‘Ant-Man’: Michael Douglas ‘Disappointed’ Edgar Wright is Not Directing

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Ant Man Art Marvel Comics Helmet Ant Man: Michael Douglas Disappointed Edgar Wright is Not Directing

It’s been two weeks (from the time of this writing) since Marvel announced that Ant-Man co-writer and director Edgar Wright had left the project over creative differences. In the aftermath, the studio has scrambled to find a replacement director – culling a list of comedy veterans in the hopes that one will be able to pick up where Wright left off. Industry reports suggested that Adam McKay (Anchorman), Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies), Rawson Thurber (We’re the Millers), and Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) were at the top of Marvel’s list but, over the last week, Thurber and McKay passed on the project – causing the studio to widen their search, adding Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors) and Michael Dowse (Goon) as potential candidates.

That said, between the studio’s official stance on the change-up and Marvel movie directors showing support for Wright in the days after his exit, one aspect of the production that has been (unsurprisingly) tight-lipped is the cast. Unlike Wright, Michael Douglas, Paul RuddEvangeline Lilly, and Patrick Wilson, did not have the ability to leave the project once the filmmaker abandoned ship – raising the question: how do the film’s stars feel about the situation?

In an interview with Schmoes Know, Douglas (who plays Hank Pym in the movie) echoes the overall sentiment surrounding the film - calling Wright’s departure “disappointing.” Check out the video interview and/or read the full quote below:

“I was very disappointed. I am a big fan of his movies. It’s a very disappointing situation. It happened very late in the game. I don’t think anybody’s quite recovered. My heart goes out to Edgar. He’s been involved with the project for a long time. But he’s talented enough that you’ll be hearing a whole lot from him – and I’m sure with a little vengeance.”

Unsurprisingly, after nearly fifty years acting on film, Douglas comments with sincerity and respect for his former director but without raising a red flag that would ruffle Marvel’s feathers. Some might view the answer as a cop-out – especially since Wright’s script encouraged Douglas to board the project. As a result, the actor has to be concerned that the rug has been pulled out from underneath a high-profile film he’s already committed to filming; yet, what else can Douglas (or any of the cast) say or do? For now, they just have to trust that Marvel will get the movie back on track – with a steady hand at the helm.

Michael Douglas in Wall Street 2 Ant Man: Michael Douglas Disappointed Edgar Wright is Not Directing

Regardless of who steps in to helm Ant-Man, the new director will face an uphill battle – which is one reason that contenders might not be lining up to take over. As we discuss on Monday’s Screen Rant Underground Podcast, if Ant-Man underperforms when it arrives in 2015, moviegoers will claim the project was doomed without Wright. If the movie is a hit, fans will be grateful that whoever helmed the final film didn’t screw up Wright’s core ideas. The former director’s presence looms large over the project – even if Wright felt the script rewrite no longer resembled his original vision.

While the situation might be disappointing for viewers and cast members alike, there’s reason to be optimistic that (if Marvel can find the right person) Ant-Man could still provide a worthwhile ride. Without question, cinephiles were excited to see a quirky filmmaker like Wright helm a major blockbuster movie in The Avengers shared universe but, even without Wright, the Ant-Man character could deliver an action-comedy experience unlike anything else in the comic book movie genre.

Ant Man Nicholas Stoller Michael Dowse Ant Man: Michael Douglas Disappointed Edgar Wright is Not Directing

As evidenced by the Ant-Man test footage that was shown two years ago at Comic-Con, the hero’s mass-shifting ability opens up new possibilities for visual spectacle, spy infiltration set pieces, and even a little tongue-in-cheek humor. Considering superheroes are becoming a go-to for summer tentpole movies – Fox has successfully relaunched X-Men, Sony is hard at work on Amazing Spider-Man sequels as well as spinoffs, and Warner Bros. is preparing the way for a Justice League shared universe – it’s more important than ever for filmmakers to surprise viewers with something new.

While man fans are eager to see a female-led Marvel film (such as Black Widow or Ms. Marvel) and a racially diverse hero in the starring role (we’re looking at you Black Panther), Marvel Studios has already invested heavily, thanks to Wright’s passion, in Ant-Man as an integral part of the shared universe. Given that the studio has films planned all the way through 2028, do not expect them to simply shelve Ant-Man – since several other in-development movies likely draw from characters and ideas that are going to be established alongside Hank Pym and Scott Lang.

Ant Man Marvel Comics Lineup Ant Man: Michael Douglas Disappointed Edgar Wright is Not Directing

We’ll keep you up to date as we hear further official Ant-Man information. In the meantime, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that, while the last two weeks have been “disappointing,” Marvel will find someone that the cast, and fans, can rally behind.

[Update: Ant-Man has a new director and writer. Find out who HERE!]


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Ant-Man is currently scheduled to open on July 17, 2015.

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Sources: Schmoes Know [via CBM]

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  1. Hodor.

    • Hey, Hordor, what do you call the entrance to a brothel?

      • HA!!! Good one

        • My turn:
          Two potatoes are sitting on a park bench. How can you tell which one works as a prostitute?
          It’s the one that says “I Da Ho” on it!

          • At least nobody is making a Michael Douglas eating box cancer joke.

          • NOPE. Nooooooo Heck no. No, its not your turn. Actually quite the contrary. And never should be your turn ever by law. See Brandon typed something funny and your track record is 0…Zero funny. The whole Gold Locks tale is about finding that median. A balance if you will and you’re too hot too cold (temperture) soft hard ALL OVER THE PLACE.
            Yeah work on that “just right”. Then again maybe that’s the really joke about the name goldilocks

  2. He still looks like liberace to me.

  3. Disney had better read the tea leaves on this one. Should this movie ever get made, people are always to wonder what Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man” would’ve been like, much like Richard Donner’s Superman II.

    MEMO TO DISNEY/MARVEL: Leave your pee pees out of it, and ask Edgar back (on bended knee).

  4. I was just thinking sort of the same thing; is the bridge to burnt to bring Wright back on? Can not a compromise be reached?

  5. Nix this movie please! I’ll only ever wonder what could’ve been (see The Hobbit)

  6. No matter the director, Michael Douglas as Hank Pym is inspired. I wish this film the best because The Henry Pym/WASP/antman/goliath storyline and characters combined with the microverse could be fantastic on the big screen, as proved by the test footage. I’ve always been onboard with Antman, heck… he is a founding Avenger!

    • I completely agree! I believe when they 1st wanted to try this movie it would have failed, but this movie has so much potential with the universe they’ve built

  7. I’m less concerned about if it’ll get made, than I am about when. If they can’t find the right director pretty soon, are they gonna have to push the film back to it’s original November release? Or even further?

  8. Something tells me this is how things are going to go…

    Marvel Pushes the film back to November.
    Michael Douglas (or maybe some other actor/actress) leaves the project.
    Marvel cancels the project indefinitely.

    Out of desperation Marvel hires a small time/bad director.
    The film ends up a failure in the early reviews (or at the very least, a meh movie).
    When it comes out it bombs at the box office, and, much like it happened with X-Men, the downfall of Marvel begins.

    • THERE IS NO DOWNFALL. Ant-Man is a comicbook character with a story that already exists. He is not Shawn of the Dead, he is not an original Edgar Wright creation. However he may have come across in a zany Edgar Wright film, he would still have to wedge perfectly into a Joss Whedon Avengers movie to be… “shared universe appropriate”. As epic as Guardians of the Galaxy looks NOW, how out of place did The Collector seem on the Thor 2 credits scene?

      The problem here is that Edgar Wright’s humor is EDGAR WRIGHT’S humor, NOT Adam Mckay’s humor. They need to get a British comedy aficionado. There!!! That’s the answer.

      • The scene with the collector wasn’t made by anyone involved in Thor or Guardians.

        • ummm it was directed by james gunn just like ca:ws post credit done by joss whedon
          u don’t know?

    • JAWS, The Exorcist, Apocalypse Now, and Titanic were all production nightmares and look at their success… Do your homework and stop being so dramatic. Ant-man will be fine.

  9. Regardless who directs, my mind is made up now and won’t change. I’ll wait until it airs on TV 8 months after the cinema release before watching it. I just can’t support a film financially where a director has spent so much time moulding it to not only be a great movie but to also fit into an ever-changing and evolving series (with help from the architect of said series over the years, no less), only to pull the rug from under him at the last minute with a hasty rewrite that doesn’t adhere to his hard work for them.

    The casting so far is still brilliant but no, I just can’t see this at the cinema, even if someone else offered to pay for me because it would send them a message that it’s ok to do this kind of thing because people will still go see it anyway.

  10. I’m something of a minority on this, but I’m kinda glad that Edgar Wright is no longer directing?

    I love Edgar Wright movies. The problem is, they’re all parodies. The characters all believe in the world that they occupy, but the audience doesn’t: there’s always something a little absurd and silly about it. It makes the movies incredibly fun, but I don’t think that’s a good fit with Ant-Man. It would be far too easy to turn Ant-Man into that kind of absurd Cornetto trilogy premise. It would almost certainly make for an incredibly fun movie, but you’d walk out of the theatre struggling to believe that Ant-Man is possible: the polar opposite of what Marvel is trying to do everywhere else.

    As a stand-alone movie, I’m sure Ant-Man by Edgar Wright would have been great. And when Marvel first brought him on-board, before they’d even dreamed up Agents of SHIELD, and before “original content for Netflix” was even a thing, they probably never imagined Ant-Man would ever need to be anything but a stand-alone: they’d never need to cross over Scott Lang with anyone else, because Scott Lang was never an Avenger.

    He was a Defender though, and a Hero For Hire, which means he’s good buddies with the likes of Luke Cage and Danny Rand. Suddenly, your “don’t worry about it he’ll never need to be on screen with those guys” has the story potential to appear on Netflix and to cross over with the Defenders. With Marvel unable to recoup the Fantastic Four franchise (for now), the Defenders or Heroes for Hire are a potential alternative: a different team of heroes without the celebrity status, who have the potential to go on otherworldly adventures to other dimensions (just via magic instead of science). Suddenly Marvel’s priorities have shifted, and giving Edgar Wright free reign to do whatever stylish thing he wants, with no regard for the possibility of integrating it into the larger universe, isn’t smart business any more.

    I would still love to see Edgar Wright do a proper superhero movie, but I’d much rather see him tackle something like Deadpool: something where his tongue in cheek premises and stylish visuals are a perfect fit.

    • You present your idea & opinion about the “Wright Ant-Man” well, but I disagree with it. Mind you, I may be wrong & you Wright lol

      I DO agree 150% that Deadpool & Wright are a Wright deadly combo.

      God, I beat that Wright to death. hee hee

    • “I love Edgar Wright movies. The problem is, they’re all parodies. The characters all believe in the world that they occupy, but the audience doesn’t: there’s always something a little absurd and silly about it.”

      Not really. The audience outside of the UK might not believe in it but those of us on this magnificent island most certainly did.

      Shaun Of The Dead had a similar obliviousness to the wider world that a lot of people recognised in themselves and their friends.

      Hot Fuzz was a love letter to OTT buddy cop films but continuing to use the well-known British stereotype of those in rural England being weird by turning the whole town into a cult who murdered people on a whim because they didn’t fit into their quaint little village.

      The World’s End was a skewering of the nostalgia we have for the past and how the way we remember things isn’t always correct. Simon Pegg’s character, for example, he wanted to hang on to how he was as a teenager but eventually realised that while he always considered himself the greatest guy ever, he was actually a d*** that never grew up.

      • Forgot to add, we in Britain like our comedy to be a little absurd and silly, hence our love for Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Goodies, The Young Ones, Bottom, Eddie Izzard, Ross Noble, The Mighty Boosh, The Smell Of Reeves & Mortimer, Harry Hill, Spaced and countless others.

        It’s not really Edgar’s fault if he uses a comedy style that everyone growing up here is familiar with but isn’t understood overseas.

    • I would go 6 to midnight if Wright would do Deadpool. Fox would never let him have it though…

    • I’m not sad about Wright leaving and even have said he should go to Fox to direct the Deadpool movie. I even went as far as messaging James Gunn to run it by him. I’d love Wright’s comedy,action, violence and fandom applied to Deadpool.

  11. Jake Gyllenhaal for Black Panther

    • yes has….Ulysses Klaw

  12. Whats up with these annoying ads on the homepage?!

    • It means you need to use Firefox browser, that’s all.

  13. I know that ‘Ant-Man,’ is a Marvel film but Edgar Wright helped give birth to the project and for a artist to lose creative control, must hurt at its core. Yes, Marvel has a rocky history with directors, but I don’t see this movie being anything now but a hack, rushed flick. I like what Mr. Douglas said, and I hope Mr. Wright gets “Vengeance.”. How awesome would it be if Wright releases a new film that out performs ‘Ant-Man,’ and is released on the same weekend!

    • You might need to do your film homework on films “rushed” and “last minutes” means nothing. Edgar Wright couldn’t out perform his own films. Not going to happen. that’s cute…
      Now, if he directs Fox’s Deadpool haHAHAHAHJAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEE HEE heh heh heh …yeah maybe

  14. I could care less about how much time wright spent on this project since he may have altered too much
    of the antmans history and does want his movie to be a bridge to others. Antman needs to be
    Shelved and introduced in another movie. For crying outloud this movie should already be filming.

    • If he altered too much of the history then it was most certainly approved by Kevin Feige since he worked closely with Wright from the very beginning on the various rewrites that added references to the newer MCU films.

      And yes, it should be filming already. In fact, it would’ve been filming because everyone was in Atlanta ready to shoot but then Marvel sent their version of the script the week before filming was about to begin and Edgar walked days later.

  15. And another thing! Why does it have to be a comedy? Make it serious! If you can’t get somebody to pull off the humor, give it a balls-out epic action feel. What’s wrong with that once in a while? It worked pretty good for Captain America 2! That movie wasn’t very funny at all.

    • Cap 2 had quite a few major laughs in it. At least, I remember the rest of the cinema laughing throughout a massive chunk of the film.

      • THe humor in Cap 2 came from the deadpan aspects of the character. It was, for a lack of a better phrase, honest humor. That is very different from a comedy.

    • I prefer serious (does not have to be Batman-dark) in general to humorous. Sure, I don’t mind bits of “Tony Stark-esque” humor if not over-done. Something like Green Lantern’s constant “What’s happenin’ dudes” humor was way overdone, and if Green Lantern (a movie I otherwise liked) had been done in a more serious tone with a better script, it would have been received much better by the general public, I think. Some movies get a little carried away to the point of being ridiculous. We do not need drunk super-heroes, fornicating super-heroes, blubbery-crying super-heroes, dancing super-heroes, or constantly corn-ball-cracking super-heroes. Fighting super-baddies that want to clean your clock and the world’s along with it is serious business. An occaisional light moment, OK, I’m righteous with that. I am just saying let’s not overdo it. In Ant-Man’s case, hey: this is a guy who could be (hopefully) a member of The Avengers some day, not just any old schmuck group…let’s keep his serious head about him! You want comedy, hire the 3 Stooges to fight the ultra-powered baddies. We have a chance to get the script fixed now if there is a bunch of overly-pungent “snarkacisms” lying about in there, or dumb pratfalls for the intellect-at-large waiting to ambush the viewing public, so if so, let’s fix ‘em and sober ‘em up before this movie hits the big screen.

      • Well said.

      • maybe you should take notes…

  16. So, as you might have heard, we need a new director for Ant-Man. We’re not gonna undersell this: It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. You’ll get to make a massive summer blockbuster with a massive summer budget. You’re gonna be working with a dynamite cast. Your career will never be the same. Alan Taylor? He was a TV director before Thor 2, and now he’s making Terminator 5. Jonny Favs? You remember what he made before Iron Man? Hint: Rhymes with Zathura. Wait, it was actually called Zathura.
    We’re changing your life, baby. Now, the job comes with some stipulations. This movie, see, it was the brainchild of one of the most energetic filmmakers of his generation, a man with a completely unique style. So you’re gonna have to step in and try to kind of figure out what he was going for on the fly.
    Oh, also, nobody outside the geek world has any idea who Ant-Man is. Actually, most people outside the geek world kind of laugh a little bit when you say the words “Ant-Man.” Actually, the only reason anyone was excited about this movie was because of the involvement of that aforementioned filmmaker — who, I can’t stress enough, was absolutely perfect for this project for about a decade, but then really wasn’t perfect for it starting two weeks ago. You’re perfect for it. You’re the guy.
    And this movie will be fun! You’ll be making the newest entry in one of the most popular franchises in movie history! And you’ll get to figure out how to make your movie lead out of Avengers 2 and make it lead into Ant-Man 2 and Avengers 3 and maybe Captain America 3, we’re not sure yet.
    Don’t worry about the special effects scenes; we’ve been working on those for months. We’ve actually already got a five-minute trailer ready for Comic-Con.
    Also, don’t worry about the script — we’re really happy with the new draft. And if it’s not good when you’re done filming, we’ll call up Joss for a quick polish and to reshoot some scenes.
    No no no, you won’t have to reshoot the scenes! We’ll reshoot the scenes! You’ll be busy talking to the press about the movie. No no no, you won’t be talking about the movie, specifically. We like to keep the actual content of our movies under wraps for as long as possible. But you can spend six months making very vague references to how it’s a new kind of superhero movie.
    No, no, you won’t really get to talk about the movie after it comes out. Once it’s in theaters, the only thing people will be talking about is the end-credits teaser for Doctor Strange. No, you won’t direct that. It’ll probably be Derrickson.
    Anyhow, you’ll be too busy working on the sequel! Or maybe you’ll have already been hired for your fabulous next job! I hear there’s an Indiana Jones reboot in the works! Wouldn’t that be fun?
    I mean, of course we want you back for Ant-Man 2. But we also might not want you back for Ant-Man 2. Also, we might fire you. We’ve been doing that a lot lately. So… it’s a yes, right?

  17. Good grief ,

    Just hire a fresh graduate from Film school. They’re desperate for a shot at a big studio project + they’ve got nothing to lose + they’re cheap = win win solution.

    The script and storyboards are already there.

    • nooooooooooooooope

  18. Dear Mr. Fiege,

    You’re not that good a “show runner” when it comes to story. I’ll prove it. Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor 2 (even though you reshot over half of it) and let’s not forget The Incredible Hulk debacle. So how about you get Edgar Wright back along with some REAL top A List Talent that will school you in the art of film.

    Marvel Legion of Fans.

    • How is Michael Douglas not A-list talent?

    • Speak for YOURSLEF. Most of liked iron man 3, I liked iron man 2, and thought Thor 2 was enjoyable. The only disappointing film I watched from marvel was the incredible hulk.

    • Dear Legion,

      Kevin Feige is doing a fine job. You didn’t prove anything. Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor 2 all made money. If you bring the “didn’t follow source”. X-men: dofp doesn’t but is accepted.
      A-list: “a term that alludes to major movie stars, or the most bankable in the Hollywood film industry”.
      Marvel casts, makes A-list actors or at the very least cast them right before their careers take off. Now, I’ll prove it: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel Jackson, Anthony Hopkins, Patrick Wilson, Chris Pratt, Michael Douglas, Jeff Bridges, Glenn Close, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper….I think I’m forgetting someone ROBERT DOWNEY JR., major or bankable.
      You don’t speak for us smart Marvel Fans.
      Legion huh? Maybe go you should go reside in a pig…since you are a Marvel “fan” it can be Spider-ham. you’re welcome

      -The Relevant fan aka Spinner

  19. Who ISNT dissapointed that Edgar dropped out?

    • Apart from the delay and hand-wringing it’s causing, I couldn’t care less. “Hot Fuzz” was great, “Shaun Of The Dead” was pretty good, and “End Of The World” was a snooze. He’s a big name in geekdom, but I don’t believe most everyday people – who actually account for the bulk of a movie’s ticket sales – line up for a film solely on the name of the director. “Jaws” and “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” are two of may favorite movies, but I’m not buying a ticket for the next Spielberg movie unless the preview looks good. I’ll be disappointed if “Ant-Man” doesn’t come out great, but that won’t mean I’ll just assume it would have been better if Wright had directed it.

      On the other hand, I’d rather choke on a thumbtack than sit through any of Wes Andersen’s movies. So maybe that invalidates my theory about the power of a director.

    • I’M NOT!

  20. Movie probably will suck and everyone will say Marvel should have let Wright make his film and if it didnt connect oh well but atleast you let him make his movie. Now if this movie sucks and doesnt take off the questions will always be what if they let him make his movie? Could it have turned into a franchise for Marvel.

    I just lost alot of interest in this movie now.

  21. I can probably sympathize to a point with Wright, who is probably feeling like a rug has been pulled out from under him by Marvel after all his hard work. Having said that, however, The couple Wright movies I saw (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) did not impress me at all. I also greatly disagree with the direction Wright’s movie was taking (Lang, not Pym is the main character, no Wasp, no angle towards The Avengers, etc.). Since it is so far away from canon, that version is probably better off not made and rewritten more in line with canon to get Pym geared towards joining The Avengers (to be fair, I think Pym, not Stark, should be making Ultron, so while I am very pumped for Avengers #2, I would certainly have written it differently as far as that idea is concerned and much closer to the comics origins. I do disagree with Marvel’s writers on this one point). I liked the test footage of Wright’s Ant-Man, for the whole–what, one and a half minutes of it there was, so looking beyond a plot I took issue with, that part looked impressive enough to score a point with me. I still want to see Ant-Man made, directed, etc. by someone, if not Wright, but if it gets rewritten to be closer to the original comic source material, I guess I am all for that. Ultimately, I want to see Giant-Man (Pym) or Goliath (Pym) and Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) join The Avengers. That is my ultimate goal. Since it appears pretty obvious it will not happen in Avengers #2, then #3 for sure…or a stand-alone movie for Goliath/Wasp would be OK (beyond Ant-Man), or even introducing Pym as Ant-Man and Giant-Man in, say, the next Captain America movie or something someplace. I am not picky, as long as we get him in a relatively-faithful presentation. He was always an integral part of the team in the first couple groups of Avengers (heck, a founding member when you come right down to it), a brave team member and part of their scientific brain trust, so to ignore him or misrepresent his character is a disservice both to the character himself and to the loyal long-term fans like myself who are still out here, keeping the home-fires burning for Marvel.

    • So well-said Goldi! We are, as usual, in complete agreement!

      But I honestly don’t think the script will be rewritten past what Marvel already did, so… except if the reason why Wright left is that Marvel pushed aside Lang (Wright’s fav) to put Pym forward (as it should be with a a first Ant-Man movie), I still think we’ll get the story of Lang. Which is meh to me, to put it lightly.

  22. Better do one thing mr.feige. go beg to edgar to come back.say him that you are very bad at respecting directors and ant man needs him more than you.i guarantee that if you flop ant man that definitely will be the beginning of end of marvel cinematic universe


  23. may be they should just ask Michael Douglas to direct it … or what about Danny Devito?
    obviously he’s busy with IASIF – but may be there’s a way to make it work

  24. I know alot of people are going to say im probably over reacting but to be honest with you guys I wont see this without wright. It just screams betrayal this time,not just towards edgar but to us fans that have been waiting almost ten years now to see his ant man . Doesnt seem like marvel really gives a s*** about the people at all.Im going to see guardians of the galaxy and if thta sucks in the slightest ill totally givve up on marvel. they have been less that good the last couple of movies (im2 thor 2 im3) and if im being honest wih myself avengers was fun but barely a complete movie.You could fly a helicarrier through that film with all the plot holes…just saying

  25. let me share my take on this..
    marvel has done a bang up job when it comes to universe building (as a whole).consistency and chronology has a lot to do with this(x-men, we’re looking at you!). the problem arises when the studio forces their needs on the director, thereby making the movie suffer! i’d like to point out in IM2 great footage, and therefore greater development of whiplash was lost when the studio decided to cut most of it( much to the shagrin of director Favreu and more to Rourke), and along comes Thor2, the studio proclaims “we need more Loki! that’s what the tweens want! and a gut choking amount of Nat P!” so we get that but no real idea of the motivation or even give a d@mn about the dark elves! and the final product leaves the the viewer with an eh…
    it seems to me when the studio sits back and allows the director do what they do, everyone is happy in the end, except for the fanboys/girls whome may never be satisfied (IM3..wich by the way, i believe the REAL Mandarin my show himself if audiences can accept “interstellar” influence( come on GOTG) a la FIN FANG FOOM as an interstellar dragon( holy lord, do i want to see this on the big screen!)).
    on to ant man. this hero does need to be taken with a shot of rediculus. that is Wright’s modus opperandi. i do feel bad he has dropped out(forced out?). this baby of his has gestated for over ten years! i would love to see the studio bring him back, as far as the directors they are courting..all comedic directors! i say nay, nay!
    this needs an helmsman that gets humor and action and that can embrace that weird, disjointed and yet bring it together at the end style of Wright’s,…and i say …Guy Ritchie!…
    this fella gets mixing humor in with action (the second robbery scene in rock’n’rolla!) and the dark side of human nature with a mix of humor(all of his movies) this is the guy(punn intended!) if they can steal him away from “king arthur for a few months!

  26. Maybe he can come back for a sequel. And it’ll be better.

  27. Ant-man is Marvel’s baby. Edgar Wright was just the babysitter!!