‘Ant-Man’ Undergoing Rewrites to Fit Into the Marvel Movie Universe

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Ant Man 2015 Release Date Ant Man Undergoing Rewrites to Fit Into the Marvel Movie Universe

After the fun of seeing inventor Tony Stark and nuclear physicist Bruce Banner team up in The Avengers, there’s a lot to be said for adding another scientist to the Marvel movie universe – for the banter, if nothing else.

Now, after years of Edgar Wright (The World’s End) developing an Ant-Man movie, it looks like Henry Pym – a biochemist who discovers subatomic particles that allow him to dramatically alter the size of his body – might finally be the character to fill that role.

Speaking to Slash Film on the subject of the new Marvel IPs coming to the big screen over the next couple of years – including Guardians of the GalaxyAnt-Man and Doctor Strange – Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige explained that, as they dust off the existing script for Ant-Man, they’ll also need to spruce it up.

“Frankly, now we have to rewrite it to put it a little bit more into the [Marvel Cinematic Universe] because it was written before it existed. [Edgar Wright] has done a great job being incredibly true to the comics but is putting his own spin on it, so we’ll be drawing on multiple mythologies for this one.”

Ant-Man will have a pivotal role for Marvel when it eventually arrives, as it will kick off Phase Three of the Marvel movie universe’s overarching story and set up the next wave of adventures, which could include sequels to the existing franchises but could also mean a whole host of new adaptations.

As such, it’s important to lay the foundations for future crossovers and team-ups, even if it’s just through something as simple as having a character from The Avengers or one of the other series show up on the periphery of Ant-Man’s story.

Ant Man with his ant friends Ant Man Undergoing Rewrites to Fit Into the Marvel Movie Universe

The current version of Edgar Wright’s script predates the events of quite a few Marvel movies, including The Avengers, so if the film takes place chronologically after the other movies then there should probably be some acknowledgement of that time an alien race come through a wormhole in New York and tried to take over the world.

Feige’s mention of drawing on multiple mythologies, however, also means that we may see a selection of Marvel characters, both old and new to the movie universe, guest-starring in Pym’s adventure.

With Ant-Man‘s late 2015 release date, however, there’s plenty of time to pull the movie together, and Feige says that things probably won’t start to move ahead for another few months yet, both on the rewrite and the casting front. When asked about which actors he currently had in mind for the role, the producer replied:

“We’ve talked about various names over the past eight years, but as you can imagine, they keep changing as time goes by. But toward the end of this year, we’ll buckle down and start casting and start refining the script.”

Another challenge for Ant-Man is that it’s based on a series of comics that aren’t immediately known to the average moviegoer. Non-comic book fans have had enough of an ongoing awareness of characters like Spider-Man, Superman, Batman and The Incredible Hulk to get over the mental hurdle of incredulity that often arises as the instinctive response to such concepts, but Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy (which features a gun-wielding raccoon) have the challenge of getting new audiences on board so that they can put their skepticism aside and just enjoy the story.

Ant Man fitting in with the Hulk storyline Ant Man Undergoing Rewrites to Fit Into the Marvel Movie Universe

Feige admits that, embedded as he is in the center of the Marvel world, he sometimes forgets that not everyone is as familiar with the characters as he is.

“Sometimes we take it for granted that people know what we’re doing. Some people don’t get it: ‘Ant-Man …? Is that goofy? What? He talks to ants? What is this…?’ But after they see the [test reel], then they suddenly go, ‘Ohhh…’ ”

Wright has said that the film will be similar in tone to Iron Man, and has also hinted that he plans to shake up the standard origin story by offering “a little twist on it in terms of the way that it plays out.” His more recent comments suggest that the spin he will put on the story will involve telling a superhero tale through the lens of another genre, though he hasn’t gone into specifics about which genre that will be.

Speak up on what you want to see on Ant-Man, and who you want to see playing him, in the comments.


Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015.

Source: Slash Film

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  1. I guess I didn’t follow the Ant-Man process because I just assumed it was always being made to fit the Marvel Cineverse. But hey as long as Wright is doing the rewrites then I’m all good. I just want some casting news!

    • It’s been worked on for so long now that huge chunks of what was already written was worked on before half these movies even came out.

  2. Great marvel is going to take over and its gonna be a lot less edgar wright. LET THE DIRECTORS WORK! Everything doesnt need to be a perfect fit make a great movie. Same thing that favreau and RDJ said about ironman 2

    • Except it would seem we’re talking about generally minimalist changes that are being handled by Wright himself. I mean they’ve been extremely accommodating to him so far from what they say.

      As the article says the script was from before any of the other movies. Changes could be as simple as: did the film involve the part of a random SHIELD agent? We could make that someone more recognizable like Sitwell or write Nick Fury’s character closer in tone to what it is now. Did something significant just happen in another movie? We could have parts of the movie world at large nod to and reflect that without affecting Ant-man’s main narrative, etc.

      It doesn’t have to mean something big. Just enough to maintain continuity to the other movies (again the script was from before any of that was established). It’s not like they specifically said they’re gonna shoe-horn in a random villain or side character. Something like that would be more of a bane for worry.

      • It could mean the minimul but it could also mean a lot. They cut a large portion of the iron man 3 script. And faverau said they wouldnt let him do what he wanted with IM2. I have no reason to believe they wont force major changes on wright. When honestly who cares if it
        fits not every movie needs to lead to another avengers. You cant keep adding characters it will become bloated.

        • It wouldn’t *absolutely* have to lead to another avengers movie. I mean some of the complaints have been that IM3 doesn’t really lead to anything or go anywhere Avengers 2 or phase 2 wise, so that would (could?) be an example of it not having to be slave to the larger workings.

          And it would be important for it to “fit”, so to speak, with the movie universe if it’s suppose to be a part of it and make it so that it would be *possible* for them to use the characters else where. It would obviously cause a problem if it actually directly contradicted something, but again it wouldn’t necessarily need to be slave to it.

          • You make great points. I just dont want edgar wrights style to be comprimised. I felt tho the trailers for IM3 made it look dark it was not dark at all and was pure comedy. Which diddapointed me id like to see something fresh and i feel wright can do that

    • like they did with SHAME BLACK???? He ruined Iron Man 3 by getting rid of the Arc Reactor among many other things…. How the F**K can you have Iron Man without the AR???
      That is the worst scene in a Marvel movie EVER, to me THAT simply ruined The IM Myth!!

      • Dude, I’m not even an Iron Man fan and I don’t read his comic series. But I do know that the arc reactor was specifically created for the movies. It hasn’t been a part of the Iron Man myth for most of the character’s history.

      • Man!!! Spoiler alert, maybe?????

        Seriously, IM3 came into theaters only today! And this is NOT even an IM thread!

        Please, people, no IM spoilers in other threads…!

        I don’t care if it’s a big or not spoiler, you should not post things like this without a warning first :-(

  3. i think for films like this and GotG, they should get someone else from the MCU to have a small role or at least a cameo. If only for marketing purposes so as to draw in the regular movie goers. I want to see these movies do well at the boxoffice and im not sure how regular movie goers will feel about them so i think if they can plaster say tony stark or nick fury or black widow on trailers, it could draw in other audiences. like RDJs cameo in TIH.

    • That would work wonderfully. I know there have been rumours about Tony Stark showing up in Guardians of the Galaxy, but someone else would work just as well too.

      For Ant-Man there is even more room for an already established character, either linked to Hank or Janet. Hell, it would be enough that I don’t know Janet knows Bruce Banner or something like that.

      Also, they can always go with the good-old SHIELD link, because SHIELD monitors everything and they’re the perfect tool to connect different heroes.

      • Given the (7 picture?)deal in place, I assume we’ll be seeing Banner cameo in a lot of other films to keep his profile up without the need for a new Hulk film.

      • Why would Janet know Bruce Banner? I know it’s just a wild thought you threw, but it would be highly unlikely…

        But Thor knows Eric Selvig, and Selvig is a friend of Pym’s. Maybe Selvig could be the actual link.

  4. Antman and Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Marvel is shooting themselves in the foot and might derail their entire universe with these movies.

    Can’t remember the last time a talking raccoon and a guy who controls ants got tens of millions (if not hundreds) to make movies.

    • Have faith. They know what they are doing. If people could see and believe a talking tree(LOTR) then people will buy into a talking racoon and a guy that can talk to ants. They will get it right to where people will want to see these movies.

    • At this point they can slap Marvel on just about anything and get millions of dollars and it’s only going to grow. Normal movies with no attachments ot existed franchises obviously exist and flourish so the movies should be able to speak for and uphold themselves. Then you’re just adding the Marvel hype to anyone who doesn’t know the characters an people who do know them are excited too.

      • Yeah, Fox has been doing this for years and have been pretty successful despite producing complete crap. The Marvel logo is all that’s needed to sell tickets even when the movie that comes after it is pure blasphemy.

    • If people will watch stuff like Star Wars and Star Trek in mass then I don’t think Guardians of the Galaxy will be too much of a problem. I don’t think Ant Man will be a hit but I don’t see why it won’t earn a profit.

      • Well said Chasing Amy, some people are way too narrow minded when thinking about the future of the Marvel Universe.

    • Guardians has me worried that it will be a mistake cuz of trees and raccoons. Ant-man can be OK, as long as it is fitted to tying in with Avengers. Consider the original comic source with Ant-man/Giant-Man and Wasp being some of the original Avengers. We need them there. We need Hank Pym (not Scott Lang or anyone else) as Goliath/Ant-Man/Giant-Man. So–does all this mean at last we will get Hank Pym, which means Ant-Man/Goliath/Giant-Man, which means probably Wasp also, which means I am in ecstatic “Geek-til-I squeek” heaven, achieve a whole new level of consciousness, and find my Karma? TitzonaRitz, I surely hope so!

    • Controlling ants isn’t even his power.

  5. I wish Ant-Man would get made sooner. I really like the character. :)

    • me too! :)

  6. Please please PLEASE don’t make an Ant-Man movie, I’m begging you Marvel. PLEASE. He’s the least memorable of the Avengers…well, him or Wasp, I’m not sure.

    Point is, I would MUCH RATHER see a Black Widow solo film, a Hawkeye film, or (DO THIS) Black Panther film.

    NOT Wasp, NOT Ant-Man.

    • He may be the least memorable but edgar wright is more talented than anyone who has made a marvel film look at his track record ita phenomenal.

      • I know but still, if he did a Black Panther film I’d die of happiness

        Doing an Ant-Man film is a waste of time and talent

        • Prove it.

        • If anything, Ant-Man fits Edgar’s style better.

        • The test real is pretty great, and that’s not even finished product. I have faith it will be awesome.

      • Really? The most talented? Really, that’s a matter of opinion. But do you think it will be, when it comes out, the most successful and most talked about MCU movie?

        • does it have to be the most and best? cant it just be another good story that fits in the MCU? why do people have to fret so much, over something STILL IN THE PLANNING STAGES? what is it with some of you “…dang it if (?) isn’t in the story and if (?) doesnt happen EXACTLY as in the comic books then this movie will suck butt!” lighten up some. you’ll live longer. just sayin.

        • I cant predict if it will be the most talked about because fans will always love their ironman and avengers film. Wright is emmensly talented shaun of the dead and hot fuzz are phenomenal and scott pilgrim is hilarious

    • Ant man is very interesting and his one of the founding members he has to be in the avengers

    • :)

    • Least memorable? The dude built Ultron, one of the most memorable Avengers villain.

    • Black Panther and Vision can come later in say, Avengers #3. But we need the original guys first, and that means Goliath and Wasp. Hawkeye and Black Widow, especially as written into these movies, are not all that important, although good as supporting characters, and they certainly could not carry a movie on their own.

  7. I haven’t read any Antman comics but the only way Im familiar with him is his fight with Hulk in WWH. now with this movie coming out I don’t care what kind of story it is as long as its good and it can help lead to Civil War, World War Hulk and Avengers vs X-Men

    • Unless Marvel and Fox work together you’re not going to see an AvsX film.

      • I’m hoping for a buyout by Marvel/Disney or failure to make a profit or produce by Fox. Either way screw Fox.

    • The only way Ant-man could defeat Hulk is to shrink down, crawl up Hulk’s nose, then suddenly grow into Giant-man and explode Hulk’s head by the size increase from inside. Of course, this might also crush Giant-man (not sure about that), but hence, the little Green Guy from the TV ads for–is it Mucinex mucous control?–is born!!

    • That was Eric o’Grady in WWH. He was an awful excuse for Ant-Man. Until he became the Black Ant.

  8. I for one can’t wait for a Ant-Man! Movie! I too wish it would come out sooner or…. at least Have the character be a part of The Avengers 2! I mean come on, he’s one of the founding members.. And he’s not gonna be in A2??? and he won’t be part of the universe until phase 3? Really? At least give the character a small cameo in A2.. Even as Hank Pym, please..

    • Hopefully they’ll get to casting soon and throw him in a cameo at least. I can’t wait for this movie either.

  9. Oh brother, Marvel movies are like the comics now-everything has to coincide. I wonder what will happen when Daredevil time comes, whenever that is..

    • Wtf?! Why the hell shouldn’t the movies exist in a singular universe like the source material it’s based on???

      • I think MOS is just a DC troll.

        • LOL…. now I’m a troll for my opinions…LOL

    • When Daredevil time comes, it will be an isolated story, separated from the cosmic and explosive style of the Avengers. Daredevil will benefit from a gritty noir style movie.

      • Disney wont back a gritty noir film not anytime until phase 4 or 5 when thet realize the same formula needs a break. Legendary pictures would make a great daredevil

        • Disney’s staying hands-off so…yeah.

        • Yeah. Marvel/Disney maybe putting Daredevil on the backburner until such time that The Avengers bubble bursts, and they need another hit. Then again, Marvel’s got lots of other characters waiting for the spotlight.

          • Daredevil versus Mr. Fear and Kingpin. It was actually discussed once a long time ago, after Daredevil #1.

        • I can picture Daredevil having a movie when an MCU Phase goes down to Earth back from the cosmic. There’s just so much to work with! They could go from cosmic to street-level easily.

          Heroes for Hire? Young Avengers? Runaways? I don’t know, these were the first teams that jumped into my mind, there is a lot more of course.

  10. I hope Justice League starts with captions that says “ON AN ALTERNATE WORLD SIMILAR TO OURS”…Honest.

  11. I think a good idea for the casting role could be Liam Hemsworth. For more action possibly Ewan McGregor or Hayden Christiansan. If they plan on putting some comedy in then definitely Ryan Reynolds.

    • Ewan is an interesting choice i like joel edgerton myself

    • I want Reynolds in Green Lantern #2! Just fix the bad script and dump the dumb humor.

  12. So are we using Hank Pym or Scott Lang? Another thing is that Ant-Man doesn’t have his own rogues gallery, so who will be the villain? It can’t be Ultron because that would be too early.

    • I think edgars script envolves both? Maybe like the earths mightiest heroes episode to catch an antman. Its my fav episode

    • His involvement with shield would give him access to more than enough villains to deal with if they go that route. If I remember correctly, there are several story arcs in which Pym particles are used to house supervillains in tiny super max prison facilities ran by shield and sometimes with Ultron as the prison gaurd. That being said, the creation of Ultron should be priority number one regardless of whether or not it becomes a villain in the first film. My hopes are that they introduce Ultron in a cameo in a Phase 2 film before Ant-Man and then have the Ant-man movie be centered on Hank trying to stop his creation and have Shield doing all they can to keep him from succeeding. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy with whatever they do with it. The test footage alone was more than enough to get me excited for this movie.

  13. Ant-man?!

    Really!… such a dumb character.

    • Only when you don’t know anything about it.

      • I know a lot about it! Loved it when i was a kid, but I it sucks as a move just like Superman!
        I had the original comics where Stark becomes Iron Man, the original when Stephen Strange becomes Dr. Strange, when Kit walker becomes The Phantom .. but my parents threw them out!!

        • “I know a lot about it! Loved it when i was a kid, but I it sucks as a move just like Superman!”

          What are you trying to say? Are you saying that ALL superman movies sucked? Because that would mean that Superman 1 and 2 sucked, and that would be like saying Marlon Brando was never in the Godfather.

          Or are you saying that you know what the movie will be like TWO AND A HALF YEARS EARLY? Because I could have said that if I took the time to ask a magic 8 ball the question.

    • He can lick you in a fight, and I don’t mean with his tongue (before you say it!). All he has to do is shrink down, stand between your legs, point his fist upwards towards your old “Julius Jeweliannos”, and suddenly increase to full size! “Clang-clang-clang goes your trolley; ring-ring-ring goes your bell”. Game over, you lost (shoulda worn a cup!).

  14. It’ll be an espionage movie. Ant-Man is the perfect spy. Team him up with Hawkeye….. Those arrows with a tiny Ant-Man riding on top can go anywhere!!

    • Uhhh, that sounds awesome. I say yes to Hawkeye Ant-Man team up!

    • yes!! I wanna see Hawkeye again!! It’s a shame that he’s not in upcoming movies now.

  15. Alright, Ant-Man being in Phase 3 and it’s pretty much established that Thanos will be the big bad of Avengers 3 probably means we won’t see Ultron, right? Or is there a plan for Avengers 4?

    • Marvel is going to keep this going as long as they possibly can.

    • Thanos, Ultron, and Kang for Avengers #3! (Ooooo, I just gave myself a geekazoid moment!)

  16. Best news I’ve read about this project in quite a while. I can only hope this includes kicking the ultra lame Scott Lang angle to the curb and reinstating Pym as the current Ant-man.

    My only regret (if they do use Pym) is, this wasn’t part of Phase 2 so they could use the Ultron story as the basis for Avengers 2 which allows them the ability to make Vision an Avenger (and actually allow him to be Vision as a superhero in a full movie).

    • Ultron can still be part of Avengers 2 though, as well as Pym.
      These movies aren’t released in order of chronology (Cap:TFA proved that).

      But yah, I’m glad there are re-writes happening. I think it can only mean that they’re changing things up to include Pym in the present day.

      • I have to semi-recant my bottom statement. I thought for some reason they were already past the script stage on Avengers 2 so whatever was planned was a done deal and it did NOT include Ultron (or else we would have heard something). I however just read that they are just barely working on the FIRST draft, which gives me some measure of hope.

        Now if only we can get them to read our comments here on SR [and agree with us] we would be golden :)

  17. Ant Man is the BIGGEST risk Marvel is doing right now, GotG is nearly as big of a risk. And here is why I say so:

    - GotG is gonna attract lots of Star Wars and Trek fans just because of most of the movie being in space, not to mention superhero fans.
    - What fan base will Ant Man attract? ‘Attack of the 50 foot woman’ and ‘honey I blew up the baby’ fans?

    I know that I am over simplifying things by saying all of that, I am a fan of both of these respective titles and characters, but I know more people that know nothing about either then people who know something. Most movie goers will have no idea who Ant Man or GotG are, and 99% of ticket sales are from those types of people. That is why GotG will do better in my opinion.

    • It probably is a big risk, but a lot of ticket sales depends on the marketing and advertising of Ant Man. Plus, if it’s a really good movie word of mouth and reviews will do wonders.

    • Marvel does very good marketing. By the time the movie arrives in cinemas people will know that it’s a lot more awesome than it sounds like at first.

    • Ant-Man will attract me (I don’t mean for a date or anything! hee-hee!). I harken back to the comics of the 60s and 70s, when hank Pym and his various characters (Giant-Man, Ant-Man, Goliath especially, and Yellowjacket) were big things (no pun intended).

  18. Paul Rudd!

    • Someone who has enough self respect that they will never star in a movie with Leslie Mann!

  19. If this succeeds, hopefully it’ll shut up all those illiterates who go “Aquaman is lame! He can talk to fish?” guys and pave the way for an eventual Aquaman movie.

  20. Can’t take this seriously, Ant Man?? One for the comic book guys of this world, to me (I know there is a spider, bat etc etc) this just sounds like a half baked copy because other ‘insert insect name’ man were successful. No doubt the comic book guys on this site will pan me for this but antman does not get me excited in any way and stinks of ‘we have no more characters left’ to a non comic reader like myself.

    • Ant-Man is one of the founding members of the Avengers, he’s one of the founding members of Marvel’s big boom in the 1960s when they really kicked off, and he’s one of the main characters in all the Marvel universe.

      I don’t mind that some people who aren’t comics fans don’t realize the details, but it’s really funny and annoying when they act like Ant-Man is bottom-of-the-barrel.

      • You can’t get mad at him. He stated he is a non comic reader. His opinion is valid to an extent. To someone who doesn’t know who Ant-Man is can easily find his character very discouraging.

        • Just like (I imagine) most of you would find Aquaman discouraging.

          • Correct. (Except for me.) Aquaman gets clowned on the most LOL. To me though, Aquaman is one of my all time favorites and I’m so happy what The New 52 has done with him. Orin is a God Amongst Men.

        • I hold people to a certain intellectual standard: knowing a person isn’t necessarily a comics fan, I would still expect them to be self-aware enough to say “well, just because I don’t know much about it, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to it. Knowing I’m not a comics person, I realize there’s probably a lot of stuff in there that I just don’t know about yet.”

          When a friend tells me about a band I’ve never heard of, I don’t blow it off just because the band name doesn’t sound great to me, I check into it and find out if I like it or not. In this case, even if a person isn’t a comics enthusiast, blowing Ant-Man off as a movie prospect just based on the name is retarded.

          • Sadly most people aren’t anywhere near that intellectual standard. They’re well-practiced in judging things they know nothing about based purely on hearsay from similarly ignorant folk. As a DC Comics fan I’ve had plenty of experience of this.

            “DC’s heroes are too overpowered. This is why I like Marvel.”
            ” is lame.”
            ” has a lame rogues gallery. All he/she has is and that’s it.”

            And so on. 80 percent of the people posting on this site are similarly ignorant.

            • Seriously GG, you think you don’t fall into the ignorant category? Perhaps I need to read 1,000 comic from the 1960s to be up to your level of intellectual standard right? Perhaps your ignorant comment says all we need to know about your personality. Perhaps the 80% on this site that you have just insulted think that you are similarly ignorant, perhaps your comment shows this as you barely have a grasp of the English language. Rather than make a shamed attempt to make yourself sound better by being insulting, why don’t you try and educate us from being ignorant to intelligent

              • “Seriously GG, you think you don’t fall into the ignorant category? ”
                The category I’m referring to here is people who make negative snap judgements about things they know nothing about, who judge a book by its cover, figuratively speaking. So no, I’m not in this category.

                “Perhaps I need to read 1,000 comic from the 1960s to be up to your level of intellectual standard right?”
                No, but a glance at the relevant wikpedia/wiki page or a google search would help before you decide ‘This sounds lame, don’t know about it but it’s lame because… er, it just is!’

                If the 80 % that used to go ‘Supahman is lame! I don’t know why but my pal here said so, must be true, DERP!’ or ‘Aquaman just talks to fish, never mind his powers, this is all he does cuz… er, I sez!’ and so on consider me ignorant for calling out their ignorance they just reveal more about their own ignorance.

                I’ve generalized a tad too much but the fact remains that the internet is packed to the brim with ignorant trolls of this sort, and ‘educating’ them all in a civil manner is a neverending hopeless prospect.

          • “I hold people to a certain intellectual standard”

            There is your first mistake. Its not a bad mistake. I wish people were much kinder and more intelligent but don’t discredit him because he isn’t up to your sub-par.

            • Ken – ‘I hold people to a certain intellectual standard’ & ‘Ant-Man is one of the founding members of the Avengers, he’s one of the founding members of Marvel’s big boom in the 1960s when they really kicked off, and he’s one of the main characters in all the Marvel universe’

              Nice effort Mr superior intellect but why now to bring this founder member, 1960s boom starter off the bench?? As far as I am concerned (as a non comic book reader) the founders of the Avengers are – Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk/Bana, Ironman/Stark, Thor & Cap America – Until its rebooted that is how it is. I’m not ‘blowing off’ this movie just because of a name, find the sub text Mr hyper intelligent! It seems to us ‘who do NOT read comics’ that they have run out of other characters to use, to comment without understanding the idea is a little retarded.

              Leathercheerio got it (good man) so why did you not?

              • Perhaps the choice of “intellectual standard” is not the right one, but I can understand the implied meaning. He probably should have said something like “not having early comic book culture”. Sorry if it still insults people, but that’s the truth.

                And when you say “As far as I am concerned (as a non comic book reader) the founders of the Avengers are – Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk/BanNER (you had written BANA…), Ironman/Stark, Thor & Cap America – Until its rebooted that is how it is”… you ARE aware that all this comes from a comic book, don’t you? The movieverse is INSPIRED by the comic books, so in my mind the comics ARE cannon, and the movieverse is one of its many interpretations. It is based on the comics. The founding members of The Avengers are : Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp. End of story. Cap was given founding membership after the Hulk left eary on(#4), Hawkeye was a crook before he became an Avenger, BW was a soviet double-agent, Fury had nothing to do with the Avengers.

                And to sum up Ant-Man as “the guy who talks to ants” is really diminishing (no pun intended… ;-)) and so inaccurate for the character. Yes, he can command ants, but really, that’s only a small portion of his abilities. Don’t judge a book by its cover, and why don’t you pick up a comic book or two, you might find it interesting… ;-)

      • I’m with you Ken. The oly thing some of these grumblers see shrinking is the money in their wallet, their IQs, and their you-know-whats in their Calvin Kleins! (Or their lacey underalls, or whatever).

  21. I think Ant-Man is going to be the next Iron Man. Iron Man is probably done after this trilogy. And no I haven’t seen the movie so its not a spoiler, just a speculation.

    • Please watch IM3 when you get the chance, I think you will be pleasantly surprised just how good the move was :)

      • Wife and I are going to see it Sunday morning. I love high volume blockbusters. So I know I’ll enjoy it for that. But the twist part will probably bug me forever.

        • Still bugging me now :) And I watched it on opening night last Thursday!

  22. This is the darkside of shared movie universes. Effectively forcing a re-write on a film is never a good thing; sure, it may turn out better in the end, but that’s not a guarantee.

    • If they do a rewrite so that they leave out Lang as Ant-Man, and make this only a Hank Pym Ant-Man, it’s worth it in my mind. And if it leads to Giant-Man by the end, or in Avengers 3, it would be even better!!

  23. Joss Whedon is involved, so Ant-Man will need rewrites because of the stupid original drafts that Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish had originally wrote over 6-7 years ago!!! All Marvel has to do, AND SHOULD DO, is have Hank Pym in The Avengers 2, that alone will build popularity and interest in the character and people will know who is before his solo movie. Problem solved, however, not doing is so is an unnecessary risk that could be solved easily by putting him in Avengers 2.

    On a side note Joss needs to stick tighter to these screenplays, Kevin Feige himself, and directors so as not to create more unnecessary “twists” that do a dis-service to the characters and stories.

    • I so agree with you. Putting Pym in A2, even as only a scientist, maybe consultant for SHIELD (reluctant one if what they said in Thor is true), will give him some exposure so that people would be more drawn to see his solo film. They would go : “Hey, that’s the blond scientist guy in A2 who was always arguing with Stark. Now he’s turning superhero! I gotta see this”.

      I think it would actually be wiser of Marvel to do this, since as a lot of people, both educated in the comicverse and not, have said: lesser-known heroes are less likely to attract crowds. And needless to say that if Pym is a lesser-known hero to the average moviegoer, you can imagine that Lang is a no-known hero at all. So, no Lang. Ever. Please. It’s not that I don’t like him, it’s just that I don’t want him instead of Pym.

      I still have faith, at this point.

      • @Mary Jay & Mongoose, We agree, most people who are even slightly aware of Ant-Man or are just hearing the notion of him, say “Ant-Man, I guy who controls ants, and turns small that’s stupid and useless”. Obviously we know the character and his potential but it’d be stupid for Marvel not to advertise Hank Pym in Avengers 2 knowing that many people are saying stuff like that. Kevin Feige already expressed that he knows people were not keen on Ant-Man until they showed the Ant-Man test footage, then people got the idea and changed their minds, and that was only test footage.

        Hawkeye is not in Iron Man 3 neither is he in Thor:TDW as far as we know, if any movie Hawkeye needs to be in, is Ant-Man, just like Black Widow is getting to be in Captain America:TWS. As I’ve said on here before years ago, Ant-Man should be advertised as A.N.T-Man because it’s a synonym that alludes to him being more than just a character that controls ants. Maybe Automated, Nano, Technology-Man or something even more creative. ScreenRant has a more pull with Marvel now and I wish there was a way for fans to communicate with Marvel’s creative committee so that they’d know what the majority of fans want and what makes sense and what doesn’t. I know Kevin Feige and others read some of these articles but it needs to be more interactive. I have some great ideas for Ant-Man that I wish I could share with Marvel but I’m just a grain in the sand. Hopefully some of our suggestions can at least get to the top and be considered.

    • Guess I’m a bit more forward and think that Avengers 2 should revolve around Pym and the creation of his android force leading to Ultron.

  24. I think he’ll turn into giant man/goliath at the end, and leave a clue in the button to ultron in avengers 3.

    • I am somewhat of the same mind; hope this does develop as such!

  25. I wish this was coming out earlier I love ant-man!!!!

  26. You guys he DOES have a rouge gallery, not a huge one, but there is one, and about half of them hate him. There are:
    Egghead, Porcupine(battlesuit), The Human top(AKA Whirlwind, one of the couple mutants Marvel should be able to use because for the first decade he was always going after Pym), Comrade X(yes a soviet spy, not much but still something), The brain drain aliens, a couple of giant insects and plants, and of course my favorite, and the most iconic:
    The Black Knight(who’s nephew becomes a heroic one)

    • Its small, but somewhat solid with 4 really strong villians. Also did I mention the Black Knight geneticly engineered a flying horse!

    • Egghead will likely be Simon Pegg, he’d be good in the role and he’s a friend with Edger, so maybe. And he’s sort of Hank’s first nemesis.

      • sure, but he would have to bulk up and wear some protestcs.

        On another Note, ScreenRant you guys should do an article on his rouges gallery from his 30 or so solo adventures in Tales to Astonish(If you look up The essential Ant-man volume one it should give you most the names)

    • Good, someone else besides me does remember super-speedster Whirlwind. I would like to see him included with some of the other villains (how about as an opponant for either Goliath or Quicksilver?).

  27. just dont call it ant-man!!!!!

    regular movie goers will not even give it the time of day with a title like that.

    call it hank pym or something just definatly not antman!!

    i’d love to see this movie be made but i think i’d much rather see a black panther solo movie first in all honesty.

    • the movie’s already got a title… ‘Ant-Man’ lol.
      Just think about it though: ‘Iron Man’ sounds like a man made of iron and Captain America sounds more corny than actual corn, but they proved to be huge mainstream successes.

      People just need to be more open minded about things. And those that aren’t will probably be proven wrong when the movie comes out and people end up loving it… as is what happened with Iron Man…

  28. Well I’m excited. This is going to be cool!

  29. Patrick Wilson to play Hank Pym for me, casting for Wasp if they’re serious about these 2 being heavily involved with the avengers then I would say Gemma Arterton.

    Looking onwards, Ultron HAS to be an Avengers villain!