‘Ant-Man’ Script Is Complete Says Edgar Wright

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Ant Man with his ant friends Ant Man Script Is Complete Says Edgar Wright

Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe already contains some very big names, and the last team-up of The Avengers included some of the major players from the comics. A couple of the original founding members of the superhero team from the comic canon have yet to be seen in their own movie, however: namely insect-themed pair Ant-Man and Wasp, who share similar powers of growing and shrinking to extreme sizes.

An Ant-Man movie has actually been in development since before the release of the early Phase One Marvel movies like The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, but director Edgar Wright chose to complete two very different movies – Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and upcoming release The World’s End – before finally turning his attention to every comic book geek’s dream job.

Ant-Man has been set for release in November 2015, and Wright has said that he intends to begin casting and pre-production by the end of this year. The script for the film has been undergoing rewrites in order to make Ant-Man’s story fit in better with the greater Marvel cinematic universe, but in an interview with DigitalSpy, Wright confirmed that he and Joe Cornish’s script is now complete:

“The script is all done, actually. I put Ant-Man on the back burner to make [The World's End] for a number of reasons, some of them quite personal – it was like, ‘I have to do this film now, it’s really important.’ And so [Marvel] were actually very good in terms of like, ‘OK, we’ll see you in two years.’ The things is, is that that character’s been around since 1962, so he’s not going anywhere, and the later we leave it the better the special effects will be.”

The overall impression from Wright’s words is that Marvel wasn’t too worried about putting a rush on Ant-Man, and was happy to let the script marinate for a while as other films were produced. After all, the studio can only release two films a year, and its schedule has been fully booked with the likes of The Avengers 2, Iron Man 3Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so Ant-Man could afford to rest on the shelf for a little longer.

Ant Man fitting in with the Hulk storyline Ant Man Script Is Complete Says Edgar Wright

Wright has mentioned special effects before as one of the reasons why he wanted to wait and make Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The World’s End before moving on to Ant-Man, which he had always envisioned as “a big effects movie.” A lot of the scenes where Ant-Man is in his smaller form could likely be achieved using practical effects and clever set-building (after all, it worked for Honey I Shrunk the Kids), but creating the insects with whom Ant-Man interacts will probably require some CGI creature design.

An early vision of Ant-Man was revealed in a fantastic set of concept art for future Marvel movies, but the question of who will be inside the costume remains a mystery, perhaps even to Wright himself. We recently quizzed Armie Hammer on the rumors that he had been seen hanging out with Wright on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but he claimed to not even know who Wright was, let alone much about Ant-Man. Right now, it seems, the role could still go to just about anyone.

Tell us your hopes for Ant-Man in the comments, and suggest the perfect casting choice for the character of Hank Pym (if indeed Pym is the protagonist of the movie).


Ant-Man arrives in theaters on November 6, 2015.

Source: DigitalSpy

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  1. Arnie was playing you.

    • Arnie who? I only saw Armie Hammer mentioned in this.

  2. I’m excited for this primarily because of Wright’s passion about the project. And for the opportunity to see Ultron eventually fight the Avengers.

    Ultron RULES!

  3. With Ant-Man comes Ultron, with Ultron comes Vision.
    Can’t wait for this movie, just with all the other MCU movies

    • I get the impression from the Studio’s past history that we’re not likely to see much, if any, continuity from the comics; I’m guessing no Ultron, possibly no Vision, possibly not even the Wasp. (At least not until Phase IV or beyond.) Sort of like having Scarlet Witch with no Quicksilver. (Oh wait, that’s a different MCU. Cue onset of headache.)

    • Agree! This is the main reason I really want Ant-man, so that we will have Ultron and Vision

    • Yes, that would be a set of dominos I could really enjoy watching fall into place. But what I really want is Goliath (Hank Pym, blue & yellow uniform that looked oh-so-cool in the early comics) and Wasp as well.

  4. Oh… please let it turn out that Vin D is going to be announced in this movie…

    Or do I just have tunnel-vision?

    Either way this is BY FAR the Marvel movie I am most looking forward too. ;)

    • With Vin Deisel being very vocal about his desire to be in the MCU as Vision, which I think he can pull off, but since Vision was created as the next progression of Ultron, I think Vin should play BOTH… Or at least the voice of Ultron.

      As for Pym and assuming Vin Diesel gets the nod as Vision/Ultron, they’d need someone who can play opposite Vin who is believably genius yet meek. I’ve always pictured Pym has having created Ultron as his 24/7/365 alterego and Prison Warden, so I would think whomever plays Pym will have some uncanny likenesses to Ultron’s end state Vision where he looks more Humanoid than Android. I think the one person who could pull this balance off and not be overshadowed by Vin Diesel would be Billy Crudup.

      Furthermore, once they nail down the role of Pym and the voice of Ultron, I think they could briefly introduce them in the upcoming “Agents of Shield” TV Series as a Primer to his Micro Prison technology before the movie is released, and possibly use him as a recurring character in the series.

  5. I am super pumped for this movie. Hopefully when this movie comes out, especially if its successful, the head hanchos at WB will be like “Ok guys, our competiton just made a successful f***ing Ant Man movie! Surely we can finally make a Flash or Wonder Woman film!”

    • Lmao I hope so too! Guardians of the Galaxy and Antman announcements alone should of pushed them to making plans.

    • And hopefully then DC/Warner will get The Atom (Ray Palmer) into the Justice League. See? Marvel was not afraid to leap off the Lilliputian dock into uncharted waters!

      • The sad thing is that from now on, everyone will think the Atom is an Ant-Man ripoff. Which also seems likely to be the fate of the Flash if Marvel pulls off Quicksilver. WB needs to stop sitting on their hands!

        • Yes, that worries me also. He who boldly goes forth and excels wins. The rest are either sad reminders of what could have been, or compliments to the first off the mark in that imitation is one of the sincerest forms of flattery & compliments.

    • At the rate they are going, it might take something more drastic, like Marvel pulling off a Squirl Girl movie to get WB in gear. :/

      Really, Spider-Man and X-Men should have been enough to get the Flash and WW out there by now.

    • I HOPE, but I do not expect WB/DC to have AT LEAST 1 more movie out by Nov. 2015!!

      I know they are SUPER CLOWNS over there at WB but JESUS if they don’t AT LEAST have MOS 2 out by then, well I give the F**K UP on that circle jerk and by that time I wont even be interested in any of their movies anymore!

      I would love to see The Flash or WW or Aquaman on the big screen, but I have very very VERY little faith in them, THEY (WB) are just too scared to really commit on moving forward with JL movie!
      I would be really shocked to see any of the above come before JL…

      Marvel really has the balls to pull off a great Ant Man, BUT it is too bad WB balls have shrunk up into their stomach and wont take any chances!
      F-it Hey WB, sell DC to Disney THEN and ONLY THEN will we get to see a DCU finally come to be reality!!

      • Bruce Banger is mad.
        Bruce is Hulking out.
        Frusteration is seeping and steaming from all the cracks in the DC plan.
        Can’t say I blame him, though.

        • Oops, uh, Bruce BANNER….!

            • @Goldilocks lmao i remember that

        • (Bruce Banger) LMFAO :o)
          HOLY S**T that was the funniest thing I have seen all weekend!!! My wife just asked WTF I was laughing so loud at…..

          Wow thanks Goldisocks I needed that! LOL
          And yes I am VERY frustrated at the incompetence of DC and their (stupid) parent co.
          I have ALWAYS believed that stupid PARENTS make even Worse kids, and in this case I think DC is really getting Dumber because they have a DUMBASS parent co. NO DOUBT IN MY MIND!!!!

          Thanks for the laugh Goldilocks!!!<<<< I think I got that right!!

  6. My casting for Hank Pym is between Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, and Aaron Eckhart

    • All good choices!

    • Im down with Aaron Eckhart. He’s a great actor

    • Fillion already said that he won’t or can’t play the role, especially when the film production will probably start next year. Beside that, he’s more interested in playing villains XD

      I’d go for Aaron Eckhart, he’s got the blonde, the smart yet also badass look

        • Such an angry young man…

    • Alan Tudyk would be great.

      • Anyone with “two-dicks” would certainly be a marvel indeed, I can tell you!

    • Fillion is too old to play hank pym…

      • He’s six years younger than Robert Downey, Jr., and Pym was always a peer to Tony Stark, so he’s hardly too old for the part. That said, as much as I want to see Fillion in a super-hero role, I’m not sure Ant-Man/Hank Pym is the one for him. You need someone who’s more of a d*ck for Pym…

        • In his defense, RDJ looks quite younger that Fillion. You’re right that Fillion doesn’t fit the part of Hank Pym. But I disagree about your last comment… Fillion would play the d*ck part very well, but Pym is not a d*ck at all. Have you been reading Ultimates again? Hopefully, we’ll have 616 Pym, which is really a good guy with a few issues ;-)

          • Pym actually was pretty level-headed in his Giant-man, Ant-Man, and Goliath days. He did not really start getting a little frayed around the psychological edges until maybe around the time he became Yellowjacket.


      HORRIBLE CHOICES, and ONLY because you mentioned the ass faced trainwreck Nathan Fillion! PLEASE PPL STOP bringing up this FAT CLOWNS NAME! he is a pile of HOT STEAMY DOG S**T!

      I thought he was (OK) on firefly, but THAT IS IT! IN NO WAY CAN HE BE A LEAD IN A MARVEL MOVIE! he is NOT a good actor!
      There are a thousand and 1 actors that I would rather see than MAL playing Pym, NO WAY! WTF is screenrant the only place this jerkoffs fans come to pray he gets another gig?

      PLEASE MARVEL IF YOU WANT YOUR ANTMAN MOVIE TO FINALLY BECOME A REALITY AND A B/O HIT you cannot hire this small time, sci fi channel “star”, and LOSER Nathan Fillion!! has this guys fans ever seen a REAL GOOD LEADING MAN ACTOR? as for Alan Tudyk, NO TO THE MOTHER F-ING NOOOOO, have you ever seen anything other than SCI-FI channel actors?

      MARVEL PLEASE HIRE ANYONE BUT THE (not so good actors) from FIREFLY CAST!!! PLEASE….. PRETTY PLEASE!! NO ONE FROM THAT SHOW or your movie will be doomed to FAIL!!

      • Aren’t you glad he is not your blind date for this weekend (for any of a thousand reasons)?

        • If I found out he (Fillion) was my blind date I would Hang myself BUT make sure I have a gun handy so I could shoot fillion in the nuts then in the face and FINALLY I WOULD SHOOT MYSELF so when I fell off the barstool I was standing on I would surely be dead!!

          I might even use a ladder so I could get high enough to put a wood chipper beneath me so if the gun and the noose did not work the wood chipper would really finish my very depressed arse off!!
          I might even shoot fillion 1 more time in the chest so NOBODY WOULD EVER HAVE TO SUFFER through another second of any new roles he may get, and hopefully save all of you from him getting a Marvel role (except for the 200 ppl that want him to play ANY Marvel character)
          Im really surprised NO ONE has asked that he be given a chance to play Luke Cage or Black Panther, since some think he is such a GREAT actor that he could play even a black superhero!!


  7. I’m not really excited about the character of Ant-Man, but the fact that Edgar Wright is writing/directing this means that I will definitely check it out when it’s released.

    • I wasn’t thrilled as well, but after watching Avengers EMH and digging around the net, I can definitely say that his character is intriguing and solid. He’s basically opposing fighting crime with brute, and ended up getting messed up psychologically because of it. That kind of character will definitely add up a very wonderful chemistry with the rest of the current Avengers. Imagine Banner, Stark and Pym duke it out in a battle of wits and science *shivers*… plus Janet will bring a fresh perky atmosphere in contrast to the stoic and manipulative vibe brought by Black Widow.

      • Mila Kunis in the role of Wasp!

        • Mila Kunis in the role of my girl-friend!

          • @Goldilocks
            lol that was a good one :)

            • MMM, she is rather a good one herself! Thanx!

  8. They’re not going to be casting anyone over 40 for the lead. They want long term franchise capability at this point. Secondary and supporting characters will be older, but from this point on, expect all the leads to be on the younger side.

    • If Marvel is thinking about the future way down the road when Robert Downey steps away because of age from Iron Man, or Cap or Thor move on, or the perpetual supporting heroes Black Widow and Hawkeye finally lose the “new sheen of appeal”, and who will be in the Avengers then, maybe they might actually be thinking that way long term, with later Avengers perhaps being Wasp, Quicksilver, Goliath, Scarlet Witch, maybe Black Panther or Vision? I am in no hurry to see Thor, Iron Man, and Cap move on (or the actors playing them), but if time does indeed march on, I fear at some point that might become a reality.

    • Kinda like investing for the long haul for a tire with more lasting tread on it.

  9. Oh I wonder who will be cast now

  10. Give Simon Pegg and Nick Frost something to do in this movie and Wright shall receive my utmost blessing.

    • Simon Pegg as Egghead! Fat suit and all! ;-)

      • Sorry, Simon…my boss is using the fatsuit right now (someone call Goodyear, tell them one of their blimps is missing)!

  11. You guys really need to give up on marvel. Dc is starting to get things rolling. Armie Hammer is no ant man. He needs to play the new batman. Batman is eveyrthing a super hero should be.

    • Thanks for the advice, appreciate it but to each their own I guess… :)

    • What about Bradley Cooper or Zachary Levi

      • Forget avengers think justice league. Bradley Cooper as Barry Allen/ flash. Armie Hammer as Bruce Wayne/ batman.

        • @Thomas Ward

          Yep, we get it. You’re a little known villain called The Troll, right?

          Cause most of us here love both companies and their output in comic books and movies and wish both to succeed. Clearly you don’t so maybe someone can help you input the location of your bridge back into your GPS in case you get lost on the way?

      • @clay

        No thanks to either of them. I don’t see what’s so great about Cooper at all yet and Quinto….I could see him becoming MODOK or something.

        • @Dazz

          I never said Zachary Quinto. I said Zachary Levi. (guy from Chuck) Put some f-ing highlights in his hair. He is epitome of cool nerd.

          • But isn’t Zachary Levi in Thor 2?

    • Based off of Man of Steel I would have to completely disagree.

    • Yeah love hearing the news of justice league love the actors who are playing the members and can`t wait for the release date what some time next decade as sonic would say I AM WAITING while say when they are making movies actually connect with all there movies and connect their TV show as well

      What is arrow and dark knight part of man of steel world ANSWER NO because Warner don`t have the balls to what marvel is doing then complain oh it is difficult to do a justice league move where everyone is godlike except batman wait avengers pulled it of with members who don`t have powers captain america , black widow and hawk eye

      • Batman’s everything a superhero should be… except super.

        • Lol true. Maybe that’s exactly why we like him so much. He’s both us ( normal, and not super powered, as well as dark and with issues) and what we want to be – extraordinary and capable despite it all.

      • I like Arrow, but don’t want to see that showed melded with Justice League. Do not really care for Batman movies. Have not seen Man Of Steel yet, but it looks like it might actually be good, even though I did not like the other Superman movies. I do want to see Green lantern/Hal Jordan melded with Justice League; ya gotta start somewhere. They could use Ryan Reynolds as Hal, HOWEVER, they MUST make him more serious. And when they get around to Flash (sooner hopefully than later), they need to make him a bit more serious than I worry they may do, not a jokester like Wally West cartoon character, as that was not how Flash was in the early comics (now I am talking Barry Allen. They MUST use the Barry Allen Flash character!).

    • Man of Steel looks like it has possibilities, but before that, all DC had was a less than perfect Green lantern unfairly castigated to death by a bunch of over-bearing, no-nothing badwagon-jumping, back-biting and butt-riding crtics. If DC really wants to get things rolling, let’s see GL #2, Flash, and maybe a team-up of Atom/Hawkman/Martian Manhunter. And aside from the JLA movie, let’s see a Doctor Fate and Hourman team-up…just cuz that would be so cool! Other than that, mostly they’ve been rolling like a crazed nun on roller skates plowing over the crowd to get respect.

      • Green Lantern #2 by Neill Blomkamp would be absolutely perfect. They can keep Ryan Reynolds and everything. Blomkamp’s style would bring everything up to par.

      • I agree with everything you said, especially about Green Lantern. Folks made a mountain out of a molehill with their opinions about Green Lantern. It was not that bad. Could it have been better? Yes. People need to move own.

        • Thanks, for your support on Green Lantern, guys. Sometimes I feel like I am at Custer’s last stand with the wagons in a circle in my defense of Green lantern’s movie. Appreciate that a few of you out there have your heads about the ravaging, drooling mob-scene crowd.
          Many times a first effort has some bumps in the road. You don’t necessarily quit; you just learn from the mistakes and make the next effort better.

  12. I simply hope one thing: Hank & Janet will make their debut not in their movie, but in the Avengers 2 (so for probably the first time, Ant-Man will be a prequel movie that occured pre-Avengers 2).
    Acknowledge that they were among the initial candidate for the team, but left because Hank didn’t approve the crime fighting business (and Jan just, well, tag along with him). Or more than that… just make them stay in Wakanda for the vibranium research during the event on Avengers 1. THAT would be awesome…

    Guess that’s wishful thinking, but let’s hope for the best haha

    • That would actually works pretty well, IMO. I think it’s a great idea! I always thought that Marvel should introduce the characters of Hank and Jan before the solo movie, so that the public get to know who the guy under the helmet is before the Ant-Man movie comes out. I realize that, for average moviegoers, a movie about a superhero named “Ant-Man” may not be that appealing, but if they already know the character of Pym, then it would be easier to get them interested in his solo movie.

      Without Ant-Man being a prequel, maybe seeing the world attacked in A2 will make Pym want to do something more to help, hence the birth of “Ant-Man” .. and the Wasp, of course! :-)

      • That would sure “bug” the bad-guys!
        And the heroes would get a “buzz” out of it!

    • Hank and Jan in Avengers #2! I would probably run around the theater throwing popcorn for joy like the “Cuckoo for Cocoa-puffs” bird if that happened!

  13. He’s a guy who can shrink & grow at will? Sounds lame, very very lame.

    • Except that it isn’t. He’s like, the perfect spy when he’s Ant-Man (not so much when he’s Giant Man or Yellowjacket, obviously).

    • … until he enters your ears and starts tinkering with the inside of your head.

      • Lotta room in there if he does that to my bosses!

      • Could you imagine if he went up someone’s nose or in their ear or down their throat or something, and started kinking their cerebral cavity-parts or intestines or lungs or esophagus or various meat-by-product parts like a firehose? You’d have baddies full of giblets!

    • All he has to do is shrink down, raise his fist straight up, stand right below your crotch, and suddenly grow, and for you, it’s “ringa-dinga-dango”!! Woo-Woo; tuffer then u!! Who’s lame now, limpy?

      • Well that was colorful.

  14. Since there will be no lone ranger 2 armie hammer should start saying he love to play antman.

    • Hmmm, get the Raid….

  15. Armie Hammer would be a great Ant Man. :)

  16. What is with the obsession over this guy {Armie Hammer]? What has he done that’s so damn great? You’d think he’s the second coming of Pacino or De Niro something with all the buzz. Other than a clever name I can’t think of anything.

    • Lol yeah i dont get it either. He was seen on a marvel set for capt america i think and everybody has been going gaga over which hero hell play. Personally dont like the guy as an actor but to each his/her own, I mean other than lone ranger whats he done? That facebook movie? Hated him in that.

    • Sounds like a box of baking soda.

  17. grown ups 2 was a great movie!!!

    • Sandler stop spamming the message boards

  18. I wouldn’t mind if Armie was Ant-Man but I’m holding out hope that he’s cast as Matthew Murdock/Daredevil instead.

  19. The short and sweet version…..

    Scott Lang = Ultra lame and a travesty to the Pym legacy.

    • I really hope Lang is never ever introduced. Only Pym amd Wasp. Lang is the worst part of anything that has to do with Ant-Man. Imo at least.

      • A nod and a bob of the head to Bob; I’m with you. Pym all the way!

        • Mongoose, Bob, Goldilocks… I completely agree! Pym or don’t bother make a movie!

          • Thanx, MJ. Many not familiar with the original character from the 60s/70s treats him like a “Pym-ple”. He actually had quite a decent back-story to build on: sometimes less than confident, and sometimes overly-so, but a brilliant scientist in the league with Reed Richards or Tony Stark (more so than the movie Banner in the original comics, actually). Heroic and willing to roll up his sleeves and dive right into the thick of the battle as Giant-Man, Ant-Man, Goliath. Later on came controversy as he developed some anxieties and psychological and relationship problems, became Yellowjacket, descended from there. But the early Pym (Goliath or Giant-Man) is a “must” for Avengers. He was one of the founders, after all, and helped recover Cap from popsicle’s-ville, and mixed it up with everyone from Diablo and Dragon Man to Sub-Mariner to the Hulk and much more. Since there is an Ant-man movie coming out, I take that a a nudge they are slowly moving in a “Pym-ish” direction, which is great. Adding Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch makes me think someone at Marvel is sniffing about in the right direction: the scent of more good movies is in the air! Tally-Ho!

  20. Simon Baker is still the best choice imho. Then Armie Hammer.

    • He’s 43. And why Armie Hammer?

      • And? RdJ is older then that isnt he? I know Mark Ruffalo is older to. And Hammer cause I think he could be good in the part obviously.

        • Simon Baker would be a very good choice actually. Yes, he’s 43, but he has this youthful vibe about him that could work. Plus: he’s already blonde ;-) And his character on The Mentalist shares similarities with Pym, so it’s not hard to imagine him do the part. He would have to buff a bit, though…

          Hammer could work, were he a bit shorter… he’s 6’5! Imagine him next to RDJ, Iron Man would look like a shrimp. But still, if they go for a younger version, Hammer could be the one. Dye his hair blond, and here you go.

      • Armie Hammer…everyone is talking about him, but I personally don’t see that he is that great. “Who–is this roodie-poo?”! Is that what Thor has growing from his shoulder…a “armie hammer?”

        • They’re talking about him since he was spotted visiting the set of Captain America 2, and rumors started going wild since then. Before this, I had never seen mention of him for the role of Ant-Man.

          I think he could work for the part, but there are also others that could too.

  21. Edgar Wright has said in the past (a long time ago mind you, before the “re-write)) that the movie would be about Scott Lang AND an older Hank Pym- this makes me sad, Hank Pym is such a more intriguing character, and the whole super-science-intelliegence dialogue thing is what makes for all the best Tony Stark scenes and Tony Stark/Bruce Banner scenes. Would love another player thrown into that mix.

    Hank Pym is my favourite of the avengers and Edgar Wright is one of my favourite directors so
    it’s really annoying to have one tiny variable so disappointing.

    • Yes and this has made many of us every unhappy.

      The only bright spot in this disastrous news is we know that Marvel ordered a rewrite of the script a while ago. We shall see if they listened or not.

      • Mongoose is right. As I said before, Wright telling us all about his first script, like 5 years in advance, was the first clue to tell us that this wasn’t going to happen. Marvel is so secretive, they never would have allowed Wright to talk so openly about his script, or they would have made him change it completely because he blabbed about it (which they might have done…). That and the fact that the Internet community has made it pretty clear, with only a few exceptions, that they wanted Pym in the movie, and that they didn’t care for Lang.

        And another clue: now he says the script is done, and complete, and yet, not a word about the story itself, not a word about who the main character is, or the villain, or the plot, or the presence of Janet, nothing. So… probably complete change of plan for good Edgar.

        And also… casting done by the end of the year? Is that common for a movie so far ahead? Should that give us an insight that maybe… just maybe… they cast early because some of the characters in the movie will appear sooner…? Like in Avengers 2? :-)

      • Yes, if it was Pym, there are lots of places they could go after Ant-Man in tying it into The Avengers team. If it is Lang, where can they really go? Not too far, I’d warrant.

    • If it is Scott lang and not Hank Pym, I am gonna really be p*ssed like a giant(-man) kidney!

  22. Why does Armie Hammer need to paly anyone? He’s untested, unproven and not terriby likable. He’s a spoiled, overprivileged hollywood baby with no charisma and no marketability. If marvel or DC needs someone to play a yuppy yacht owner, give Armie a call. Otherwise, leave his ridiculous name out of the discussion.

    • I don’t get the hate for Armie Hammer. He’s an up-and-coming actor who does come off as very likable and articulate in interviews.

      And what’s with the bias against him just because he was born into a wealthy family? People can’t help who they’re born to.

      • I don’t hate anyone. Far be it from me to judge someone based on the family they born into rather than merit. But that’s just the thing isn’t it… No merit. I don’t understand how some guy that’s been in two films can generate so much buzz. If he had a couple of great performances with awards to match I wouldn’t think twice, but he doesn’t. As far as I’m concerned this guy is a bum looking for work in Hollywood and will continue being one until he proves me otherwise.

        • So, because you’re sick of OTHER people talking about him and wanting him for certain roles, you’re going to call him a bum? That’s like hating something only because everyone loves it.

          Whether you like him or his films or not, plenty of people liked him in The Social Network, liked him in J. Edgar, and thought he was charming in Mirror, Mirror, and want to see more of him.

          It’s not like Henry Cavill had done much before Man of Steel. Or Chris Hemsworth. Or Hugh Jackman. And so on. If you want, be annoyed by the people who mention him, not him.

          • LOL, again you’re making too many presumptions about me personally. I’m calling him a bum because he has yet to prove otherwise, not because I don’t like him. It’s like fans are hedging bets blindly on this guy. I was skeptical of Cavill as well. Other than Tudors and Immortals he hasn’t really done anything. I could be wrong though Hammer. He could very well become some great actor down the road (Michael Jordan was the third pick in the NBA draft after all), but as of right now he’s a nobody. I’m just saying wait for him (or not) to actually be worth talking about. Otherwise you come across as someone who can’t think or themselves and are easily influenced by hype. That’s still your prerogative so by all means… just saying.

            • Well, bum can be a very derogatory term so you can’t help but get people to think that you’re unfairly hating on the guy just because he hasn’t done many films yet. An actor has to start somewhere and so far he’s been cast by David Fincher and Clint Eastwood in roles with a good amount of screen time and presence and those are two great directors.

              He may not be worth talking about to YOU but some people have liked him in the few films he’s done already. Personally, I think he’s an up-and-coming actor that shows promise. The films he’s been in haven’t been perfect but he’s been fine in them. Next we’ll see him with Cavill in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., so we’ll see what happens.

              • Speaking in general, I am exited for a Man From U.N.C.L.E. film, as I grew up watching the original series. I will say that no matter who is in it, I am glad Tom Cruise is no longer attached to it. Blue-eyed little boy with impish grim is not a good fit for Napoleon Solo. Incidently, I believe I read somewhere years ago that the original concept for Solo was created by none other than Ian Fleming, who came up with James Bond! Wonder who will finally end up as both Ilya and Napoleon in the film?

                I’d also LOVE to see a T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents film (just thought I’d slip that in there out of the blue!).

  23. Seriously? I would say its denial at this point that once JL is released (2016 probs) DC will be winning.
    MARVEL wants DOCTOR STRANGE as their new “Iron Man”. IRON MAN. If MARVEL really thinks it can continue its succeed with characters like Doc Strange its doomed.

    • Where does all this faith in Warner Bros./DC come from? They’ve basically cancelled on two Justice League scripts in the past, Robinov resigned, their finance partners in Legendary left, and they haven’t announced a thing even though they said they were going to after Man of Steel was a success.

      I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Man of Steel 2 is the only film they announced at Comic-Con, if that. If you think that the brass at Warner Bros. was only reactive even while paying only half the bill, wait to see how non-committal and slow they are now that they have to finance it all.

      • If they would do Green lantern #2 (but fix the problems) and Flash, and make them both successes instead of waffling around, people would not be beginning to lose faith in DC/Warner brothers. I would love to se DC/Warner do good. But if a politician does not do his job, or an employee, or anyone else, thinking men usually remove those who do not produce concrete and viable results successfully. Sooo—

    • yes because Avengers 3 won’t make an money at ALL. /rolls eyes

      And The Sorcerer Supreme is a great character. If he is done right Marvel will have another hit on their hands AND succeed in turning another of their B stringers into and A lister.

    • I don’t get this bashing of Marvel vs DC…

      Marvel has a long-term plan, they want to introduce new characters and stories, they take chances and it will probably pay off. They have solo movies and team-up movies planned. And that’s good.

      Why would DC have to do the same as Marvel? Because they see that superheroes team-up movies work, so they have to do the same? I don’t get it.

      And first off: it’s not a contest, so nobody’s “winning” or “loosing” in this. Secondly: Doctor Strange is a great character, and I look forward to seeing that movie. And thirdly: no one is forcing you to like Marvel stuff. If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but don’t expect others to agree with you, especially on a thread about a Marvel character.

      • It’s really not a competition. It’s Marvel fanboys pointing and laughing at DC fanboys saying “haha, u guiiz suck!”. And they kind of have a point. Warner Bros. are dragging their heels while Marvel is churning out blockbuster after blockbuster.

        Sad thing is; I’m one of those DC fanboys. Where’s my Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Justice League movies? Last time I went to see MOS there was a elderly dude there that told me after the credits that it was the Superman movie he was waiting for. I don’t want to wait that long for a DCCU.

        • Well I’m a fan of both and so want to see the Justice League brought to the big screen and do “justice” to its vast comic legacy.

  24. With so many spin-offs, solos & prequels I’m worried that this whole Marvel Universe experience will develop into a disastrous mess. One could easily spot major plot-holes throughout the whole franchise. I just hope Edgar writes good and Joss plans this out thoroughly.

    • To be fair, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has nothing to do with all those prequels and spin-off films since those are coming from Fox.

  25. Charlie Day as Ant-Man, that is all.

    • Doris Day as Wasp??????

  26. Just don’t cast Vin Diesel as Ant-Man and we’ll be fine.

  27. I always thought the “talks to ants with his helmet” aspect was way more goofy and way less interesting than his actual size-changing powers.

  28. Sharlto Copley for antman! Think it needs a left field choice…

  29. They might have had years to develop Antman but Avengers 2 is next in line to start filming when Guardians is finished so they better get moving on this.

    It feels like they should be further ahead than “hey I just finished the script!”.