Potential ‘Ant-Man’ Movie Casting Sheet Hints At Title Character Identity

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Henry Pym Ant Man Mighty Avengers 5 Marvel Comics Potential Ant Man Movie Casting Sheet Hints At Title Character Identity

Writer and director Edgar Wright is currently in Los Angeles working on pre-production for Ant-Man – the first Phase 3 film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after The Avengers: Age of Ultron releases in May 2015. Ant-Man’s first official release date had it coming in fall 2015 but Disney and Marvel pushed it forward to share the summer with The Avengers sequel and build off of its buzz.

The earlier release date also means that Ant-Man will begin shooting early next year, likely overlapping production of Age of Ultron and casting announcements are coming before the year’s end, according to Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige.

A month ago, reports indicated that Edgar Wright and Marvel were in talks with Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the film, and while there was debate as to the age differences and acting styles of the two for the character of Henry “Hank” Pym – one of the original Avengers in Marvel Comics – we immediately speculated that they both could be in talks to play different characters.

There are three characters in the books who’ve taken the mantle of Ant-Man, and since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is introducing Ant-Man far later in the films compared to the comics, there are going to be differences in the character stories and events surrounding them. One major example is the fact that the villainous artificial intelligence known as Ultron – who is created by Ant-Man (Hank Pym) in the comics – is getting a new origin story so he can be introduced in The Avengers 2, before the Ant-Man movie is made. Ultron is not even in the Ant-Man script.

Ant Man Movie Costume Potential Ant Man Movie Casting Sheet Hints At Title Character Identity

A leaked casting call sheet acquired by Bludhaven Banter just may provide a hint of what direction Wright is taking his superpowered heist movie when it comes to its titular character(s). The source, while obscure, is the same source who first discovered that Dave Bautista was up for the role of Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and that ended up coming true. Among a list of casting sheets for an upcoming episode of ABC’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. was one sheet specifically looking to fill roles for an “untitled” Marvel Studios feature film which is likely Ant-Man considering the timing, casting requirements and as CBBS discovered, who’s involved with the casting process.

[Young Girl] Submit ages 6-9, intelligent, appealing

[Male] 30s, Asian, Huge, tough and intimidating, comedic ability

[Male] 30s, Caucasian, over 6′, dangerous and rough, comedic

[Male] 50s, Italian-American, scary and unusual features, deadpan humour

[Male] 30s – 40s, Russian, wiry and smart, deadpan humour

[Male] 20s or 30s, under 5’8″, edgy and funny

We already know Pym is going to have a role in the film from what Edgar Wright previously said about his script. We don’t know however, how big his role will be. Since Wright also describes his film as a heist movie, we figured an interesting way to introduce a younger Ant-Man at this point in the franchise would be to include Scott Lang – a character who in the books was a thief who served time in prison. Being a good-hearted man, Lang – who’s also an electronics expert – worked for Tony Stark (Iron Man) in the comics before one day his daughter Cassandra “Cassie” Lang got very sick. Lang used his thieving skills to steal the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym and rescue a doctor who could save his daughter’s life.

Ant Man Scott and Cassie Lang Marvel Comics Potential Ant Man Movie Casting Sheet Hints At Title Character Identity

Lang, a reformed man, was then going to turn himself in for his crimes, but Pym instead let him keep the suit, knowing he had hero potential. Lang has since helped Iron Man and The Avengers on numerous occasions. If “Young Girl,” as described in the casting sheet, is Cassie then Scott Lang is our Ant-Man and potential future Avenger. That could be the role Joseph Gordon-Levitt was/is in talks for with Paul Rudd potentially playing the somewhat older scientist Hank Pym. Another rumor points to Rashida Jones playing his wife, Janet van Dyne, who of course is Wasp in the comics – a character originally intended to appear in The Avengers.

Is the introduction of Scott Lang a smart direction to take the Ant-Man film and would he make a good addition to the roster of heroes in The Avengers 3?


Thor: The Dark World is currently in theaters, Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: Bludhaven Banter, CBBS

Hank Pym Ant-Man art from Mighty Avengers #5

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  1. Kinda wish it would just be Paul Rudd as Hank Pym, and I really wish they didn’t throw Ultron’s origin story in the trash, but oh well. I don’t run the studio.

  2. :( Basically just skipping over Hank Pym is not cool. I was so excited for this movie, but a lot of that excitement died with this article.

    • Pym can still invent the Ant-Man persona and just be somebody else later on, which he frequently was in the comics (Yellowjacket, Giant-Man, and so on).

  3. If the main focus is put on Scott Lang then where would that leave Wasp/Janet? Doesn’t make much sense for her to be apart of the Avengers if Scott Lang is there instead of Pym.

    • Unless Pym’s one of his other personas like Giant Man or Yellowjacket.

    • I hope they kill him off then, maybe during the Avengers. Put Pym as a supporting character in Ant Man.

  4. If the main Antman isn’t Pym, nerds will riot!!

  5. Anyone notice the Avengers : Age of Destruction Typo? :)

    • Sounds menacing!

  6. They better not skip Hank Pym.

  7. Edgar Wright is one of my favorite directors but World’s End was disappointing compared to the previous installments of the Cornetto Trilogy and I think that Antman without Hank Pym and Janet as leads would suck also

  8. the test shot we saw of ant man if it’s legit looked like he was breaking into a vault with security guards so it makes sense

  9. Sounds pretty cool and I would be down for this. If this is true, both Hank Pym and Scott Lang would be in the film so it’s a win win for me, especially if Levitt and Rudd are playing both those characters.

  10. lets see if anyone is upset that Wasp is being played by a mixed race character

    que the trolls

    • I don’t think there was anyone upset by the fact that she’s mixed race, most were happy that someone with the chops, charisma, and loveliness of Jones would likely end up with the role.

  11. Man they’re just gonna skip over Pym like that. But it would be nice to see Yellowjacket.

  12. this is EXACTLY what i was hoping edgar wright wouldn’t do, make scott lang the main character to possibly join the avengers and hank pym a secondary character/story catsalyst. i heard about the flashback stuff they were writing, like Pyms scenes taking place in the 1960’s or something via flashback or some crap. is scott lang is the main character than this movie will SUCK. if this is what’s happening this film will be a failure and a terrible start to phase 3.

    seriously, hank pym is such a great character. to not make him the main protagonist is just a waste of great source material. nobody gives a flying FOCK about scott lang

    • +1

    • I have a feeling that if they decide to go with Lang, everyone will suddenly give a “flying fock” about him. Just saying.

    • Gah!! So many false, sweeping statements in one comment, speaking as if all people are gonna have just one opinion about it. I just…I can’t…

      • No kidding. I’m all for Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, but it’s really not going to matter to general audiences.

        It does sound like it could be convoluted, which is a concern.

    • No body, in the general audience, has ever heard of either Pym or Lang. I think Marvel is going to do OK here.

      • The “Hank Pym is not well known so audiences won’t mind” argument has been mentioned a lot, but you could say the same for Iron Man before his first movie came out. Marvel stayed close to the source material there and it turned out to be a hit. And they have payed all of the original avengers there due by playing their original character. Now I can’t think of any other characters that take on the role of Iron Man, Hawkeye or Captain America (Well maybe Bucky was “Captain America” for a while). But its not like Hank Pym made his first appearance and then Scott Lang showed up 2 issues later. Lang didn’t appear in until almost TWO DECADES after Pym had numerous solo adventures, became a FOUNDING Avenger and was a mainstay for years. Plus Pym has been a very dynamic character taking on several different roles including several in a leadership category. Pym also has created some pretty amazing things. Having the leading role of the first Ant-Man movie is like making the first Spider-Man movie about Ben Reily and having Peter Parker a secondary character. Now I know Spider-Man is way more popular than Hank Pym, but Marvel said it themselves that they want to stay close to their source material. Hank Pym is very interesting and should be the main Ant-Man in this movie.

        • Great argument, well put– this is exactly how I feel about it.

        • For all we know, he is. Honestly, we know very little at this point. It seems that a Scott Lang angle is how this is coming into the movie universe, but that doesn’t mean Scott Lang is the main character; we just don’t know.

        • I couldn’t have said it better myself! I completely agree.

  13. also if wright introduces wasp instead as a love interest for scott lang (so she can potentially join the avengers) i will actually write an angry letter to edgar wright

    • And I’ll co-sign it if you want!

  14. I believe Hank Pym will be played by John C Reilly and his character name for casting is a cover up, if my statement above comes true then we all just got Loki’d in real life…

    • John C. Reilly is in Guardians of the Galaxy playing an important Nova Corps guy.

  15. It’s too confusing for general audiences to have one guy make the technology, and another guy use it. Then on top of that, as others have said, we assume they’ll want to add Wasp at some point, so they are keeping Hank Pym.

    I can live with a lot of changes really. I don’t even mind that Hank Pym isn’t making Ultron (makes more sense to have it be a group effort, so I hope it’s not all Tony Stark either). I’d rather it be a clean story. This is sounding convoluted.

    Maybe they could have Hank Pym using the technology solely for the purpose of studying ants and insects, then have Scott Lang steal it and use it for adventuring (with a purpose). Later Hank Pym could be Giant Man, Yellow Jacket, or simply be “Hank Pym” like he was in West Coast Avengers, using “pym particles” to shrink and enlarge tech and weapons he keeps in his pockets.

    Hope they aren’t blowing this.

  16. How do I submit a resume to audition for the 5’8 role????

  17. Scott Lang could also be being introduced in the film as Pym’s lab assistant (rather than working for Stark as was originally set up in the comics) which would allow Pym to be Ant-man at first then pass the suit on to Lang later.

    • You mean pass the suit on to Lang even before he gets to be an Avenger? Just insulting they are doing this to such a great character.

      • Yea… a “great character.” One who no one cares about.

        • Well I care. Guess “no one” is incorrect now isn’t it? And from the reactions of others, both here and previous Ant-man related threads, it’s a gross inaccuracy.

          Just because YOU don’t like something, please don’t assume the world thinks like you do.

  18. I hope Pym is the main character in this film and not Scott Lang. Have him in it but making a cameo appearance for later films. Hank Pym plays such a big role in the comics they cant just skip him out without including him in one of the Avengers films

    • I could see them talking about marital problems. They already covered Stark’s issues with sleeping around which isn’t exactly Disney friendly. Now im sure if they went that route it would be toned down immensly.

      • Also the anxiety issues in IM3, not something else Disney would do (and as someone who’s suffered it myself on occasion, RDJ’s portrayal of an anxiety attack was pretty spot on).

          • What’s toned down exactly? You talking about RDJ’s portrayal of a panic attack? If so then I doubt you’ve seen one because like I said, his portrayal of one was scarily accurate.

              • They could show him and Wasp married but always arguing and fighting. You could show Pym as one with a short temper breaking things and getting in her face but not hitting her.

                I think the more important thing is how they show Pym learn from it. Then Disney can feel good they are “teaching something” about family issues and still be real with actual life issues.

  19. I really hope it’s Pym because it really doesn’t feel like ant-man without it being him.

  20. Since people at Marvel are giving Stark all the credit for the creation of Ultron, it really doesn’t matter who can portray Ant Man. For me it seems the character has been relegated.

    Lang is good at electronics but doesn’t have the knowledge Pym has. Pym was always questioning Stark or Cap’s authority. Something that Lang won’t do.

    Ultron’s image is based on the ants. That image was given by Pym. How are they going to make Stark follow that route?

    From what I see, Ant Man will not have a relevant role in the MCU.

    • I sort of agree with that… I think ant man has a place in the MCU… Pym might not have that.. Lang…maybe. Atleast he adds a proper con turned hero emotion. And Lang could stand up for himself…

      • Yeah, it’s the bad guy turned good thing, redeeming features etc.

        I can imagine the parental complaints if Pym featured and assaulted Van Dyne, even if he were punished in the story for doing it.

        People are too quick to complain and ignore the consequences a character faces these days.

  21. Besides environmentalism is not Stark’s cup of tea.

  22. To Steal An Ant Man people. Hank Pym will be in this film.

  23. The Ant Man movie as a prequel to Age of Ultron would have been great.

    I still consider Gordon Levitt has nothing to do with Ant Man.
    He works better as a sidekick for Batman or something…

  24. This is nothing new, Edgar Wright was interviewed ages ago saying his script featured a golden age Hank Pym working with Howard Stark back in the ’60’s, and a present day Scott Lang who steals the tech.

  25. My biggest complaint is that EVERY character (except the kid) needs to be a darn comedian!
    I know part of Marvels appeal with parents that have kids is their bits of comedy or that they are family friendly and that is not a problem (I too like a little humor) but C’mon (IF THIS IS A REAL CASTING SHEET) why do they all need a comedic presence? Is this gonna be another “Classic Edgar Wright movie” with EVERYTHING being a joke?
    I liked his films for the most part but I don’t want Marvel to turn into a comedy studio!
    Personally I HOPE this is just another fake casting sheet! I’m down for some laughs but I don’t want a Charlie Chaplin/Ant Man movie that is just FULL of goofy laughs and gags throughout.

    • Yes, because the works of the classic dramatist Stan Lee are not done justice with humor. :I

      Yeah, this one is going to be funny. Based on Wright’s previous work, it will be *very* funny. And that’s OK.

  26. Hey guys,

    As far as we know Wright is planning to use both Pym and Lang in the story. That has been his plan for quite some time but it may have changed.

  27. Skipping over Hank Pym would be like Sony deciding to use the Miles Morales Spider-Man while pretending there was no Peter Parker.

    • I pretend Miles Morales doesn’t exist because he is from the Ultimate Marvel universe (except for the crossover with Parker and Morales which was not great too)

      But I totally see your point.