Edgar Wright Teases ‘Ant-Man’ Plot by Showing Off His ‘Homework’

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Hank Pym as Ant Man Edgar Wright Teases Ant Man Plot by Showing Off His Homework

One way to pass the time between bi-annual entries in the Marvel movie universe is to watch some of the Marvel-based programming on Disney XD, including the animated series The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. That’s apparently what director Edgar Wright has been doing in the days counting down to production on his own entry in the Marvel cinematic universe, Ant-Man.

Much still remains unknown about the script for Ant-Man, and while Paul Rudd (Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues) has been announced to star in the titular role as Hank Pym, it’s unclear whether he’ll be the only version of Ant-Man included, or whether Scott Lang will play an important part as well. Way back in 2006, Wright said that the intention was to show Pym’s background and history as the character, but to have Lang take over for the bulk of the film.

Wright’s latest tease suggests that this idea might still be going strong even after all these years. The director posted a still from The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes episode ‘To Steal an Ant-Man’ on his blog with the simple caption: “Homework.” The still in question shows Lang stealing the iconic helmet from Pym shortly after the original Ant-Man makes the decision to retire from the Avengers.

Ant Man helmet in The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes Edgar Wright Teases Ant Man Plot by Showing Off His Homework

While it’s important to be wary of reading too much into a casual post on social media, the reference to this episode in particular further compounds the evidence that Ant-Man will focus on Lang taking up the mantle from Pym. In an interview with IGN last fall, Marvel Studios mastermind Kevin Feige said that Wright originally pitched Ant-Man as a “heist movie,” and that it was this element that got Marvel excited for the project. He then reaffirmed that the current version of Ant-Man is going to be in the heist genre.

In short, it’s looking fairly likely that Ant-Man is going to be based around Lang’s theft of the Ant-Man outfit and technology. At the very least, the heist element described by Feige suggests that the eventually reformed thief will play some kind of role. Then again, maybe Wright just wanted an excuse to sit around watching cartoons all day.

Tell us in the comments if you like the sound of Wright’s Ant-Man heist movie, and which version of the character you’d prefer to see moving forward in the Marvel cinematic universe.


Ant-Man will be in theaters on July 31, 2015.

Source: Edgar Wright (via Coming Soon)

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  1. I loved that episode. It had Heroes for Hire in it. Just effing awesome. :D

  2. Good idea about the “heist” of the shrinking tech. I just hope we see Giant Man someday.

  3. Avengers EMH is what I thought AoS would be. Excited for antman. Internet will be full of rumors til GotG drops.

  4. Hey, I remember that show! Then they took it off the air and replaced it with a crappy sequel-reboot thing…

    • Watching Avengers Assemble turned me into a cutter. I will now undergo years of THC therapy. Thanks Marvel!

  5. I was never much of a fan of Scott Lang or Eric O’Grady to be honest. For me, Ant-Man will always be Hank Pym. I hope he’s the sole focus of the movie. I think Paul Rudd would be great with the rest of the big screen’s Avengers.

    • Yeah, I totally agree. I definitely think this film should be all about Hank Pym. Maybe bring Scott Lang in for an Ant-Man sequel, but this film should just focus on Pym as Ant-Man.

      • Pym will be old or even dead in the present day of this movie.

        • Pym will be in flashback most likely

          • How about I pose a different argument…

            Dr. Henry Pym WILL get his intro in Avengers 2 as the rightful designer of Ultron. Whether not he dons the Ant-Man Suit to assist in Ultron’s take down remains to be seen, but with the intro out of the way an Ant-Man movie centered around Lang’s theft of Pym’s tech makes more sense. Given some recent news about Avengers 2 filming in South Africa, this could not only hint at Black Panther’s intro, but also Pym’s intro as well.

            Personally, however, I would like to see a more Pym centric Ant-Man movie before transitioning to Lang or O’Grady.

            • Wooooooohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!BLACK PANTHERS COMIN TO TOWN!!!!!!!!
              The circle will only be complete with…. ARMIE HAMMER AS A PERFECT ANT MAN!!!!

    • Must be Pym, must lead to Goliath/Giant-Man and Wasp in The Avengers. As for Lang, a-whang-a-dang-a-doodle, that idea’s limp as a noodle!

  6. “The still in question shows Lang stealing the iconic helmet from Pym shortly after the original Ant-Man makes the decision to retire from the Avengers.” But how can they do it in the movies since Ant-Man wasn’t in The Avengers?

    • Hank Pym’s first appearance was not as the superhero Ant-Man, but as a simple scientist who had an adventure after shrinking himself down to the size of an ant. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe it has been shown that advanced scientists have access to all sorts of crazy technology, but they are not necessarily superheroes. In theory the film could be about scientist Hank Pym who uses his size-changing “Pym-Particles” to study insect life, with the suit and helmet used for safety measures (ie. the helmet that controls bugs prevents him from being attacked). I think Scott Lang will be blackmailed by Egghead into stealing technology from Pym and it will be a corporate espionage flick along the lines of the first Ironman.

  7. Wow.. Too many ant men. How are they gonna fit them all into the story? We already have one.. Wow, now possibly two? Wow. How are they gonna do this? Wow

    Jk I’m pretty excited for this =p

  8. Lee?! “To Steal an Ant-Man?!” NO. Nononononononono. *sob* I wanted a Pym movie…

    …I’ll still watch it.

  9. So Paul Rudd is playing Hank Pym but not headlining as the lead hero. Sucks. I kinda liked that idea.

    Well, maybe all those rumors about Armie Hammer playing Scott Lang weren’t to far off.

    • There is no direct evidence that Rudd is playing Pym. All they have ever said is he will be playing Ant-Man. Most likely Rudd is playing Lang and stealing the outfit from a much older Pym.

      • I have always supported this. I like Pym but sorry he is very bland (as a hero) unless you bring in his…. mental issues.

        Having him on board as ‘Scientist Supreme’ is great but him as Antman….. no so great.

      • How old is this Hank Pym gonna be? 70 Paul Rudd is old enough

        • Lol I really was right! He is 70!!! Michael Douglas is Hank Pym!!!!!!??????
          Alright I think I’m gonna go commit suicide……
          See ya Eddie…………… U weirdo……..

    • YES!!!!!!! As long as Armie Hammer is ant man I’ll be happy though I would prefer him as Hank, Lang is enough as for Paul Rudd he is the worst person marvel could get and I really can’t see him as an avenger

  10. hope Wrights focus on the origins, which I`m assuming he will.
    I cant see him jump suddenly to the Scott Lang`s version, keep it

  11. Is Paul Rudd hank or Scott? He will be ant man, so he will be the main character. Doesn’t matter and I’m sure we will see him jn avengers eventually. So excited.

  12. ugh scott lang is so boring. if this movie is focusing more on him than Hank Pym then he better become yellowjacket or goliath while scott runs around being ant-man.

  13. So i guess this means no wasp

  14. Alright so I know this thread is about Ant-man but I thought I would vent another movie with Marvel characters…X-Men movies and continuity. I don’t want to seem like I’m beating a dead horse but…

    I was really X-cited to hear that DOFP would fix continuity. I was bored so I decided to X-amine the movies and did an X-Men Movie Marathon X1,X2, Origins Wolverine, and First Class…

    Here are some more continuity problems I haven’t heard people bringing up that are just adding to my already nervousness about this movie.

    In X1, Professor X tells Wolverine that he met Magneto when he was 17. However, in First Class we see a young Charles, at about 7-10 yrs old in 1944. Fast forward to 1963 and Charles meets Magneto. From 1944 to 1963 is 19 year difference. Add that 19 years to Charles age (8)in 1944 and that makes Charles 27 years old when he met Magneto.

    Also, there is the scene in X1 when Charles is trying to get in Magneto’s head to stop he, Sabertooth, and Toad from the kidnapping of Rogue. Charles can’t get in Magneto’s head and says something like, “I don’t know, his helmut somehow blocks my telepathy.” Here is the problem: In First Class Magneto uses the helmut on the beach to block Charles thoughts. How is it that Charles doesn’t remember that the helmut does that?!

    In X1 Professor tells Wolverine “Its been almost 15 years…” of him trying to remeber who he was or whatever. The end of Origins Wolverine ends in 1979 during the 1979 3 Mile Island incident. 1979 plus 15 years is 1995 NOT 2000 when X1 takes place.

    • Oops, I meant First Class takes place in 1962. So that would make Charles about 26 years old when he met Magneto as opposed to 17 years old like X says in X1.

    • But you are beating a dead horse. I think it’s time for everyone who doesn’t like Foxs X films to get over it and move on.

  15. We’ve been talking about this in the comments section for the longest.

  16. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t remember them officially announcing Rudd to be playing Pym. They said he was starring, in the lead role, etc…

    Point being: Wouldn’t he be more likely to play Lang, and some supporting actor playing Pym? Rudd gives me a Lang vibe anyways…

  17. i wonder how they will handle the origin part…will it be him as a young scientist in a flashback or just pick it up in present time.

    am i the only one who enjoys origin stories? ha

  18. I totally don’t mind if they used Scott Lang as Ant-Man… he is the final Ant-Mant after all
    But rest assured, Hank Pym will be there as well, and I bet Paul Rudd is indeed playing him. He does look like geeky enough to be a scientist…
    Plus, Pym is a pacifist while Lang has the better excuse to do a heist… (his daughter)
    Or… Wright can go into his own liberty and fused two characters into one, and I’m fine with that. I mean, DC can alter their characters’ origin as they please, why not Marvel?

    Anyway, that was an awesome episode. And I wonder if the Heroes for Hire (Cage and Fist) will be in the movie as well. Their TV series is scheduled to show up around the release of Ant-Man. That would be a very smart marketing for the Netflix series ;)

  19. EMH is one of the main reasons I love Ant-Man so much, and also the reason why I want Pym. Give me a Pym movie first and then I can be on board with Lang. I’ll see it no matter what…but I want Pym :(

    • It was the same for me!! Loved EMH, loved Pym in it, and it got me to love the character. I completely agree with you.

    • Lol me too that’s why I’m so obsessed with them getting Hank right because no one actually understand how much of a great character he is, they really need Armie Hammer for Hank or at least Scott but I think the movie should just be about Hank

  20. I really need a bathroom facility

  21. Rudd will play Ant-man in flashbacks, but he’ll most likely play a comedic version of the insane Yellowjacket in the film. He may not be the current version of Ant-man but he’ll still be the star of the film.

  22. Lang’s story is not that interesting i much preferred to see Pym’s story and exploration of his rather messy psyche.

  23. I freakin love the version of Antman in EMH, I really was not too familiar with the character until I saw that series. I am glad to hear Wright is using that material as the inspiration. I am a little worried about the whole Hank Pym vs Scott Lang dilemma. I would prefer them to just use Hank Pym so he can just go ahead and join the avengers right away. If they have Hank Pym as an origin story in a different time, that means that they are going to use a different guy to portray Lang (in present time)? So who exactly is Paul Rudd playing, Pym or Lang? I really hope they don’t over complicated what seems to be a simple idea. Also I hope Antman (whatever version) can both shrink and enlarge since it would make him a very powerful addition to the team.

  24. The problem with Pym as the Ant-Man in Avengers is that they already basically made Dr Banner fill the role that Hank Pym would fill. That is to say someone who can be the scientist to Tony’s engineer and so on. There’s really not space for both of them.

    There is an opportunity though, why not have Pym as shield’s answer to Stark as the avengers move away from Shield? Hell he could be coming up with their own in house super-people (like say Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch), he could make ultron attempting to copy the Jarvis/house-party/drone soldier thing and that sets him up to have his kit stolen from him in the first ant-man movie. Pym never really wanted to be a super-hero after all….

  25. Reading into this makes me think Scott Lang will be presented as an anti- hero (or perhaps even anti- villain), and the heist will be be concerning the tech, as opposed to using it for the heist. Whatever, as long as Hank Pym is the protagonist.

  26. Continues to be disappointing and a slap in the face to Ant-Man/Avenger fans that Pym will NOT be a part of the Avengers and all we will get is the one-dimensional Scott Lame version.

    Bite me Wright and your, “I just GOTTA make this comic book!” BS.

  27. This is very disappointing news indeed if this is true. Now I don’t really mind Lang being in the movie, to some extend, but the FIRST movie (and probably the ONLY solo movie) about Ant-Man should focus on Hank Pym. Yes, he’s not Ant-Man anymore, Lang is (although, to be fair, he’s not THAT present in comic books, besides in the FF comics… I haven’t seen him in anything else, while Pym makes appearances in many comics besides Avengers A.I.) Most comic book fans, even those who don’t care that much for Pym, think of him when they hear ‘Ant-Man’. Lang had been dead for like 10 years and no one cared anyway.

    If by the end of the movie, Pym gives his gear to Lang so he can stay Ant-Man, while Pym becomes Giant-Man and joins the Avengers, and continue on in the MCU, then alright, I’ll be happy. Lang has never been that big of an Avenger, has never had any huge significance in the Marvel Universe, and his backstory, while touching, is somewhat boring, IMO. Not a lot of meat around the bone…

    And, from what I can see, most people in various forums, are all wishing for a Hank Pym focused movie. Why would Wright make a movie about Ant-Man and not want to make it so to please the fans? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • I believe Marvel has given up the “silly’ and sentimental notion of, “please the fans”. Look at what they did with The Mandarin in IM3, how they marginalized Kurse and turned the Dark Elves into space pirates in Thor2, etc.

      Seems the further we get away from the original and pretty faithful IM movie, the more liberties they seem to be taking for the sake of the almighty dollar and it’s weight against how upset the tiny amount of fans may get. We are nothing to them even though it was we who saved their asses by supporting them all this time.

    • I agree Marvel really aren’t listening to their fans they’re just getting likes from people who have never even heard of superheroes before, why, because its a good film, or its funny, its entertaining, but noone ever looks at what the fans say and how they think the movie should have gone. I really hope this movie is gonna be worth it, and I really do and I’m gonna keep saying this Armie Hammer should be Ant Man just please at least consider him for the role he’s talented, hansome and just perfect as Hank.