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Irredeemable Ant Man 5 Promo Art Rumor Patrol: Ant Man Villain Revealed




Marvel Studios has had a lot on its plate these past few weeks. As the PR machine kicks into ever-higher gear in advance of the August release of the ambitious Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel had to focus on replacing the outgoing Edgar Wright with Peyton Reed as director of Ant-Man along with setting a director for Doctor Strange.

With the various reactions to Edgar Wright’s departure from the film he shepherded for almost ten years still fresh in mind, and with Peyton Reed jumping into a production which is already far enough along that the projected release date in July 2015 hasn’t changed, it’s no surprise that we’re hearing reports about character details and story lines.

Some recent rumors concerning the Ant-Man costumes and plot points named the character of Darren Cross, who runs Cross Technological Enterprises, a contemporary and rival to Stark Industries. In the comics, Darren Cross is the cousin of William Cross, better known as the villain Crossfire. The costume Darren Cross wears in Ant-Man is said to be “similar” to that of Ant-Man himself, but “militarized” and colored yellow and black.

According to Bad Ass Digest, the suit design actually points toward another, different character, and one who is famous within the Ant-Man universe. The yellow and black design may mean that Yellowjacket could end up as the main antagonist of the film, or else teased for future appearances. While this information is phrased as speculation in the BAD article, claimed to have confirmed this report via a “trusted source.”

Animated Yellowjacket in Ant Man.jpg 1024x576 Rumor Patrol: Ant Man Villain Revealed

The inclusion of Yellowjacket should be taken with plenty of salt, as always, but it does make a certain amount of sense. The Darren Cross costume described above could merely be referencing the character, but Yellowjacket was a persona of Henry Pym (Michael Douglas), the original Ant-Man. An accident with a batch of chemicals set loose a darker personality in Pym, who then acted on his repressed feelings for Janet van Dyne, A.K.A. Wasp.

Given the strong indications that the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang – played by Paul Rudd – will be the main focus of the movie, expect Yellowjacket’s origins to be significantly altered. With Matt Gerald (Avatar, G.I. Joe 2) confirmed to be playing a villain, and with little known about the “important role” Patrick Wilson is taking on, could either of them be playing Yellowjacket?

The Strain star Corey Stoll may also still be attached and is thought to be playing a villain as well. While we think Wilson is playing a younger version of Hank Pym, but nothing has been confirmed. If Hank Pym’s past does come into play, we may very well be seeing Yellowjacket in some form.

While it’s more likely that the character will have an updated origin, the notion of exploring a villainous aspect of Pym – to contrast Scott Lang’s personality, perhaps – is not out of the question. Expect more details on Ant-Man soon enough.


Ant-Man will be released on July 17, 2015.

Source: Bad Ass Digest, ComicBook

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  1. this is the one movie iam hoping does not have a huge budget.
    i would have perferred patrick wilson as the combative henry pym
    who gets in starks face. patrick wilson is good enough to go toe
    to toe with downey jr.

    • Toe to toe? With RDJ? No he isn’t. You wanna go toe to toe with R Dub, you better be calling on Daniel Day Lewis or Gary Oldman.


  2. Ah, called it!

    • So? Must be a major accomplishment for you. Grats

      • Alright settle down champ

        • Not your champ.

          • Relax there, tough guy.

      • I wouldn’t go that far, but yeah I’m feeling pretty good right now, Thanks!

  3. From what I’ve been reading the past few days, Wilson might be playing Crossfire but who knows? I still like the idea of a younger Pym pulled from the 60s somehow but would they go with that and if so, would they also introduce The Phantom Rider and Two-Gun Kid?

    • Feige ordered that established MCU character be added to the film; most likely Hawkeye, O’Grady, and maybe Moon knight. All of which are loosely connected to Cross. If Cap 3 is in fact a Secret Avengers movie, Valkyrie could be introduced in Ant-Man as well; but they may substitute her character for Lady Sif in the MCU.

      The Phantom Rider and Two Gun Kid are not connected directly to Ant- Man or the Secret Avengers so I doubt they will be introduced along with the 1960′s Hank Pym. Agent Carter, Howard Stark, Bill Foster and Janet Van Dyne are the most likely candidates for 1960s tie ins.

      • No, I wondered if they bring time travel in for a 60s Pym being part of the modern Avengers team, would they do the same thing with those older characters?

        Sort of like Fox bringing an ancient Egyptian to the 1980s via being woken from a long slumber in the next X-Men movie.

        Literally nothing about my comment even hinted that older characters could team up with any form of Avengers unit. None whatsoever.

        • Well, one idea on that theme is Kang, an old enemy of the Avengers (and Fantastic Four enemy, also, come to think of it), is a time-traveler. Could he find a way to drag Pym forward or backwards in time, where Pym might become Goliath or Giant-Man with the Avengers team? And where, I wonder, would Wasp fit in? Goliath (Pym) and wasp are two of my favorite Avengers, and I would like to see them worked into the team somehow at some point. I doubt too many people would object to seeing original members (in the comics) Giant-Man and Wasp on the team, or have too many problems with the evil Kang putting in an appearance at some point.

          • Will this be before or after he feeds his wife a knuckle sandwich?

            • They should not even introduce the violence issue in the movies re: hank and Jan. That was not something that was in the early days or character origins. That was something one writer decided to add much later on down the road, and I don’t think he should have, thereby besmirching an otherwise good character. Just let a good hero and heroine be exactly that, and nothing more. For some reason people like to dwell on that violent episode, and on Tony Stark’s alcoholism issues. Maybe those people have social issue tunnel-vision and single-sight focus. Maybe they are all woman-abusers and drunks. Don’t know, don’t care…but I do think while we should not wear blinders to such important issues in real life, we need to let our heroes be heroes and villains be villains in these super-movies, so that we can all enjoy the shows. If we must insist on digging in these fictional character’s closets to get a vicarious thrill when we pull out some dirty laundry, it makes me wonder what secrets are in these viewers’ closets?

              • You kids don’t bother me with ever nonsense you’re typing (because you’re bad at it) But harassing other Screenranters with suggestive and obscene comments might get you in trouble… Not this guy.

          • Kang vs Ant man and Wasp in the 1960s, leading to him escaping with a captured wasp to the 2010s, hank upset at the loss of his love turns to crime as yellow jacket. It’s now 2015 and Scott turns to crime working for Hank doing crime to fund treatment for his seriously ill daughter. Wanting more money he steals the Antman suit to rob a bank, but hank stops him. Then Kang turns up with Wasp and its a battle against time for Hank and Scott to rescue her.

        • Time travel is a possibility if Kang the Conqueror is the primary villain. But Ultron, Thanos, and Graviton appear to be the next three Avengers villains in the current time.

          Now if Marvel creates a 1960′s avengers team with Ant-Man and Wasp as members, and uses Kang as the primary villain, yes anything is possible.

          Personally, I’d prefer the Ant-Man movie introduces: Tales of Astonishment – Pym, Lang, Geriatric Pym, and O’Grady.
          Then have Lang join Caps Secret Avengers, with O’Grady as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent that eventually obtains the Ant-Man suit to star in an Irredeemable Ant-Man movie.

          Then use Pym in a 1960′s S.H.I.E.L.D / Avengers (first Class – type of movie),
          and at least two solo movies – one where he battles the Scarlet Beetle (could you imagine an Edgar Wright Scarlet Beetle movie) and a Giant Man comedy with Egg Head as the primary villain.

          • Trouble is, Giant-Man was never a comedic character. As for egghead, is he what you would call a “hard-boiled criminal”? (Hey, I coulda said a “bad egg”!)

      • BectonD, I like the idea of Secret Avengers for Captain America 3 although I’m hoping there’s a way they can get The Avengers cast involved for a Civil War plot for Cap’s finale.
        Moon Knight should be introduced in Daredevil, and yea I like the idea of Valkyrie coming into play. I love Sif in the comics but in the movies she doesn’t do much. Valkyrie could finally give us a truly badass Asgardian chick!

        • I’ll vote for Moon Knight at some point, be it in a Netflix show, or on the regular movies…or even AOS guest-star, for Pete’s sake. Let’s just do him!

  4. Wait, Ant-Man has an iconic villain?

    • not really.

    • Man-Ant?

    • Aardvarks, Armadillos, Ant-Eaters…

      • Boot?

        • The bootie is Jan….!

    • He did but they gave him to a more interesting hero.

    • Yeah … Himself … And well ultron which we wont go there as it wont apply for the mcu. All im seeing right now is ironman redux with some tweaks, prove me wrong marvel.

    • Ultron and Egghead…
      The Black Knight/Garrett, Whirlwind, Radioactive Man also come to mind.

      Ant-man has some villains iconic for their silliness:
      The Magician, the Protector, Scarlet Beetle…

      I still don’t know which category Pilai and Madame Macabre should fall under!

      • apologies I forgot Porcupine… No Marvel! Bad Marvel!

      • I’d like to see Whirlwind versus Quicksilver up on the screen…that would be a few minutes of epic special effects!

        • Wow, Goldilock Yes, I have to agree with you! That would be AMAZING! Wow, great input!!

      • You really need to learn what the word iconic means.

        • Oh yeah, one more thing if “sayin” you mean saying you’re not saying anything!
          Jus typin maybe…I can’t hear you! What did you utter, pronounce, speak?

          Let’s add that to you vocabulary homework SHALL WE?:

          GOOD LUCK!

  5. Well, Cross isn’t that hard to guess. It’s about the ONLY villain in Lang’s gallery.

  6. I’m holding out for Patrick Wilson’s Pym being the current, modern Pym and Michael Douglas recast as one of the Cross’. I mentioned this on the Dr Strange thread, I just don’t see Rudd in the Avengers films. However Wilson would be brilliant alongside RDJr & Ruffalo.

  7. The YellowJacket suit on film will be crazy!!

  8. I hope it’s Yellow Jacket I thought he would always make a great Ant-Man villain as opposed to a split personality thing. Can’t wait for this movie to come out I really can’t I bet it will be awesome!!!

  9. There are so many different directions they could go with this movie. Who knows what characters Matt Gerald and Patrick Wilson are playing? If this whole Darren Cross & Crossfire duo are the villains then I know absolutely nothing about them. I know they’ve said nothing to indicate this but I do wonder if the film would include time travel or not. Because if it did, then maybe Patrick Wilson is playing the young Hank Pym who turns psycho and becomes the villainous Yellowjacket for some reason. Which leads Scott Lang to team up older Hank Pym to stop him and Darren Cross is still somewhere in the mix also as a villain. I could be totally wrong, but that’s a possibility, this film could be about anything really. I just hope it ends up not being sh*t.

  10. I just wanna see somebody grow big as f*** like in MAA.


    • I’m assuming you want a character to get Goliath or Giant-man size. If that’s the case then yes… I most certainly do too. I want him to punch some baddies like in EMH small them GIANT PUNCH! Giant-man vs Hulk on the big screen? YES PLEASE!

  11. Since Hank Pym is present in this movie, I would imagine it would be him in the Yellow Jacket suit. Especially if Lang steals the Ant-Man suit.

    • Did you not read the article above?

      “The costume Darren Cross wears in Ant-Man is said to be “similar” to that of Ant-Man himself, but “militarized” and colored yellow and black.”

      It’s not Pym in the Yellowjacket suit.

      • I did read that. I was intentionally contradicting. This movie is not in production until August, therefore nobody has worn that suit yet. To say it’s the “the costume Darren Cross wears,” therefore, is only speculation. Especially considering the script is currently being modified.

        Darren Cross is mutated similarly to the Hulk (obviously they’ll use slightly different origins, especially concerning the word “mutant”), so he doesn’t necessarily need the suit.

        Also, they need something for Hank Pym to do. Putting him in a movie, but not letting him suit up will make many fans cheated. Although Marvel is not above doing that, it makes sense that he would pull out the Yellow Jacket suit since Scott Lang likely steals the Ant-Man suit.

        So yes, I’m contradicting the report (on speculation) with some speculation of my own

  12. Evil Michael Douglas, I can buy into that. This makes it sound like two movies, but if guess It might need to be as a heist film seems a bit shallow. I’ll hope for a film that mixes the past and the present, that runs two stories at the same time, like sin city maybe. It would be nice to see marvel be a bit more artsy.

    • Gotta agree with that… seems kind of ironic that, for a “lame” superhero (not my opinion at all, but some seem to think so…) everybody is either stealing his stuff (Lang, the Yellowjacket suit) or the MCU takes things from Pym’s bio and give it to someone else (Ultron). For somebody supposedly lame, people seem to think he has pretty good stuff going on if everybody is taking from him.

      • Well, Hank could still be the origin of Ultron. If he’s involved in the early days of S.H.I.E.L.D. with Howard Stark and the like, then maybe he’s the one that invents the ability for Arnim Zola to become an AI. So he invents what becomes Ultron, Stark merely provides hardware (which is pretty similar the the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Ultron origins).

      • You have a point there, Mary jay. I for one have never considered Henry pym or any of his identities lame (alhough Goliath has got to be my favorite “Pym pin-up”!). I am amazed Marvel has not mentioned putting him in an Avengers team-up movie yet. He does not appear to be in Avengers #2, so I sure hope they get him front and center in #3 (although with the current time-line, it sounds like about the only way he will be in the team line-up is if someone at Marvel reads this and says, “Hey, Goldilocks said use Kang and a time-travel story-line like above on this Screen Rant page, and we’ve got him on the modern day team!”. They could say that–I wouldn’t mind…just do it!

  13. Oh great they’re pulling a Iron Man 3! Where the Marvel movie characters share the names of their comic counterpart but not their stories, backgrounds or powers. Oh joy!

  14. WTF? Wait so you are saying that Aldrich Killian played a part in Extremis but a small part in the story because he offed himself and why use Eric Savin aka Coldblood-7 who is almost Deathlok when Mallen kicked Iron man’s butt in the Extremis title? Even the Mandarin wasn’t the Mandarin and didn’t exist. Until Drew Pearce saved Marvel from nerd rage in the form of a one-shot? Even the Extremis virus was the virus Iron Man feared? Even though it did make someone breath fire! That not what you are talking about right? Nope Iron Man 3 was prefect! We’ll have none of that! lol

    I can’t really give you Ellen Brandt because she did work for A.I.M and she was disfigured ,by Man-Thing, but disfigured nonetheless! Now will they easily connect her wounds to Man-Thing in film form maybe via Dr. Strange perhaps? PROBABLY NOT! (planting a new seed of rage for you)lol

  15. Wouldn’t Ant-Guy, or whatever, have to be iconic himself before he could have an iconic villain?

    • See that would work in a conversation but since this is type it just comes across as one not being smart enough to remember the word Antman. He would not be iconic to a nobody who doesn’t follow Marvel comics.
      And you’re right none of Ant-man’s villains will ever be big enough to be in a movie. Ultron will never be seen in the second Avengers movie. hmmmm

      • Thank for pointing out the failure of that line. You’re right it made it seem like I don’t know Ant-Dudes name, when what I was going for was to demonstrate that I don’t know Aunt-Man’s name. Totally backfired!

        Wait, wait, wait…. your insinuating that you are a “somebody” because you read comics?
        ROFLMMFAO!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
        Seriously, I’m F’n crying I’m laughing at you so hard!

        Thank you for proving my point for me! Ultron is not an iconic villain except to the 1-5% of the population who are a “somebody.”
        Meaning well versed in Marvel comic C-list character lore! General audiences have no clue who a Ultron or Bug-Guy are, hence the lack of being able to be called “iconic.”

      • Also… don’t think I didn’t catch your straw man argument.
        Way to debunk something I never said brada! Kudos!

        I never said he doesn’t have a villain who could be in a movie, any villain can be in a movie.
        I said neither he or any of his villains can be considered Iconic.

        Because they’re not.

    • How about Diablo for remembering a villain? I remember he and Dragon man fighting the Avengers (team was Cap, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wasp and Goliath at that time) in the comics. That was a decent storyline in which Hank figured in as both a hero and protective of Wasp, and as a biochemist as well, if I recall correctly. If Hank’s science background is lame (even leaving heroics aside), where does that leave Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, Stephan Strange, and even Peter Parker, none of them exactly slouches in the science fields themselves? And Thor as a human was a doctor…that takes at least a little knowlege as well.

      • Wait, are we sure this is a thread about Man-Ant?
        Seems more like a thread about Scarecrow, because there are straw men everywhere!

        I didn’t say that neither he or any of his villains are remembered by NOBODY, I simply stated the very true fact that he is not an icon, and neither are any of his villains!

        • Yeah, I don’t think that term means what you think it means… If you don’t like the thread, disappear. Obviously you’re wrong. Regardless of what your hopes, dreams, or delusions tell you on the contrary.
          Funny, my buddy just showed me a webcomic about a clown using “straw man” excessively and incorrectly.

          • SSSssssh…

        • I guess you geniuses don’t grabs the “No profanity or personal attacks” *sigh* other people’s children…

    • Oh that’s not me being rude.. thank your Stars and garters for that…

    • I have a great temper so I don’t get mad. Seeing how I design games and since I get paid for my artwork. hmmm That’s highly unlikely sweetheart. Chivalry is not dead, you just don’t have what it takes to be a knight.
      Now, you ladies a can go back to you fanfiction date.
      Where were you? Oh yes! Ant-man: The Movie that won’t happen, take 2, ACTION!

    • …immature… In Mature is a whole different thing all together! Neither sound good so I’ll just keep on doing me thing… option 3 if you will!

    • nope… is elementary and weak… NEXT!

  16. Yeah the movie isn’t out yet… So, I can’t call it the worst. Pym and Lang are in it, meaning to Ant-men with a possible Giant-man and Wasp. I’m not too sure on what you mean with the “juicy” but if you are meaning fat no Marvel has at least one fan with a six pack in their corner (muscle not Mt. Dew, Jack.
    You haven’t SEEN this movie’s potential. Tomorrow I’m going watch this lame, boring, useless movie in pre-production that starts filming on July 28 2014.
    You sound more like those “fanboys” you are textually crying about.

    • Well stop it. You wouldn’t want to be me anyway as I get beaten by my mother on a nightly basis for wearing her clothes and defiling the cat! She makes me sleep in a broom closet, but that’s ok. I have a computer in here and I just go on the internet and play make believe.
      I like to tell people that I am Harry Potter or Cinderella (when I want to be a girl, which is most of the time) and that I make movies or video games and get paid for my mind! Which is cool, because mostly I get paid for my behind, or my mom does anyway, I just get to eat l the cottage cheese I want! Yay me!

      • AAAAaaahahahahaha! An interesting angle. But, it’s a bit cliché with too many holes, close to being too outlandish. See you should have stayed closer to the facts, you follow? I do like it you kept the make believe part neutral since I keep our gender ambiguous. I’m very familiar with the movie making process by family and friends who are involved. They get paid. Video games are great but it’s a different media I use, good guess. Now, squats and lunges get me gluts tempting (thanks for noticing) Visual arts was what should have been used! I pay bills with that money. You could have said something about finger painting with something meant to shock!
        Cottage cheese meh but ricotta cheese! Lasagna everyday please! hahaha. The funniest thing about you Spinner fanfiction, which I’m honored, is all it proves is; I’m awesome enough for a pretender to wish to discredit who I am. So, this little love letter isn’t just for you but any contenders delusional enough to think their words are anything but that. GOOD NEWS! I’m keeping and using your lil’ fairytale to entertain and confuse people, it’s got a lot of yourself in it, and gives me a bit of a Deadpool vibe. It shouldn’t be an issue seeing it’s already accredited me…Spinner

    • Soooo, How does it feel to be a part of greatness?! I let you give it a spin heh as it were. I’m an understanding soul, it’s your only chance to be something better what you are everyday! Try it out!

      • MAN! If only you were as AWESOME as me! I don’t think you’d have that problem!

  17. YOU LADIES HAVE AT IT! hahahaha the genuine article is going not partake…

  18. Spinner… on the Web…Web-spinner…Spider-man. THANKS! You just made me Spider-man ala Clone Saga (Bunch of weak copies) but Spider-man nonetheless. But to use Rocket’s phrase “There ain’t like me but me!) And that fanfic was ATROCIOUS! As you where.