Paul Rudd Talks About ‘Ant-Man’ & Rashida Jones Rumors

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Henry Pym Ant Man Mighty Avengers 5 Marvel Comics Paul Rudd Talks About Ant Man & Rashida Jones Rumors

Ant-Man will mark the starting point for Phase 3 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, releasing roughly two-and-a-half months after The Avengers: Age of Ultron on what was originally to be the opening weekend for Batman vs. Superman. Since having its release date bumped up from November to July, many of the details surrounding Ant-Man have begun falling into place.

Writer/director Edgar Wright was first attached to the project in 2006, but was only able to confirm the screenplay’s completion about six months ago. In the time since, both of the film’s stars have been cast – Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym/the original Ant-Man. And while the inclusion of the Scott Lang character was a big hint, we now know Ant-Man will focus on Lang’s theft of the Ant-Man suit and his transformation into a hero under Pym’s guidance.

As the dust settles and production prepares to begin, Paul Rudd took the time to talk with Flicks and the City about snagging the lead in Ant-Man. Here’s what Rudd had to say:

“Well, it’s all just kind of starting, so it’s really cool. I’m very excited about it. I read some comics and [saw] some [Marvel] movies and I knew Edgar Wright for many years. The whole thing that it’s actually happened, that I got the part is still kind of surreal. It’s still sinking in over these last several months.”

rashida jones paul rudd Paul Rudd Talks About Ant Man & Rashida Jones Rumors

When asked about his Academy Award winning co-star, Michael Douglas, Rudd had only praise: “It’s a thrill, he’s amazing!” However, the actor was more coy when pressed about the possibility of Rashida Jones joining the cast.

“I follow what comes out online and even then I don’t quite follow. I let those powers at be announce what they want to announce when they announce it. A lot of that stuff you hear is not true.”

Now, Rudd gave the above statement with a grin, so perhaps he knows more than he’s letting on. Either that or he just enjoys feeding our addiction to wild rumors and speculation.

Jones has been linked with Ant-Man as a potential female lead for a while. Originally, it was assumed that this would be for the role of Janet van Dyne/The Wasp, but with Rudd playing Lang and the much, much older Douglas playing Pym, that may not be the case.

Depending on how closely Wright and co-screenwriter Joe Cornish have kept to the original story – where Lang’s theft of the Ant-Man suit was for the purpose of freeing the only doctor capable of curing his daughter’s illness – Jones could be in consideration for the role of Dr. Erica Sondheim, a minor (though key) character in Lang’s origin who could easily be turned into a love interest.

Do you believe Rudd’s non-denial denial on the matter of Rashida Jones joining Ant-Man makes the rumor more likely? Whether Jones is cast or not, do you think the female lead will be an original creation or a character pulled from Marvel’s comics? Let us know in the comments below.


Ant-Man opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Flicks and the City (via CBM)

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  1. cool

  2. I wish she was the wasp. She was supposed to be in avengers, I wonder how that would have turned out for ant man

  3. Ugh can she not be a love interest, i get that romance is a good plot point, but I’m just really sick of almost all of the female characters being love interest, yeah sure they have times of ‘whoo girl power saving the day’ but its really not enough, even awesome sir turned into just a love interest who was pitted against jane, and now the same thing is happening to black widow in cap 2 (but I’m still super happy she’s in it, i love her, she’s a sexy bamf) but somehow cap 2 is turning into marvels most gender equal racially diverse movies, which is awesome.

    • Except Sif was one of Thor’s love interests in the comics for decades.

    • Yeah, it would be awesome if the female lead wasn’t a love interest. She could just be a BFF and that would be great.

  4. if Janet Van Dyne is in the movie – she likely won’t become Wasp until a future movie – ie. Antman 2 (aka Antman & The Wasp) or may be in the Avengers 3

    also – the character whenever she is introduced will likely be a assistant or may be a niece or something of Hank Pym – so she’s there in the lab – bingo bango one thing leads to another …. she becomes Wasp in the sequel – same as Rhodey becoming War Machine in Iron Man 2 and Falcon joining Cap in Captain America: Winter Soldier. The intro movie focus on the hero (or in this case dual hero) and the sequel upgrades or introduces the sidekick/ partner to hero status. Who’s the villain for Ant-Man 2 (aka Ant-Man & The Wasp) …. plenty of choices, including introducing … Klaw … which could also lead to visiting Wakanda.

    if Rashida Jones was cast … I don’t think she’ld be cast as Wasp.
    For Wasp they’ll probably go with someone a little bit younger – like Rachel Bilson, Minka Kelly or someone of that type (ie. a 20-something hottie who is currently known for her TV work) – who can definitely start with playing the flirty girly girl, BUT … can likely start learning (or has exp with) action oriented stuff (ie. Minka Kelly was on Charlie Angels for it’s brief re-incarnation) and eventually grow into becoming the leader when Cap & Iron-Man eventually take a leave from the Avengers – with the Black Panther likely being a sort of co-leader for future Avengers films.

  5. Wasp!! Surely?

  6. mmmm rashida jones <3

  7. They could create an original character the be a New Wasp.

    • That sounds interesting, how would you go about doing it?

  8. not interested in this at all. They’ve changed it so much now that I don’t really think it will be that interesting. Hank Pym isn’t even Ant-Man, they’re using the guy who stole his suit, Janet is Hank’s daughter instead of his wife, and he doesn’t even get to build Ultron. What possible contribution can he make to the MCCU? There’s the Negative Zone but that’s not as much fun without the Fantastic Four. He’s just gonna be what? Another smart guy? DR. Strange’s drinking buddy? I can’t even think of a legitimate villain for them to use.

    • I’m still interested in the movie, but to a much lesser degree since we’ve had confirmation that the rumors were true and that the story will be about Lang stealing the suit.

      I mean, I get the feeling they’ve ripped the character of Pym of so much of what makes him who he is in the comics, for the sole purpose of putting forward a -very- minor character of the marvel universe. It’s just not right for me. Pym should be the lead, not Lang. Pym should have his story told first, his entire story, not in flashbacks. And he definitely should be a contemporary of the other Avengers, not an old man. And Jan should be there, as his wife/ex-wife, whatever, and never – NEVER!- as a love interest for Lang. That’s just… wrong.

      Oh, well, since that’s the movie we’ll be getting, there’s no point whining about it now. This may turn out good, I mean you can hardly go wrong with Michael Douglas, but still very disappointing for Pym fans (and there are a lot more than you’d think!)

  9. I’d be grinning too if Rashida Jones was going to be my costar.

  10. Something tells me we are looking at RDJ’s replacment as Marvel’a franchise face in Rudd, should RDJ choose not to stay with Marvel after Avengers 3.

    • +1, And Chris Pratt as well he is able to bring the Parks and Rec fan base out to the box office.

    • that’s what i’m thinking also

  11. I really want this movie to be good, as Hank Pym/Goliath/Giant-Man is a favorite of mine, as is the Wasp. But we need them, as they are supposed to be, in The Avengers. And I see some real potential mistakes that will park this Ant-Man franchise down a blind alley for the future, in the way they are going about introducing this. Lang as main character, wrong. Pym as “Old Pym”, wrong. Not geared towards eventual inclusion in the Avengers? That might be what is coming, and if he is excluded (I mean Pym), wrong. I might be wrong, and hope I am. Anxious for this movie, but very apprehensive.

  12. Ms. Jones is Wasp, , more so Janet van Dyne. She’s PERFECT for this role! You would need to pay someone to help you miss that!!!!