‘Ant-Man’ Film Avoids Domestic Abuse Story From Marvel Comics

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Comic Con 2014 Ant ManBeats Wife Ant Man Film Avoids Domestic Abuse Story From Marvel Comics

On top of being a longtime member of The Avengers, a genius scientist and a superhero with the ability to change size and communicate with ants, Hank Pym is known for two very specific decisions which will forever serve as major, perhaps even unforgivable, moments in his career.

Hank Pym creates Ultron who in Marvel Comics is responsible for so much death and carnage. From The Avengers 2 footage, Ultron is just as much of a killer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s not Pym who creates him this time. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) does, which is quite a deviation from the books. While that also resulted in the creation of the hero Vision (Ultron creates Vision), the fact that Ultron lives and does what he does is a result of Pym’s research and experiments in the books.

The other major black mark on Pym’s record (again, in the comics) is the moment he hit his wife, Janet. This is a story that was re-told where he again hit his partner in the Ultimate Marvel Comics version of The Avengers. Hank Pym beats women. Or at least, he did in two different Marvel Comics Universes. When we spoke with Kevin Feige today at a round table session, he was asked about that storyline and whether it’ll factor into the Ant-Man movie when Michael Douglas plays him onscreen.

“Guess what we’re not doing.”

After a good laugh from him and the group, Feige continued:

“No, but look. I mean it’s…Hank Pym did a lot of things in the comics and he’s a super cool character. And the spin we have on him played by Michael Douglas is even more unique and more different, and I would say that some of the spirit of that plays into his temperament in the film, plays into his gruffness in the film. It certainly does not, in this movie, go to spousal abuse. (laughs)”

Much like Tony Stark’s darker moments as a drunk in the Iron Man comics, the less heroic side of these Marvel characters aren’t fully translated into the films to keep the heroes likable and more relatable, especially since these are big money, big audience family movies for Disney.

Ant Man Comic Con Poster Ant Man Film Avoids Domestic Abuse Story From Marvel Comics

Still, Feige has a lot of confidence in Ant-Man, the studio’s “heist film” and because of its unique story and unique action and visuals, it has a place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s different like Guardians of the Galaxy is different by going to space or how Doctor Strange will be different by exploring mysticism and other dimensions.

Will Marvel one day go really dark with any of their characters? We’ve heard hints of R-rated potential for Frank Grillo’s Crossbones character introduced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Maybe they can do a Marvel Knights line of TV shows or films for characters like Punisher, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Blade – all of which Marvel Studios now owns after getting a few of the rights back from other studios.

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Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on July 28 2017, November 3 2017, May 4 2018, July 6 2018, November 2 2018 and May 3 2019.

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  1. Well, if it helps, Reed Richards was even more abusive towards Sue in the comics too.

    I don’t blame them and we even commented about this when the film was first announced and agreed it would be a bad idea.

    • I heard somewhere that Peter Parker once hit Mary Jane. Do you know if that’s true?

      • Yeah, in the Clone Saga.

        • Thanks for the info.

        • But we should all pretend like that series never even happened.

      • Pffft he snapped his other gfs neck. Technically. Lol

        • Really? Are you talking about Gwen Stacy (as in her death as a result of him indirectly) or some other girlfriend?

          • Green Goblin threw Gwen off the Brooklyn Bridge, Spider-Man shot some webbing to catch her but when it became taut, it jerked her body hard enough for her neck to snap and kill her.

            • No wonder it was such a scarring event (or so I’ve heard, I haven’t actually read the comics).

              • It scarred the fans too. The comic released in 1972 and it’s still considered one of the industry’s most shocking moments.

            • What!!! Gwen Stacy dies? And how!!! Okay…. I might have to see this movie now.

              • I haven’t even seen the second ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ so I was referencing the comics and I don’t think me and Dazz were talking about the movie but I guess I’ll have to check it out now considering the gear part in the trailer.

                • Yeah, I tried to avoid referencing the film version in case others haven’t seen it yet.

                  • Thanks for not referencing it.

    • “We”

      • Yep, “we”. As in, some of the regular commentators to the site and the staff.

  2. While the hitting is understandable. There’s no reason to now adapt the Demon In A Bottle Storyline.

    • *not

      • Ever since Disney bought Marvel, their films have been strictly PG-13.

        I’m afraid there will be no “demon in the bottle” storyline in IM4. Or domestic abuse stories on screen for that matter.

        • Yeah, it’s because of Disney. Totally not because these movies are multi-million dollar franchises that triyng to bring in the widest demographic possible. Look at other summer blockbusters: they are so mature and have such serious tone, with dead serious themes compared to Marvel movies. *facepalm*

        • Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel are also PG-13.

    • “Sure, we know how much of an impact we could make on a generation of children about the dangers of domestic abuse, but we wanna sell more action figures.”

  3. You know why they’ll never do anything like Demon in a Bottle or the domestic abuse Stories? Because that would require bringing up issues and making the audience think. And they are not concerned with making interesting films, they are concerned with money.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Marvel’s movies. (minus Iron Man 2 and the first Thor) I think they are some of the most entertaining Comic book movies out there. But their films don’t really require a lot of heavy subject matter or heavy thinking. (with the exception of maybe Winter Soldier) And why should they? They’ve been making billions upon billions of dollars and show no signs of slowing down. But it’s a problem with the movie business as a whole. All the major studios are afraid to do something different or morally challenging because it’s risky and might not make them money. If they did these stories, it would be interesting and make these characters seem even real due to their shortcomings as human beings. Just like it did in the comics.

    • Seem even more real, my mistake.

    • Yeah. Even Stark’s PTSD in IM3 was just brief.

      Besides, how many people in the world suffer with some form of mental illness? Wouldn’t showing Hank Pym’s own issues in a major film help remove the stigma that’s still attached to mental illness? You know, major comic book hero suffering with multiple personality disorder and possible schizophrenia but is still one of the good guys, able to overcome any obstacle with a little effort and self-belief?

      • I so agree with you Dazz, and it would be great to see such complex issues handled in the movies we love. It would give them a grounding in reality, because as you point out, issues such as mental illness are very common in today`s world. I also understand that it is all about money and more money and giving such issues any screen time is way too risky and would require a master story teller (and suits willing to take risks but won`t because they know in all probability they wouldn`t get close to a billion bucks) who knows how to tackle such issues – many do not and certainly not within a comic book universe.

        • Gotta agree with you, Dazz and themoviedude that it would be good if they could touch on Mental illness and such issues in some way. It would normalise them and bring a little more awareness if handled well.

          • Hell, look at the new trailer for Gotham, in particular, the scene with a young Bruce Wayne holding his hand over a candle for as long as he can to test himself.

            Now to me, that could hint at the superhero syndrome that Batman seems to suffer from (a deep desire to put himself and others in harm’s way to satisfy a need to help others, something he failed to do when his parents were killed so he copes thanks to a disorder he developed after the incident).

            If they go that route, great and hopefully, it opens the doors to more heroes reveling in their disorders. We might then be able to have The Sentry appear, fighting as a god-like being but also suffering from agoraphobia and other things. How interesting would THAT be to see in a film?

            “Hey, here’s our biggest hope but he’s too afraid to leave the house and hurt anyone, what do we do?”

            Maybe it’s just me though because of my love of getting into a character’s head and trying to figure out their motives and how they’d think and act in certain situations?

            • I’m with you all the way man, and now I actually regret making fun of that line on the new Gotham trailer article. When a hero is so physically strong one of the most interesting weaknesses is something in the mind.

              • That’s why I love Man Of Steel. He’s virtually indestructible and has every power you can think of but somehow, they managed to make him vulnerable by playing up to the “I don’t know where I really belong” angle and making him feel like he’s an outsider to both Earth and the Kryptonian survivors that invade the planet he grew up on.

                If you have someone winning fights all the time, I’m not interested but if there’s a personality or psychological issue, that interests me a lot because it shows a vulnerability and a very human flaw that people can relate to.

                If a film, book or TV show makes me think, it’s done a great job.

                • Too true. That’s one of the reasons I myself like Man of Steel: the internal struggle. Knowing why a character does what they do and how they feel makes them more relatable, even when they’re unlikable.

                  • One of these days the Marvel formula of not looking at/or joking about the protagonist’s imperfection will wear off. Because I can guarantee you this, a hero with no flaws is an unrelatable one. That’s why we have Man of Steel.

            • That’s why I liked Winter Soldier. The tone and the theme made it more like a movie for grown ups. That’s why I don’t understand Guardians of the Galaxy; it feels like it’s played for kids. How it’s going to fit into Age of Ultron I don’t know.

      • The PTSD in Iron Man 3 was treated as slapstick comedy with audiences laughing while a kid wound him up and had Stark running through the snow. I thought they were going to go somewhere serious with it at the beginning of the movie, but it just lead to nowhere and used for a bit of comedy.

        If Mental Illness is treated with respect and woven into the story with an effective tone, then it would really add to the movie’s protagonist.

      • +1000

    • honestly i love marvel and pretty much always have since childhood but I think it is good that they provide a little lighter fair as far as superhero comics…theyre comics were always veryu good with crossovers and going big and intergalactic. lots of stuff about diversity in marvel. I think DC is going the pseudo dramatic route and i’m happy about that too. It will contrast marvel well if they do it right. I would seriously hate if that s*** overtook Marvel which Bale fans will claim DK trilogy did( i dont think it did but i’m not sure)…I know the last one of those sucked ass to me personally andthe first was slow..and none were that great detective, master fighter, etc batman with gadgets…..my point it that these things are going in the direction they need to. Think of the opposite happening and i think it would be bad. Whedonesque superman batman jl gl movies and serious-ish hulk movies thor gotg etc movies seems like idk not bad but not a natural fit….thats what i was going for. the tone of each companies direction seems to fit the content they have to work with. I know the bucks are what motivates them and massive consumer bucks don’t always equal intelligent films but it doesnt mean it cant or that marvel cant evolve. Winter Soldier attempted it nicely

    • Inevitably, some of the people in the audience are going to be domestic abuse victims. They don’t need to be reminded of that in something that is supposed to be fun escapist fantasy, particularly in a big blockbuster movie like this that is not equipped to handle it gracefully.

      • That’s the main reason I’m glad they didn’t go with it.

      • totally agree

    • its like you assume marvel have hours and hours to make that sort of story… marvel not only have to make their solo movie but they have to make it work in the universe. those type of stories would take years of the characters life to tell and the studio needs to think of how it effects the avengers… you think alcoholism and domestic abuse are just gonna be done in 2 hours with a villain and the blockbuster the movies are meant to be? and also its a PG movie, those things are not suitable. marvel aint afraid to do anything… they do what they want/need to do. GOTG is proving it. if it fits into the universe then its gonna happen or they make it fit.

      they have done a lot with tony in the movies to make him seem real so im not sure where you comment is coming from. the whole first movie is him coming to terms of creating these weapons and how hes effected humans lives. in 3 he is coming to terms of fighting an alien race and almost dying. marvels characters seems real to me

      • This comment right here. After that chain of comments, missing the whole point, and after talking about how bad Marvel movies are for changing characters than praising MOS? I was happy to see this. Its bang on. 100%.

    • @moviedude I really wish one day many of you would stop for a moment and realize just how ridiculous you sound.

      Maybe one day they will attempt those types of stories. Unless you have a crystal ball you don’t know that for certain. We’re finally getting costumed super hero stories. For the first 75 years of Hollywood that meant pretty much either Superman or Batman, but we’re finally getting some variety now. Granted, we’re also getting a LOT of them now, but from a multitude of different studios (which, by the way, Disney also happens to be the newest), each trying to first perfect their own take on the CBM, then maybe develop franchises, etc. Add to this Marvel/Disney is trying to start encompassing different genres with attempts at war epic, high fantasy, sci fi action, space opera, political suspense, COMIC BOOK SUPER HERO, tech thriller, maybe heist with Ant-Man, horror with Dr. Strange, etc… and the thing is: they’ve had drama and mature themes in most of their movies, but once again, because someone told a joke or used comedy to deal with personal insecurities, that somehow makes it ok to completely disregard any subtext or an otherwise serious plot.

      How about right now let some of us enjoy that they’re finally getting the super heroes part of comic book movies right? Seriously, they’re FINALLY able to give us some well done versions of a wide variety of these characters with amazing powers and abilities doing fantastic things, and you want to complain they aren’t doing dramas?

      You’ve got DC for your costumed drama. There are any number of independent filmmakers that would also dearly love that support instead of hypocritical internet mewling that big Hollywood studios aren’t doing in super hero movies what they as filmmakers try to do in ALL their life’s work. Quit complaining that everything isn’t being homogenized to suit your standards. Some of us are actually plenty capable of finding serious things to think about and be entertained by without needing our comic book super hero movies preaching to us with Hollywood approved big budget PSAs.

      Besides, as DC insists on showing, doing super heroes dramatically and taking them ultra-seriously doesn’t automatically make good movies. I mean, you all seem to give them extra credit just for being serious that you automatically forgive ALL their flaws, while at the same time willfully ignoring any and all subtext within Marvel movies because someone said something funny.

      Anyways, even actual, set-in-the-real-world human dramas dedicated to charged topics like alcoholism and spousal abuse have trouble dealing with them properly, now make it 1,000 times more difficult because you’re trying to shoehorn that topic into a short, 2 hour movie with an enormous (ie: not drama) budget and tell it with SFX and super heroes? To a crowd that is largely intent on paying for those types of movies to get AWAY from those exact same problems? And with those same people so ready for jumping on them if they don’t get it exactly how YOU feel it should be? Yeah, big surprise.

      Especially when, it’s because people then focus single-mindedly on that one action FOREVER. It goes from being a story to a defining trait of the character, and such a negative defining trait negatively impacts the bottom line. You forget all the good done by the character before and afterwards, you just remember “wife beater” or “alcoholic”.

      And these obnoxious complaints aren’t even taking into account that we have 5 Marvel series coming on Netflix, in a much better format to handle serious dramatic storytelling of that nature. Maybe I feel they should be given a chance to do that (especially with Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and the more down-to-earth settings) But I guess since it’s not right now (oh wait, it kinda is…) and in exactly the way you all believe it should be done it doesn’t count.

      Well, except when they’re DC characters. Because when you do it all emo it makes it ‘cool’ and adds so much ‘depth’… even, and apparently especially, when it isn’t there to begin with. Come on, Man of Steel was a big, loud, overly-serious mess of a movie where all the ardent admirers of it come passionately to it’s defense because, serious! And so many of the most rabid defenders even start with “… and I never liked Superman before.” Exactly. You got Superman for the New 52 generation, one that thinks Joker cutting his own face off is great storytelling, and that anything else is “cheesy”.


      No wonder the world is the mess it is right now. Go watch the news for awhile so you can enjoy your next super hero movie as an escape from reality, not *to* it, please.

  4. Sounds like we won’t get a scene of Hank spraying the Wasp with Raid either.

    • Thank God for that.

    • I remember seeing that panel for the first time and my jaw was on the floor. I even laughed a little bit in disbelief and asked myself “That didn’t just happen, did it?”. Alas, it did and The Ultimates stopped becoming awesome and started to become a little silly for me after that.

    • What? Are you crazy? Why would you want that?

      *sprays 80s Optimus Prime with Raid*

      You shouldn’t have made me feel small 80s Optimus Prime, you shouldn’t have made me feel small.

  5. AH cr@p.

    Disney does own The Punisher, don’t they?

    I am simultaneously amused/horrified beyond words!

  6. Thank God!

    The original incident was literally a coloring error that since unfairly became the character’s defining characteristic. This isn’t an apologetic— go read the blog post on the subject by the original writer!

    • So….the image of the incident taken right from the comic showing Janet falling after being struck and the word “THWAK!” in big, red lettering was just an accidental slip of the crayon?

      I can see how the writer would say “that’s not what I intended” because it’s happened before when a writer is misunderstood and something becomes canon that was unintentional but to say the actual drawing itself is a “colouring error” is a little far-fetched.

      I’m aiming the post at you since you brought it up but it’s more a question towards the writer of that particular issue mostly.

      • The story I heard was that the script originally said that Hank hit Janet accidentally while gesticulating wildly and ranting about something (which still isn’t good and shows he had zero awareness of his wife due to his own emotional issues, but at least isn’t him intentionally slapping her). For some reason when the artist got the script he decided to draw Hank full-on backhanding her across the room. So the actual finished comic was not the writer’s original intent.

        • That’s more like it, thanks.

          I agree though, still not a good thing to have in a comic book. I’ve been a staunch anti-domestic abuse type since I grew up with my dad beating on my mum and the two having screaming matches that I could clearly hear and sometimes see.

          Only thing my dad ever taught me (albeit inadvertently) was how NOT to treat a woman (or anyone in particular, he was a dick to pretty much everyone so I turned out the opposite and showing kindness to as many as I can).

          • Yeah, it’s a bit like that one episode of Captain Planet where they tried to talk about AIDS. Not all mediums or works are equipped to address sensitive issues in a tasteful and graceful way, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing if they choose not to address an issue they don’t think they can handle well.

            I’m so sorry to hear about your parents – that’s not something anyone should have to deal with, particularly in childhood.

            • Thanks, it’s not something I bring up often unless a discussion calls for it to be used as an example of why I’m so against it. Funny thing is, I was still naive enough to try and buy festival tickets a couple of years back since he took me to see Black Sabbath in 97 and they were reuniting in 2012 and him being a big fan of theirs, it would’ve been a nice little thing to do.

              Thing is, he constantly delayed things every time I asked if he could go and never gave a straight answer until the morning I had to leave to head to the festival for the weekend and that was pretty much the last straw for me after years of dealing with his crap.

              On a positive note, that’s one less negative influence in my life.

              As for the other thing, I agree about shows and films that punch above their weight when they attempt to tell a message within a plot. In the right hands, it can work brilliantly but most of the time, that’s not the case at all.

              • I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s not naive to try and have a relationship with your parent. But you’re right, it’s just not worth it to maintain a relationship with someone that toxic. For what it’s worth, it sounds like you made the right decision. I’m glad you seem to be in a better place now.

                Very Special Episodes dealing with sensitive issues work well very rarely (in fact the only show I can think of that consistently handles difficult topics well is Sesame Street, of all things). I think Feige’s making the right call here – I’d really rather Marvel not try to deal with a domestic violence plot in a superhero movie, particularly the one that’s supposed to slant more towards comedy.

        • Indeed. I had replied to Dazz with the snippet from Starlin and the artist’s statements on the subject (as well as a clarification that I meant pencilling error, but miswrote in jetlag), but I think it got flagged for moderation because I included links to the sources.

          Here’s the quote without a link: “In that story (issue 213, I think), there is a scene in which Hank is supposed to have accidentally struck Jan while throwing his hands up in despair and frustration—making a sort of “get away from me” gesture while not looking at her. Bob Hall, who had been taught by John Buscema to always go for the most extreme action, turned that into a right cross! There was no time to have it redrawn, which, to this day has caused the tragic story of Hank Pym to be known as the “wife-beater” story.” – Jim Starlin

  7. when did marvel get ghost rider back thats cool

    • last year

  8. With all the recent ‘Ant-man’ news being pretty good maybe those who have disliked it so far will have hope, after all the movie officially has ‘Hope’ and now the only hitting on Janet from Hank that will happen, if she’s in the film, will be flirting. Also, even though Darren Cross ‘Stoll’ the Yellowjacket name it seems things are on a good track and the identity will definitely be used. Sorry for the puns but in all seriousness every day the bad publicity ‘Ant-man’ got a while ago seems to be ‘shrinking’ away.

  9. this is a dumb decision. Watchmen managed to bring in the grit, why go down the path of the braindead now?

    Violence needs to be better understood, characters need to be better understood, we all share a common trait > imperfection. And when I say this, hitting your SO is not a fault in my book

    • Woah, woah. Wait a minute here.

      Hitting your SO is NOT a fault? NOBODY in a decent relationship – be it man or woman – should be hit, cheated on or otherwise abused in any way, be it physically, emotionally or mentally. I like to see the good in people but wow, your comment…..genuinely shocked here.

      • Shoot. I didn’t even realise raz said ‘not a fault’ when I was responding to he/she. I sure hope that raz just made a spelling mistake.

      • What? Not a fault? I think you made an error there.

        • That’s what I thought too but it’s right there in his comment so I have to assume he meant to say that hitting women isn’t a fault. I hope he explains himself because that type of thinking is pretty scary.

          I already had to deal with a misogynistic homophobe earlier when some guy commented on a gay female musician’s Facebook page to say “as a straight white male, I work 12-16 hours a day to put food on my table and where I come from, we get done what we need done and everyone else gets dealt with”, while also telling a woman who responded to his earlier homophobic attack that her place was “in the kitchen making my dinner”.

          Stuff like that really makes me shake my head and wonder if his mother would be proud to have raised such a hateful person.

        • That’s what I thought too but it’s right there in his comment so I have to assume he meant to say that hitting women isn’t a fault. I hope he explains himself because that type of thinking is pretty scary.

          I already had to deal with a misogynistic homophobe earlier when some guy commented on a homosexual female musician’s Facebook page to say “as a straight white male, I work 12-16 hours a day to put food on my table and where I come from, we get done what we need done and everyone else gets dealt with”, while also telling a woman who responded to his earlier homophobic attack that her place was “in the kitchen making my dinner”.

          Stuff like that really makes me shake my head and wonder if his mother would be proud to have raised such a hateful person.

    • Spousal abuse is an issue that is condemned so it would be hard to still make Pym likeable if be does it in the movie. The focus is on Lang anyway so it doesn’t really it into this film anyway and he wouldn’t be able to be properly redeemed/learn fom it properly in such a focused time period. Someone further up also said that some people will probably go to this movie to escape things like that (people aren’t expecting it to be as heavy as Watchmen). And wife hitting isn’t really a character imperfection, it’s a crime.

      That said you have a point about the need to understand things like this but I think perhaps what should be explored instead of the actual act is the reason Pym did the slap in the comics: a mental breakdown. An identity crisis/anxiety is more relatable and could still be weaved to into the tone effectively while raising awareness for something. I don’t think having the movie include and condemn spousal abuse would raise any more awareness than there already is compared with the mental illness side. Also, by the sound of it the heros will be attempting to stop violence from Darren Cross so violence will still be condemned in a lighter way.

      But that’s just my opinion.

      • Change ‘understand’ to ‘know about’ in the second para, first line.

      • “wife hitting isn’t really a character imperfection, it’s a crime.”

        Exactly this, thank you.

        • Punishable by castration in my opinion.

          May be over the top but the way I see it, anyone who does anything to hurt a woman in any way isn’t a real man anyway.

        • Hitting anyone is a crime, man or woman.

          • Too true. One of the reasons I tried to use the term ‘spousal abuse’ in my comment more than ‘wife hitting’, sorry I slipped up in that bit.

  10. Disney is forcing Marvel to homogenize their source material!

    No way! They have been so edgy and boundary pushing thus far!


  11. In the comics marvel has dealt with social issues and was more grounded than DC comics. From X-Men marvel version of the civil rights movement/holocaust to Colossus being gay to Banner being suicidal. Domestic violence, drug and mental abuse all have been a big part of the marvels world. And is what made me more of a fan for Marvel than DC. Because if was something that felt real and a story and not bubble gummish. On the big screen if you do it right, most fans do not want to think they just want to have fun. Marvel has done a wonderful job and it not issue taking out key moments of their characters and make it work. This is the main reason the Punisher has failed because they struggle to make him bubble gummish in a way that is appealing.

    I personally would like the see the personal challenges each have but i know i am the monirity.

  12. With Disney owning Marvel, the MCU will never touch the rough stuff from the comics. PG-13 = tons of money for the box office till; an R rating lessens the take. That’s why they cut the scene when Loki killed Coulson in the Avengers – a shown stabbing earned the film an R from the MPAA. They also dropped the Iron Man 3 plot of Pepper sleeping with Killian because she was overcome with his Extremis phrenomes. Sounds too much like drug induced rape. (I’m surprised about the sexual assaults in the Marvel comics that are induced by drugs or magic.) You’ll never see Tony’s spiral into alcoholism (although the aftermath of Ultron’s rampage could drive him to the bottle). You’ll never see the Tony Stark/Black Widow sex tape (THAT one shocked me); nor Thor’s ex Jane fighting and losing custody of her son to her ex-rebound husband. (I still would like to know why there was a custody fight in the beginning.) Weighty subject matter like this will definitely take the MCU out of the kid zone; and that’s where the money is.

  13. If you ever needed more proof that money stifles realism and creativity, there ya go. Sure, nobody wants to take a billion dollar risk, but if you aren’t taking risks at that level, then maybe you don’t belong up there, maybe you don’t deserve that level of influence.

    How many presidents never took any risks because they were afraid of not being re-elected or making a mistake, but its when you have that kind of power that its most important to say the important things, to take risks. Sure, you have the most to lose but you also have the most to gain.

  14. Dont expect a MoonKnight movie until like 2029 and lol at all the abusive Marvel husbands I had no idea

  15. Hank Pym was Not a Wife-Beater


  16. Ant-Man should be a kids movie, did anyone really want to see spousal abuse in this film anyway? That said Marvel is missing out on revenue by not producing Horror movies. Son of Satan, Ghost Rider (introducing Midnight Sons), Man-Thing (introducing the Fool Killer, Howard the Duck, Witches), Tomb of Dracula (introducing Blade), Werewolf by Night (introducing Moon Knight).

    Horror Titles can be produced for a fraction of the cost of the CGI filled super hero titles. A rubber suit monster movie could be produced for 5-20 mil, and Gross 50-75 mil on Halloween Weekend alone.

    • I’ve said that before one this site, go low budget for horror titles like Man-Thing.

      As for introducing Howard The Duck, just wait another 4-5 days for that….

  17. if they dumped his being the founder of The Avengers and the creator of Ultron, they should dump the ‘abuse’ storyline as well..

  18. https://twitter.com/hashtag/JanetVanCrime?src=hash..twiiter campaign over the dumping of THE WASP!