Peyton Reed (Bring It On) – which, to be blunt, feels like losing a dollar and finding a quarter. Ant-Man might still be happening, but won’t have the acclaimed The World’s End auteur at the reigns, which is kind of a bummer.

But not for Corey Stoll! Stoll, previously rumored to have a part in the film, recently sat down with the folks at Collider to chat about it, and not only confirmed that he is indeed involved with Ant-Man, but also expressed his excitement at participating in the project. Reed might be a trade down from Wright, but Stoll’s enthusiasm here is infectious; for fans down on Ant-Man following Wright’s departure, just reading the Midnight in Paris/The Strain/House of Cards (take your pick) actor’s thoughts on the film might be enough of a tonic to diffuse all trepidation over it.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that Stoll very shrewdly ducks and moves to dodge the question posed up front, but that’s just smart Hollywood politicking. Maybe Michael Douglas can get away with articulating his dismay over the situation, but he’s Michael Douglas. Stoll has to play it coy. Read on for the full quote from the Collider piece:

I’m absolutely thrilled!  Reading the script – and the script that Edgar wrote, and the script that there is now – it’s insane that this movie hasn’t been made before.  Obviously, you need the technology because it needs to look great.  But the whole idea of the changing of scale and the experiential effect of size changing is just so cool.  You read these scenes on the page, and I just got giddy.  I think it’s gonna be so much fun.

You can get a little fatigued with superheroes because everybody is just punching everybody, or shooting everybody with ray beams.  This is a completely different kinetic experience in the theater.  Shrinking and growing back, there’s just so much material there to root it in.  I think it’s gonna be great.

Ant Man Hank Pym Avengers Celebration Ant Man: Corey Stoll Praises Both Original & Revised Scripts

He’s pretty giddy over Ant-Man‘s basic conceit, and it’s hard to blame him. Ant-Man is, among the current crop of big screen superheroes, a pretty unique character with a very specialized bag of tricks; that Marvel went out of their way to find filmmakers with comedy backgrounds to direct also says a lot about what they’re aiming for here. It’s not that Marvel films don’t each have their own sense of humor – the Iron Man films, The Avengers, and even Thor all have one-liners and gags strewn throughout their running times – but they don’t typically go in for funny men like Reed or leading man Paul Rudd.

So Ant-Man may end up standing far apart from its fellow Marvel films in terms of its concepts and in terms of tone. No wonder Stoll’s so high on it. (His point about superhero fatigue is particularly shrewd.) Who he’s set to portray remains a mystery, though it still seems likely he’ll end up playing the heavy to Rudd’s protagonist. But no matter what role he’s cast in, he’ll clearly be bringing a lot of energy to the fray, which is nothing less than encouraging.

Ant-Man will hit theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Collider

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  1. Anytime an actor or actress praises the script they’re about to star in, I pay no attention to it. NO S*** they’re gonna praise the script. These articles are pointless. Why would they ever blast a piece of work they’re going to be in? It’s silly.

  2. LOL, talk about damage control. Third wheel actor praises scripts for a movie that’s obviously a trainwreck in making. The only reason why they insist on July 17 2015 date is that they want to ride Avengers coattails. Without AoU release, nobody would see this. Avengers Effect is their only hope to make some bank off this mess. They don’t have stars (Rudd can’t open an enevelope let alone a movie, check his dire boxoffice track record for proof), they don’t have popular director (Wright has fanbase in some circles while hardly anyone’s heard of Reed), cast is too old to attract teenagers and concept is too dumb for older crowd, there’s obvious super hero fatigue. Bombs away!

    • A superhero that talks to bugs. A can of Raid would dispatch him.

      Marvel is getting too silly. The powers that be still think the “Avengers’ bounce” will carry any movie that has the Marvel label. Superhero fatigue can get this studio too and a wake-up call about the box office can get them as well.

      • How is this any sillier than other superhero ideas? If you consider the premise and the characters the only real way it’s silly is because it’s more science fiction than other superpowers like flying.

        As for superhero fatigue I’d like to point out that that isn’t happening because of things like this. People might get bored if it was the same hero over and over but what Marvel shows us is that people won’t get tired if quality or originality remain. And the very way you see Ant-man as silly indicates that this property has something original so we only have to wait to see the quality (despite what some drama queens here like to think). The fact that the movie will even crossover into the heist genre means it’s even more different, so, in my opinion, I think this movie has Marvel right on track.

        • You must remember, NON-COMIC BOOK fans have to like the concept in order for the movie to be successful. The hardcore fans are not the only reason the Marvel movies rake in the big money at the box office. Casual moviegoers play a big part as well.

          • Too true. But I for one think that casual moviegoers will be intrigued by this movie because of its quirkiness/different concept and the Avengers 2 bounce you mentioned. Moviegoers won’t analyse the details of the behind the scenes so there’s no current detraction, while I think the actual draw must come from the trailer quality and the movie itself. I disagree with merely what I percieve as your judgement of the movie before it arrives and calling it a part of superhero fatigue. I don’t know whether the movie will be good or a box office hit but I think it has hope because of it’s own possibility. Personally, I think moviegoers will be open to this even if just because of the Marvel logo (although I’m not a public representative).

            By the way, I myself am not actually a comic reader although I am looking forward to ‘Ant-man’ as a movie. Everything I know about Ant-man comes from this website and Wikipedia :)

    • @fishnets,

      The more I thought about it the more I also feel like Marvel has “given up” on Ant-Man and they are just trying to save face at this point. I feel like they were trying to set up the next “Iron Man-type” of movie, but that just fell apart. Plus the recent shift of focus onto the Dr. Strange movie, it just looks bad for Ant-Man.

      • Huh? What recent shift of focus onto Dr Strange? It’s in development but it’s not replacing Ant-man, they just have to start preparing for it as hey release 2 (and soon possibly 3) movies a year and Ant-man begins filming next month. I don’t think Marvel’s given up on it. Let’s not create a conspiracy theory here.

  3. I think we should all just wait and see how this movie turns out. Marvel has proven that they can make oddball directors do awesome superhero movies– just look at the Russos. They went from comedy to action-thriller and it was great (and don’t give me the “But they directed the good comedy episodes” crap because it was still totally different). Ant-Man has a good cast (Michael Douglas, Paul Rudd, and Patrick Wilson) and Marvel has yet to fail us (that’s right, I happen to think Iron Man 2-3 and Thor: The Dark World were enjoyable movies). I get everyone is mad at Edgar Wright left, but let’s wait until we see the movie before we dismiss it (a point I shouldn’t even have to make yet unreasonable complaining constantly comes up on the internet regardless).

    • Amen to that :)

    • Too true.

    • ah … a voice of reason and logic !! agree on all the Marvel movies – they’re all good if not great
      and if CAWS is any indication on how things will continue to get even better – … BRING IT ON! (pun intended)

      and don’t judge Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man – before knowing anything about it (other than it’s not directed by Edgar Wright)

      many of the current big directors also started somewhere – I just watched Slither for the first time a few months ago and I would never imagine choosing that director for a major Marvel movie, who would have ?

      • True, but Peyton Reed wasn’t their first choice. When Wright left, Reed wasn’t their second choice. Reed wasn’t even their third choice. He was literally the only guy they could get to do it.

        • Just because they were looking at multiple people at once doesn’t mean he was their last choice and the rumoured list of directors didn’t verify any actual order. We only know for sure that Adam McKay turned it down and then went on to help edit the script. Anyway, I would be more concerned if they grabbed the first guy they could get and guest’s point still remains that Reed could produce a great movie.

  4. Bad news about this movie: Everyone freaks out “It must be true, this movie will suck!”

    Good new about this movie: Everyone freaks out “It must be lies. They’re doing damage control! This movie will suck!”

    Talk about a grim fanbase.

    • Agreed. This movie is going to be fine. Or it’s not. But we won’t know before it comes out. Let’s all just wait for the trailers to drop and make a more informed decision then.

  5. Join us tomorrow in another episode of: Marvel’s PR nightmare! With our host…Keevin…Fieeege!

  6. I was just surprised when I read the comments and saw that someone liked Thor 2.

    • Lol

    • Hey, it was better than Thor 1 (sorry Kenneth)

      • Thats debatable. Intertaining movies? Of course, everybody likes Thor. Good films though? Meh.

      • I strongly disagree with your opinion. In my opinion, Thor 2 was borderline awful.

    • You could always, you know, comment on my post instead of sub-posting about it. Sorry if my opinion is different than your’s.

  7. Nerdrage is pointless as it had been proven time and time again that the only thing that really matters to the bottom line is that the movie is a hit with general audiences. This is Marvel, they make ok to good films that consistently perform at the box office regardless of whether they get the fanboy stamp of “approval” or not, this will be a hit.

  8. This is the first time i ever felt so pessimistic about Marvel Studio movie. The problem is not the script or the director. It is about the property itself, it is just… nobody likes Ant-Man. Giant-man or Yellowjacket barely exist in the current marvel universe now, where is Henry Pym there?

    • When ironman 1 came out you could have said the same for that character. Look at him now.

      • No, the concept of man in a metal suit, or a master of supernatural is a lot more favorable than a man who shrinks. Please, just ask anyone here.

        • Hey being able to shrink and expand your size is pretty darn lethal, just look at Atomica from Forever EVil, She shrinks, gets inside peoples head and then boom!!! she expands to normal size again.

        • Perhaps on that lvl if all we are doing is comparing “super powers” even that is rather subjective as films with “shrinking tech” have done quite well at the box office in years past so people dont have an aversion to size alteration effects type movies. To the gen audiences ironman was just as obscure as antman is right now. Besides antman is basically ironman (guy in suit) will just have diff powers of which will be diffetent than the norm.. Which is a good thing. He can go small, which in of itself will be cool to see i have no doubt but he can also be 50 feet tall which again im sure in the 3rd act of the film it will happen and be pretty sweet. Will the story probably be predictable? Yup, all marvel films have been more or less paint by number affairs but people i suspect will go see it in droves because it should be entertaining.

        • Ummm…I like Ant-Man.

          So you can’t say no one likes him. And I am 100% positive there are others on Screen Rant who like him.

          • exactly and for those who don’t know much or care about Hank Pym – that’s a whole other aspect of the character/ story – the science genius of the Marvel universe

            there’s definitely plenty they can explore AND then there is also … Janet Van Dyne aka The Wasp.
            Ant-Man – movie 1
            Ant-Man and the Wasp – movie 2

            and by Avengers 5 – The Wasp may hopefully become the team leader

            at some point the Avengers will be sent to an alternate dimension and/ or encounter KANG and around then the science members are going to definitely step up to the plate

    • your argument is invalid, i like Ant-Man there are tons of people that likes Ant-Man too.

      Pym in the comics is just Pym, no alter ego, not anything, as he’s leading his own team of Avengers which consists of Androids

      • Exactly my point. Why Hank Pym didn’t join The Avengers now? Avengers Vs. X-men, Infinity, Fear Itself, etc. Steve Rogers, Stark and Thor are front and centre.
        Hank Pym or Ant-Man, he is at the bottom.

        • Even so, this is the cinematic universe so things can go any way as it does it’s own thing. Also, this movie will add another unique character to the list of MCU heroes with Scott Lang who offers an interesting dynamic as a single dad while it also seems as though the Wasp, another female hero, will be introduced eventually because of this. And if not Ant-man then who else should they use? Pym and Lang are up there with the top Avengers.

          Even if the Ant-man persona hasn’t been utilised as much as Captain America it still holds some brilliant possibilities and you can’t deny that it brings superpower diversity. Personally I find the size changing concept exciting and more original/scifi than a metal suit.

  9. Marvel just confirmed Black Panther for November 2017
    Your Welcome, Screen Rant

    • What? Please tell me you ain’t fibbin’! That’d be a dream come true!

      • John Boyega just sent some cryptic tweets about Wakanda. Nothing is confirmed.